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Milking Time B1 Chapter 2 The PreparationChapter 2: The PreparationAfter Tiffany’s cock had grown and swelled to its maximum size and potential, Tiffany nodded to the group of nymphs, and they parted to each side in front of her. One girl flipped a switch, and a large, full-length mirror was revealed on the wall of the chamber. Tiffany stared at herself, engrossed in the glory of her body and her colossal erection. She was momentarily oblivious to the nymphs gathered about her, who were eagerly staring at her too. Tiffany stared at the dark brown, horse-sized cock that rose up like a skysc****r from between her legs. The entire shaft was thicker than the barrel end of a baseball bat, and the head of her cock was easily larger than her fist. The head was about a foot away from Tiffany’s mouth, her cock pointing straight up, and being slightly away from the rest of her body, because Tiffany was reclining on the pad at a slight angle.Tiffany surveyed the gorgeous shaft of her prick, as she looked at the veins that ran up and down parts of the shaft. She lowered her gaze and saw her two beautiful balls at the base of her cock, each of which was swollen to almost the size of a softball, and glistened in the light of the chamber.Tiffany licked her lips, and smiled in deep pleasure as she surveyed her exquisite cock and body. There would be time for self-enjoyment and playtime later, she told herself. For now, on to the business at hand.”Excellent job girls. I think you’ve really outdone yourselves this time. Let’s move on to phase two.”Jordan and one of the other nymphs moved forward with some jars of liquid. This was another special skin lubricant and conditioner, which would help to strengthen and protect Tiffany’s skin during the ritual to come.The one nymph began massaging and gently rubbing the lubricant into the shaft and head of Tiffany’s cock. Jordan worked on the lower portion of Tiffany’s prick, and on her balls. While the other nymph was strictly business-like in her work, Jordan was thoroughly enjoying herself, and taking liberties to squeeze and fondle Tiffany’s balls considerably.As Tiffany was preparing herself for the ritual, she was not quite aware of Jordan’s handiwork on her balls for a moment. Tiffany considered that this just might be another nervous ‘first time’ for one of the nymphs, until she distinctly felt Jordan’s tongue on her balls, with a long, stroking lick. Jordan looked up and gave Tiffany a wink and look of uncontrolled lust. Tiffany was temporarily taken aback. From her position, Tiffany realized no one else could see what Jordan had just done, with her head down below the base of Tiffany’s prick and balls. Ordinarily, Jordan’s actions would call for an immediate reprimand, but with Tiffany’s prick at one of the critical stages of the ritual, this just wasn’t the time or place.By now, Tiffany’s cock and balls had a thorough coating of the liquid, and glistened radiantly in the light of the chamber. Jordan and the other nymph quickly moved aside, and two other nymphs proceeded with aydın escort the next step in the ritual. The nymphs brought what looked like a large rubber band or plumbing washer, which had also been thoroughly coated in the lubricants. Each girl took one end in two hands, and they pulled on it, so that it expanded into a larger opening. The girls raised it over the head of Tiffany’s cock, and then brought it down over the shaft, until one end of the band rested against the base of Tiffany’s cock, where it joined her crotch.One girl held the band against the sides of Tiffany’s cock with her hands, while the other quickly squatted on her knees, and grabbed the loose ends of the band. She quickly pulled down on the strap, and crossed the two ends over each other in an ‘X’, and pulled the edges of the bands so that she had another circular opening.The first girl released her hold on the bands on the side of Tiffany’s prick. She also squatted on her knees, and delicately held one of Tiffany’s balls in each of her hands as best she could. Fortunately, the skin of Tiffany’s scrotal sac helped made the task a little easier. The first girl pulled on the bands harder, making the second opening in the strap somewhat bigger. The second girl pushed both of Tiffany’s balls through the opening in the band, and the first girl gently let the band contract and settle around Tiffany’s balls. Both girls now moved quietly back to their places on the sides of the chamber with the others, to await Tiffany’s commands.Tiffany moved her hands down to her cock and balls, and massaged them for just a moment, letting the band settle in and adjust next to her skin. Each of the elder shemale amazons had a custom band made for them like this. When the band was wrapped around the base of her cock, as well as around her balls too, Tiffany would experience some of the strongest and intense feelings that were possible, even for an amazon such as herself. She would also produce some of the most powerful ejaculations, both in quantity and quality of her sperm that she was able to. The mixture that she would produce from her nuts from these conditions would be ideal for the breeding of the new shemales, as well as feeding and maintaining some of the present ones. As Tiffany stroked her cock, and massaged her balls, most of the other girls were too shocked and amazed to do much more than either stare in amazement, or lower their eyes in respect, not knowing quite sure how they should behave.As Tiffany moved her gaze about the room, she saw Jordan with her head lowered in what most of the girls would take as a gesture of respect. Tiffany could tell though that Jordan had her head raised just enough so that Jordan was staring at her quite intensely, and was making no pretenses at how turned on and horny she was at Tiffany’s display of monster meat between her legs. Tiffany met Jordan’s gaze briefly, and lifted her eyebrows in a momentary bit of flirting. “All right girls. I think I’m very satisfied with the job you’ve done for stage two. Let’s escort aydın get ready and move on to stage three.”For the next step in the milking ritual, two of the nymphs went to an equipment drawer and returned with what looked like a large plastic tube or sheath. The nymphs immersed it in a bowl filled with the lubricant solution, so that it was thoroughly coated, both inside and out.Next, two of the nymphs took the sheath and brought it close to Tiffany. One end of the sheath was placed over the head of Tiffany’s cock, and the entire sheath was gently lowered and fitted, until it was almost completely surrounding the length of Tiffany’s shaft. The sheath was made of a special latex material that was flexible enough so that it could adapt to the size and shape of Tiffany’s cock, and was also tough enough to withstand the rigors of the milking ritual. The sheath actually left several inches uncovered at the base of the shaft of Tiffany’s cock, as well the same amount just before the head of her cock. This would allow the sheath to be able to move up and down somewhat during the milking ritual, without any ill effects.Next, one of the nymphs reached into the equipment drawer, and produced what looked like a small plastic bowl or cup. This was actually the headpiece, which was the mate to the sheath that was currently on Tiffany’s cock. This piece was also lubricated in the liquid solution.One of the nymphs handed it to Jordan, who brought it over to Tiffany, and gently placed it on the head of her cock. Jordan gave the headpiece a few gentle twists back and forth, and the headpiece quickly expanded and settled around the huge shape of Tiffany’s cockhead.Once again, Jordan seemed to take liberties with fondling and stroking Tiffany’s cockhead, and also by staring directly into Tiffany’s eyes as she did so. Tiffany pretended not to notice for the most part, and even winked and flirted at Jordan, as she played with Tiffany’s cock. In reality, Tiffany was far from amused however, and made a mental note to herself to attend to Miss Jordan personally when her m
ilking session was over.The headpiece was fitted so that the bottom opening would cling to the natural shape of the lip or rim of Tiffany’s cockhead, and would stay affixed thanks to this. The top of the headpiece left a small amount of free space near the opening of Tiffany’s cock, and then it tapered and came to a tubular projection at the very end.Two other nymphs produced a large clear plastic container, which looked very much like a jar for fruit preserves, only much larger, and they set it on a table a few feet away from Tiffany. Tiffany knew that the containers were five gallons large. The last step was a section of clear plastic tubing, which was also coated in the special lubricant solution. One of the nymphs connected this to the lid of the clear container, and the other end to the tubular projection at the tip of the headpiece on Tiffany’s cock.Tiffany looked at herself in the mirror again, and smiled her approval to the group of nymphs aydın escort bayan in the room. Then Tiffany reached to the side of reclining pad with her right hand, and pressed a button. A dull buzzing sounded in the room, and also in the chamber outside.A moment later, another stunningly beautiful Amazon entered the room. This was Barocca. Barocca was a dark-skinned girl, whose complexion looked as though she might be from South America. Barocca was certainly beautiful to look at, although she was not quite as hugely endowed as Tiffany with her breasts. Barocca had on a flower-print bikini top, which showed a large amount of gorgeous dark cleavage. She wore a tight fitting loincloth below that had a considerable bulge in it. Some of the nymphs had heard rumors that Barocca had an even larger cock than Tiffany when it was fully erect. One of the nymphs pressed a series of buttons on the equipment cabinet. A quiet whirring of well-oiled machinery could be heard beneath the floor. A section of the floor panel opened, and a large console type structure rose slowly into place.The console consisted of a small computer monitor, a keyboard, and a series of switches and control levers. From this console, the operator could control a near infinite array of feeling and sensations to the sheath and headpiece, which were on Tiffany’s cock. A series of infrared sensors eliminated the need for wires. The sheath was capable of exerting several hundred pounds of pressure on Tiffany’s cock, or more pressure than any partner’s legs, thighs or hips ever could. The force, pressure and rhythm could be alternated and adjusted to produce hundreds of different combinations.The nymphs had all retreated to their seats on the edges of the chamber. Barocca strolled in, and walked directly over to Tiffany. Barocca stopped just short of Tiffany’s bulging shaft, and admired it for a moment. Even though Barocca was a shemale amazon herself, it never ceased to amaze any of the girls on the island when they saw one of them at full-blown erection and hardness as Tiffany was now.”Well Tiffany, you’re looking as good as ever, if I do say so myself,” said Barocca. Tiffany managed a greedy smile, and met Barocca’s gaze. “You’re looking mighty delicious, yourself,” she replied.”Are you ready to begin your session of the milking ritual, Tiffany?””Ready, willing and raring to go, Barocca,” purred Tiffany.Barocca sat down at the console. From here, she could work the various controls, and have direct eye contact with Tiffany as she did so. For the milking ritual, one of the other shemale amazons was always chosen to run the controls, for the best results.Although the nymphs has doubtless had experience with cocks before in their various lives before coming to the island, none of them had ever seen, much less handled, monster cocks like the hunk of meat that Tiffany sported between her legs now. Only the shemale sisters who had their own such large pieces of cockmeat were trusted to run the controls to achieve the maximum results in terms of pleasure for the girls being milked, as well as producing huge volumes of sperm for the colony. Barocca playfully brought her hands together, and made as if she were cracking her knuckles. “All righty, Tiffany. Get ready for one hell of a ride.”

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