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Me and my neighborWe have a young male neighbor who likes to watch me whenever I come out to sunbathe during the summer months and this year was no exception. I always enjoy teasing Jason by slightly moving about in my lounge chair, making sure I show off my full cleavage and when I wear my string bikini, show off my full tits for him to see. I’ll open my legs just enough for him to fantasize about my hot cunt and on an occasion, will slowly caress my crotch, teasing him even more. One day this past month when it was especially hot outside, I went out to lay on my chair when I saw Jason watching me through his window. I thought it was about time I met him in person ( we always exchanged greetings ) and called for Joe to come out. Looking over at Jason and mentioning him to Joe,”You think maybe I could meet that young man for some afternoon delight?” I asked JoeLooking over towards Jason who now move behind the curtain, Joe then looked at me,”You wanna suck and fuck him?’ he asked me”If you wouldn’t mind baby” I replied.”Sure” Joe answered back”Why not” he addedJason had helped Joe on occasions and so Joe went back into the house with me and he called Jason up and asked him to come over. I went into the bedroom and got into a sheer nightgown and when the doorbell rang, I hurried out and opened it up to greet Jason. I saw the look of surprise on his face as he looked at me in my nightgown,”Come on in Jason” I said to him and as he stepped in, I gave him a nice big hug. “Let’s go sit down” güvenilir bahis şirketleri I then said as I pointed to the sofa, leading him over by his hand.”Did I surprise you?” I asked him as we sat down.Looking at me and then around for Joe.”Well yes maam” he repliedLaughing a little,”You can call me Carmen Jason” I told him”Or perhaps something else if you wish” I added. He still looked very nervous.”I know you’ve been watching me for some time now and now that you’re old enough” I began”I thought you might like to see me in a better light” I then added and with that I leaned over towards him, placed my hand on his cheek, turned his head fully towards me and kissed him. Not just a simple peck, but a nice long passionate kiss to hopefully relax him for what was about to follow. Breaking off,”You like that?” I asked himAll he could do was stammer a yes as he looked at me. I leaned back in and kissed him again and as I did I lowered my hand down to his crotch and slowly caress his crotch, feeling a slight bump in his pants. I could tell he was still nervous about Joe as he looked about the room, sensing this,”Relax baby” I first said”Joe knows you’re here and he doesn’t mind” I added”In fact, he approves of you being here for me” I finished saying and I leaned back in and now kissed him more forcibly. After a few minutes of kissing his soft lips, I moved back, took hold of his shirt, “Let’s lose this” I said and pulled his shirt up over his head and off. I now leaned down tipobet giriş and started to lick and kiss his nipples and after a few minutes of this, I reached down and undid his belt buckle. “Let’s lose this too” I said softly and soon I was pulling his pants and shorts down, exposing his now rock hard cock. “Oh baby” I said as I got off the sofa and moving down in between his legs, helped pull his pants and shorts off and spreading his legs apart;”Nice fuckin’ cock” I said to him as I took his cock in my hand. I slowly jerked his cock for a minute,”You like that baby?” I asked him”Yes” was all he could say. I smiled and then added,”Let’s see how you like this lover” and with that I leaned down, took his cock into my mouth and started to suck him off. His cock felt so good in my mouth, so fuckin’ hard and so nice and big. I sucked on his cock and from time to time licked it and sucked on his balls as he sat there softly moaning with pleasure. After a good bit of time I stopped and rose back up and sat next to him again.”How was that lover?” I asked him. He just sat there for a minute.”Did you like me sucking on your fuckin’ cock?” I then asked”Yes, yes maam” he replied”Carmen” I said”Call me Carmen” I added”After all, I think you and I can be a little more intimate now” I finished saying”Yes Carmen” he then replied”I liked it very much” he said”You can go ahead and talk dirty to me lover” I replied back”I love to hear a man talk dirty to me” I told him. By now I tipobet güvenilir mi had his cock in my hand and was slowly jerking him off as we talked and I leaned over and spit on his cock and increased jerking him off as he sat there and watched me. “How’s that feel lover?” I then asked’ “Fine” he replied. Looking at him,”You can talk better than that baby” I saidSmiling at me,”It feels fuckin’ fine” he then said. Smiling myself as I stroked his cock harder,”I like being called a whore” I then told him and then really pulling on his cock,”How do you like it now lover?’ I asked”I like it fine you fuckin’ whore” he replied and I leaned over to him and kissed him hard and passionately. I kept jerking off his cock until I could sense that he was ready to come by the way he started to quiver. Leaning all the way down I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked him hard and fast until he finally exploded a mass of cum into my mouth. I nearly gagged as I tried to swallow his cum, but couldn’t hold it all and some leaked out. When he finished jerking and I finished swallowing all that I could, I took his cock out of my mouth and licked him clean as he sat there trying to regain his composure. I finally rose up and looked at him,”Oh lover” I said”What a fuckin’ load of cum” I added. It was then that Joe came into the room and coming over to us,”That was fuckin’ awesome baby” he said to me.”Did you enjoy that young cock?” he asked me”Fuck yeah” I said softly.And did I ever. Looking at Jason,”Did you like my whore sucking your fuckin’ cock?’ he asked Jason’Looking at me,”I loved your fuckin’ whore sucking my fuckin’ cock” he answered and I moved back close to him and we kissed once more. “Beautiful” I heard Joe say and was it ever. I now had a new lover and a new cock.

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