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MelanieThis story is fiction. Do not copy and use for distribution or use on another site. Being a single grandfather in his early 50’s is not what i had envisioned while being married and having our own f***ly. But life takes it’s turns and we adjust to all of life challenges. I lost my bride 2 years ago to a tumor. I have kept busy not getting involved by working on my 25 acres. My daughter is yet another example. Jackie was in her 30’s, divorced and a single mom of a daughter that just turned th*****n. One thing Jackie did was put her in an all girls school . She didn’t want to have the upcoming boy problems along with the stress of raising her. Melanie (Mel) was a shy kind of girl. I was the only male influence in her life. She found it easy to open up to me when she needed answers to school and life problems. We only saw each other about 2 times a month, but each time it was like she lived there. It was Late May, right after Mel’s birthday, that I got a call from Jackie. She had to go on a 5 week trip for work. She was a sales manager and had to go cross county to set up new customers. Jackie: Hey dad, how is it going?Me : Not bad, I am fixing the fences on the back 20 so a****ls wont get into the woods.Jackie” Well, I called because I need a favor. I have to go on a 5 week trip. Can you watch Mel for me?. She is out of school and would be nice for you two to have time together as well.”Me. Well, I guess so. She can have your old room upstairs . Be nice to have some company. Jackie: Ok, see you tomorrow then. Love you. Me : love you too. Bye. I should mention that Jackie was also was raised by herself. We had only one. Her room brought back my own memories of her growing up. I remember when my wife had an accident and was laid up for 6 weeks. It was handy to have Jackie’s room near ours. She would assist me getting my wife dressed and cleaned up. She also was about the same age at the time. They arrived the next morning and off went Jackie to the airport. I got Mel settled in and showed her the laundry Shute my wife made me install to safe steps to the basement and then got her clothes put away. I never thought anything sexual about Mel. But, I did chuckle to myself when I saw her underclothing. A small “A” cup bra and panties that were still ones a young girl would wear. All sorts of flowers and designs on them. Mostly white ones and all made of cotton. I felt guilty in some ways, but then again, 2 years without seeing underclothing kind of hit me unexpectedly. Thoughts I should not have, entered my perverse mind. After finishing, I left Mel to change traveling clothes and went downstairs. When finished , she came bouncing down in a light blue summer dress. I told her that I had to go fix a fence and she wanted to go with me. We rode on the tractor out in the woods. I built a tool shed out there to save trips and gathered what I needed. About an hour later, Mel piped up:Pappy”: I have to pee.Me. No big thing Mel. You can go over in the trees and go there. I have some paper in the shed. I went and got the paper and walked her to a area that was hidden. As I turned away, she was lifting the hem of her dress. My mind went immediately to wondering what panties she wore. I took a quick second look and her dress was to her waist. They were white ones. Why in the heck did I peek? I had to ask myself this many times over. While working, all I could vision was her light brown hair glimmering in the sunlight and bahis siteleri her dress pulled to her waist. It was sweltering hot out and we needed to get back to the house to clean up. I went to the basement to put tools away and Mel went to take a shower. It was then I heard the echo of the laundry Shute door open and then came down the pair of white cotton panties and her bra. They landed in the basket. I know it was so wrong, but I had to check them out. I walked to the basket and picked her panties up. I turned them inside out and put the gusset upward. I could see some pee stain left on them from when she peed in the woods. I put them to my nose and smelled her strong scent from the outside heat. My cock got so hard. I unzipped my jeans and started stroking to her scent. I just pushed my cock skin up and down slowly at first and then quickened the pace. It had been so long since I smelled that wonderful girl scent. I felt my balls get tight and then that feeling of cum climbing up my shaft. I aimed my cock at the gusset and shot a creamy load into them. Spurt after spurt shot out. It was one of the best orgasms i ever had. I wiped that cotton over my cock head to clean it off and threw them in the washer. Guilt went through my body of what I had just done, but I justified it as just being normal of a man without sex. That evening after supper, Mel shocked me with a question. Mel: Pappy, you know I go to an all girl’s school. Some of my friends have brothers. Well, I have a question but I don’t want you to get mad at me. But I have no one else to ask. Mom would kill me if I asked her.Me. Sure mel. What is your question?Mel. Well, ummmm. I don’t know if I can ask. Me. Honey, you can ask pappy anything. It will just be between us. I promise.Mel. Ok, I hear girls talking about their brothers and I don’t have one. One mentioned last week that she saw a ….ummm boner. What is that?Mel turned so red after she mentioned it. And I was not prepared for that one. I wanted to tell her it was what I had when I sniffed her panties, but knew better to do such a thing. Me: well, have you had sex education classes?Mel. Yes. And they are confusing. Me. They shouldn’t be. They have pictures don’t they?Mel. No. they just say that a boy is different than a girl. They don’t show pictures of those differences. Me. Do they use names for the differences?Mel. Oh yes. They say things like vagina and penis. So, I know what I look like and that it is called a vagina. But what does a penis look like. I was beginning to get uncomfortable with this conversation. I mean her is my granddaughter asking me questions mom should answer. I could only think to do this from an educational way and leave it at that. Me; A penis is what a boy uses for two things. It is where he pees from. It looks like a tube and has a hole in the end. It is also used to make babies. When a boy sees someone he is sexually attracted to, he gets aroused. The penis begins to grow and becomes hard like a bone. That is why it is called a boner. He uses that to put in the girls vagina. When it goes in, he releases the fluid that makes babies. Does the make sense now. Mel. Oh yes, I understand now. So, this friend saw him get hard. But there wasn’t anyone there but them. Me. Well, boys and girls like to touch themselves down there. He was probably doing that and got caught. When boys do that, it is called jacking off. Mel. Oh, I see. So I have another question.I bets10 giriş was thinking this should stop. I wanted to tell her that she knew the basics and that would be enough for now. But for some reason, I was curious. Me. Ok. What is it?Mel. So, does this happen to just young boys?. She said he is fiforcen.Me. No, this happens to all boys no matter their age. Also, girls too. Mel. So, ummmm. Even your age?. My thoughts went numb. Was she trying to find out if I jack off?. This was getting way out of proportion. It was now becoming more direct and sexual at the same time. I wanted out of this topic. Me: Yes, even my age. Does that answer all your questions now?.Mel, yes, I guess so. Even though she said that, she still had that innocent look. I wanted to end this, but I glanced down from her face and noticed how she was dressed for bed. She had a yellow nightgown on and my mind took itself on its own and began to wonder. Me: are you sure this helped you out?. You look like you have more to say.Mel. Well, it does but I still can’t picture a boy’s difference, But, uuum. You are a boy, and well, ummm. If I saw you, I would then know. Right?Me: No way. That is so wrong. If anyone found out I would be in big trouble. Especially if your mom or your friends were told. It is not supposed to happen.Mel. But pappy.
I would not tell a soul. I promise. How will I understand it all if you don’t help me. I really was fighting the forces inside. I couldn’t believe it went to this point, even though I had thoughts of it happening. I had on a pair of running shorts I wore around the house. I thought to myself, just one peek is all she wants so why not. It would be harmless and after all, she promised not to tell. Me . Ok. Just one peek. And that is it. And only because it will help you understand, ok?Mel. Oh pappy. I love you. Now let me have a peek , please?My cock was still in a flaccid state. Her eyes followed my hand closely as I lifted the leg opening of my shorts and pulled them up over the end of my cock. It just dangled there aimed at the floor. I lifted up my cock so she could see the whole length and the end of it. Mel. Wow. That is so neat. And I can even see the end of it where the little hole is. Me. Yes, that is where the pee comes from and the other fluid I told you about. Mel. Is that what gets hard like you said?. And why isn’t it now?Me. Well, it would if It is was touched or if I saw something to make it that way. Mel gave me that inquisitive look again. The look of wondering and also reflecting the mind of wanting to see it hard. I knew where this was going and I don’t think I could have stopped if I wanted to. I was staring through her nightgown at her small breasts and then down to her lap. I didn’t think deeply because I wanted to stay soft as long as I could.Mel. I sure would think it would be awesome to watch it grow. And she giggled. She was sitting on the floor in front of me with her knees up and closed. Me. You really want to see it grow?Mel. Oh yes. I really would. Me. Ok. Then reach down and lift up the hem of your nightgown and open your knees a bit so pappy can see your panties. She reached down and lifted her gown. She opened her knees and I saw the yellow matching cotton panties covering her virgin pussy. The edge was caught between the lips and I could see just a few brown hairs on the side of the mound. My cock immediately began to grow. The shaft began to rapidly swell bets10 .Mel. Oh wow. That is growing fast. It is getting really hard. Me. It is just starting . I am going to use different words now. You may not have ever heard. My penis is called a cock. Your vagina is called a pussy. Have you heard those words. Mel. Yes, once from my girlfriend when she saw her brother. She said his cock was hard and her pussy was wet. I asked her to explain those words to me. So, can I use the words too? Can I say the word ummmmm. Cock?Me. Yes honey. I want you to say those words. But, my cock would get really hard if you pull your panties down and show me your pusstShe lifted her gown off and I saw her small titties for the first time. The nipples were small but hard. She put her thumbs in her waistband and pulled her panties down. They stuck as she tugged them which told me she was already wet and sticky. My cock sprang to it full length when I saw her small slit and smooth mound. Me. What happens from here is between just us. Come here and touch my cock. She moved over and put her small hand around my shaft.Mel. Oh gosh your cock is hard. And It is leaking pee.Me. No. that isn’t pee. That is cum. That is what makes babies. Now, come closer , open your mouth and put it in there. Mel. Put that in my mouth?. Me. Yes Mel. I want you to taste it. I want you to suck on it. Then while you do that I will feel your pussy for you. She bent forward and licked the end. Then she slid it in. Her mouth went over the tip as I entered more in. She gagged at first but then learned how to hold her throat open. My hand reached between her legs and felt her wet pussy. I rubbed her clit and then started to enter my middle finger into her hole. She took my cock out of her mouth.Mel. That tastes good . And you have my pussy so wet down there. I am starting to feel funny. Me. I know. It is wet so I can put my cock in there. Do you want that?Mel. Oh pappy. Please put your hard cock in my wet pussy. I laid her back and spread her legs. I rubbed my head on her slit and felt it start to open up. The lips parted as I pressed forward. I told her it would sting at first but all will be fine after a bit. As I entered, I felt the warmth of her hot little cunt on the end of my cock. I pushed more in and felt the resistance. I told her that I was going to push hard. It broke through and she winced in pain. I held still till she told me it was ok to go more. I drove in deep and her pussy gripped my cock as she began to orgasm. I started pumping her tight cunt harder till I felt my cum climbing the shaft. We were both panting and moaning and out of breath. Then, out of nowhere, my hot , sticky cum shot out from the end. It filled her womb as I shot load after load inside. She said she could feel it cum inside her and gripped me tighter. We finished clutched together and then calmed our breathing down.Mel. I love you pappy. Thank you for what you did.Me. I love you too sweetie. And this will never be told to anyone. Mel. I know. I will keep my promise. Now, can we do it again soon. Me. As soon as I am able. The phone rang shortly after at around midnight. It was Jackie.Jackie. Hey dad. How you two doing. I just got her.Me. Doing very well. I think we both needed this time.Jackie. Dad. I have to confess something. Don’t be mad. I planned this trip. So, did you teach her like you did me when I was her age?. Me. You knew what was going to happen?. Jackie. Yes, and you have 5 weeks to teach her all you know. I love you Dad. See you then. With that she hung up. I stood shocked and looked at Mel. I told her, well, looks like you won’t be needing your room for the next five weeks. Let’s go to bed.

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