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Mike and Kate’s First Time.One night while Kate was at work Mike decided to go out for a drink with his friends. He met up at the bar with his usual fellas but there was this new guy John who happen to be a mutual friend of someone else. Everyone was laughing drinking and having a good time, but as it got later people were leaving until it was just Mike and John left. Mike asked John if he would like to come over for a few more drinks and to keep talking. John was down with the idea but was way too drunk to drive, and so was Mike. So Mike texted his wife Kate who was just leaving work anyway to come pick the two of them up. When Kate arrived she looked at John and noticed right away that he was a pretty good looking guy with a nice body from what she could see. So John sat in the back and Mike in the front and they headed home. Once they arrived Kate told Mike that she had a long day and she was going to take a nice bath back in the bedroom and that she would be out in a little bit. She kissed Mike while looking over his shoulder at John and smiled at him as she walked down the hallway. Mike grabs a beer for John and himself and they sit at the table talking. After two or three beers John needs to break the seal so Mike points him in the direction of the hallway bathroom. John starts walking down the hallway and hears a very faint moan from the bedroom, so he looks back to see if Mike is still within sight and continues towards the bedroom. When he walks in the bedroom the lights are off, he notices a line of light coming from slightly cracked bathroom door with a steam haze coming from it. John sneaks up very quietly to peek through the crack and sees Kate on her back with the water faucet aimed right on her clit while she slides her fingers up and down her bright pink pussy. John feels his dick getting hard fast so he sneaks out and moves fast to the hallway bathroom without being seen. John exits the bathroom and walks out to the living room while looking back at the bedroom. Mike approaches John and hands him a beer and ask him if he’s ok. John’s face was bright red and he was a little sweaty. John assures Mike everything is fine and has a seat on the couch right as Kate walks from the back room. She walks by John and smiles at him as she walks into the kitchen flaunting her tight gym shorts that left nothing to the imagination. Kate then makes herself a mixed drink and comes out to the living room and sits next to Mike. The three of them sit and talk for a while as one drink for Kate turns into about four. After Kate makes her fifth drink she casually yalova escort strolls back into the living room and gently sits in between Mike and John. She puts her drink down on the table and places one hand on Johns leg and the other on Mikes, then she ask John if he wants to play truth or dare. John looks to Mike searching for approval, but then answers with truth. After ten minutes of the normal everyday questions it gets back to Kate when Mike ask truth or dare. Kate takes dare and Mike dares her to flash John her tits for ten seconds, so to one up the situation Kate turns to John, takes her shirt off then pops the clasp in the front of her bra exposing her perfect breast. She then tells John that it’s his turn, John still looking down at Kate’s hard nipples takes dare. So Mike then dares John to kiss Kate and before John could ask for how long Kate pulls John in and opens his mouth with her tongue and starts to probe the inside of his mouth, Kate reaches behind her and pulls Mike by the arm closer to her, Mike then begins to kiss the back of her neck while rubbing her shoulders as John squeezes Kate’s tits and continues kissing her. Kate then reaches down and unbuttons Johns pants then turns to Mike and starts kissing him passionately and whispers in his ear if this is ok. Mike takes Kate by the back of her head turns her to John who is now standing up. John pulls his pants down exposing his hard throbbing cock then Mike gently guides Kate’s head to it. She opens her mouth as streams of spit connect from the top of her lip to the bottom and John guides his dick past her lips into her mouth. She closes her eyes and slowly locks her wet lips around his thick cock and begins to roll her tongue around the head. Mike holds her hair back while moving his arms with the direction of head movement, she bobs back and forth sucking and slurping while spit drips from her mouth onto the floor. Kate then pops her mouth off John super wet cock and turns to Mike and starts unbuttoning his pants while kissing him and forcing the taste of Johns cock in his mouth. She stands up but bends over to pull Mikes cock out of his pants, John takes this opportunity to untie Kate’s gym shorts and slowly pull them down to the floor. As John follows her shorts to the ground he gets on his knees and grabs each ass cheek, spreads them open and begins licking between Kate’s ass hole and pussy. While Kate is bent over Mike stands up to allow her to take his cock in her mouth which still contains the spit and pre cum from John cock. Kate moans out then squeezes Mikes escort yalova hips as she deep throats his cock while having her pussy licked inside and out from behind. While John is eating Kate out he slides his middle finger inside her and begins rubbing her g-spot. Kate lets out a load cry and start fuck Johns finger harder. Kate then turns to John and pushes him down on his back with his hard cock standing erect swaying back and forth. She moves over top John and grabs his cock at the base straddling it, then guides it in slowly while Mike watches from behind. Mike sees Johns head slowly start to penetrate Kate as it spreads her pussy open stretching it wider than Mike ever could. Once the head pops in Kate releases Johns cock and slowly works her pussy down his shaft while kissing him passionately. Kate slowly and gently rides Johns cock as if it were her first time, she holds her hands flat on the sides of Johns head while she kisses him. Mike starts to lick Kate’s ass and rim of her pussy where Johns cock has it stretched. Mikes tongue makes contact with Johns cock as he licks Kate’s cum from around her pussy. Johns cock thrust in and out of Kate while Mike follows with his face trying to get a taste of Kate and John. Mike sets up behind Kate while on his knees, Kate then raises up of Johns cum covered cock, Mike then enters Kate’s stretched out pussy. Mike pulls Kate’s hair back with every thrust as John suck on Kate’s perfect nipples. John then moves up while under Kate and positions his cock right in front of her face, Mike lets go of her hair and immediately she starts sucking Johns still dripping cock. She start her tongue at the base of his cock and licks all the way up to the top cleaning her own cum off his shaft. After she swallows it she begins suck his cock hard and fast deep throating as much of Johns cock as she can. Mike then pulls his cock out with a rope of Kate’s cum connecting her pussy to his dick. Kate turns then to Mike with her legs trembling and starts to clean Mikes cock off with her prefect mouth. At the same time John starts to enter Kate again but by this point it’s too much for him to handle so he starts to cum uncontrollably inside Kate. With Mikes cock in her mouth Kate lets out a little squeal every time John shoots a load of cum inside her. John keeps pumping his load inside Kate while she takes Mikes whole cock in her mouth. John starts to pull his slowly shrinking cock out of Kate which releases a waterfall of cum from her pussy. Kate switches her face back towards Johns soft hanging dick dripping with yalova escort bayan cum and uses the tip of her tongue to catch the drops of cum leaking out of his cock. Mike slides his cock into Kate’s cum filled pussy and starts working it in and out. Every time Mike pushes forward then pulls back Johns cum drizzles out a little. Mike keeps thrusting while Kate just hold Johns cock in her mouth until Mike finally explodes inside of Kate filling her pussy a second time full of cum. Mike starts to pull his cock out of Kate when John slides underneath and ope
ns his mouth to catch everything that drips out. As Mikes head slips out and falls a wave for warm cum leaks out landing on Johns face and in his mouth. Kate then lowers herself on to Johns mouth so he can get every bit of cum out of her pussy. As John uses his tongue to clean up after Mike, Kate starts to slowly suck Johns cock again. Kate can feel John getting bigger in her mouth the more she flicks his cock around with her tongue. With Johns dick in her mouth Kate begins to lick on his balls while she gags on his slowly hardening cock. As John continues sucking on Kate’s pussy Mike joins him by going back to licking her tight ass hole. Kate starts to moan as the feeling of two tongues probing the inside of her ass and pussy becomes too much to bare. Kate starts to cum, Mike then inserts his now rock hard cock deep in Kate while John continues to lick her clit. Kate tells Mike to put it in her ass, and orders John to fuck her in her pussy at the same time. Mike grabs the lube and squirts some in her ass. Mike then slowly slides one of his fingers inside to ease her into it. Mike then squeezes his cock around the base to get the head nice and full of blood and slowly works it into her ass. Her ass hole starts to open up as his cock pushes further inside until the head pops in. Once Mike is in John begins to insert himself inside her pussy. John can feel Mikes solid cock through the thin layer of skin that separates her ass from her pussy. As the two cocks rub together thrusting in and out of Kate, Mike and John become more aroused by the thought of their dicks sliding against each other inside. Kate starts to bite her lip as they both start fucking her harder, and harder until Mike cum again in Kate’s ass. As soon as he pulls out cum starts to run down her pussy onto Johns cock. Kate reaches back and starts to rub the cum from her ass all over Johns cock and balls. Kate then starts to cum right as John shoots his load deep inside of her. Kate can feel every shot of cum hitting the inside of her pussy as John thrust. Kate slowly raises up off Johns cock as cum drips out all over his stomach. Kate then lays down next to John, then Mike comes down next to Kate. They all give each other a long kiss and hug then head to the shower together.

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