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Milk And Honey: Getting EvenA month went by and the weather remained hot as ever. For the two young people, living across the street from each other, plans for the weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. Jin’s folks decided to go out for the weekend, leaving him to watch over their home, but also to spend more time with his blonde neighbor, Vicki. They agreed to meet at his place instead of hers, due to the recent events that nearly led the poor girl to the brink of insanity. She was anxious to get as far away from her parents as possible, but finding a job and a home of her own was no easy task.As the evening came, Jin was a bit worried about letting Vicki inside, despite the fact that they agreed to meet at his place. He was concerned about Vicki possibly breaking something of value or that his folks would notice what’s out of place. It was too late to back out as Vicki made her way towards the door, where Jin stood topless, showing off his tanned pecs, while Vicki arrived in her usual attire; bikini top and denim shorts.”Very nice”, said Vicki, checking out the place for the first time, as well as setting foot inside the first time ever. “I wouldn’t mind having a party here. There’s plenty of breathing room perfect for dancing.””Don’t even think about it”, said Jin. “A party is what I don’t need right now. My parents would disown me in a minute if they catch twenty or thirty people dancing around in their home.””Just a suggestion. Shall I get comfortable?””Yes, you may, as long as you don’t break anything.””Don’t worry. Got anything to drink?””Water and lemonade. Sorry, no booze for you.””No, I’m done with that.””Glad to hear that.”Jin went into the kitchen, filling up two glasses of ice cold water. When he returned, Vicki was nowhere around. That is until he saw his dad’s office door open and the light turned on. Jin put down both glasses on the nearest canlı bahis coffee table and entered the office, discovering Vicki spinning around on the leather chair, pulled away from the very desk that came with it.”What are you doing in here?” Jin asked.”What?” Said Vicki. “I didn’t break anything.””You might break that chair any moment.””This your dad’s office?””Yes.””What does he do? Is he a doctor?””He’s a shrink, actually.””That right? So, is that where it happens?” Vicki asked, pointing at the leather couch. “That where all the loonies make themselves comfortable?””You’re the one whose crazy asking questions like that. I do know you would drive my parents nuts.””Your folks don’t like me very much, do they?””My dad thinks you’re too wild for me, and mom says you’re a bad influence.””Nice to be loved. So, shall we get started while the night is still young?””You’re the boss. My bedroom is nice and cozy enough. Hope you don’t mind the big lumps.””No. No, I was thinking of doing something more…interesting.””Really? Like what did you have in mind?”Vicki responded, stepping off the chair and dropping herself down on the leather couch, allowing her sandals to fly right off her feet. “No”, said Jin. “No way.””Why not?” Vicki asked.”Why not? Are you k**ding me? My dad would have a heart attack.””Your dad is not here. He’ll never know.””Oh, he’ll know all right.””Come on, live a little.””Yeah, I want to live.””Come on, Jin. Analyze me.”During the discussion, Charlie, the teen responsible for making Vicki’s life a living hell, have kept a close eye on the two as of late. He was all set with his camera, anxious to make more money selling the footage to her parents like the last time. After her humiliation, Vicki has made threats on his life but showed no worries of any kind. He didn’t care. To him it was all worth it. He snuck out of the house, approaching the bahis siteleri office window, with the red curtain partially opened, giving Charlie a good enough view on what’s about to happen.Back inside, Jin had finally agreed to Vicki’s idea, thanks to her charm and expertise in turning him on. Once the clothes came off, Charlie turned on his camera and filmed all the action taking place. When things grew hot and heavy he thought of raising the price for this particular footage before selling it to the Phelps. He already knew the perverts they were and would do anything to get their hands on Vicki’s latest activities.”Oh, shit!” Vicki yelled, with her feet on Jin’s shoulders, and he pumping her up full of energy. “Fuck! Oh, that feels good. Hmm, yes. Yes. Yes.”Jin removed her feet and zeroed in on sucking every portion of her pretty pussy, leaving her giggling in delight. Charlie filmed every position the two of them got into and in his mind the price got even higher. Soon things heated up with Jin standing up and Vicki hanging on tight for the ride; bouncing in his arms, feeling his hard cock to and fro. During that time Vicki had her eyes shut and breathing out lungfuls of air, but once she opened them she noticed some movement by the window and something pointed directly at her.”Jin, stop”, Vicki whispered in his ear.”You’re getting tired already?””No, seriously. Don’t turn around.”‘What is it?””We’re being watched.””Watched?”That little brat, Charlie. He’s by the window and filming us.””Right this moment? I’m going to kill him.””I have a better idea. Give me my phone.””Okay, get down.””No, no, we stay in position. Let him think we’re still fucking. Hurry up, I’m dying for some payback.”With Vicki still wrapped around him, Jin slowly got down, reaching for Vicki’s shorts, and fished out her cell.”I’m going to enjoy this”, said Vicki, dialing the number bahis şirketleri to Charlie’s mom. “Hello, Mrs. Foreman. This is Vicki.””Oh, hello, how are you today?””Couldn’t be better. Is your son at home by any chance?””He’s in his room, playing his video games. Why?””Because he’s not in his room. He’s outside with his camera.””What?””Yeah, and he’s been making porno films behind your back.””What? He did what?””Yeah, and right now he’s peeking through the window from across the street, and he’s seeing things little boys should not be seeing, if you know what I mean.””Charlie! When I find you you better be dead or dying, because I’m going to kill you.”Both Vicki and Jin had a few laughs once Charlie heard his mother shouting out his name like a raving lunatic. Mrs. Foreman was coming his way, quickly turning off his camera, attempting to hide it behind his back. She took the camera from him and dragged him all the way back home on his ear.”Have you lost your mind?” Said Mrs. Foreman. “I didn’t raise you to be a pervert. Making sex movies in my household?””Mom.””Mom nothing. You’ll never use this camera again, I guarantee it. I’m going to smash it to bits and then I’m throwing it away.”After that, Vicki and Jin celebrated in the only way they could.”Payback’s a bitch”, she moaned. “Yes, payback’s a fucking bitch. Oh, yes. Oh, baby, a perfect night to fuck me harder. Give it to me, Jin.”The celebration continued until Jin let out his cum load onto her pretty face. “A perfect ending to a perfect evening”, said Vicki, curled up on the couch, cleaning off the rest of the cum on her face.Jin got busy looking out the window, making sure Charlie or anyone else was long gone. He had to admit that listening to Mrs. Foreman going ape shit was the highlight of the evening. Seeing Vicki with that bright smile and all her nakedness on the couch was certainly worth the price of admission.”He’s gone”, she said. “He…is done.””You’re a very bad girl”, said Jin.”Yes, I am. Want to punish me?”Jin just stood there smiling, forgetting all about his worries about his home being mistreated while his folks were away.

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