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Masturbation Series Story 3Welcome my freaks, this is the 3rd story on my Masturbation Series. There are multiple stories in this one they are all mix and match. Those of you reading thank you and remember to stay freaky. Roger’s Apartment:This somewhat happens around the January time phrase. A co-worker of mines had to go to his brother wedding in NY somewhere. He paid me a few extra $ for me to come by his apartment. A very nice apartment complexed gated community, pool deck, a billiard room at the works looks like the type of place I usually work at as a security or bartender. His place is on the 8th floor above the pool deck on the 5 floor. The whole 5th floor is the pool deck, is out in the open the pool divided the different section of the complex going around in a huge rectangular shape. On all four part of the pool is a complex that is about 12 floors high. Most of the place are single to multiple uses. For one person is pretty big. Each of the north and south side of the complexes has a perfect walkout balcony that sits out into the poolside or over above the pool giving a perfect view of the pool down belong and a before view of the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri beachfront stightahead facing the ocean. Its is a very beautiful view like something you would put on a postcard and send to all the people in the North covered up in 6 to 8 feet of snow ( From Florida happy winter stay warm). I decided to swing by one night after work and check up on his place. I must admit I made myself comfortable VERY comfortable (sorry Roger but I did). While there I helped myself to some of his food and took note of anything that may be needed. I also took full liberty to access his cable and well I must admit PORN OH BABY THE PORN!!!! I think I OD on porn! oh baby it was so nice and a very comfortable couch to go with it. I kept my hands to myself (like literally :P) Anywho moving along, while I was at his place on this one night, there was a special on the porn, all my favorite actresses, the hell I decided to stay and spend the night in his place. Plus, it was too late for me to head back home in the opposite direction. At some time around 115am I overheard some giggling and laughter noises over güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the poolside. I got up went to the kitchen and got a raspberry ice tea (my favorite) and I walked over just as I was about to start hour 12th of porn inducing orgasm, I heard laughter and whispering over the balcony. So not going to get interrupted. I head over the balcony open the glass door and step outside to scream a few SHUT THE FUCK UP words over the railing. As I lean over the rail and look down is two fine ass females. OOOOOOOOOO BABY LESBIANS!!!!!!!!!!! ( come on say it with me “we love lesbians, we love lesbians”) They are both by the poolside area and both just went in the pool for a dip, NAKED ( high 5 come to give it to me). One is tall nice long legged blondish hair and the other shes slightly shorter reddish hair and both are soaked wet. As they both towel dry each other, I lean over the rail totally forgetting what I was about to say or do, as I start looking at them. I made no attempt to hide myself, they knew what they are doing. While they were drying each other they started kissing. ( Sips tea) In less güvenilir bahis şirketleri than a few minute they were kissing and rubbing each other tits. Red (calling her like that cuz of her red hair) she went in for it first started kissing Blondie tits and moving her hands down rubbing hot pussy, while the other one laid on the luncheon chair opening her legs wide open. As Red went in and dive her face inside that perfectly shave wet pussy that open up like a flower blooming. She rolled her tongue inside her while massaging her tits and rubbing her with her hands. Blondie was lying there caressing her hands over her tits and looking up. She suddenly looks straight up glanced straight at me. She looks directly at me, bit her lips while licking it and blew me a kiss ( sip tea, I blew one back of course) she reaches down grab Redhead and started rubbing it hard against her hips as she was pushing up on her. She started to moan softly but enough that Is overheard. Red stop at that moment and kissed her all the back up. Red, than stood over Blonde face straddle over her on the luncheon chair. She rode that face like a good cowgirl (YIPPY). At times the luncheon chair kept sliding side to side from the fast riding motion. (sips tea). It don’t take much before Red comes and squirts all over Blondies faces wetting her with all her juices. They both get up and dip back into the pool swimming to the other side as they run off away. DAMN I AM THIRSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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