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Milk U LaterIt all started on the drive to work. It was just before 9am. I had missed all the traffic on the beltway. I took the first exit. Then down some side streets. I was using a short cut to get to work faster. I was hoping my Friday would fly by. Then I could go out tonight. It had been a few weeks since I got out. I took a sip of my Coke. Before I slowed down at the next intersection. I was looking out the side window. I was minding my own business. Sitting in my big SUV…….”Wham! Crunch!!!” I felt my SUV roll through the intersection. I quickly moved my hand off the radio dial. It hurt. Along with my neck. I was getting a small headache. I looked around. Had I just been hit? What did that to me? I looked in the rear view mirror. I could see a small green minivan behind me. I could see some water/smoke coming from under the minivan. I quickly checked myself. Nothing felt bruised. I open my driver side door. I put one foot down. Then another. I was walking back to the green minivan. I turned my head to look at the back of my SUV. There was a small scratch. Nothing to bad. I guess I lucked out. I then turned my attention to what hit me.Being almost 6ft 4 and full of muscles. I could be kind of intimidating. I was wearing a new blue pinstripe suit. I put my yellow tie back inside my sport coat. I looked down to see my black leather shoes were Ok. I then started to walk across the intersection. There were no other cars or people in the street. I looked around at the near by houses. No one had come out to see the accident. I then fixed my eyes on the windshield of the green minivan. There was some white liquid on the inside. It was dripping down from the glass, onto the steering wheel. I then ran to the driver side.The driver side window was up. There was a white substance dripping on the inside of the window. Had the minivan airbag exploded into a million pieces. Who was inside? I couldn’t really see inside the minivan. I reached down to open the driver side door. My mouth dropped open. There was a very voluptuous woman behind the wheel. She was maybe 5ft 7inches tall. She had long platinum blonde hair down passed her shoulders. She was wearing a oversize man’s white button down shirt. She had half the button’s open. I could see a small white nursing bra trying to contain her huge breast. Her left nipple was out of the small worn out hole. Her nipple was huge. It was dark red and swollen. There were tiny pumps on her huge nipple. I could see a small amount of white milk on her nipple. Had she been breast feeding? I looked down inside the minivan. She was wearing a long black skirt, down to her ankles. She was wearing simple black low cut shoes. I could not see a baby. I looked in the back seat. There were no c***d seat.”Hello! Hello! Are you Ok? Miss….Hello!” I said. She was u*********s. I could see, she was still breathing. Her large breast moved against the steering wheel. Damn! She was big in all the right spots. I quickly ran around the passenger side. I open the door. She had a big black purse on the passenger seat. I looked down on the ground. Just on top of the floor mat. Was a small baby bottle. It was half full. Some small droplets of breast milk, dripped out the top. I could now smell breast milk in the minivan.”Click! Suck! Click! Suck!” What was that? I leaned over the front seat. I looked on the floor of the back seat. I could see a small breast pump sitting there. It was still on. It was sucking air and spitting out milk in the back seat. My mouth fell open. I turned my head. I guess the woman driving. Was using her breast pump. She got distracted and ran into the back of my SUV. What the fuck? Was all I could think. I then reached down to grab the breast pump. I turned it off and put in my coat pocket. I looked around, outside the minivan. There was still nobody around. I then fell back with my shoes, onto the street. I open her purse. I looked inside. There were two empty baby bottles, and one full bottle in her purse. I then pulled her wallet out. I looked at her driving license. “Emma Devine. She was 28. Married. Lived in Columbia MD.” I took a quick picture with my phone. I then pulled out a business card from her purse. She worked as a legal secretary for a small law firm near my job. I put her card inside my front pocket. I then took a few snap shots of her, the front seat, the back seat, and the accident scene. I really did not want her to get into trouble. I could see her rushing to get to work and making sure she had some breast milk for her baby at home.I brought my phone to my ear. I called for an ambulance. I then called for two tow truck’s. Then I called a taxi. I then walked around the driver side. I button her white shirt back up. I left one button open from the top of her neck. She still squirted some milk on the front. I took some wet wipes from her purse. I cleaned off the steering wheel. I cleaned off the windshield and the rest of the interior. I picked up the baby bottle off the floor. I stuck the warm milk coated bottle inside my upper pocket. I could hear the ambulance getting closer. I then heard the door to the ambulance open. Two women EMT’s approached from the rear. “What do we have sir?” one girl said. “I’m not sure. She rear end my SUV, over there. I came back to help. She was u*********s.” I said. “Ok! She looks good. Mame! Can you hear us? said the EMT’s. I watched as the pulled her out of the front seat. Her huge breast were the first to fall out. Then her very nice round ass followed, onto the gurney.They wheeled her to the back of the ambulance. A minute later the tow truck guy pulled up. “Here’s my card. Tow this minivan and that SUV, over there. Back to your garage. Fix the damage. I’ll pay. Here my credit card. Call me when it’s done. Thanks!” I said. I reached into the passenger seat. I pulled out her purse. I pulled out another business card. I wrote on the back. “Call me. We can work this out. I have your minivan.” I then stuck the card inside her purse. I then started to walk toward the ambulance. I handed one of the EMT, the purse. I then called to see where my taxi was……….Five minutes later, I was at work.It was close to 2pm when my cell phone rang. I looked down at the number. I did not recognize it. “Hello! This Buck…How can I help you?” I said. “Mr. Kelly…this is Emma Divine. I’m the lady who rear ended you this morning on my way to work. I hope your alright.” she said. I smiled. “Oh! Nice! How are you? I’m as good as can be expected.” I said. I was lying. I was perfectly fine. “Oh! I’m good. Just a little light headed. Are you not feeling Ok?” she said. “I’m not sure. I feel some neck pain. Some back pain. My hands hurt. My doctor doing some test on me. I’m glad your fine. That was some crash this morning. I had to call off, from work.” I said. “Oh! I’m so sorry. I did not mean to crash into you. It just happened.” she said.I smiled. I had to find out, if she admit to milking her big breast in the minivan. “What were you doing in the minivan, that cause the accident?” I said. “Mmmmm. I’m not sure. I woke up in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital. I found your card inside my purse. What happened to my green minivan?” she said. “I had your minivan towed to a service station up the road from house. They also towed my SUV. There was significant damage to both.” I said. “Did they tell you how bad it was? Did they give you an estimate or anything on both vehicles?” she said. I smiled. I knew there was minor damage. “No! There was some damage to your minivan. There was allot of damage to mind. I’m sure your insurance company will cover it.” I said.There was a long pause. “Oh! I will have to call them. I hope my husband paid our last bill.” she said. “I hope so.” I said. “He forgets everything I tell him. I will have to talk to him when he gets home. I took a taxi from the hospital. They advised me to stay home for a few days. When do you think my van might be fixed?” she said. “I’m not sure. I will have to call them. I can do t
hat after our call. You can’t remember what caused you to hit me. That is kinda of weird. Of course I did find you u*********s at the time. I had to lift you out of the mini van. In case anything happened. There was some smoke under the hood.” I said. I lied to her again. I was starting to feel horny. I kept picturing her milking her big breast, behind the wheel. “Thank you. The paramedics told me you were a big help. Please call the repair place and get back to me. Thanks Mr. Kelly.” said Emma Divine.I hung up my cell phone. 5 minutes later my cell phone rang again. It was the repair place. “Hey Buck.. got both the mini van and your SUV fixed.” said the repair guy. “What’s the damage?” I said. “$156.69” he said. “Charge it my credit card. Thanks for your help. Also…. Can you tow my SUV to my house and tow the mini van to my work. There an extra $150 in it for you. Thanks once again. I appreciate it.” I said. I then hung up my phone.About an 2 hours later:I was eating my lunch. I picked up my cell phone. I dialed Emma Divine number. It rang it a few times before she picked up. “Hello! This is Emma..” she said. “Hi! Emma…Buck Kelly here. How are you?” I said. “Oh! Thanks Mr. Kelly for calling me back. I’m doing better. How are you?” she said. “I’m feeling better. I’m glad your feeling better.” I said. “Did you get in touch with the repair service for my van?” she said. “Yes! I got a hold of them. Are you sitting down?” I said. “Yes! Oh no….Is it bad?” she said. “Mmm.. Close to 3 thousand for my SUV and close to 2 thousand for your mini van….” I said. I almost snickered. “Wow! That is really bad. I just got off the phone with my insurance company, a few minutes ago. My husband forgot to pay the bill. I’m not covered for any of this. I don’t know what I am going to do. I even hate to tell my husband. He get so mad. This is my first accident ever. Now I’m sure he will never let me drive again. It took me ever to convince him to let me work and use the mini van. Oh dear me…..” she started to cry.I started to feel bad. “Mrs. Divine. I’m sure there something I can do to help. How about if I pay for the damage. We also don’t tell your husband. I’m sure we can come up with a payment plan, to repay me. What do you for a living?” I said. “I work as a Stenographer, at the county court house. I do that part time. I also work at a law practice in town. I type there briefs for them.” she said. I smiled. “Sounds nice. Are you going to be home tomorrow then?” I said. She paused. “Yes! I will be home. My husband going to his Mom house for the day.” she said. “Ok! Great…. I’ll swing by with your minivan and we can talk face to face. You don’t have any plans for Saturday? I know it’s last minute. I should be able to cancel mine. How does that sound?” I said. “That sound nice. What should I tell my husband about the minivan tonight. He might get suspicious.” said Emma. “Tell him you left it at work. You got a ride from a girl friend at work.” I said. “Ok! I’ll text you my address. How does 11am sound? Mr. Kelly.” said Emma. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great night. Don’t worry…Everything will work out.” I said.I drove Emma minivan to my house. I left her milk pump and bottles on the passenger seat. I put a small white towel over them. I then parked the mini van in my garage. It was hard not playing with myself, when I got home. All I could do was think of Emma big curves and those big milk producing breast. I took two cold showers before I went to bed. The next morning I woke up early. Got in a good workout before I took another cold shower. I shaved all around my cock, and balls. I then put on some dark jeans, a white button down shirt and some low cut white tennis shoes. I left my underwear and socks in my dresser. It was close to 10am when I left my house with her mini van.It took me about forty minutes to get to Columbia Md. I then found Emma Divine house. It was at the end of small street. There were no cars parked outside. I saw a small driveway, leading to a big garage. I parked it just in front of the garage. I reached over to pick up the breast pump and bottles. I wrap them in the small white hand towel. I then opened the driver side door. I closed the door gently. I walked to the front of the house. “Knock! Knock!” I knocked on the big green door.A few seconds passed. It was exactly 11am. The big gold door knob turned. Then the green door opened. “Hello! You must be Mr. Kelly. Very nice to meet you. I’m Emma Divine. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” she said. My mouth fell open. Emma was standing just inside the door. She was wearing some very tight faded blue jeans. There were no pockets on her jeans. She had a dark brown blouse, that was button all the way to the top. It was tucked inside her old 80’s retro jeans. She tried to hide her large breast. But I had seen them yesterday, in her minivan. She was wearing long brown tear drop earrings in her small ear lopes. She had on her wedding ring, and two gold rings on her other hand. Her finger nails were painted a dark brown, with white tips on the end. I could smell her sexy sweet perfume. She was wearing simple white flip flops. Her toe nails were not painted. She had a big smile. She looked me up and down in her door way as she leaned out to look at her minivan.”Would you like to see your van? I think they did a great job.” I said. “Yes! I hated to lie to my husband last night, before we went to bed. I’m glad you got it repaired for me. It looks great from here. Thank you Mr. Kelly. It’s my only transportation to and from work.” she said. I heard the front door close, as she walked passed me. My head turned. My eyes followed her big ass, in her tight jeans. She walked around the back of the mini van. She then walked to driver side. I walked around the front of the minivan. She opened the back door first. She looked around. She then looked inside the driver side. She looked around. She was looking for something. Maybe she was looking for her breast pump and bottles. “Looks very good. Let me come see the front.” she said. She walked around the front of the minivan. I still had the small towel under my arm pit.”They fixed the lights, the bumper, the grill and the hood. Just over two grand. My Suv had just about the same damage. But the cost was close to three grand.” I said. “Wow! Who new car repairs could be so much. I’m so sorry this happened. I did not mean to do it. Did you see anything in the minivan or maybe the repair service found? I’m missing a few items.” said Emma. “Yes! Car repairs are expensive. No! Not that I am aware of. They would have said something to me.” I said. “It’s getting hot out here. Would you like to come inside Mr. Kelly. So we can talk. I need to pay you back for the repairs and everything you’ve done so far for me.” said Emma. I smiled as I followed her back to her front door. I could hear her flip flops on the cement side walk.I opened her front door for her. “Thank you!” said Emma. I smiled. I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri then walked behind her toward her living room. She stopped at the last door on the left of the hallway. “Maybe you be more comfortable down stairs. Follow me. My husband calls this his trophy room. I’m not allowed down here, when he is not home. But he is not do back until tomorrow now. Going to stay to help his Mother. This will be our little secret. The repairs to the van and you coming over today. Do you like hunting? That all my husband does in his free time. Every since he got fired from his 4th job in 6 months. He says…..Cause no one likes him. I don’t mind working all the time.” said Emma. I walked down the stairs behind Emma. I looked over her shoulder as her big breast jiggle under her tight brown blouse. I was waiting for her top or jeans to rip open from her flesh.We finally got to the bottom of the stairs. The whole basement was decorated in camouflage and hunting gear. There were photos every where of her husband catching diff
erent a****ls. There were heads or trophy of every a****l on the basement walls. In the middle of the room was a big tent. I could see it was zipped open. I could see a big inflatable mattress just inside. A cooler, and some camping equipment were just outside of the tent. There were even duck decoys spread around the room. I was waiting for husband to jump out behind a fake tree and yell surprise. I did notice there were no pictures of Emma. Only pictures of bikini clad women on posters, catalogs, and calendars. All were to skinny for my taste. Her husband must be crazy. There was a small wooden desk at the far end of the trophy room. There was a big camo colored Adirondack chair in front of the desk. Emma walked toward the desk. She sat on the edge of the desk. She pointed at the chair, for me to sit down.I sat down. The wooden chair leaned back slightly. “Isn’t this place a little over the top?” said Emma. I smiled. “Looks like somebody might be over compensating a little.” I said. She giggled. “So the bills. Over two thousand for my van and three thousand for yours. Wow! That is a lot of money. I’m not sure how long that might take me to repay you. Especially with my husband not working. I might have to tell him. What I did.” she said. “You could tell him. Then he probably be mad. He might mount your head on his wall.” We both giggled. “Maybe…Ha Ha… He does get mad at me sometimes.” she giggled. “I’m sure he would never do that. Your to sweet and kind to be mounted on the wall. Maybe on his desk.” I laughed again. “Thank you. It’s been awhile since anything been mounted down here.” said Mrs. Divine. I then thought in my mind. I love to mount her on the wall, on her husband desk or in this fucking camo chair.I looked around the room. Emma smiled. She tried to cross her legs, but her jeans were to tight on her thick thighs and legs. My curiosity was getting to me. I had to find out why she was breast feeding in her minivan. “Mrs. Divine…Just curious. Do you have any k**s?” I said. “No! My husband had a vasectomy. He does not want k**s. I however we love some. Why do you ask?” she said. “Mmmm…. How do I put this. You still don’t know what caused you to rear end your minivan into me? You don’t remember?” I said. “Mmmm.. No! I don’t remember. I’m usually a great driver.” said Emma. “I think I know what happened. But I’m confused. I’m not a 100 percent sure you were doing this…” I said. “Ok! What was it?” said Emma.I smiled again. I then removed the towel under my arm. “What is that Mr. Kelly?” said Emma. “Oh! This? Let me unwrap the towel. I found these in your minivan. My lawyer asked me to ask you if this jarred your memory on how you rear ended my SUV.” I said. I then opened the towel completely. There was the breast pump, and suction cup. Along with three milk bottles. I smiled. “Oh! My! Goodness! Mr. Kelly! Where did you find those?” she said. “I found them inside your minivan. One was on the floor. I found the breast pump, and the other bottle in the back seat on the floor. The front windshield was covered in milk. There was some breast milk on the steering wheel. I was very alarmed when I found these items. I even took a few pictures.” I said. I then pulled out my phone. To show her the photos. She frowned when she saw them. She put my phone on the edge of the desk.Emma then looked around the room. She moved her hands to the side of her big hips. She then put her hands in her face. “I’m so embarrassed. You have no idea. I can’t believe this happened. I was driving. I was in a hurry. I had to get 3 more bottles of breast milk before I got to work. I had a order to go out yesterday.” said Emma. My mind was racing. Was she selling her breast milk. I had to ask… “Mrs. Divine!! A order?? Do you.. Do you sell your breast milk?” I said. She looked me in the eyes. “Yes! It was my husband idea. There a big under ground market for breast milk. It’s a great way to make lots of money. I mean lots of money.” said Emma.My eyes got big and my mouth dropped opened. “How does it work?” I said. “I have new mothers, who pay me to make breast milk for them. About two years ago. I started taking hormones. To trick my body into making breast milk. Even thou I’m not pregnant. I never been a skinny girl. But the hormones made my body grow. My breast got really big. My ass grew and grew. I am…how you might say very bodacious now. Then my husband rejected me. He says I’m to big now. But he loves the amount of money I make from selling my breast milk. I can’t even begin to tell you how sensitive my breast have become. My body is so round. My skin so soft and smooth. I just wish I could become pregnant. All this milk producing has made me want a baby. So the baby can enjoy some of my milk. Please don’t sue me over this. I’m so sorry I crashed my minivan into you.” said Emma. My head was still racing. I was so turned on. I never heard of non pregnant women selling there breast milk before.”That is some story. I never knew this existed before. Your husband put you up to this?” I said. “Yes! He just sells my milk to the highest bidder on his website. He takes all the money. He goes on vacation without me. He goes out all the time. He even has me sleep in the tent over there. He says I’m to big for the king size bed in our room. Now I’m scared what he might due. If you sue me for rear ending your SUV. I feel so bad.” said Emma. “I’m sorry he treats you so bad. I would not be like that. I adore bodacious women. I’m sure there an arrangement we can come up with, to repay me. Then maybe I won’t sue. My lawyer might be mad. But I can deal with him.” I said. “Oh! That would be great. I’ll do anything you ask. Just don’t tell my husband.” said Mrs. Divine.”Mmmm..I will not tell your husband. I think I might know of away to repay me. Maybe we can start small and then work are way up. I don’t think I ever seen anyone use a breast pump before. I’m kind of curios.” I said. Emma smiled. “Wait! You want to watch me use a breast pump? I don’t know Mr. Kelly. That is very personal.” she said. “Ok! Then maybe you can just right a check for five grand plus I will ask my lawyer to sue you for distracted driving. Driving while you pump your breast for a underground breast milk web site. So you could give it to your unemployed husband, who sells it to pay for hunting poor defenseless creatures. How does that sound?” I said.”Right or left breast.” said Mrs. Divine. I reached over to hand Emma her breast pump and bottle. “Your pick. Here’s your breast pump and milk bottle. I’ll sit right here and observe. Make sure you tell me how you feel. While you demonstrate the art of breast milking.” I said. I quickly sat in the Adirondack Chair. I moved my feet and moved my ass on the chair. To get more comfortable. “My husband never watches. He says its disgusting.” said Emma. I smiled as she unbutton her dark brown blouse. She looked around the room again. She finally got to the last button on her blouse. She slowly open her blouse. Her huge breast were encased in a matching brown nursing bra. I could see it trying to contain her huge white meaty breast. I started to lick my lips. She slowly reached over to pick up her breast pump. She screwed on the suction cup, over a empty milk bottle.Finally she moved her hands to the front of her left breast. She slowly unzipped the front of the bra. Directly around her large nipple. My eyes got big as I saw her hard, engorged nipple flop out. It immediately got hard. I could see a large white globe of milk forming at the end of her thumb size nipple. She gently put the suction cup over her hard nipple. Then with her free hand. She started to pump the suction cup over her nipple. A second later. I could smell, warm breast milk in the room. I looked down to see my hard cock move in my jeans. I looked back up to see Emma breast milk pumping into the small bottle. “Mmmm…” she let out a soft moan. I heard some small suction noise and some air. “Oops
it fell off. Some time my nursing bra gets in the way. My nipples are bigger than the hole.” said Emma.I watched as Emma reattached the suction cup. She did this two more times before she got a little more out of her left breast. “Maybe I should try the right one.” she said. I moved my eyes to the front of her right nipple. The front of her brown bra was wet near her right nipple. She slowly unzipped the bra hole, over her right nipple. Her right nipple popped right out of the small hole. Her right nipple was a little bigger than her left. She could have just put the milk bottle under her right nipple. Warm milk was flowing without the suction cup. She dripped on the front of her blue jeans. I smiled as she put the suction cup of her right nipple. She moaned louder as milk blasted into the bottom of the milk bottle. My cock was rock hard. I just kept starring at her amazing breast.A minute passed before I heard the same noise again from the breast pump. “Looks like its happening on my right breast now. Maybe I should stop and try later.” said Emma. “What seems to be the matter? Can I help?” I said. Emma smiled. “Well! Basically the suction cup is falling of my nipple. The nursing bra is pushing the suction cup off my nipple. I think the nipple hole is to small for my nipples.” she said. “Has this happened before? Ok! How do you normally fix the problem?” I said. “I usually take my bra off, when I’m milking my breast. It makes me feel more relaxed. I can get a better flow in the bottle. Also the suction cup stays on better.” said Emma. “I would suggest removing the bra. If that helps.” I said. “What??? I can’t take off my bra, in front of you Mr. Kelly. I can’t flash you my over grown milk producers.” she said. “Don’t worry I never tell. Plus you don’t want to ruin that perfect fitting bra. This is just perfectly natural. It’s just you and I in your husbands trophy room.” I said.Emma closed her eyes and shook her head back and forth. A minute passed. Had I blown it? Did I push her to far? I then saw her hands go under her big brown bra. She put down her breast pump and about a quarter full of milk. She put them next to her on the desk. She moved her feet on the floor. She then reached on the sides of her bra. My eyes got big as she tried to reach around her back to unhook her bra. I kept smiling as she tried for a few minutes to reach behind her back. Finally she looked back at me with her hands on her hips. “Little help. Mr. Kelly! Seems I’ve grown since the last time I wore this bra.” said Emma. I quickly got up. I walked behind the desk. Emma sat back on her desk…I moved my hands to the back of her brown bra. I peeked over her shoulder. Her breast were huge from this angle. My cock hit the desk. “What was that??? Did you hear that thud?” she said. “What was that? Must be some wood. That some hard wood… This desk.” I said.I reached toward the middle of her back. There were 4 large brown hinges keeping her bra from exploding off her body. I started to pull, tug, and wince as I tried to unhook her bra. After about a minute. I finally unhooked the first hinge. She breathed in, so I could unhook the rest of her bra. I quickly walked around the desk to sit back in the small wooden camo chair. I looked up to see Emma. She had her hands still on the front of her bra. She looked into my eyes. “Ready or not. Here it goes. I hope I can get more milk from my breast. There starting to hurt. I can feel them backing up.” whispered Emma. I smiled. Slowly she removed her hands from the front of her breast. Her huge brown bra fell on her lap. Then it slowly moved down the front of her big thighs and long legs. It finally fell on the floor. I got out of my chair. I picked up her bra. I could feel how heavy and wet it was. I placed the bra next her left hip on the desk.”Thank you. That was nice of you. This isn’t grossing you out or anything.” said Emma. “No! It’s very educational.” I said. Next Emma put the suction cup on her left nipple. She started to pump her breast. I watched how her nipple opened at the tip, and shot the warm milk in the bottle. How could she drive and milk at the same time. I just shook my head. Emma smiled. “Does that feel better?” I said. “Yes! It feels so much better. I think its a big help in making my breast feel better. It can be a pain sometimes.” said Emma. “Ever taken everything off? Are those jeans tight on you?” I said. “Once in a while I get totally naked. Its hard to do being so busy and making sure my husbands needs are put above mine.” she said. “Do you produce more milk? Does it feel better? What are you feeling right now?” I said.Emma smiled. “I never really stop to think if it feels better or if I produce more milk. I really never get completely naked, when I used my pump.” said Emma. “Maybe we should have an experiment. You do want to produce more milk and be stress free? Make more money? Am I right?” I said. “Yes! I do….What should I do than?” said Emma. “Well! This might sound crazy. But if I were you. I just slide my jeans off. Then you will be free of your clothes. I than think you can make more milk than you ever had.” I said. “What??? I don’t know Mr. Kelly. That seems very unusual. Your a total stranger and all.” said Emma. “Mmmm….It was just a suggestion. I mean I’m sure it won’t work. The more I think about it. Probably make you more backed up. I mean your already topless. you are wearing something underneath. I mean…What’s a pair of jeans? Plus I thought we were friends. I was just trying to help.” I said.Emma looked around the room. She then looked down at me sitting in the small chair. “You promise not to tell or get freaked out. I mean….If my husband ever found out. He might get really mad and divorce me. I don’t want that. Don’t laugh.” said Emma. I smiled as she put down her breast pump on the desk. She slide her big ass off the edge of the desk. She then slowly unzipped her tight jeans. She then pushed down on the side of her jeans. She mobilbahis wiggled her big ass and huge tits, side to side. She then grunted as she finally got her jeans to move off her hips. I watched as her tight jeans hugged her amazing ass. Then her thick thighs and amazing legs. She then kicked off her white flip flops. Then she bent over to pull off her jeans. I smiled when she came back up. She was wearing a very small brown thong. It barely covered the front of her pussy. I could see a few blonde hairs down there. Sticking out the sides. I wanted to see the small thong run up her huge ass. But maybe I save that for later.”How do you feel?” I said. “I feel better. Lots more space now. Let me give it a try. Emma hopped back on the edge of the desk. Her feet did not touch the floor. She placed the breast pump back on her left nipple. I heard her nipple start to squeak. I then watched as it spurt more milk in the small bottle. She filled up her bottle. She then took another bottle and switched to her right nipple. Emma started to bite her lower lip. She curled her toes. I could smell the warm breast milk in the thin cold air of the basement again. “Looks like your getting more milk…How do you feel?” I said. “This is so much better. Nothing pinching or getting in the way. It feels really nice. Is this grossing you out? I can’t believe your just sitting there. Watching me. This does not bore you?” said Emma. I shook my head “No!””You have no idea what your doing to me.” I said. “What? What am I doing to you sweetie. I’m just milking my breast. It’s no big deal. I can’t believe your still watching me.” said Emma. I smiled. I then pulled up my shirt. I was showing off my hard abs. I saw her checking me out. I moved my hands down my side. “I better show you what your doing to me. Before I pass out.” I said. I quickly brought my hands to the front of my jeans. I unzipped my dark blue jeans. I then pulled them down around my ankles. I eased back in my small chair. “Gasp! Mr. Kelly….What are you doing? Put that away. Your a guest in my
house. Please!!!!” said Emma. I looked down. My cock was pointing straight out. There was a big glop of Pre-cum on the tip. My big naked balls sat on the cold wood of the chair. I then kicked off my jeans. They were now in front of her desk. Emma looked down between her legs. She smiled.I reached up with my left hand. Most guys are left handed. I started to stroke my cock, sitting across from Emma. “Mr. Kelly!! What are you doing now?? You can’t do that down here. Mmmm Mister…. Oh God!” said Emma. I looked up. She was producing more milk. I could see the front of her brown thong. It was getting a darker shade of brown. I could smell, she was getting turned on. “Looks like your producing more milk. How do you feel?” I said. “Yes! Maybe I am…..But why are you doing that?” said Emma. As she pointed to my hard cock. “I got carried away. You look so amazing. I’m not sure what’s happening. But I got a little carried away. Wow! Your close to filling that milk bottle. Your leaking out your other breast.” I said. Emma looked down. She was milking her right breast. Her big left nipple. Had sprung a leak. She was shooting hot white milk on her chest. I stroked my cock a little faster in front of her.”Oh! God! Now your making me exploded everywhere. I think we better stop. This is starting to get out of control. Mr. Kelly. I’m a married woman. Your in my husband’s trophy room with his wife. I don’t care if you have a big cock. This is not right. My breast are on fire…” said Emma. I smiled as I got up out of the small wooden chair. “I better get you another bottle. Your almost full.” I said. Emma watched as I moved closer to her desk. I walked over to the edge of the desk. I picked up the last baby bottle. I then moved around the desk. I watched as she moved her legs open. I walked between her legs. “That close enough. My milk bottle…” said Emma. I smiled. I handed her the last milk bottle. My cock was inches from her the front of her thong.She put down her full bottle on the desk. It was dripping out the top. She pushed the empty bottle back on her right nipple. She took her long finger nails and rubbed some warm milk on her big fat nipple. She started to shoot white streams of milk in the small bottle. I stood there with my hard cock bouncing between my legs. Emma kept looking down at my cock. She started to bite her upper lip. She then licked her lips. I smiled again. “How are you feeling?” I said. “Very good…Thank you for asking Mr. Kelly. How are you?” she said. “I’m good. Your a really good teacher. Showing me how a woman pumps her breast for milk. Now….I’m just curious how it tastes. I never tasted breast milk before. I’ve never really wanted to taste someones before. But yours looks so nice and healthy.” I said. Emma looked into my eyes. She paused for a second. Both her breast were springing a leak. One in the bottle. The other on her chest and then dripping between her legs.I watched as she moved her free hand, to pick up the full bottle of breast milk, off the desk. Emma picked up the bottle. She then moved it toward me. “Ok! Even know I can sell it for money. You have been nice today. Here! Take a small sip. I can’t believe you want to. My husband would run upstairs by now. Well??? How does it taste.” said Emma. I took the small bottle. I dipped my tongue in the top of the bottle. It was warm and soft on my tongue. I took a small sip. I smiled. I then licked my lips. “Mmmmm… Very nice. Very healthy. Now I know why women are paying so much for your breast milk. Is it normally this cold?” I said. It was warm. I just wanted to see Emma reaction.”No! It’s very warm. Let me see.” she said. I slowly handed her the full bottle. She took a small taste. “It’s a little warm. I thought it would be warmer. I guess it warmer just out of the nipple. I mean feel this.” said Emma. She moved my hand in front of her left nipple. She squeezed her left breast. Some very hot breast milk hit the palm of my hand. I smiled. “Damn! That is warm. Very nice on the skin.” I said. I slowly inched forward. I was moving closer to Emma. I was not maybe an inch from touching her thong with my hard cock. My nipples were rocked hard. I looked down at Emma huge breast. She looked up into my baby blue eyes.”Have you ever sucked your nipples? To see what fresh from the nipple taste likes.” I said. “What? No! I never done that before. I don’t think I could bend them up to my lips. To be honest…I never thought of that. I mean everyone so afraid of them.” said Emma. “I’m not afraid of them. Looks like your last bottle is almost full. Here let me help.” I said. I reached up to pull of the breast pump from Emma right nipple. I took another sip from the bottle. I licked my lips. I looked down. Both her breast were leaking on her chest. I placed the full bottle on the desk near the far side. I then felt Emma long nails on my chest. She traced my hard abs, and flat stomach. She stopped just below my belly button. I then looked down.”Maybe I could help. Let me see you try. Push those babies up.” I said. Emma reached under her leaking breast. She used both her hands to push up her right breast. Her right nipple was close to her mouth. She leaned her head down. She almost touched her breast, with her mouth. I smiled. “Almost!” I said. Emma smiled. “Now I’m curious. Little help please. You have big hands. Don’t be shy. Get a good grip. Mmmmrphhh. Slurp!!” said Emma. I reached down to push her huge breast into her mouth. Her big fat nipple was squirting inside her hot mouth. Emma eyes were wide open. Some of the hot breast milk dripped out the sides of her mouth. “I think your making more. Look at your left nipple. Its running wide open. We both looked down at her left nipple. The white milk was squirting onto my stomach. It was so warm on my skin. A minute later… Emma spit out her right nipple. She then pushed her head back. She swallowed a mouth full.She then looked at me. I was still holding her right breast. “Mmmm… It is better from the source. Are you curios now? Do you want some? Well do you??” said Emma. I shook my head “Yes!” I wanted to suck her breast. Just like she had done a minute earlier. “Maybe you better try the left one. Just this one time. God that feels nice. Just don’t tell my husband I let you do this. He might divorce me.” said Emma. I reached over to her left breast. I brought the tip of her nipple to my mouth. I locked my lips around her hard nipple. My mouth filled up, with breast milk very quickly. I let some drip down the side of my mouth. Emma dipped her head back again. She let out a soft moan. I then felt my cock rub the bottom of her right breast. I was so hard. She was so soft. I looked down to see her eyes go toward my cock. She smiled.”Your right….Its better from the source. So nice and rich. Very tasty. I can see why so many women are paying top dollar for your breast milk.” I said. She smiled. “Thank you.” she said. “My pleasure. Are your nipples more sensitive now? Or before you started the hormone therapy?” I said. ‘I think more now. It’s been so long ago. I can’t remember. I can’t lie. There very sensitive and they have grown so big. Compared to my D Cups.” she said. “Do your nipple just go off, with out touching them? Do you have problems leaking all over your bras and clothing?” I said. “Sometimes. When I get turned on or something rubbing against them.” she said. “How about when your playing with yourself? Ever played with yourself to see it you produce more milk?” I said. I then reached up to run my thumb and middle finger on both her nipples.”Mmmm…” she moaned. Her head fell to the side. She licked her lips. “Mr. Kelly! What was that? I’m a married woman. I don’t have to play with myself. My husband satisfy me…” she said. “I’m sorry. I just thought all woman play with there selves. I know all guys do. I do when ever I get a chance. Nothing wrong with it. Relieves allot of stress. Plus it’s fun. You should try it. Look me in the eyes.
Have you ever touched yourself? Just once, maybe…” I said. She shook her head “No!” I smiled.”Never?? Wow! Lean back on your elbows. That it. Now close your eyes..Mmmmm” I said. Emma slowly closed her eyes. I let go of her big fat nipples. I then moved my hands between her thighs. I put my hands on her wet thong. She did not protest. I slowly peeled off her dark brown thong. I slipped them over her ankles. Down her sexy feet. I then placed them next to her. She moaned. “What are you doing??” she said. “Let me help..relax. Take a deep breath.” I said. Her breathing had increased. I then felt her relax as she leaned on her elbows. She tried to look down between her legs. Her huge breast were blocking her view. She could only see the top of my short hair cut.I inched my mouth closer to her tightly trimmed pussy mound. She had a little, but not to much dirty blonde pubic hair. I could smell her pussy as I leaned my mouth closer to her hot pussy. It was now or never. I knew she might protest. But once I started, she would not be able to resist. I stuck out my tongue. I started to kiss the top of her pussy. She moaned. I then ran my tongue down the inside of her left thigh. She moaned. I then started to run my tongue over her pussy mound. She moaned again. “What? What are you doing? Young man???” she said. I then ran my tongue just inside her pussy. Her whole body quaked.She did not orgasm, but she was close. She opened her legs wider. I licked my right index finger. I then start to insert my wet finger in her wet pussy. Her pussy lips open. I moved my finger deep inside her. She started to breath heavier. I started to suck the tip of her labia with my mouth. I ran my tongue in a circular motion. She tried to grab the top of my head. “Fuck!!!” she screamed. “What are you doing to me? I never felt like this before.” she screamed. I then inserted another finger inside her pussy. A minute later and both fingers deep inside her…My thumb on her hard labia…..She screamed. Her head fell back on the desk. Her whole body shook. I open my mouth. I could feel her pussy orgasm in my mouth. She was sweet to the taste.I then felt some warm liquid hit my nose. I looked up to see Emma breast milk drip over her stomach and down between her legs. It was leaking into her pussy. I started to lick her faster. Her breast milk and pussy juices were mixing. She was lying on her back. Her legs were bent. My hands were on her ankles as I ate her amazing pussy. After a few minutes and another orgasm in my mouth. I stood up. I kept two fingers in her wet pussy. I leaned up and started to suck her right nipple. She moaned again very loud. I looked up, with her nipple in my mouth. Her eyes were wide open. Her hand was now on my forehead. She was wiping the sweat from my face. She smiled. She then flooded my fingers. I slowly pulled them out. I licked both as she watched.I then moved back from Emma. I return to sit on the wooden chair behind me. I smiled as she struggled to get up off her desk. She was leaking all over body. Her pussy was dripping. Her big fat breast were leaking all over body. I was covered in dry and wet breast milk. I started to stroke my cock. Emma slowly got off her big wooden desk. She looked down on me. “You know your way around down there. I’m impressed. No one has ever done that to me. I read it in a magazine once or twice. But it was never like that. Why are you pointing to the side of your chair? That small wooden arm rest. That will not hold my weight.” said Emma. I smiled again. I tapped on the small wooden arm rest. I wanted her to get closer.I kept tapping on the small arm rest. She slowly moved forward. She then carefully sat on the side of the arm rest. I quickly put my right hand under her big ass. I palmed her big ass with my big hand. She smiled as she looked down at me. Her breast kept leaking milk down her chest, onto my upper body. I was still stroking my cock. “Ever stroked a cock before?” I said. “No! Especially not one that big. My husband just climbs on me. One, two, three…he’s done. Then he rolls over. We go to bed.” said Emma.I slowly grabbed her left hand. I moved on the tip of my cock. “Stop! I can’t be doing this. I’m married, Buck…” said Emma. ‘Don’t worry it won’t bite. Just a few tugs. What harm could that be. Wrap your hand around. Now move it up and down. Use your other hand. Rub my balls.” I said. She was stroking my cock, up and down. I could feel her right hand touch the top of my naked balls. “Are you shaved. You have no hair down there. Why??” she said. “Feels better. That it rub my balls. Use your big fake nails on them. Keep using your other hand to tug on my cock. “God! It’s so big and round. You have such huge balls too.” said Emma. “I have big balls, you have big breast. We have something in common.” I said.A few minutes passed before I looked up. “Looks like your nipples have stopped. How do they feel?” I said. She looked down at her huge breast. mobilbahis güvenilir mi “I guess they have. They feel really good. I know there more in there. I’m still really turned on.” said Emma. “I noticed they produce more as you pussy was getting stimulated.” I said. “Yes! They did.” she said. I reached up with my left hand, to touch her huge left breast. It was inches from my face. I leaned up to start sucking on her breast. I rubbed my wide tongue on her big juicy nipple. I kept my right hand on her big ass. I could hear the wood cracking on the arm rest. She looked down. She heard it to.She leaned down to grab the other arm rest. Her huge breast fell across my chest. Her whole body fell onto me. Her knees hit the side of my legs. Her hands were on my shoulders. My cock was bent under her wet pussy. The tip of my cock was under her big ass. She was sitting on my naked balls. She looked down. “I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you? I’m to big for you. Should I get down?” said Emma. I moved my head between her huge breast. I put my hands on her hips. I started to suck on her big nipples. She was moaning again. I could feel her hot pussy on my bent shaft. I was loving ever minute of it.I tried to move her around my cock. I just could not get my cock to slide in her tight pussy. She was breathing heavy again. “Wait! I can’t do this. It’s not right. We have to stop. My husband will divorce me for sure. He is the only one I’ve ever let inside me.” said Emma. I could see her bite her upper lip. Her nipples were flooding my mouth. I came up for air. “It’s Ok. I understand. I’m not like your husband. I would actually make loved to you all day and night. I never stop cumming so deep inside you. I just wish you could feel, what I’m feeling right now. I love to find out. If you produce more milk riding my mouth or what your sitting on right now.” I said.”Thank you for understanding.” said Emma. I smiled. “Can you be honest. Where you pumping breast milk in your mini van? When you hit me?” I said. She smiled. She then bite her lower lip. “Maybe! I’ll be honest. I saw you two lights before I hit you. I was speeding to catch up with you. You looked very cute driving. I wanted to see you again. I then felt my breast pump move. I then looked down. Then when I looked up. Bam! I hit your SUV. I’m so sorry…” said Emma. All I could think. Is damn…How did I miss seeing her two lights before? I dropped my head slightly. I then licked from the bottom of her breast, to just over the top of her breast. I then did the same thing to her other breast.”Your making this hard on me. I love what your doing. I never felt like this before. I’m so turned on. But I also feel like I’m cheating on my poor husband.” said Emma. “How about we just check one more thing with your breast milk production. You’ve been a good sport. Showing me how your breast produce so much milk. I’ve learned allot. Before your husband vasectomy. Did you ever get pregnant? Maybe just once?” I said. “No! My husband said its because of me. But I don’t know. I love to have a baby. My husband does not produce allot of sperm
when he cums. It’s more like a dribble. He says I’m to big for his little man to go inside me. Plus now he shoots blanks.” said Emma. I smiled.I moved my hands down her hips. I gripped the side of her big thick thighs. She smiled. “I don’t think your big. Your just the right size.” I said. She smiled. “Thank you. Your not to bad yourself.” said Emma. “We already done so much today. How about just one more tiny request. Just a little thing. I hate to leave and not know.” I said. I held my finger an inch apart. “What? What is it?” she said. “How about……Mmmmm….. Just this one time. Really quick. Not to much. Maybe you let me stick my cock a tiny amount inside you. Maybe just the tip. In and out….” I said.”Mr. Kelly….That seems very bad. Is that not cheating? What would my husband say?” said Emma. “Just a tiny amount. In and out. You can’t get pregnant. Its not cheating. Your husband would understand. Plus you be paying down the $5,000 on your mini van and the damage to my SUV. Let’s not forget. You already let me suck your breast, eat your pussy and finger you. You felt my cock. You can handle it. Its not like we kissed or something yet. I will let you move down on me. Then you can control the situation. Plus who knows. You might produce so much breast milk. You might have to only pump once a week. How does that sound?” I said.”Mmmm.. You do bring up some good points. I don’t have money to pay for the damages to our cars. If I yelled stop??? You help me get off you? This sounds bad. But I am curious. I love to pump my breast only once a week or maybe three times a week. I think I still get backed up. This damn things produce a ton of milk.” she said. “Plus you pay down some of the debt today. You can be in total control.” I said. “Ok! But I am in control. Just this one time. I trust you Mr. Kelly. Just can’t tell anybody about this. Especially not my husband. Do we have a deal?” said Emma. I smiled. “Your in control.” I said.Emma pushed of my shoulders. She put her bare feet on the sides of my thighs. She then tried to look between her legs. She could not see with her huge breast resting on my chest. Her view was completely blocked. She tried to move her breast. Her fat nipples sc****d across my chest. I was now coated in fresh breast milk. She was leaking again. “I guess I need a little help. I can’t see…How about you hold your cock between my legs. I will lower myself down. You tell me when I have taken the tip in.” said Emma. “Sounds good. But…I think you will now before I do.” I said.A minute later. Emma slowly dropped her pussy near my cock. She bent her knees. I held my cock with my right hand. I put my left hand on her left breast. Her right breast pushed on my right forearm. “Little bit more..” I said. She was very close to the tip of my cock. I could feel her warm pussy and warm dirty blonde pubic hair touch the tip of my cock. “I think I feel it.” she said. “Little more.” I said. I then felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy lips. Her eyes got big. She then stopped and moved her pussy back up. “God this feel so wrong Mr. Kelly.” said Emma. I smiled.”You were so close….5 thousand….” I whispered. She then looked into my eyes. She then lowered her wet pussy toward the tip of my cock. She closed her eyes as, the tip of my cock entered her very warm pussy. I then felt a rush of warmth on my chest and left hand. She was pumping out large amounts of breast milk. She open her eyes to look at me. She smiled. “See what your doing. Your pumping out so much milk.” I whispered. She moaned. I could feel her pussy muscles trying to push the tip of my cock out. She could not move her legs, to get off me. The tip of my cock was just inside her hot pussy. She was dripping down the sides of shaft. My stomach and abs were getting hot from her breast milk.”God that feels nice…How are you feeling?” I said. Emma pushed her head back. She spun her hair in my face. She then looked me in the eyes. “I’ve never felt anything like this. The tip of your cock, is bigger than my husband little cock. It’s be so long.” she said. She then moved her hands on my chest. She touched my face. She then ran her hands in my short hair. She gripped the back of my neck. “God your so big…Your so hot. I can’t believe I’m here with you..” moaned Emma. I smiled. “Your hotter…I never felt like this before. I love your body on me. Your breast are producing so much milk.” I said. I then started to suck both her big nipples.Emma breast milk fell out the sides of my mouth. I could feel her slowly inch farther down my cock. First an inch, then another. How far was she going to go. I could see her big thighs shake. Her legs shake. She was having a hard time crouching down on my cock. Her legs were weak. She looked down at me. My mouth was full of her breast milk and big fat nipples. “Promise me….You can never tell anyone about this….I want your cock deep inside me. I can’t resist you any longer…I’ve dreamed about you. My princess charming. Fuck!!!!” she screamed.My mouth fell open. Then I felt Emma light pussy slowly fall down my cock. She had half my cock deep inside her before she moved up. She did this a few times. Each time I bite her nipples to show her how sexy I thought she was. She smiled. She was also getting use to my 9 3/4 inch cock. She began to slam her pussy down, then up. Maybe 3/4 of my cock was inside her. Each time she screamed as she took in more. I grabbed her hips. I grabbed her thighs. I tried to help her get into a good rhythm. I could fell the camo chair began to squeak. I was waiting for the whole chair to break. I then felt Emma hands leave my neck. She had them on the back of the chair. I then started to bounce her on my cock.I was drowning in breast milk. The whole chair was covered. The front of my chest was covered. She was squirting everywhere. I then slapped her breast together. She looked down. “Can you breath??? Hang in there Buck…” she giggled. I shot her smile. Than slammed my cock into her tight pussy. She screamed. “Ive always wanted to be on top. I never knew how fun this was. Your cock not close is it….You need to pull out before she cum. I’m sorry. I can’t have my husband find out…” she said. ‘No! I’m not close to cumming. Your in charge. Any other positions you like to try? Your the boss Emma…” I saidShe smiled. She slowed down fucking my cock. “Doggy style…I read it once in a magazine..” she said. I smiled. I then grabbed her around her waist. I picked her up off the chair. I motion for her to put her hands on the back of the chair. I got behind her. I reached up to grab her breast. I squeezed some warm milk on my hands. I then wiped some on my cock. I then plunged my cock back into her hot pussy. She moaned. I then felt her ass slam back close to my abs. I started to pick up the pace. I was fucking her really hard from behind. Her big fat ass was shaking. Her breast bounced against the back of the chair. She moaned.A few minutes later. I put her head first in the chair. Her knees were on the edge of the front of the chair. I slipped my cock back in her pussy. I gripped her big hips. Her breast rested on the bottom of the chair. I could hear her lapping up her breast milk in the bottom of the chair. She was like a little kitty licking her milk. I was ramming her doggy style. She screamed. I then felt her whole body shake. My cock got very hot. She was breathing very heavy. “Fuck!!!!! You made me orgasm again. Your the first person, to ever do that. Fuck me! Fuck me harder.” said Emma. She was now out of control. I was close to cumming.”Emma! Emma! I’m close! I’m really close…” I said. She stop licking her breast milk in the chair. She looked back over her shoulder. She was gripping the arm rest. “Keep fucking me…Use my body. I’m all yours. Don’t stop…Please!! I can take it….” she moaned. I then jammed my cock all the way in her wet pussy. A second later. I started to erupt deep inside her. I could feel her pussy tighten around
my cock. I moaned. She grunted. I kept cumming inside her. I put my hands on her hips. I held her tight. I then reached under her waist, to fell her big breast. She was still producing milk. I could feel my cock getting less hard. I slowly moved back. My cock flopping out her pussy. I could hear a big suction noise as my cock came free from her.”Fuck!! That was so hot..” I said. Emma rolled over. Her ass was sitting in her breast milk. She reached up to tug on her nipples. She was finally not producing more breast milk. She smiled. “Damn! I’ve never felt this way about anyone before..Buck! Your sending shivers down my body. My pussy…My skin….My breast… Can I kiss you. I want to feel your lips on mine.” she smiled. I put my hand down. I helped Emma off the chair. I wrapped my arms around her waist. I put both my hands on her ass. She put her hands around my neck. I leaned down to kiss her. I closed my eyes. I then felt her warm lips on mine. She was a very good kisser. She melted into my arms. We were both covered in breast milk.Fifteen minutes later….She broke our kiss. She then moved her hands to my face. She wiped my lips, with her thumb. “Mmmmm.. that was some kiss. You do everything very well Buck. Is your cock poking me?? Fuck! Your already hard again.” she said. I smiled. “You have the best lips. That was amazing. Yes! That’s my cock. You turn me on so much. I can’t help myself.” I said.Emma grabbed my hand. “I’ll clean up the mess later. Right now I want to fuck you in my tent. It’s were my husband puts me, when I’ve been bad. I think I’ve been really bad today.” she giggled. I reached down to unzip the small tent. There was a small blow up mattress on the floor. A large sleeping bag. There was a small lantern on the inside of the tent. “Lights on, or light off Buck?” she said. “Oh! Lights on definitely.” I said.I spent the rest of the day fucking Emma in her house. It took us a few hours to clean up her husbands trophy room. I got to watch her fill some more milk bottles. I laid on my back. She climbed back on my cock. I left in the morning before her husband got home. Emma called me later. Her husband was so proud of her filling up so many bottles. He told her to do it again, while he went to his Mothers.The next day:I parked my SUV around the corner from Emma house. I snuck down the back of her house. A soon as her husband left for the day. She let me in. She was already naked when she answered the back door. “I have 6 bottles I need to fill. She giggled. We headed for her tent again. I did this for about a week straight. Every time her husband left. We would fill his breast milk order. Emma was up to a dozen milk bottles a week later. Her husband would come home. He then sold her breast milk online. He would then count the money from her breast milk, in front of her. It had been a whole year since he rolled over on top of her.Two months later. Emma husband found a home pregnancy test in his trash can. Under his desk, in his trophy room. He confronted Emma about pregnant. She then broke down and told him about us…… You think that where the story might end….But it would not be a true Buck Kelly story with out some more action…Emma husband was mad a first. But everything he owned was in Emma name. The house, the minivan, all his hunting gear. He did this before they got married. Now the roles are reversed. He lives in the “fucking milk tent” downstairs. That what we call it. She lets him live there. He has two things he must do for her. One..he must pay rent. He washes dishes at a fast food joint. Its walking distance from the house. I moved in. I live upstairs with Emma. I quit my job. She got a quick divorce from her husband. He signed it with out thinking. Now Emma pregnant again with our third c***d. The first two were so cute. I don’t argue with her about her ex-husband living in the trophy room. She says we need him living down stairs. Cause the second thing he must do, everyday. Hand us more breast milk bottles when were having sex and she just filled another one. We need to fill a big order..Plus Emma still owes about $4500. That’s a 1/2 dollar a fuck if ur keeping score…Milk you later….Love,Buckxoox

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