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Look What You Made Me Do At Work; AGAIN!Today was a very long day. I ended the day in the office doing paper work on the computer. I was so ready to go home. I took a break. Walked to the window and looked outside. I was a fairly nice day. All of the sudden I thought of you. I could imagine seeing you outside. Just imagining you created a problem for me. Remember the running joke, “boxers or briefs?” lol Well today it was boxers. The thoughts of you created an issue that could not be disguised. There were not many people in the building this late on a Thursday afternoon. Maybe 10 between all 3 floors. But still a bit risky to continue with my thoughts. So now I had a choice to make. Stop the thoughts and sit back at the desk, hiding my problem or go to a place kaçak iddaa where I wouldn’t be interrupted. I walked into the men’s room. OMG, my imagination is going insane. You were in there waiting for me. Damn, this is impossible. You were wearing a short skirt and tight lacey top. My first thought was, “what the hell are you doing here?” My second thought, the one we went with, was to walk to you quickly and kiss you passionately. We kissed deeply. I lifted you up on to the sink basin. I reached between your legs. I found two immediate surprises. One, you were wearing no underwear. Two, you were already so wet. As soon as I touched you, you moaned rather loudly. I could not believe this was happening. There are not many men that work in the building. tipobet güvenilir mi Today, only me and one other. But he happens to be my boss, lol. I would DEFINITELY, get fired for this. What the hell, we’re already at it now. I dropped my pants. I was throbbing. I slid my very hard, throbbing cock into your very wet pussy. OMG you felt so amazing. I moved in and out very quickly. You again began to moan. I said you needed to be quieter. You began to laugh. Then you intentionally moaned louder, mixed with laughing. It was both sexy and scary as hell. I could just see my boss walking in on us. I never stopped moving in and out, faster and faster. You were getting louder. I knew you were doing it on purpose. I knew how to fix tipobet giriş this, lol. I wrapped my lips around yours. Our tongues searched for each other. As soon as we began kissing like this, you began to cum violently. We fucked harder and kissed harder. I began to suck on your lower lip. You never stopped cumming. All of the sudden I jammed deep inside of you and shot deep inside. You wrapped your arms and legs around me so tight. We held on to each other and the orgasm seemed to last forever. We were trying desperately to be quiet. Then we looked at each other and started to laugh. You let go and fell back against the mirror. I fell to the ground, literally rolling on the floor in laughter. You cover your mouth to cover your laughter as you watched me on the floor, half naked, lol. I closed my eyes and when I opened them you were gone. I was in the stall, alone but very satisfied. Then a terrible thought hit me. I sure as HELL hope no one heard the moaning and laughing with me in here by myself, lol!!!!!

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