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Made to Submit…6Charlie was rough and gripped me by the throat and pulled my head up and back as he tried to kiss my mouth. Trying to remove his hands from my throat, allowed him to sink more of his huge cock into my anal opening. Charlie alternated between hunching and grinding into my butt as he sunk more of his cock into my butt hole, that was now well lubed by the spunk Bruce had deposited there.Chocking from his vise like grip on my throat and his persistent churning into my ruptured rectum, I accepted his tongue into my mouth. Charlie said ‘suck my tongue bitch, suck my tongue’. I submitted and sucked gingerly onto his tongue and Charlie seemed to go wild, Slamming his huge cock into my butt so hard that we bounced off the floor beneath us.I snatched my face from Charlie’s and braced my body as well as I could to endure the pounding I was being submitted to. Charlie kissed the back of my neck and sucked roughly on my ears, first one than the other, sticking his bornova escort bayan slimy tongue into them as he did so.My butt hole was burning from the friction and violent assault that it was being made to endure. I begged and whimpered as Charlie sexually assaulted my rectum with no remorse. With one violent slam, Charlie penetrated deeper into my butt, past all my inner rectal sphincter muscles.I cried out in agony as Charlie grind his huge cock deep i my butt hole. Charlie whispered into my ear…’bitch, you ain’t felt nothing yet..’ He took hold of my jaw and raised my head aiming my face towards Daniel. Daniel was half turned to us, looking out the window, stroking his enormously massive fuck tool.Charlie continued…’this pussy will never be this tight after he sticks that snake in here.’ Moaning and groaning, from Charlie’s ravaging, I trembled at the thought of having Daniel enter my butt with his mammoth tool.Charlie released my head and escort bornova I dropped it back down to the dirty mattress as he continued to grind into my anal opening. Charlie picked up his pace and alternated between grinding and hunching into my anus till he too flooded my rectum with copious amounts of his baby making fluids. The wet squishing sounds that was being churned up in my rectum from his load of spunk and that the Bruce had already deposited made quite a seductive sound.Charlie stayed on my back as his cock continued to spurt the rest of his male substance into my butt, that they were using as a cum receptacle. Charlie pulled slowly from my anus remarking to Bruce ..’look a here, this bitch is trying to hold on to my dick as i pull out of him.’Bruce knelt by my head and peered at Charlie’s dick as it inched it’s way out of my butt hole. ‘Yeah, Charlie, that boi pussy is sure trying to hold your dick in there.’ Charlie stopped leaving just his penile bornova escort glans to remain inside my anus, I felt it as it twitched and throbbed and my anal muscle ring reciprocated.Charlie pulled out and my butt made a loud sucking sound, Daniel turned from the window and walked over to the mattress. I was openly weeping and sobbing and tried to turn over into a fetal position. Daniel kicked me back over to my stomach and Bruce took hold of my shoulders.Charlie placed his bare foot in the small of my back and laughingly said ‘now you gonna get fucked right.’ Daniel knelt over my legs and parted my buttocks with his fingers. Some trapped air escaped and Bruce and Charlie laughed out loud. Bruce said ‘look at that, that pussy is blowing kisses already at Daniel’, Charlie added ‘yeah it’s usually after Daniel has fucked that ass that they blow kisses.’ The two of them howled in laughter.Daniel told Charlie ‘you can move your foot, this bitch is gonna love what happens next.’ I shook with fear and tried to raise my head. Bruce pushed my head back down and Daniel slide his heinously huge cock head up and down the crack of my butt. Painfully torturing my swollen anal open each time it slid across it.TO BE CONTINUED…

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