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Mature Wife New Drugs Pt 2Sunlight comes thru the window, I open my eyes, and feel Liz’s nude body snuggled up against mine, I hug her even closer to me, and start to reach for her boob, but remember no touch! Liz sutures and presses her butt against my cock that much to my surprise begins to harden. Liz feels my reaction and her eyes shoot wide open and says honey your hard! She turns buries her tongue in my mouth we start to move together but Liz remembers her procedures from the day before and jerks away from me. Liz says sorry baby. She leans down and whispers in my ear if you help me clean up really good after we finish we could try anal sex!! I say really Liz smiles and nods her head up and down. I lean over and kiss her, she jumps up reaches into the nightstand and gets out the KY! Then she gets on her hands and knees and says remember you can grab my hips but not my boobs and lowers her head to the mattress. Baby put some KY on you finger and slowly slide it into me, and she reaches up and spreads her butt cheeks apart. I put a heavy coat of KY on my finger and slowly insert it into her, she moans and pushes back against my hand, I slide in a second finger twisting and turning slowly loosening up her butt, it wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be. Liz is moaning pumping her ass back my hand, she says I’m ready baby. I kneel between her legs coat my cock in KY as I look down to guide my cock into her little pink hole and notice there appears to be some bruising around her butt hole I see her pussy dripping. I place my cock head against her little hole and begin to push in, Liz squirms and says AHHH, then breathing heavy she says easy baby take it slow, the head of my cock clears her tight ass mussel, Liz moans oh yes baby ease it in slowly as she pushes back against me an I feel my balls resting against her hot wet pussy. I grab her hips and slowly start to slowly slide my cock back out of her sweet ass and back in Liz says oh god baby faster honey please go faster I grab her hips she is so tight on my cock I have never felt anything like this before. Liz is pushing back against me we are getting into a rhythm and we start pumping faster and faster, harder and harder Liz starts calling out OH GOD GILL YES DO ME DO ME HARD BABY YES, YES OH YES, I fee her ass tighten around my cock OH SHIT LIZ I’m }GOING TO CUM BABY I start shooting rope after rope of cum into my sweet Liz’s ass, Liz YELLS OUT I’M CUMING AGAIN OH YES BABY I FEEL YOUR HOT CUM SQUIRTING IN ME. I pull my cock out of her and fall exhausted on the bed alongside her. Liz asks where did that erection and all that cum from, I say I don’t know but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth unless you want to suck me off. Not until you wash that thing off, speaking of which you said you would help me clean and treat my nipples and pubes. Liz gets the bag she got from the tatoo shop and pulls out the instructions. Ok Gill it says this smaller bottle is for cleaning my nipples and the big bottle is for washing my pubes and we do that in the shower, and only use a cap full pf solution and very gently wash the transplanted area. There is a jar of antiseptic cream we put on the area where the hairs were harvested. Honey the harvested area is where there is no hair including around my butt hole, do you think you could help with that. Liz says I can tell from that evil grin on your face that is a yes. Oh, and we need to do my nipples 4 times per day. Liz takes my hand and we head off to the shower, she says we both need a shower. As we walk into the bathroom Liz look at herself in the full length merrow She lifts one leg a bit and raises her arms above her head and twists her body back and forth and says damn I do look good for an old broad, she looks over at me and her eyes get real big she says I see you agree, I look down and my cock is rock hard again! Liz says this is the deal you can wash my hair, back, butt, legs and I shower you I get to wash your back legs cock and balls! I say deal! We jump in the shower, and wash Liz first taking care to be extra gentle on her, plus she brought a bottle of douche that I used to clean out her butt from our earlier sex, as I bent down to wash her legs I tried to lick her pussy, but she pushed my head away saying she had had enough for this morning. Then I proceeded to wash, my hair and body, Liz washes my back cock and balls and as she bent down to wash my legs she washed my cock a second time inside her mouth. I told her that wasn’t fair, but she said she was performing a medical procedure to drain pressure from my balls. Liz pat dries her boobs and bush, after she is dry I take the antiseptic cream and gently rub it on to her lazed public area, and I take a Q-Tip and swab the area around her nipple piercings cleaning and disinfecting the piercings removing a crusty bloody discharge as she turns the post to keep them from sticking and ingrowing into the piercing. Liz puts on a light free flowing dress and no underware to rub on her nipples or bush although the dress due to her abundant protruding boobs broke right across her nipples. I put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Liz says we need to go shopping I need to find tops that aren’t going to rub my nipples till they heal, we need food, mite as well pick up some lunch, oh and we are having dinner with Jayson tonight. I say are you wearing that dress? She says yes it’s the easiest on my nipples. Liz says I put some of my nipple solution in my purse with some Q-Tips, so we can treat them lunch time. As we walk out of the house I follow Liz down the walk to the car, as I suspected when the sunshine hit the dress it became transparent, from my position behind her I could see her sweet butt right the small mole on her right cheek. We park in the town shopping districts parking lot, as we walk to the first womens clothing store Liz is walking and checking the shopping list on her S9 and every guy she walks past is almost breaking their neck checking out her almost nude body. We walk into the dress shop Liz is checking out the racks of tops . I stand back and off to the side knowing from past experience it’s best to stay out of the way and not to offer any opinions. I notice a female sales clerk checking out Liz, from her dress, haircut and actions she is ether BI or Lez. She circles around Liz slowly working her way in for the strike. I put a rack between me and them I want to her their conversation. Finally, she makes her move she walks up to Liz and says hello I’m Jo I have to say you look simply stunning, there aren’t many women daring enough to pull off your look. I would be very happy to help you find anything you might need. Liz says nice to meet you Jo my name is Liz and thank you this dress is something I just through this on to come shopping. Liz says I just got my nipples pierced and pubes lasered and implanted yesterday so I just put this on because it was light and didn’t rub my tender areas. Jo asks by any chance have you worn that dress out during the day before? Liz says no I haven’t why do you ask? She walks me over to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a full length merrow, Liz looks and says holly shit I’m nude. Jo says I know that’s what attracted me to you, it’s a wonder someone didn’t say something before this. Liz says someone should have and when I get my hands on him I’m going to ring his neck. Liz says we gota fix this, Jo help me please! Jo says ok let’s get you set up with a less reviling outfit, first we should get you properly fitted in a bra. I would think a shelf bra would be best, so your nipples aren’t covered, but first come with me to the fitting room. Ok Liz it’s best to do this standing up, please drop your top Liz flips the straps off her sholders and the dress falls to the floor. Jo takes a deep breath and says my god your beatiful, let me stand behind you and hold them up gently please Jo, my God these are heavy, Liz asks is this part of the fitting process, Jo bends in and kisses Liz on the neck, and says no this is because I want you. Liz sighs oh and presses back against Jo. Jo moves around facing L
iz she is almost shaking, Jo takes her dress straps off and lets it slide off to her feet. They are both nude, Jo much younger had perky 34’C breast and a lean stunning body, Jo is so hot for Liz her pussy juice is running down her legs, Liz says oh Jo I can smell your sex you are so hot, Jo says take me Liz, drink my nectar. They gently embrace their lips meet and tongues dance together. Liz’s hands explore the young black girls body, creasing her perky up turns nipples, fingers tracing down her body, tweaking her belly ring then sliding between her the folds of hot wet pussy lips. Liz fills her fingers with the girl’s sweet pussy juice and coats her lips with it and licks her essence off her lips. Yummm I need more and lays the young girl back on the changing bench, pushes he legs up against her boobs and dips her head between Jo’s legs to drink her reward. I’m just outside the fitting room listing to all of this unfold, hearing lips meet, and tongues mingle, all levels of moans and sighs, hearing fingers sloshing around inside juicy pussies, and smelling their sex spilling out from the fitting room. What the fuck I’m hard again I have to go find a men’s room and take care of this situation, or I could just bust into there and claim my prize. There is a third option as I hear the sweet young clerk moan out in climax, I call out LIZ ARE YOU IN THERE? I hear them laugh, Liz call back yes dear I’m here come in! I was not expecting the inventation to come in, I walk in to a seen of pure lust, two dresses laying on the floor in crumpled piles, Liz’s face all shiny with the juice of the young girls pussy, the young girl laying back on the bench with a look of wanton lust on her face her hips slowly pumping up and down in need. Liz stands beside me reaches down strokes my cock and says Gill this is Jo, beatiful isn’t she, I just ate her, but as you can see she needs something I can’t give her. It would be a shame to leave her laying there in need, why don’t you go give her what she so desperately needs. I look Liz in the eyes and ask are you sure, she says yes, give the poor girl what she needs, I can feel that you want her, Liz unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my shorts and slides down my zipper, as I always go commando my cock springs up hard and ready, I kick off my sandals and pull my t-shirt off. Jo looks up at me holds her open arms for me to come take her. I lower myself onto her she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls her mouth to my ears and says take me take my ripe pussy and fill me with your seed. I press forward my cock head enters her sweet pussy it feels as if it is sucking my cock into her deeper and deeper, though she is very tight my cock slides easily all the way into her till my balls are pressing against her ass, my cock head is right against the opening of her cervix. I slide my cock almost all the way back out of her and she pushes her hips up violently taking the entire length of my cock and screaming in a huge climax. She starts pumping me like a love machine set on high, I match her pace, but I know I won’t last long, suddenly it feels like her cervix opens and pulls my cock head into it and clamps down and massages the rim of my cock head, I go off and spray rope after rope of my seed into her fertal womb. She wraps her legs around me holding me in place. I am completely spent and lay on top of the young Jo as her womb continues to draw every last drop of me cum out of my balls and to her waiting egg. Liz was kneeling beside us rubbing her hand over my back, she says that was beatiful, I came twice just watching you two. She bends down and sensually kisses Jo than me. Liz tenderly takes Jo’s hand looks into her eyes Jo smiles and shyly shakes her head yes. Liz looks at me with a big loving smile, run her fingers thru my hair. I am totally confused they are talking to each other without saying a word. Liz says as special as this moment is we have a lot to get done this afternoon. Liz puts her dress on and picks up Jo’s dress. As I get up off of Jo I feel my cock pull out of her cervix and it close tight. I know there was going to be a mess, it felt like I pumped a pint of cum into her. I grab my t-shirt and shorts and put them on. Jo is laying on the bench with her knees on her chest I reach down to offer her a hand up Liz says gentle with her. I pull her up she reaches up puts her arms around my neck kissed me a long loving kiss then rested her head on my chest. Liz came over to us and put her arms around the two of us. Jo has her sweet pussy resting on my bare knee. I was expecting my knee to be coated cum, but it was only a little wet. Liz helps Jo put her dress back on. They hug and kiss again, Liz says she will come back next week to get her bra fitting and find new clothes. She steps back next to me I put my arm around her waist, Liz says to Jo 4:30, Jo says no problem everything is already packed in the car. I say Liz I think I should tell you that the dress you are wearing is kinda transparent in the sun light, Liz elbows me in the ribs and says I know Jo told me, but it’s kind of sexy don’t you think. I said yes that’s why I have been walking around with half a hard on all day. Jo said all I thought that was because of me. I said no you gave me the other half, we all laugh. As we walk out of the shop and walk towards the car about half way there Liz stops and is typing a text message. She is at a store front and there four big black guys sitting in the store steady staring at her body thru her dress. Actually, she is in front of the tatoo shop and she knows the guys are looking at her because she is texting them. Then Liz says damn it’s noon I have to clean my nipples, oh this is the shop that did my work I know they have a bathroom I can use, why don’t you go pick us up some lunch and I’ll meet you back at the car in a while. I’ll have them clean and treat my nipples and check me all out. I go off and to get lunch and Liz goes into the shop, walks stright to perabet giriş the back takes her dress off and asks the guys to check her nipples and bush. Ace cleans her nipples, as Bubba kisses her and starts fingering her. Once Ace is done he takes her over to a table and shoves his big black cock up her pussy and fucks her like there is no tomorrow. He stated out fast and hard and in a few minuets is pumping a large load of black seed into her. Liz stands up and says I thought I was not susposed to fuck until I’m healed. He said you can’t do missionary, but doggy is fine as long as you clean up really good after. a****l says you texted you didn’t have much time so bend over I want that sweet ass. He lubes her little pink hole slides a finger then two in and says dam you feel loose so he lubes his cock and pushes it stright in balls deep Liz screams out and her legs give out, he shows no restraint grabbing her hips and pumping his cock into her faster and faster her ass is on fire and a****l explodes inside her butt pumping rope after rope of cum in her ass. Liz is bent over the table barely able to stand Ace is looking at her sweet up turned ass and Liz looks back at him and says what are you waiting for, Ace says just trying to figure which hole to stick. Liz says fuck my pussy Ace says cool grabs her hips and pushes his cock into her, Liz arches her back and moans oh god that feels good, fuck me Ace take me fill me with your hot cum baby make me you bitch Ace starts short stroking her faster and faster, Liz screams YES GOD THAT’S IT RIGHT THERE DO IT CUM IN ME KNOCK ME UP YES YES YRRRRRRRRRRRR, Ace takes one last hard stab pumps his huge load of cum deep in her pussy. Liz stands up takes Ace in her arms and buries her tongue in his mouth. Tray is nude grabs her hand a****l put a shower cap on her and Tray pulls her into the shower, pushes her down on her knees and pushes his cock in her mouth and fucks her face without mersey and fills her throat with his hot cum. Then he pulls her up takes a bottle of douche and washes out her cunt and a second bottle to wash her ass. Tray washes her body with baby wash rinses her off, they get out of the shower ace pats
her dry with a big fluffy towel, then coats her pussy and ass areas with antiseptic cream and does a quick touch up of her nipples. Liz grabs her purse pulls out her makeup and fixes her face. Puts on her dress gives each guy a kiss and walks out the door towards the parking lot. When Liz got to the car I was asleep, she bends in gives me a big kiss and says sorry that took longer than I thought. How’s Big Daddy doing? I look at her very strangely and ask what do you mean by that? Liz says grab the food and let’s walk over to the park, eat and talk. Liz grabs a blanket out of the trunk we find a quiet shady spot under a tree Liz spreads out the blanket and we sit beside each other. Liz takes out her burger and a drink and starts to eat. I look at her and say Liz whats going on, everything seams different, are you leaving me. Liz cry’s out NO NEVER and pulls me into her arms never say or think that you are my whole world. We hug a deep long loving hug and kiss a deep loving hug. Liz goes on to say Gill something is different we have both changed I don’t know what or why but something is different. I am thinking, doing, desiring things that would never dreamed of before. It’s like something wild and wonton inside me has been set loose. I look at you and I want to tear your clothes off ravish you right there where you are. The problem is I want to do the same thing to that guy over there looking up my dress knowing he is lusting after my body. Me walking around town basicly nude and enjoying it! I mean for all the years we have been together, and I am seriously sorry and thank you for putting with me all these years, have been an iceberg as cold and unfeeling any one could be. Look at you Gill your walking around hard all the time and cuming like a race horse and fucking and impregnating a young black stranger today. WHAT, ARE YOU SAYING I knocked up Jo today? Liz smiles pulls me into her arms yes baby she was ovulating and super fertile. Didn’t you feel your cock being pulled into her cervix, and it is massaging your cock head teasing all your cum into her womb. Didn’t you find it funny that after all the cum you pumped into her nothing came out. Her cervix sealed all your cum inside her until her egg is fertilized. My guess by now your sperm has done its job and her cervix is slowly opening up and your now unneeded cum is starting to leak out of her. What about you letting me walk around town nude. Two weeks ago you would have never done any of this. Gill we have both changed I don’t know how or why or weather the changes are good or bad. The only thing I do know we love each other more than anything else in the world and we can’t let anything change that. I say wow that’s a lot to take in I don’t know what to say, I know through all these changes we can’t lose ourselves or our love for each other. Liz says and now we have Jo and baby to include in our world. She will be here at 4:30 she is moving in with us. I ask are we taking her to dinner with Jayson tonight. Liz says yes, Jayson will want to meet her, I said Jayson will want to fuck her. Liz says well if he wants her maybe he won’t want me again so soon. I look at her she looks at me and says I don’t know why I said that. I ask have you been fucking him. Liz says I truly don’t know, I know he has been feeding both of us pills, and all our changes started when we met, him.It’s 4:30 Jo pulls up out front, I open her car door Jo spins around and extends her long bronze legs her dress just barely covers the butt cheeks , sitting down it doesn’t cover anything, and also reveals the only thing she is warring besides the dress is her 5” heels. Liz says I see you found us with no problems, how are you this evening Jo looks up at Liz and says wet and horny as hell can I use Gill for a bit! I say hello to you too, Liz says she’s ovulating and can’t control her desires. I extend my hand down to help her up she jumps up puts one arm around my neck and reaches into my shorts grabs my cock and feels it hardening in her hand, as she rubs her perfect body against me, and buries the tongue in my mouth. Liz says you better get her in the house and on the bed, before she ****s your ass right on here on the hood of her car. I say let’s get in the house then, Jo walks in front of us as she walks she reaches down and takes her dress off, Liz says gad look at her ass, I said don’t worry I am. Liz grabs Jo’s hand leads her to the bedroom and lays her on her back with her legs spread wide and already rotating her hips up and down with her arms extended wide for me to come take her. I take off my t-shirt and drop my shorts. Climb on the bed between her legs she reaches up pulls me down to her and says take me Gill make me yours, give me your baby and she rotates her hips up and totally impales herself on my cock right down to my balls, I almost came, she shuttered arched her back held me perabet güvenilir mi tight opened her mouth to scream but no sounds came out. I keep pumping her pussy all through her orgasum as she recovers she picks up my pace and positions herself until my cock is again pressing against her cervix, again it opens up and I feel it sucking my cock into her womb again but much deeper this time only I can no longer stroke my cock in and out of her only press slightly in and out the muscles in her cervix are rippling over my cock as a farmers hand would milk a cow’s teat. My body begins to work in concert with hers my body is just pressing and pressing into her cunt. I feel her body tense and her and her nails dig into my back as I feel my cock swell and erupt into her womb. As I try to pull out of her but she is holding me tight, I sit up a bit Liz is rubbing Jo’s tummy to help her relax, but then bends down and buries her tongue in Jo’s mouth then mover her hand from Jo’s tummy to her breast pulling her nipples, instead of Jo’s cervix releasing his cock it starts milking it harder. I say Liz you were susposed to get her to relax instead your turning her on Liz says in a sexy I can’t resist her I have to have her, I say well that would be a lot easier with my cock out of her! Liz says I can eat around your cock. Jo reaches down and pushes Liz’s mouth against her clit, and Liz starts to massage my balls, Jo’s cervix begins to ripple over my cock her body will not be denied more of my seed. I can’t believe it I feel my balls tighten, Liz knows whats about to happen and she smiles with a vibrating moan against her clit and my cock. Then it happens like lava racing up a volcano my cock explodes again inside her hot womb, which is doing all it can to suck every last drop of my seed from my balls. Much to my surprise her cervix releases my cock and I am able to pull out of her and fall on the bed beside her exhausted. Liz cups her hand over Jo’s pussy, takes her in her arms and they kiss deep and long. Jo’s back arches she’s twisting and turning in what appears to be a major climax but different. Jo looks at Liz and says it’s done please clean me up. Appearently her body has gotten what it needed from my cum and was rejecting the remaining, Liz slides between her legs and licks and sucks my cum freely flowing out of her pussy, half an hour later Jo’s body has served Liz all my cum and Liz looks up smiles at Jo who is just barely aware of anything except sexual bliss. Jo beckons me up to her, we kiss Jo tastes Gills cum in my mouth, She reaches down and pulls on Liz’s hips to have her to bring her pussy to Jo’s lips. Liz asks do you need Gill again, Jo says her body is done with him, I need you. Liz straddles her face and lower her pussy just above her face, Jo inhales Liz’s womanhood, the peddles of Liz’s lips are fully open glistening and dripping with Liz’s sweet nectar. Jo reaches up pulls her sweet pussy to her mouth sensually licks her juice from her inner lips the more she licks the more juice Liz gives her to drink Liz arches her back her head snaps back her eyes close her body stiffens her nipples harden she emits a moan from deep inside her soul and says Jo drink my essence drink all of me become one
with me yes right there my love OH GAD YES, YES, FUCVK YES. Liz climbs off her face and cuddles Jo in her arms and I cuddle both of them to me and we nap in a loving bundle together. We wake up an hour later, strip the bedding and change it, then off to our oversized shower, Gill shows Jo how to wash Liz’s treated areas they all get out of the shower Liz pats herself dry as she is still very tender, Jo and I dry each other off, then I show Jo how to apply the an antiseptic cream to her treated areas, and how to treat her nipples. I get dressed and go out to Jo’s car retrieve her clothes as Liz and Jo put on their makeup. I say Ladies we have to meet Jayson in forty minutes for dinner. Jo walks in a very short white that made her black skin stand out, a deep front V down to her navel and a back v to the top of her ass crack white lace topped thigh highs and 5”heels and that was it, to say she looked at hot was an understatement. Liz walks out wearing a black transparent mesh dress, black lace topped thigh highs, black G-string and small black lace shelf bra and 5” black heels, Jo nudges Liz and nods towards the growing lump in my shorts and they both giggle, raise their heads and walk out to the car. I say out loud to myself I guess were leaving! We walk in I see Jayson sitting in the back booth we had first joined him, we introduce Jo to him and she says she really needs to pee Liz says I’ll join you Jayson says Jo is a big girl I’m sure she can go pee by herself, Jo says of course and walks away. Jayson says very nice did you bring her as a toy for me. Liz says rather curtly she is a free spirit who she plays with is her choice, but I can tell you she’s pregnant with our baby SO NONE OF YOUR d**gS! Jayson says of course, then Liz lights into him what have you done to us our lives have completely changed what have you done to us? Jayson says one week ago we sat here due to potty breaks I was able to talk to both of you alone, Gill you commented on Liz’s lack of sexual passion, desire, and overall personality of the church lady. Liz you complained about Gill’s impotence and several days his inability to share you and his jealousy. I really liked you two so I adjusted your let’s say disposition and abilities. Gill says still things aren’t right, Jayson says most of the changes were keyed towards you Gill, do you like that you can get and maintain and erection and cum more than when you were eighteen and shoot with more force, do you like the new overtly sexy attitude where she is tempting you all the time. Do you like that Liz got her pubes done and her nipples pierced and through it all you two are deeper in love, despite me fucking her several times and her fucking the four black guys at the tatoo store and you throwing her out and her screwing Jo and you fucking Jo? Gill can you accept the difference between the loves you and Liz share and the lust you two share with others. I say first I never through Liz out, Liz says yes you did, you just can’t remember it because Jayson adjusted your memory. I look at them with a harsh look and continue with Jo and I was a mutual thing that we both participated in, her fucking you and appearently four black guys without my knowledge and behind my back I can’t accept. Liz takes my hand with tears in her eyes and said I am so sorry I can’t explain why I did it I just had an overwhelming need to do it. Jo returns Liz asks her to go to the bar and get us four beers. Jayson says Liz’s actions were do to hypnotic suggestions I gave her and my lust for her. Gill I’m sorry what I am doing is not an exact sience we have go through trial and error to perfect your adjusted lives. We need work out the bugs and being more open and honest has to be a big part of it now, that is if you tow want to continue, we both say yes at the same time, I pull Liz into my arms and we kiss a deep passionate kiss, Jo comes back with four beers and says what did I miss, we are still kissing, she looks down at Jayson he is stroking his cock she puts the beer down on the table and sits down and bends over and swallows his cock…..MORE IF YOU ALL REQUEST IT

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