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Lucky Bastard
Company car and a pay rise, yes please. My luck was in. From commuting in on packed trains to driving home solo I was having a great week, even better as it was a rainy windy Friday.
I went to the car park below the office, a Audi A5 2 door saloon was my ride, midnight black 2.0lt engine.
In the dusky light and the rain I took my time being a sensible driver avoiding potholes and the growing ponds beside the kerbs.
Out of nowhere a yob in a transit van pulled out of a side street. His huge swing out of the junction had me take evasive action and right into a puddle beside the kerb. Phew near miss there I grinned. Looking in my mirror I saw I had created a tsunami by a bus stop, and drenched a poor woman. Having a conscience is a bastard and mine felt guilty.
So I stopped. Yelling over to this soaked woman “sorry miss, that bugger nearly wiped me out, and couldn’t avoid the puddle.”.
Let’s be honest she was fucking angry calling me and the van driver who was long gone all sorts of shits.
I looked over and thought be a nice guy might help calm her. “Look I know it’s a bit odd but can I offer you a lift to where you were going? Or pay for your laundry cost for this?”
She calmed down and weighed up the offer. She looked at the time and the bus timetable. She walked over warm and dry had won out in her mind. “Ok mister”she said as she pulled out her illegal bahis siteleri phone taking a photograph of me and my number plate – rapidly sending both off to someone for safety I guessed “I’m soaked and the buses are unreliable so I’ll take that lift, right to my front door.”
I took a good look at her as she got in the car as we both sat down the light above providing the first good look I could get of her out of the dark. She was in her mid 30’s I guessed looked a little frumpy (But it could of just been the wet). Shoulder length brown hair and was in a light weight raincoat.
“Again I am so sorry about the drenching you” I said as sincerely as possible. “I’m Will, and where can I take you to?
Her scowl subsided “Katherine” she said “you know the Barkleys estate near the bulls head?”
I nodded, and reached over and turned the AC on to warm the car. “Yeah know where that is, live across the road from it.”
Andrea laughed, “thanks for the chivalry, at least you don’t have far to go out of your way”.
We had a relaxed chat getting along surprisingly as we drove the 10 miles to hers. The heat slightly drying her out. As I pulled up in her road.
Andrea turned to me ” Look you have been a gent can I offer you a cuppa?”
“Ok, thanks could do with a tea right about now”.
I parked up outside hers and followed her up the stairs of her building to canlı bahis siteleri her flat. She ushered me to her kitchen, “ok I better get out of this wet gear, you can put the kettle on”
She rushed out the kitchen and closed the door, I heard her voice slightly muffled but picked up the odd words chatting to someone on the phone. As I sat waiting for the kettle to boil she came back in, the frumpy look had vanished and a rather cute in a girl next door kinda way had replaced it. The tight black yoga trousers hugged her fine legs and hips to perfection, and a oversized tee shirt finished off the look.
Katharine made the tea, and sat opposite me on the bar stools at the sideboard, as we chatted about a tv show that was on that night, I felt her foot rub against my calf. The fool that I am suddenly realised she was flirting with me. I played an old move on her, I reached over and brushed her hair from the side of her face back smiling keeping eye contact. She lurched forward and we started kissing. The next few minutes were a blur as we kissed and bundled our way to her bedroom. Her hands were all over my shirt, unbuttoning it. We barely broke the kissing as we stripped each other. Fondling and groping the others naked flesh, I pulled back and started kissing her going down from her neck via her breasts to her navel, glancing down I smirked as I bahis firmaları saw she had a full bush, as all good guys ought to do I started to go down on her. My pussy eating technique is simple lots of long licks from near her gooch to her clit, and spelling out the alphabet with my tongue on her clit, mixed in with a few darting probes of he pussy. (Mix those 3 up and go till your jaw aches and success – well for me so far).
As Katharine rocked a massive orgasm I climbed back up and with a little hip wiggle aimed in to her soaking cunt, with a gentle push I entered her, she raked her nails down my back grasping my buttocks and tried to pull me in deep. Going how she wanted I took long deep thrusts eventually picking up my pace to going like a jackhammer. I exploded inside her filling her cunt with my load, and kept thrusting until I was feeling drained. Rolling off and to her side she clambered on top and into a post coital embrace falling asleep in each other’s arms.
The morning arrived and I found my thoughts of what to do were interrupted by a soft hand stroking my cock awake, “Morning” Katharine said as she sat straddling me, guiding my cock into her. As she rode me I was in heaven, I mean who doesn’t like cowgirl style, perfect opportunity to play with her tits, (36b I found out later).
The rest of Saturday we spent together, pretty much in a state of undress. By Sunday night we were both exhausted, I offered her a lift in to work in the morning, within a few months I crashed at hers every night, with a ride to and from work every day, the wedding last year was a laugh saying how we met and leaving out all the shagging.

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