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masquerade partyDISCLAIMERS NOTE: INSPIRED BY THE SCENE FROM EYES WIDE SHUT IF YOU’VE SEEN IT YOU’LL KNOW WHAT I MEAN IF NOT I RECOMMEND IT (ABOUT 1 HOUR 40 MINS IN)___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Carry was driving along when suddenly her car spluttered to a stop. “No, no, no!” she shouted banging the steering wheel. “you stupid piece of crap!” it was absolutely horrific weather outside but thankfully there was a big house just opposite to where she broke down. She hoped they’d lend her a phone as she left hers at her sister’s house. She gingerly walked up to the big wooden door and rapped on it with the huge door knocker. A moment later someone in a masquerade mask opened the door which startled Carry a fair deal at first. “It’s a party” the person said laughing at her expression. “oooh, well, my car broke down and I left my phone at my sister’s please may I borrow yours to call for someone to come and collect me?”“Of course, follow me”They walked through the house and Carry was rather alarmed and embarrassed to see a couple naked having sex against the wall but the masked stranger carried on like it was normal. “She must’ve not seen” dismissed Carry in her head. They continued walking and came to some more large and rather karşıyaka escort grand wooden doors. The masked stranger opened them and Carry’s jaw hit the ground. Everywhere she looked there were naked people having sex! Literally everywhere. There was 6 people having sex on a table together, a threesome happening on the floor at her side, people being fucked on chairs, standing, sitting, lying. Any position she knew and many more she was new to were being done in front of her. She was so shocked she could barely stammer. “I’ll get the phone but first… perhaps…would you like to stay?” WAS THIS WOMAN MAD?! Carry goes to politely decline but her eyes catch onto that of another masked stranger, his body was buff and he was well hung and his eyes seemed caring. He smiles at her and she notices he’s getting a semi. “Oh what the fuck, why not?” she says shrugging, this reply seems to have come out of nowhere this isn’t her sort of thing… or is it?“Well” the first stranger begins “I am glad you have decided to stay but I’m afraid we have a no clothes and wearing a mask policy but never fear I have a spare mask” she says ushering Carry to a small room at the side so she could get unchanged, she then helps Carry put her mask on. “We have virtually no rules here, all we ask is that you have fun and escort karşıyaka don’t force someone into something they’re not comfortable with” Carry went to ask her something but she left so quickly she didn’t have the chance. The masked gentleman was leaning against the wall waiting for her. “Hello beautiful, no we don’t usually get to see what others look like face wise but I’m glad I got to see you, shall we?” he says taking her hand. He leads her through a hall to another room and they find a quiet corner of the room and he starts to kiss her, fondling her breasts, this sends the most incredible feeling to her clit and she moans and he laughs. “Oh I’m going to enjoy this!” he whispers to her. He picks her up and wraps her legs around his waist as he teases her pussy with the tip of his rock hard cock. He slams into her repeatedly and she digs her nails into his back. He whispers sweet nothings in her ear and she feels herself getting closer and closer. She moans as she has a wonderful long orgasm and this makes him cum hard into her. He helps her down and the walk off together to find some more fun. They find another couple fucking on the table and they both get invited to join in. the other female stranger starts flicking her tongue on Carry’s clit, now this was turning out to be one karşıyaka escort bayan hell of a night for a girl who has only ever had vanilla sex and never even dreamt of sex with another woman, yet here she was at the mercy of two beautiful men and a pretty lady and Carry could feel her pussy getting wetter. She sucked off the second mans cock whilst the first male stranger fucked her up the arse. They all took turns in being absolutely controlled by the other three and Carry couldn’t believe how amazing this was, her favourite part was definitely when both men spunked all on her face and tits whilst the woman watched, fingering her pussy and moaning like a whore. Carry rubbed the cum on her tits and it just set her off again, this time she felt a strange sensation build up, then it all came flooding out, the juicy fluids squirting a fair distance whilst the second man wanked himself and fingered his stranger partner who was biting his lip, it hit them and Carry was so embarrassed especially when everyone stopped what they were doing with open mouths. “That was so fucking hot!” they chorused “I didn’t know you could squirt!” the first stranger said to her“I didn’t either, that’s the first time” she says giggling. The woman gets on her knees and licks it off the table whilst the second male stranger licks it off of Carry. The rest of the night passes in a passionate flurry of wild, rough sex and orgasms and finally it was morning, they shagged straight through the night and were exhausted. The others took Carry and all found a good bed to sleep in.

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