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Meeting my daddy “Tim” and my first timeThis story begins with my move to a small town in Maryland known as Thurmont. I was 18 and unsure of my sexuality. I did however know I was strongly attracted to men much older then me. Generally men with grey hair and a thick build, but we will get to that in a minute.. I was a senior in high school and met a friend named Tyler, whom I became close with. We would spend a lot of time at his place and the moment I saw his father, Tim, it sent a huge surge through me. I thoughtthe way he looked at me was “strange”, but what did I know? I was young and never been involved sexually with anyone but myself. After the first few times I would go to my friend Tyler’s house and see his dad, I couldn’t think of enough reason to knock on that door to visit. Tim was about 5’10, 225 lbs with a full head of greying hair. He worked for the State Highway Administation. A few months after first meeting Tyler’s dad was probably one of the best days of my life. I went over to visit Tyler and I was sitting in the recliner playing xbox when Tim came up beside me and leaned on my shoulder with his thick masculine hand. He asked if I wanted a soda and I raised my ataşehir escort arm under his and squeezed the inside of his forearm and looked up and shook my head yes. He made a caressing gesture on my shoulder and walked off to grab me a soda in a tank top and jean shorts. I heard him talking to his wife which was my friend Tyler’s step mother. I never cared for her, as she treated Tyler badly. When Tim returned he had a soda for me and Tyler and told Tyler his mother needed him in the kitchen. Tim then stood a few inches from the recliner I was in with his crotch just inches from my face. I felt nervous but couldn’t keep myself from getting an instant hard on. I had basket ball shorts on, so Tim quickly noticed me trying to conceal my hard on. As I reached to cover myself as best I could, he grabbed my arm and said “no it’s ok, just relax”. He then smiled and said ” I never would of guessed, but you are so cute that I thought I would try my hand”. Looking over, I saw Tims jean shorts starting to slowly swell and showing a massive bulge. He looked back at me and said “go on”.. “I can see The kitchen from here and will stop if someone comes”… I reached over and ataşehir escort bayan slowly unbuttoned his shorts and zipped down his zipper. As I did so, his shorts couldn’t contain his hard throbbing cock. I pulled down the front of his underwear and saw the most gorgeous thing in my life. A beautiful 7″ rock hard cock, with perfectly shaped low hanging balls. I gabbed his cock with my left hand and as I looked up at him I slowly inserted his throbbing cock into my wet and warm mouth. I heard a moan of relief as I went down on his shaft. I went back and forth getting his cock nice and wet before I started taking it deep and hard to the base. I remember smelling his pubes and getting even more aroused as I felt his cock in the back of my throat. I felt his strong hands shift back and forth on the back of my head, and at times I would feel his fingers tighten around my hair as he pushed my head back and forth on his massive cock. As I got more into sucking on him, I began cupping and massaging his big balls in my right hand as I worked his cock with my mouth and left hand. As I went faster and faster on his cock, I heard him moan and he said ” I’m gonna bust a escort ataşehir nut soon”.. I squeezed tighter with my hand and sucked harder with my mouth as I took him deeper and went faster. Up and down, up and down I went until I heard him yell ” AHHHHHHH YEAH, FUCK YEAH!” It was then that I felt a warm sensation of cum spraying down my throat and filling my mouth as he pulsated and throbbed in my mouth. He pressed his body against my face as I then grabbed the back of his ass cheeks and held his fat cock in my mouth. I looked at him as he looked back down at me and he easily slid his still hard cock out of my mouth, he touched my lips with his fingers and lightly pinched them closed. I had all intentions to swallow every drop, as his cum tasted better then anything I’ve ever tasted at that point. Seconds after Tim zipped up his shorts his wife Jill came around the corner asking if he said something. He looked at her and said ” not to you, but I just beat him in this Xbox game, so he may have been whining”. We still laugh about that day and I Still til this day see Tim. As of today, he has fucked me at least 100 times and he probably always will. At least if it’s up to me he will. The moral of this story is, if you see something you want and have the Oppritunity, don’t pass it up. on that nice spring day, if it wasn’t for our minds knowing what we both were feeling, I may have never really got a chance to “meet” my daddy Tim. ~ To be continued

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