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Me, my Daddy, and my front lawn….
So before i moved to florida i lived in a small town in new jersey and found an older guy when i was about 18-19 and we kept coming back to each other no matter how long it was in between meetups. Eventually we made it a regular thing and he became my Daddy and i was his boy. This was really hot to me for a few reasons….i was always into dad n son role play. He was old enough to be my dad and loved the scenario too. And he was also the girls soccer coach at my highschool (a yr after i graduated though but still hot). Hes really the reason why im such a faggot slut because in my early 20s he showed me how to serve a real man making me realize that serving men was my purpose. Once i accepted that i became the best boy a daddy could want. And the things we did were so fucking hot. On friday nights my parents would go out to dinner so id be home alone for a few hours and my daddy knew the schedule so well that he would knock on my door unannounced canlı bahis with his cock out standing at attention. The first time he did was so hot because not a word was said when i opened the door as it was almost a reaction for me to get on my knees n suck his cock right the on my front door step. We both really enjoyed this so we did it a lot more. One of those times he told me that once it got a little warmer out at night he was going to come over at like 1 am when my parents were asleep and make good use of his faggot boy in my front lawn. Being into exposure and public play i begged him for weeks until he finally said tonight was the night. He had me write “daddys faggot” on my chest which was my first time exploring body writing but not the last. He damanded that i be waiting for him completely naked on my knees at the bottom of my driveway when he pulls up. So i did as i was told. Ill never forget the rush of excitement and adrenaline flowing through me as güvenilir casino his car crept slowly by coming to a stop. The sound of my heart pounding in my chest as i watched him get out of his car and walk slowly toward me for what seemed like an eternity until there he was standing in front of me. His bulge mere inches from my face as i looked up at him ready to devour that cock. He laughed and said “now be a good faggot boy and suck daddys cock.” I never sucked a cock like i did right then and after a few minutes of worshipping his perfect daddy cock he stopped and asked me to show him which window was my parents bedroom so i did. The next thing i know hes fucking my faggot throat not even 15ft from their window and i loved it. It was so hot. And ibecame such a pig for more. I begged for his piss and without warning while using my mouth he gave me his piss which gulped and slurped down all that i could. Still to this day ive been unable to swallow any piss since internet casino that night. For some reason my stomach rejects it before i can swallowing. I guess i was so caught up in the moment i was able to shut that reaction out. Anyway…he was impressed to say the least and so turned on that he told me to get on all fours and take his cock. This was huge because it was the first time he fucked me. And first time i got it bareback but definitely not the last. And he fucked me right there in my front lawn not even 20ft from my sleeping parent bedroom window until he shot the biggest load of cum balls deep in my ass then kept fucking me while all his cum slowly poured out of me down his cock and at about the same time as i heard the sounds of his cock plowing my sloppy cum filled faggot pussy…to my surprise my throbbing cock exploded without being touched at all which i didnt know was possible until then. We ended the night with me sucking and cleaning every bit of his cum covered cock and balls with my mouth. As i watched him walk to his car i was overtaken by this immense sense of worth and excitement. And it was at that point i knew that this was just the beginning. And boy was i fucking right

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