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Magic Panties Ch.01 (Sissy story) by NolfonThis story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. Oh, and enjoy!Chapter 1: BeginningsIt was a Tuesday night, and I had an anonymous date with a self titled freaky gal that I met online. The time was 8pm and she an hour late and I was pretty pissed. I was stood up by another girl. The whole female gender pissed me off these days. They never wanted to get to know me, or they were so selfish it pissed me off. The guy next to me at the bar looked over and saw my sorrow. He bought me a drink, and I began to rant about how much I hated the opposite gender.It was almost a common game anymore, no woman would notice me. I wasn’t bad looking, like I know I was a bit androgynous in the face, but I was tall, 5’10” and thin. I thought lanky guys were in style. Woman were the superficial ones, they were the ones who force the guy to jump through loops to even have the chance for a date. They played games, and they always tried to change the guy. As I got drunker talking to the man, I even admitted that if it wasn’t my nature, I’d just do it with guys. But I’m not even lucky enough to be gay.I went home that night and passed out in my bed, alone, a common sight anymore. I didn’t even have the energy to masturbate. The next morning, I woke up and just lied in bed. I was off from work for the next two weeks. I had nothing to do, I’d rather be at work, but they said the vacation days must be taken. I walked downstairs and heard a knock at my door. Curiously, I answered it, but no one was there, just a package.I picked it up and went into my kitchen to have a better look at it. I hadn’t ordered anything recently, but the address was mine and the name ortahisar escort was Roy Barker. I looked it over again, there was no return address, and no indication of where it was from. Deciding I might as well see what it was, I opened the box. Inside was a smaller black and pink box. Again, no indication of where it was from or what was in it. This was just strange, but I decided to go a little further and opened the box.Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart on the crotch and a dildo. Nothing else. No notes, no gags, nothing. I pulled out the panties and looked over them. They would look sexy on a girl, but that was about it. I then pulled out the dildo. I’d never seen one before, it was about 8 inches long, flesh colored and very realistic looking, and on the bottom was a suction cup. I placed it on the table, and it suctioned tightly. This had to be a joke. One of my friends must be playing with me.I brought the stuff back up to my room, and jumped into the shower. I was still in a shitty mood from the night before, and the package just had me feeling off. I came back into my bedroom and looked at the panties again, and for reasons I still can’t tell you, I decided to try them on. They fit snuggly and cradled nicely. They felt so much comfier than boxers, and I noticed that as I moved, my cock twitched and started to become erect. I couldn’t be into this, could I?Had I really been separated from women for that long that even just panties turned me on? I lay back down on my bed and really tried to figure out who would even send this to me. As I lay there, I realized I was getting tired, and closed my eyes.I awoke a few hours later, not really sure what had happened. My head hurt a little, and my knees were karaköprü escort a little sore. I was still wearing the panties, and I was still on my bed, but something was off. I sat up and looked around. The dildo was no longer on the bed; it was suctioned tightly to the wall, and near me on the bed was my digital camera. I looked over it and found a video of myself sucking on the dildo. My tongue twirled around and I kept looking over at the camera as slutty as I could.What the fuck had happened? I wondered. Did I sleepwalk this? I continued to watch the video in horror as I stepped back from sucking it, pulled down the panties, and started to back into the dildo. I started to hump it from the doggie style position with this look of ecstasy on my face. And then, to my horror, I came from just that and gulped up the cum. What was wrong with me?I got up from the bed and removed the panties. Was I tripping or dreaming still? It was all too strange. I looked at myself in the mirror, and noticed that my chest hair was gone. I looked down, and all my hair was gone below the waste. All that was left was on the top of my head.This was too weird. I quickly picked up the dildo and the panties and through them in the trash, and went downstairs to watch tv and try to forget what I saw. The thoughts of the video kept bothering me throughout the day though, and that night I had the strangest dream.I was dressed as a French maid, in a short and sexy skimpy outfit, with a wonderful pair of tits literally popping out of the top, and a hard cock sticking out from the short skirt. I was on my knees and above me was a man with a huge dick in front of me. I licked my lips and wrapped my mouth around the giant mushroom head. It tasted delicious. I siverek escort slowly licked the head and massaged the shaft. The guy moaned and I started to go faster. My only goal was to please this man. I wrapped my lips around the head and started to move up and down the long shaft, moving my tongue around it. The guy placed his hands on my head and started to lightly thrust in and out of my mouth.I was in heaven as I sucked on his cock. There was nothing I wanted more. Finally he signaled to me to stand up and bend over against the wall. Being the perfect woman, I did as he said. He lifted up the skirt and I felt the tip of his wonderful cock against my rosebud. He pushed gently, and I could feel its girth push inside of me. I moaned as he slid it all in, and felt my cock become more erect.He started to thrust faster and faster, and I moaned in ecstasy, my tits were bouncing so hard that they slipped out of the top. I took my one arm off the wall and started to rub my massive tits as he rammed me hard from behind. The man grabbed my hips and rammed his long hard cock deep inside of me as I was screamed in pleasure. His one hand slapped my ass hard and I screamed in ecstacy! I was having the time of my life, I told him to fuck me harder and harder. He was pulling all the way out and slamming right back into me. It was wonderful. He reached down and grabbed my cock and started to rub me off as he rammed me harder and harder until finally I came. I came so hard, the feeling was one of pure bliss. He pulled his dick out of my ass, and I kneeled down in front of him as he shot loads of hot juicy cum into my face and mouth and dripping down my tits. I was his cum slut then.I awoke quickly and looked around. I was still in my bed, no maid outfit, no man. I breathed deeply and wondered what had gotten into me. I got up to use the bathroom. The lights blinded me, but as they subsided I walked past the mirror and realized I was wearing the panties again. This time there were white splotches where I came all over them. I ran back to my room, and on the bed with me was the dildo; still covered in lube.What had gotten into me?

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