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Malmoe Maiden (III) the send offI was invited to join these two beautiful women for dinner. A short walk and we were at a cafe with outside tables. The menu had a wide variety of entrees, Sasha explained the first few to me – but I said that grilled chicken and greens was what I would like. We hit the bread, cheese and wine quite heavily as we waited to place our order. It was much the same as mainland Europe, bread, wine and menus were what you got for the first 30 – 45 minutes. If your order was placed within an hour, things were moving along rapidly. These ladies breast were on display, and I was enjoying the view, when I noticed I was not the only admirer. He seemed to be a tourist also, and if my guess was right, a fellow American. I asked if the ladies minded if I found aydın escort where he was from and offered him a seat with us. They had no objections, so I motioned him over. You seem to be alone, these ladies don’t mind if you join us. I leaned toward him and spoke softly – Less eye strain if you are closer. He turned red and Sasha asked what I had said to him. I told her that I had told him that he would save eye strain as I had noticed how much he was trying to see as much breast as he could. She laughed, looked into his eyes and unbuttoned another of her buttons. He flushed even more. I am Ernie from the US state of Maine,This is Sasha and her sister Ashtyn. He said he was Ray from Arkansas USA. Ashtyn leaned forward, her breast almost falling from her blouse. What escort aydın are you doing here in Sweden, Ray? I am an architect,much interested in the variety of influences I have seen in Malmoe. Sasha spoke in her seductive voice, Are you only interested in architecture? Ray Gulped and replied, the ladies of Malmoe are even more beautiful than the structures. I like you Ray, after we eat, we’ll all go to my place, Ernie has found our hospitality much to his liking. The meal lingered for hours but the conversation did not lag. The girls seemed to consume very much wine and the talk turned rather ribald. Stories of how men of different nationalities performed sexually became the topic of conversation. Ray seemed uncomfortable, and that only brought raunchier stories. The aydın escort bayan meal was done and the four of us walked back to the apartment. Sasha had her hand in Ray’s front pocket and seemed to be filling her hand with his joy stick. Ashtyn was content with my arm at her shoulder, her arm at my waist. Once inside Sasha wasted no time in removing Ray’s clothes. She was kissing him deeply when Ashtyn knelled and took his cock into her mouth. Soon he was reclined against the couch and both were working on his hard on. He looked at me with a questioning face, and I said relax and enjoy. As I watched, quite enjoying the show, a pair of hands undid my belt and trousers. I looked into the face recognizing another of Sasha’s sisters. Soon my shaft was coated with her saliva. I glanced at Ray, and now he was prone. Sasha mounted on his cock, and Ashtyn grinding her pussy into his face. I started undressing this gorgeous woman, who was applying so much attention to my hard cock. At that moment the door bell rang.

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