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Married Preachers Daughter Sedcution Ch 11For those following the series, I have been using and fucking my friends wife Laura. She confided to her sister Rachelle, who is a HOT MILF mommy as well.When they went to pick Rachelle up at the airport, I stayed at their house. I stayed to set up my hidden cams and some more that Ray had gotten. I would catch any action at the sofa, kitchen table, guestroom for Rachelle, and shower area, as well as Rays bedroom, garage and laundry room.When Laura went to get her sister, she had went down to gas up the car as Ray and k**s got ready. I went along to get me some beer, which she acted as if she did not approve of. Anyway, I had Laura suck me off in her car. So, shortly afterwards, Laura, Ray her hubby and their k**s went to pick up Rachelle. When Rachelle walked in, my cock sprang to attention. She looked so much like Laura and I knew I had to have her as well. She looked at me and tried to be pleasant, I knew she suspected I was the guys Laura was having the affair with and her conservative attitude had her intrigued, shocked and disgusted. It also had made her have a few horny dreams before she flew down to see her sister and she could not help getting wet and even fantasizing as she masturbated in the shower about what might be happening. I did not know it at the time, but the taboo thoughts made her horny. Probably going all the way back to when she masturbated thinking about her own dad when she was younger, and when she remembered some things that happened between them before and after her marriage. She felt ashamed and could understand how her sister could stray. But, she was here to help here sister overcome this affair. She was shocked to learn I was here at the house for a few more days. I stood, making sure my hard cock was visible in my tight jeans as I walked over to her, she glanced and saw the bulge. I wondered what Rachelle was thinking, did she know it was my cock Laura was servicing on the side? As I approached her to hug her and say hello, I caught her glance as she raised her eyes from my hard cock to my face, she caught me staring at those big tits of hers straining against her blouse and I was staring at those nipples I could make out. I smiled, she knew what I was looking at. She tried to smile while yet looking disgusted and shifting her eyes. We hugged briefly, she trying to be a kind church type of hug, I pulled her hard so she felt my muscles and hard cock and I felt her tits against her chest. Stepping back I looked into her eyes and said, “wow, you look just like your beautiful sister!” She smiled and blushed. I said, “Ray, you are a lucky dude to have a beautiful wife and beautiful sister-in-law!”he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri concurred. I also caught Laura’s eyes and smiled, I could catch a hint of jealousy. HHmmm, sisterly jealousy! Maybe this could work out. I now had in my dirty mind both preachers daughters on their knees sucking my cock trying to out do each other seeing whom I determined gave the best blow job!Well, we all got ready and went out to a nice dinner. I bought since I was staying at their place and I offered to get a hotel so the girls would not feel trapped during my visit, did not want to wear out my welcome. The girls were BOTH OK with me leaving but Ray insisted I stay. Said the sofa was mine! Laura then said, yes please stay. But I know with her sister there she would rather I be elsewhere. She was uneasy. I figured out she had told Rachelle it was I she was fucking. Oh yeah, this was going to be fun. Rachel might think I was a low life for fucking my good friends wife, having a affair with her….Rachelle would really think me an ass if she knew I had trained and rough fucked her sister and made her my willing cum slut sex slave that even begged me to fuck her ass in a hotel. She would be shocked to know Laura came to me on the sofa each night and that I fucked her by their marital bed with Ray in the bed and everything I had done with her. Well, I decided, Laura may get made if I go after her sister, sister jealousy, but I decided that before I depart and Rachel departs, I will be sending her home to her hubby and k**s freshly fucked. We ate dinner, made small talk, I could tell the girls were nervous but they talked about family, church and woman things. Ray and I chatted. I was sitting next to Rachelle and more than once I accidently had my leg against hers under the table and once I accidently touched her hand. Laura did not like it, Rachelle did not seem to mind.That night, when Rachelle was in the shower, being filmed by hidden camera, Ray was watching TV and Laura motioned for me to follow her into the kitchen. Once there I pressed against her ass and reached around grabbing her tits kissing her neck. She melted. She said we cant do this and cant chance it with my sister in the house. She was so worried of her other family finding out. I turned her to me, looked her in the eye and said, “you told Rachelle we were having an affair didn’t you?” Laura said she did and now wished she would not have. She said she did not want me to leave, but maybe I should go ahead and go. I smiled, reached out grabbing her hair, reached up her dress in the kitchen and pulled aside her panties pushing a finger in roughly, she jumped, I thumbed her clit, she tipobet güvenilir mi moaned, I whispered in her ear, “No, I wont go yet, I am not done using you this visit” I quickly removed my hands and stepped back as her k**s come in for something to drink before they got ready for bed.I told Laura before I left the kitchen, “slip sleeping pills in BOTH their drinks tonight, make it a double. Rachelle had jet leg anyway, but slip it to them both!” Come to me at midnight. Laura was worried I said “very well slut, at 12:05 exactly, meet me in the laundry room, you will suck me off so I can sleep” “Yes Master” Laura said as Ray walked into the kitchen. Laura left. Rachelle was getting out of the shower. I talked with Ray about my plans for the night. Again, Ray tricked Laura with the sleeping drink and said he was tired yawned and went to be about 10:30 PM. Later we got on film as Laura was alone with Rachelle in the guest room they made her, Rachelle asked Laura straight out? “Laura, I know we all sin and we all make mistakes, you have to stop this! Have you slept with Bill in this house?” Laura cried and said yes. Rachelle hugged her.The sisters sat at the kitchen table and chatted as Ray and I watched TV and the news. I had the hidden camera to catch the audio also. We learned later they Laura was talking about how she knew it was wrong, but it was a taboo thrill and she did not know how she could do this. Rachelle was asking questions and confided she understood the taboo thrill, she had made mistakes in her own live that she would never tell anyone. Laura was shocked. Rachelle told her she understood how Laura would be attracted to the Harley riding stranger. It was clear there was some jealousy when RAchelle said that and Laura made it clear that she knew it was wrong, she had to end it, but could not just yet. She also made it clear to her sister in a nice way that Rachelle should not look to closely as me (Bill).Rachelle went to sleep. Ray faked sleep. Then Laura met me in the laundry room as ordered. She looked up at me and smiled from her knees and I think have her sister in the house even made her more cock hungry for my taboo cock. I let her suck me good and I filled her with my cum. She did such a good job I sat her on the dryer, I kissed her, sucked her tits and clit and worked her pussy until she exploded everywhere! She bit her lip as she cum VERY hard. I told her to sit there a few minutes and meet me in the kitchen. I handed her a glass of water when she come to me, she smiled and kissed me and drank it all down. This had the sleeping pills dissolved like she thought Ray had drank. After Cumming, by 1:30 AM Laura was out tipobet giriş cold. Ray tried waking her and then he came to get me. Ray woke me and said, Laura is out cold, what now?I said follow me and we slipped into to room where Rachelle wa
s sleeping. I whispered, “remember what we did to your sleeping wife before I seduced her” Ray smiled. We both pulled out cocks out and began stroking as we uncovered Rachelle, damn she looked good. She was sleeping in a long cotton gown that we could pull up easily. We exposed her bare pussy and we pulled a tit and nipple free. She moaned. We both sniffed her pussy and saw it was moist. Ray picked up her worn panties by the bed and sniffed them and handed them to me, I sniffed them and then rubbed them on my cock. I then leaned in and let my precum be rubbed on her nipple, her check and lips. In her sleep she licked. Ray then placed his cock her check and left a trail of pre cum. I then rubbed some pre cum from my cock onto my finger and rubbed it on her pussy lips. Then I did the same faintly on her clit. She was sleeping sound. She was wet. it was hard not to dive into Rachelles pussy right then and there. Ray was crazy with lust. I stepped back and motioned for me. I watched as my friend Ray, whom had been letting me fuck his wife like a whore, jacked off and soon covered his sister in laws legs, butt and some on her pussy with his cum. I then stepped in and jacked off and let my cum shoot onto her pussy, into her pussy hair, on her night gown and then wiped my cock with her soft hair, as I did with Laura. Ray wiped his cock on her used panties. We covered her back up and slipped out. Ray asked what did I think she was think. I told him I think she will be VERY suspicious of the dried cum all over her, but, I did not think she would say anything. When she combs her hair, she will certainly notice. We both had a drink and he went back to bed. I lay on the couch for an hour. Then I went into their bedroom and I woke Ray. I said, I need to fuck Laura. He had watched fro0m a distance and on video. He said, go ahead. As sleepy as she was, we figured she would think it was Ray. Her started messing with her while I watch from the corner, he got her rolled over onto her belly and then he kept talking to her as I slid onto the bed and as I slid inside her. I fucked her hard and she woke from her sleep, he called her name and she was in a daze, thinking of my cock and feeling my cock, but thinking it was her husband. I filled her and slid out as Ray slid in and fucked her more until her cum. She was sleepy and amazed at how hard her husband stayed and that he cum twice in her worn pussy. She was remembering the pussy eating and cock sucking earlier in the laundry room. As Laura cum again, half asleep, Ray filled her too. We shook hands, Laura slept and we both went to sleep. The next morning at breakfast, a very tired Rachelle was looking at me funny and kept messing with something sticking her long sexy hair together.

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