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Mature lets loose – Part 2
A week after our beach encounter Jenny invited me over to her and Dave’s place to take the next step in our friendship. I was nervous about going over, as I knew it would end in sex, and it had been a long time since anyone other than my husband had fucked me. Added to that there would be three of us involved. Jenny had told me she wasn’t into the whole bisexual thing, but a bit of touching and playing was about as far as she went. That suited me, at least for the time being.

On arrival, we went out to their back patio area, and had a few drinks, just enough to relax us and get in the mood. Dave went inside to get more drinks, and came out completely naked. He stood between Jenny and I, and for a few minutes we both played with his cock with our hands while we sipped our wine. After about 10 minutes, with Dave’s rock hard erection begging for more attention, Jenny took it in to her mouth. She pumped slowly and rhythmically up and down with her mouth, while cupping his balls. After a few minutes, she pulled off, and offered it to me to suck. I was more then willing, and teased his rod with my tongue before taking the majority of it in my mouth till it hit the back of my throat, his pubic hair tickling my nose. He grabbed my head and pushed, firmly but without trying to ram it down my throat. When I pulled back he let me go, and I took a deep breath before taking a number of long strokes up and down, before some short and fast ones on the first few inches.

Jenny took over for a few minutes, canlı kaçak iddaa Dave moaning with pleasure as she worked his tool. I had a second turn, and I used it to suck his balls while he rubbed his cock over my face. Jenny stripped while I did this, and went and knelt down on the grass just off the patio. What happened next stunned me, but also left me surprisingly turned on. Dave stood in front of her, and she lifted her breasts up towards him. He proceeded to piss on her, showering her tits and down on to her body. She rubbed her tits together, giggling as the hot liquid splashed over her. Dave stopped mid stream, and looked at me and asked if I wanted to join. I had never had a golden shower before, and had never had any desire to, but right now it seemed the most exciting thing ever.

I quickly stripped off, and knelt next to Jenny and presented my DD tits as she had done. Dave continued to unload, this time aiming his stream directly between my tits. I held my breath in excitement, the warmth of the fluid and the smell lifting me to a higher sense of arousement. I couldn’t believe what a turn on this was, if someone had told me last week I would be doing this and enjoying it I would never have believed it.

“Like that?” Jenny asked.

“Oh God yeah,” I replied and letting out a sigh, not realizing I had held my breath the whole time.

“I think you better fuck us now,” she instructed Dave, as she lay down on her back. He took up a position between her legs, holding them high and apart as canlı kaçak bahis she guided his cock into her wet pussy. He thrust his full length in long slow strokes, and Jenny rubbed her clitoris. I was enthralled at the view, watching them fuck live and close up. Jenny whispered words of encouragement to her husband, in between soft moans.

“I think she likes this baby,” she chuckled. Without realising, I was rubbing my pussy as I enjoyed the show, the smell of piss still in the air.

“Don’t be shy love,” Jenny said, “Give that pussy a good workout.”

Dave moved into a regular missionary position, and fucked Jenny a bit harder. Her moans got louder the harder he fucked, and he pumped harder again. I had two fingers deep in my cunt masturbating myself furiously, loving every minute of this. Eventually Jenny yelled out that she was cumming, and let out a long loud moan as she came. This tipped me over the edge and I came too, my whole body shaking. By the time I had finished Dave had stopped thrusting, and was holding his cock deep inside Jenny, both of them looking over at me. I felt a little awkward, having just masturbated in front on two people I barely new and getting off so much. My husband had hardly seen me do it and here I was going hard at it. After the initial shock passed, I felt amazing. I was strangely pleased with myself.

“Her turn now,” Jenny said, and Dave withdrew and his rock hard cock glistened with her juices. I hadn’t realized he hadn’t come yet, and was saving some for me. I lay bahis siteleri canlı back and he took up a kneeling position next to me, fingering me with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other. He was giving himself a few moments to rest before mounting me. When he did, it was the greatest feeling I had in years as a strange cock parted my pussy lips. He propped on one elbow, in order to suck on each of my nipples, before tongue kissing me deeply. He wrapped his arms around me, and hooked my shoulders in his hands. He was going to fuck me hard and the anticipation was killing me. He started off slowly, but he didn’t take long to speed up. I loved the fact I was looking up at a different man as my pussy was pounded hard, and the sounds I was making were different to usual. I was so turned on it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again, and I could sense Dave was close as he was giving me everything.

I cried out as I came, and it was the best one I’d had in years. Moments later Dave let out a huge grunt and rammed in hard, holding there for a few seconds as his cock exploded inside me. He withdrew then thrust in hard and held it again, and then a third time as he squirted the last of his semen into me. As both our bodies relaxed, he stroked in and out slowly a few times, asking me if I enjoyed the sex. I could only nod, and he rolled off so we could get our breath back.

“I’ve just been totally fucked,” I thought, “And loved it!”. Dave’s big load oozed from my pussy, and Jenny took me to the shower to clean up. We finished the night with a few more drinks, and they talked about some fun times in future, and the possibility of meeting a couple of their friends. As I headed home I thought about how dirty I might become, and so far I am looking forward to it.

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