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LorileiI am eastbound from the West Coast to the Upper Midwest, riding a train. Train travel has become my primary method of long-distance travel in the U.S., in addition to driving a car. I find it to be relaxing, and romantic.Today, in the Dining Car (communal seating), I was alone until a Dining Car attendant escorted a young blonde woman to my table and asked if I minded a partner. I looked up, saw the prospective diner’s face, and assured the attendant I’d love to have company.Lorilei is her name, and she was seated directly across the table from me. This gave me ample opportunity to take in her obvious youthful beauty: lovely brow, hypnotic eyes, gentle jaw line, and a smile that would light up any room.Lorilei and I exchanged introductions, and I soon discovered she was not quite 22 years old (February baby) and had just finished college. She was planning on continuing her studies, to earn a double Master’s in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Obviously, beauty and brains.I shared my background, personal and professional, with this lovely and charming nymph. As I am remarkably older than she, I kept the conversation light and friendly. As we chatted over salads, then entrees, we came to enjoy some very in-depth conversation about each other. She came from a family of “d**ggies.” I came from a family of drunks. Neither of us was about following our other family members, and each had made, or was about to make, something of ourselves. While in her mid 20s, her bearing was of a woman much older. Lorilei is a beauty, to be sure. I sized her up to be about 5’3″ 100# likely a 32A or B. She sported a clingy tank top under a white blouse that was buttoned only about her waist. Very fetching. I confess to sneaking an occasional peek at her bodice, her slight tits barely bulging the knit fabric. I suspect she sensed my glances, but did not give it away.As we’d finished our entrees, and ordered dessert (I ordered it only to prolong our time), our conversation shifted to much more personal v. family conversation. She commented that she’d been so busy at college studies, and some extracurricular activities, she’d had little to no time for a social life. I smiled, chuckled, and said “Welcome to MY world.” Often so busy with my business, I was only able to steal away for moments of social togetherness, as it were. She chuckled and asked, “Well, what are we going to do about it?” Now, if you could see Lorilei, you would likely identify a girl next door, sweet and innocent c***d. That certainly was MY vision. After her question, though, I began to rethink my impression. I smiled at her, and said, “Lorilei, if you’re trying to shock me, I fear you’ve missed the mark. At my age and experience level, it’s quite difficult to shock illegal bahis siteleri me. Besides, I could be your grandfather, at my age!””That’s why I asked what we’re going to do about our situations!” She went on to say she’d had some dalliances (my word) in high school, but hadn’t actually “gone all the way.” I said that I admired her self-commitment, and told her that said a lot about her maturity and self-respect. Her response was “Well, that was then – this is now. I’m really enjoying this meal with you. It would be a shame to leave without dessert!” Now, remember – I’d already ordered dessert for the two of us – and reminded her of that. She laughed, and said, “You aren’t that naïve, are you? Can’t be. You know what I’m talking about!” Dessert came, but it was apparently not what SHE had in mind. We shared some ice cream, and some chocolate cake. It seemed natural to serve each other with our forks and spoons. Actually rather sexy.We finished, and I tipped the Dining Car attendant. I leaned over the table and whispered, “Lorilei, I’m very flattered you see me this way. Are you sure this is what you want?” She neither giggled nor laughed. Rather, she cracked a slight smile – touched my hand – and said “Please take me to your berth!” We left the Dining Car and walked silently to my sleeping room. Upon arrival, I turned to slide the door open and guide her into the quarters. As she slipped past me, she quickly & lightly gave me a peck on the lips.Once in the berth, I slid the door closed – latched it – and pulled all of the privacy curtains closed. I turned, and found Lorilei sitting on the lower bunk (which the Car Attendant had already prepared). I sat next to her – took her hands in mine – and pulled her gently to me. When our noses were nearly touching, I whispered, “Last chance, Hun!” She responded with a full-on, prolonged mouth to mouth kiss. Initially a closed lips touch, she quickly opened her mouth and invited my tongue to enter. I did so gently and slowly, so as not to appear to aggressive. We held that first real kiss for what seemed like many minutes. Upon breaking our clench, we both gave a resounding “Whew!” We laughed again at that. I dimmed the lights so only the night light setting was active. It was great seeing her in very slight lighting. She reached out to me, held me close – with her head on my shoulders – and said, “I’m really glad we’re doing this. So much better than high school, where all the boys are anxious – in a hurry – and clumsy. I’m certain you’ll be far more than that!”I said nothing, but nodded slightly. Her blouse came off in a quick flick of that single pearl button at the waist. This left her knit top to cover her womanly chest. I began to plant light kisses mobilbahis güvenilir mi on her brow, her eyes, her cheeks, and then worked down to her neck and chest. I loved her scent. She smelled of lavender – so fresh and stimulating to me. I kissed her again on her mouth, then pushed back and said, “Lorilei, take off your top for me!” She didn’t hesitate, and grasped the hem of the top. As it pulled slowly up, I could see her flat belly. Soon, the top was over her head.I had estimated accurately what her tits would look like. She confessed to being a 32A, and said she hoped I was not disappointed. I answered her with a move of my face to her tits. Cupping one with a hand, I took the other into my mouth and tongued her tiny pink nipple. She started to pull me close to her, but I slightly admonished her by saying, “Hon, let’s not rush it!” She smiled, and then a tear began to well up in her eye. “I knew you’d be different” was her reply. She sighed, and said “Whatever you think is right!”We made out like we were 16 and hiding from our parents. It was great to be with such a young woman, who had the characteristics of a teen and a much older woman. I was very much alive, and was responding accordingly. As I began to breathe more heavily, I guided one of her hands downward to my crotch. I placed her palm on my now-erect cock. “Lorilei, do you see what you’ve been able to do me? And, so quickly?” She smiled and whispered, “I want to see it!”I stood and faced her. She looked up, I looked down, and winked at her. She took it as a signal, and began to unfasten my pants. I was wearing boxers, and when the pants came off, my rigid cock extended through the opening of my underwear – pointing at her face.”What should I do?” she asked. I said, “Hon, whatever you feel comfortable doing!” She said she’d never done anything but stroked a guy’s cock, so wasn’t sure what else to do. “Lorilei, would you like to learn to perform oral sex on a cock?” She hesitated, but said, “Yes, I would. Please be patient with me, though.” I placed my hands on the sides of her head, and asked her to lick her lips. She did so, and I instructed he to make an O of her mouth. She opened as I asked, and I pulled her head a short distance toward me. The head of my cock, to the glans, slid into her oral opening. I stopped, allowing her to get used to the sensation. She simply held it in her mouth. I told her I was going to begin thrusting. She couldn’t verbalize a response, so she nodded her head up and down. I slid forward, then back – taking care not to make her gag. This lasted for several mi
nutes, as I pleasured myself while giving her first oral cock experience.After a bit, I stripped off the rest of my clothing. mobilbahis giriş I then attended to her clothes, as well. Other than shoes, there was only her slacks and a delightful lacy panty. Those were quickly removed. I asked her if she’d ever had her cunt eaten. She said a couple of high school boys tried, but it seemed they didn’t know what they were doing. I smiled, bent her knees upward, and parted them. Her cunt was not shaved like so many women do today. She sported it in natural state (my fave, BTW).I consumed her youthful slit as though I’d never have another one the rest of my life. Sucking the now-moist cunt hair, I found my way to her wet opening. I sucked on the lips, darting the tip of my tongue slightly into the slit, then withdrawing. Her ass began to clench, and she raised her ass up from the mattress. In reciprocating motion, I brought her the pleasure a woman deserves. She was starting to get really worked up, and began emitting sounds no one on the train should hear. I did not stop eating her cunt, but reached up to her mouth and put a finger on her lips – to quiet her down. She placed a forearm over her mouth, and was as quiet as she could be.I continued to eat her cunt until she orgasmed. She was getting really sweaty (something I REALLY love about a woman), and as her orgasm subsided, I pulled from between her thighs. I kissed her full on the lips, so she could discover how wonderful her cunt tasted. She sucked on my lips very aggressively. “God, I’ve never had an orgasm like that – even using my toys!” I smiled, spread her knees further apart, and slid between her thighs to penetrate her love slit. I had her reach down to guide me in. While not needing the assistance, I wanted her to know what being love partners meant. She guided me inside her, and instinct took over for her. We soon developed a synchronous rhythm of grinding and thrusting. Locked together, I could hear her wetness as I slid in and out of her cunt. It was like someone slurping a frozen pop – fantastic. I’ve deflowered few women in my life, but what she’d said was true. She’d not done anything but touch & feel & stroke. I felt her obstruction, and cautiously took small thrusts into her until I was able to fully enter. She shuddered at feeling that, and orgasmed again. I delighted in having her give me that most special gift. As I began to peak, I told her I was about to cum. I asked how she wanted it. She said, “Your call!” (I’d already said I’d been “firing blanks” since my last son was born). I elected to release while inside her cunt. When the first jet of my jizz entered her, she gasped. I emptied myself into her, then lay next to her and held her. “Lorilei, that is an amazing gift you’ve given me!” She looked me deeply into my eyes, and asked, “Is this what it’s really like?” I told her it IS, if she’s with the right guy – a guy who puts her ahead of himself. We cuddled for quite awhile, and I asked her if she’d like to stay. She nodded – we crawled under the sheets – and drifted off to a much-welcomed rest.

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