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Long time vergin chapter 4Fully aware of how quickly Caroline could recover and having regard to avoiding any stress or trauma Rudeolph decided that the best thing all around would bet to get on with it and forget any civilities until he was safely tucked up inside her love tube. Caroline was now slurred in her voice and her arms and legs had gone limp, Rudeolph undressed out of sight of Caroline and then returned to the sofa and before she knew what was happening she was raised onto her limp feet and twisted so that she lay across the arm of the sofa, her clothing was efficiently moved out of the way in order that Rudeolph could breach the gap and invade her cunt before the muscles realised what was happening. Rudeolph found himself praying that the d**g would work and the muscle relaxation would allow a repeat of the hotel experience when he had been able to penetrate the barrier and enjoy Caroline’s cherry.He need not have worried as he felt the tip of his cock rub against her clit and then down the channel and into the waiting tube. A further thrust trabzon escort and he was inside, and he also felt, or was it imagination, that Caroline also responded and then with each forward thrust he waited to see if any response., Inwardly he was hoping the Baclofen would be wearing off so that Caroline could join him and hopefully enjoy the feel of a throbbing cock in her cunt for the first time. Holding her hips he leaned back slightly in order to maximise the penetration and this time he was sure that when he hit the cervix he was sure she pushed back. He continued and sure enough it was a matter of minutes and Caroline had the strength to use her arms to support her weight, and her groin was now trying to control the muscles which were trying to eject the invader against her wishes. Rudeolph now felt comfortable enough to reach around and take Carolinas tits in his hands, and give them a gentle squeeze. She was rocking now and the nipples enlarging beyond the space available in her bra, Rudeolph was only just managing to keep his escort trabzon cock going and was concerned that if he took it out to change position he may not get it back in, He was desperate to be facing Caroline so he could see the reaction in her eyes. Reluctantly he had to settle for where he was, his cock was now back to full size and the muscles beginning to relax again.Caroline spoke saying that this was heaven and she could even feel his cock swell, she had on many occasion held a cock as the juices spat out and was used to the knot rising up the shaft, but to feel in inside her was unimaginable for her. Rudeolph despatched all he could muster from his balls and duly covered the walls of her quite full cunt and held still as long as he could. Slowly the now flaccid cock started to shrink and slowly slid down and out into the open air.Still unsteady Caroline managed to regain her seat on the sofa and seemed very amused to feel sperm trickling out of her body and down her thighs; slowly she gathered it up with her fingers and proceeded trabzon escort bayan to lick them clean. Rudeolph sat next to her, still totally naked, and just leaned across and kissed her gently. Caroline reacted positively and still felt no remorse as far as hubby was concerned as she was sure at the moment he would at that moment be very much engaged screwing any willing female/s who staying at his hotel. Rudeolph was chatting away to Caroline and asked if she had been abused as a c***d, and that could be why her brain acted defensively whenever anything went anywhere near her pussy. She reassured him that’s not the case but when she was 10 she had seen her mother ****d, by a very large monsterous black cock that nearly split her in to, and a very violent assault had taken place which lasted over an hour and her mother was devastated for ages afterways. Rudeolph did not pursue the matter but wondered to herself if her subconscious had taken this and decided to ensure she would never have the same occur to Caroline.They enjoyed a few drinks and good conversation for the rest of the evening and agreed they would have a repeat sometime later and Caroline would also try to get her hubby to continue and see if there were any positive changes to her responses to his attempts to penetrate her.

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