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Mario’s presentIrma_HotwifeThis is a story that my husband wrote… Based on a true event 🙂 When I say based, it’s how he saw it – I don’t write, but all I remember were flashes of orgasms and that fat dick…___________________________________Mario’s PresentMy wife Irma and I make a good looking couple, just entered 40s, we had a few swing experiences, and enjoyed it. Those were all spontaneous events and we liked it like that. After those we tried to find couples over various we platforms, but although some of the couples were good looking, we didn’t like the situation – without spontaneity we didn’t get turned on. On the other hand, to get spontaneous, we don’t get out much – even if we did, we don’t live in a huge city. Sooner or later you mention a mutual acquaintance. Moreover, we both do high profile public jobs – she’s on stage, I’m behind it and lots of people know us. Still, the idea of fucking around was rumbling in our heads, in our stomachs. As we fucked home alone we were imagining various situations – you know – the plumber, my coworkers, our neighbour… In reality, we never wanted to get into such kind of relation with the people we knew. Somehow, it didn’t feel right.But one night I ended up with this Italian guy – he came over to sell to my company, and I was in charge to deal with him. Typical Italian – short, bald, hairy, with a bulky stomach; yet, he was quite likable – he talked a lot with that funny accent, and after a closed deal we ended up drinking and talking about girls. Of course, his name was Mario. And then, an idea came to my head. I offered to get him a prostitute I often call – I told him she fucks really well and that she’s quite good looking. He got turned on immediately, and I proposed that we call her to come to his room. He was delighted, and I said that I wanted to fuck her as well this evening since my wife thinks I’m away on a business dinner. At this point I had to reassure him that I’m not gay 🙂 So, as he cashed out for our drinks I got on the phone and – called my wife. I told her very fast what’s going on, and I could hear that although she was reluctant her voice was trembling with desire. I purposely omitted to describe the guy just saying that he’s suave Italian, a description that suited him in a way.We arrived to his room and my heart was throbbing right in my throat. A million and one thought was speeding through my head – if he’s going to like her, what if she doesn’t like him and turns around, what if he wants to keep her for himself… Soon, we heard a knock at the door. Hiding my excitement I waved to him to open the door. And there she was – my wife, a professional high class hooker. High black heels with a red sole – original Louboutin I got her from Milan, fishnets with, I knew already, no panties, tight grey skirt and a white semitransparent blouse showing off her very firm and large tits. Italian dick wanted to go where his tongue was – out. He opened the door while she glided in just glancing over me – she looked back at him, quite disappointed. She looked back at me, and threw a “hi” while throwing herself on an armchair. She made sure that both of us men see she had no panties while she slowly crossed her legs. The Italian offered her a drink and was really happy, moreover when she ordered a campari. While he was making a drink and babbled half English half Italian, she looked at me puzzled as in “are you nuts – he’s not good looking!” while I was trying to control myself not to jump on her and fuck her senselessly right there and then. She sipped her drink while Italian was standing right in front of her. He asked “so, shall we start?” My wife asked him how he would like to start. And then, not a surprise – the Italian gets his dick out. Mamma mia. It wasn’t a dick, it was a cannon. And it was pointing to my wife’s face. Without turning her face she left the glass on the table and took it in her hand. By her smile I knew that she was in love with his apparatus. Mind you, I’m not small, but this was a Ron Jeremy like tool. Thick moherfucker – I just couldn’t wait to see if it is going to fit in my wife’s pussy. She took it in her fully opened mouth and it grew more. It was purple red, veins and all, and obviously really hard. The bald Italian took adapazar escort off his shirt showing his hairy body and let his pants fall down. He grabbed my wife’s head and started thrusting the monster in her mouth. And she didn’t give up. She was gagging but didn’t let go. Her saliva was dripping down on her naked legs – she pulled her favorite skirt up so she doesn’t stain it. Italian was enjoying it in her mouth but he was already kneading her tits through her blouse and trying to reach her pussy. She was pushing her hips to his hand while stroking his dick with one hand and playing with his balls with the other hand. Her lips were still on his dick when he finally managed to thrust two and straight after those three fingers to her pussy. He pushed her head away and she leaned onto the armchair releasing the last two buttons off her blouse while opening her ass to him. She glanced over me and I saw that she was dying to have that monster inside her. He stroked his dick rapidly a couple of times, placed it onto her pussy and as I thought “oh fuck condom” he was inside her. My dick and my head were going to explode and I started to take off my clothes.He pushed it slowly in and she moaned. Her facial expression showed me that it wasn’t just easy for her. Really passionate scene, and he was leaning over her back kissing it. He thrust all of his dick slowly again and she was in ecstasy. He kept it there for a couple of seconds, kissed her neck, straightened up and started to fuck the hell out of her. He was grabbing her ass and pulling his dick out and thrusting it as hard as he could. She was falling apart and moaning really loud. As I approached I grabbed her head and lead her mouth to my dick. She was half sucking half moaning. He got even more aroused by the scene and fucked her even harder. I realized that he is going to come really soon and I was also near the blow. I started talking to her like to a whore in our language telling her that he will fuck her brains out and fill her with his spunk. She started shaking and as she was falling into orgasm he pulled his dick out motioning me to swap. I hardly waited for the chance and started pumping her straight away as he put his dick into her mouth and started coming all over her face. This was a climax for me too and as she was shaking with orgasm I started to fill her up. She was coming in waves, shaking and trembling while Italian’s thick hose was spitting loads of sperm over my wife’s face and tits. As both of us unloaded she grabbed his still swollen dick and sucked the very last drop out of it. Italian loved it and they kissed after passionately while he got her standing and grabbed her ass cheeks. I sat on an arm chair still with an erection. Italian stopped kissing her, looked at me and my dick with a broad smile and exclaimed “well I see that we’re going to use more of you, ok?” My wife smiled and he took her for a hand and they went off to the bathroom for a shower. His hairy chest and stomach were covered with the spunk dripping from my wife’s tits. She threw a mischievous smile at me and let him drag her to the bathroom.I stood there with my hard dick, trying to make sense of what has just happened. I opened a fridge, thanks Hyatt for your fridge’s contents and had a double JD down my throat. I am not much of a drinker and I gasped loudly as the strong drink burned my chests. The sound I made went into harmony with another breath – I heard Mario exhaling loudly. I went into the bathroom and saw them under the shower, my wife on her knees sucking Mario’s thick monster. It wasn’t hard yet, but even like this it was thicker than me.Irma enjoyed it. I knew that she loved sucking me soft and feeling how my dick grows in her mouth. She was sucking it, licking his ass under the balls and pul
ling her tongue all the way across the balls over his dick and swallowing it all again. It looked as if she was doing it in slow motion. He was trying to pull her head onto his dick, but this time she was in control. She pushed his hands away, working his dick only with her mouth. Her hands were cuddling his hairy belly and his chests. As her lips came to the top of his dick, she would grab his ass and pulled him towards her so that he thrusts all of his dick into escort adapazarı her mouth.Mario opened his eyes and saw me there stroking my cock. He grinned and grabbed Irma’s head and pushed his dick all the way. She tried to push him away but he was again in control. As he pulled his dick out of her throat I could see it was ready again. She wanted to grab it again but he slapped her face slightly. She looked at him for a second, and went for it again. He slapped her again, this time a tiny bit harder and said “I said no!” He twisted her arm as he was a brutal policeman and got her standing up. He pushed her towards me. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately. He came from behind and grabbed her hair pulling her away from me. He pushed her to the bed. She stumbled but as she fell on the bed she turned on her back and started stretching. She can spread her legs completely and she was doing it slowly, opening her crotch to our eyes and dicks. Mario dug his head into her pussy and started licking. I got up to her head and started kissing her and pinched her nipples. Mario was looking at us, and suddenly abandoned her pussy, got her by the hair and placed her mouth to his dick. She turned on her stomach and devoted herself to his dick. I want down on her ass and licked it, sticking occasionally a finger inside it. I knew what was going to happened – we’ll try to give her a sandwich. And I wanted that so bad, as I knew Irma wanted it, but we have managed only once to put a dildo in her ass while I’m fucking her. Her asshole was really tight and I was I bit worried how will Mario react when the prostitute, my wife says she can’t have us both. But she was really wet and she pushed herself onto my finger. Mario pulled her up and made her sit on top of him. On the very first sit she went all the way down taking it all in with a long oooooohhhhh! As she started going up and down on his shaft, I could see her pussy inverting and wrapping his dick like an octopus. After several sit ups, she sat down on it and grabbed my dick pulling it towards her ass. She was red in her face, looking at me through her eyelashes while Mario was licking her tits, her face, everything he could reach with his tongue. I put my dick onto her ass. Everything stopped for a second – Mario stopped thrusting his dick and raised his head to look at me, she held her breath and I pushed it in. I heard and recognized the sound – the moan confirmed that she was loving it. She started moving her hips taking up and down, giving each of us a full thrust. My mind was exploding – my beautiful wife with two dicks inside her, fucking like a professional whore… Boy she was good at it. I pulled her hair and twisted her so that I can kiss her. By her look I knew she was out of it, deeply and truly enjoying it all. She was lost on our cocks. I was sucking and biting her lips and started to fuck her really hard. Mario was slapping her tits and holding her hips pulling her down as he wanted to put all of himself inside her. I pushed her down on him and he started sticking his tongue into her moaning mouth. She was sucking his lips and biting him. For every bite he slapped her, and the slaps were getting harder. I held her arms behind her back and she couldn’t defend her. Basically, we were r****g her with her consent. We were fucking the hell out of her. At the same time, I wanted to hold her and kiss her. I got out of her and pulled her from Mario’s cock. I turned her on her back so that she sits on him. She squatted above his dick, got it with her small hand making it look even scarier, and inserted it in her ass. At that moment, her eyes opened widely as she understood what she was doing, but Mario didn’t wait for her opinion and pulled her down. It wasn’t a moan, she was in pain; but at the same time she wanted it more. She slowly slipped down his dick and lied down face up on his hairy belly opening her legs for me. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her senselessly. I knew that with every thrust I pushed her onto Mario’s cock and that gave her truly double pleasure. As I fucked her I was seeing Mario grabbing her hair and kissing and biting her lips, squashing her tits with his big hairy hands. He was very rough and I joined in. I leaned adapazarı escort bayan down and slapped her and started biting her and kissing her beautiful skin. Mario and I were pumping her really hard. She was having an orgasm after an orgasm. After she leaned towards me and whispered “I’m loving this!”, I knew I can’t handle it anymore and I started coming. I pulled her up and I stuffed her mouth with my cock and came right into her throat, gagging her with my dick. As I pulled out, Mario got her of his dick, threw her on bed on her back, spread her legs and inserted his dick into her ass again. He was fucking her and yelling “Si, si!” slapping her occasionally and calling her puttana. As she came once again he shoved his dick deep inside her ass and started shaking unloading his huge dick inside my wife’s ass. He fucked and fucked her and she was just lying there, ass up waiting for him to stop. As he pulled out his sperm was oozing from her ass. Mario slapped and kissed her ass and sat down looking exhausted but very satisfied. My wife rolled on her back, still trembling and her thighs shaking. She slowly opened her eyes and looked me and smiled at me. I approached her and stroked her hair looking affectionately at her. Face covered with my sperm, she kissed my arm and I hugged her. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it slowly. She knew she can always get it hard, and this time it was also the case. We started kissing and I got up on her and started fucking her, but this time we made love. I fucked her slowly, kissing her and holding her and it was like we are not in a hotel room after she has been fucked and abused like a prostitute by a fat, bold Italian she never met before. We came holding each other and with our lips and tongues together. Just that moment I saw Mario sitting in the armchair saying “Beautiful! You two should get married! No puttana fucks like this! Pity Peca you are married already!” He had a big grin on his face and he was stroking his limp, but still massive cock. Irma jumped up and excused herself to the bathroom. I sat there, exhilarated, filled with conflicting feelings but happy. Mario was pointing to the bathroom talking half Italian half English how she never fucked better hooker before.As Irma walked out of the bathroom, only her blushed cheeks and somewhat wet hair were revealing that she was in a serious action just ten minutes ago. She was composed, dressed again and sexy as a fuck. Mario jumped from the chair as he was a Jack in the box and got her by the hand, kissing it all the way up to her shoulder and ending up by French kissing her and stroking her pussy. She pushed him gently and with a smile pointed to the clock. We fucked her well over an hour. Mario stopped for a second, said “Aha, aspeta!” And reached for his trousers. She looked at me puzzled and he came back to her with five banknotes – he said that he was paying for the meal, but – and he turned to me – I need to tip. So I got another banknote and gave it to my wife, paying her for the last fuck we had. She turned to me, gave me a long passionate kiss, winked and said in English – call me. Mario was standing there, only wearing his shirt asking for a kiss, too. As she kissed him, he pointed to his dick – “he will be said!” So she went on her knees, kissed, licked and once again his dick disappeared in her mouth for a short while. She kissed it again, waved a bye and left the room.I stood there in awe. Mario was thanking me
and talking how he never expected this from me since I seem a family man, how he never fucked this good and this so well groomed prostitute. I just jumped into the shower, excused myself and ran home. I needed to see my wife as soon as possible. As she opened the door we started kissing and went to bed straight away, making love for a while and fell asleep soon after that.We never repeated it although Mario wanted to pay double for her. I had to find him some other girls and also finding excuses why I can’t fuck with him anymore. And yes, we still didn’t think of what to do next summer when we’re supposed to visit Mario on Sicily.And us… We still get really horny when we remember it. What bothered us was the fact that he fucked her without a condom and we did all the health checks and three aids tests to make sure we’re ok. It took six months and it was a bit of a downer, but now we started swinging with other couples and condoms are a must. We still didn’t find that monster cock like Mario’s, but Irma is enjoying it nevertheless.

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