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Long awaited office affairThe moment she walked in for her interview, I knew I wanted her. She was 21, had amazing curves and huge natural breasts, drop dead gorgeous. We got through the interview, and of course I hired her.For months I enjoyed her from afar, knowing what HR would do if they got ahold of ANY of the thoughts that ran through my head every time I looked at her. I tried my best not to get caught, but she eventually noticed. We would occasionally have mildy flirty interactions, a little joke or a light innocent touch, yet I had to keep it professional. That is, until a year and a half after she started, when she came to me to put in her notice.I wished her well as she left. A week later I texted her asking how her new job was. She said she was enjoying it, so I suggested we go out for drinks so she could tell me more. We agreed on a place near her and met that evening. I found her at the bar when i walked in, wearing a spaghetti-strap shirt and yoga pants, showing off way more than she ever had been able to at work. We talked about work, on both ends, and about personal life. The conversation was flowing, the “innocent” touches became more frequent and less innocent, and then it happened – during a brief moment of silence she turned and kissed my neck, then up my neck, then I turned and we made out at the bar like a couple of teenagers. Needless to say, I had the bartender give us the check, paid and we walked out to her car. I pushed her against her driver’s side door and kissed her deeply. She grabbed my cock through my pants and pushed me away, squeezing it hard. She looked at me seductively, walked in front of her car, pulled her pants down and bent over the hood. She didn’t have to say a word – I was instantly behind her, fucking kırklareli escort her over her car in the middle of a parking lot. I reached up and pulled her shirt down to expose and grab her massive tits. As I squeezed her nipples she started to scream and squirt. I began pounding her hard, until she stopped squirting. I told her “that was fucking HOT!” She said “that was nothing, fuck my ass and I’ll gush like a fucking fountain” (yes, that’s a direct quote). I told her we should go to her place and we hopped in my car.A few minutes later we were pulling into her drive. We barely made it in the front door before she dropped to her knees, pulling my cock out on the way down, and proceeded to show me just how good her blowjob skills were. I was so worked up by this time, I pulled her off and told her I was about to cum, but wanted to work on her first. She gave me the same look she had given me outside her car then went back down on me. It only took a minute before I exploded, and when I told her it was about to happen, she took my cock as deep as she could, and stayed there for my entire orgasm.Swallowing, she stood up and we walked through her house. She led me to the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine and poured a couple of glasses. We sat and talked for a bit, as if nothing had just happened – just having casual conversation again while drinking a nice cabernet. She excused herself after a bit, and I sat at her dining room table sipping the wine, thinking about everything that had happened in the past hour. I was stunned to be there, now knowing what her pussy feels like, and what her mouth feels like while I’m cumming. The smoking hot girl half my age who I lusted after for a year and a half now has me sitting in her house. Then kırklareli escort bayan she returned…I almost choked on the wine when I saw her walk into the living room. She was dressed in extremely sexy lingerie, and stopped right as she walked in to let me enjoy the view. All I could saw was “wow”. She walked over and asked if I liked it, I replied by grabbing her, pulling her in and kissing her again. She looked at me and said that she expected to get fucked again tonight.As we headed towards the bedroom, through the living room, I pushed her down forcibly on the couch. She smiled at me and said she likes it when a man takes charge. I kissed all over her body, slowly removing her lingerie. As my lips worked closer to her pussy she began to moan. I slid a finger inside her, then two, as I made circles around her clit with my tongue. Within a minute she was breathing fast, her moans grew louder, the she screamed “I’m going to cum on you!”. Seconds later I was greeted with a stream straight to my face, I kept licking and fingering her while she soaked me. When she finished, shaking, I immediately moved up and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it like it was her last chance, stopping a couple times to take my balls in her mouth while I fingered her again. She came again and I stood up and walked to her bedroom. It was a minute before she walked in. I was laying on her bed, cock hard as a rock. She climbed on top of me and we began to make out. She grabbed my cock and slipped it inside her, riding me hard. I grabbed her throat and squeezed a bit – she started fucking me even harder. I let go of her throat and slapped her lightly. She smiled and said “do it again”. I slapped her harder. “Again”. I smacked her cheek hard escort kırklareli enough to make her head turn away. She turned and smiled, “again”. I smacked the other cheek, then her tits. She was grinding on me like crazy, moaning like crazy, and came twice. I pushed her off and put her on her hands and knees. I got behind her, lightly touching her legs, ass, and back for a minute. I wanted her to anticipate what might come next as I savored the view. I bent down and slid my tongue inside her ass, reaching under to rub her clit at the same time. Just as I expected she went crazy. I continued to lick and tongue her asshole as I rubbed her clit until she was at the edge, then I sat up and slid my cock in her ass, just as she had suggested earlier. I began slow at first, but her asshole sucked me in, and I could tell she was loving it, so I grabbed her hips and began pounding away. It wasn’t even a minute before she screamed that she was about to cum. I felt the flood on my balls and I continued to fuck her, and didn’t stop until I could tell her orgasm was over. I pulled out and looked down to find, literally, a pool on her bed. She was shaking, almost laying completely down, yet careful enough to keep her body off the wet spot she had just left. I was amazed, and wanted to actually see it happen. We took a break – got her some water while I put a couple of towels down to soak up what I could. After a few minutes we were at it again, this time I had her on her back, I was standing at the side of the bed, put her legs on my shoulders as I entered her ass. I began pounding her while rubbing her clit and again, it didn’t take long. The flood that came from her pussy as I fucked her ass was epic, I’ve only seen squirting like that in porn. There was, as she had told me, a fountain that hit my stomach as I kept pumping her ass.We ended up fucking for hours that night, and I came 3 more times. I couldn’t even tell you how many times she got off, over and over again. She was insatiable. It was the hottest sex I have ever experienced.

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