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LUCKY DOG 3Hope you,re enjoying the adventures of best friend Burt RIP and his dog Lucky who more than once lived up to his name. Lucky went everywhere Burt went with the exception of the toilet and often while we were out fishing he made us laugh. Being a horny dog he,d lay next to us and continuously lick his large cock and we,d often comment we wished we could do the same and Burt discovered one day he was double jointed and could actually bend far enough to suck himself off. Not being double jointed meant there was no way Incould do so, but it was one Hell of a turn on seeing him do,it yet the tale is mainly about Burt,s dog. One Friday evening in early spring Burt was staying over with me as we planned to get an early start for a day,s fishing at nearby Twin Lakes. Using our bikes we hoped to be there by six am. We went to bed at 9pm but must have chatted on till midnight and only managed to beat each other off once before we fell asleep. Somehow we dragged ourselves up and were eating a light breakfast when the phone rang. I answered on the second ring wondering who would call just then when the voice of another friend Mike Lewis said Hello. “Thought you sivas escort were still in Minnesota.!” I answered. “We just got back an hour ago. Mom wanted to do some shopping before it gets too hot and Inand Rosievsleptball the way back in the back seat. I saw your light so presume you,re going fishing this morning.” “Yeah we are. Suppose you want to come along?” “Can I plesse. Only got to go fishing once in two weeks in Mankato and we Didn,t catch much then, only mosquito bites mostly.” he explained. “I guess so, but you,d better be fast as we,re leaving in thirty minutes.” “See you in thirty minutes then.” Mike made it in twenty minutes so we locked the door after us as my parents and younger brother were having a lie in so we were on our way with the very early morning light leading our way, the air fresh and fragrant and my favourite time of day. All the wildlife greeted us as we rode our bikes and chatted happily to each other on the way and reached the lake a bit earlier than planned. We Didn,t hurry as we set up my small tent to provide shelter as showers were predicted for later though the sun shone brightly and got out the camp stove to Male escort sivas coffee with before tackling up and finally baiting our hooks with small” live minnows to cast out and let sink, the line held just clear of the bottom by a medium sized red and white bobber to indicate when a fish picked up our bait. No action at first so Burt brewed some coffee and it was as we sipped the hot brew that Mike and I both caught a fish, but both were too small to keep, pretty shiny little walleyes, but they had to be twelve inches long and these weren,t close to that. Burt got the gpfirst sizeable keeper, a fair sized perch of well over a pound in weight then we caught three more of similar size so a school,of perch were moving through they Didn,to stay long. Long before lunch time it began to cloud over and turn cooler. We,d taken a few sizeable walleyes, one three pound largemouth bass, seven keeper perch and five nice black crappies, but now it began to rain heavily so grudgingly retired to the tent as it seemed the bites slowed down with the horrible weather. Meanwhile Lucky hadn,t been silly. He liked the tent and on the first drops of rain he,d gone in straight sivas escort bayan away and gave us looks of “Somwhat kept you?” We now had our sandwiches and a lovely piece of apple pie my mother left us washed down with coffee while it poured with rain. Only once did we have a bite during the storm and I got soaked landing a six pound northern pike, the largest fish of the day. As the rain seemed to be with us for the day we decided to abandon fishing for a while. Mike had occasionally joined us for our wank and suck sessions but never with Lucky present. All three of us were soon naked laying atop my sleeping bag with lucky looking interested and things were crowded somewhat. At first we simply began to beat off, but next Burt did me as I did Mike and Mike Burt,s cock, then we suckedveach other in turn till we,d all shot our loads so happy lucky licked our cocks clean. Mike loved to have his arse fucked so this time healer me fuck him first before Burt filled him with his nine inches! I wouldn,t have minded Mike to screw me, but he Didn,t seem interested and no way would I let Butt stick that monster in my arse even if he was bigger than me. Again Lucky licked us clean quite happily. We then put our clothes back,on and drank more coffee waiting for a break in the weather.By three o,clock the storm had gone and with it the bestbofbthevfishing so by four we packed up and headed back home.

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