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Little Sissy Boy (written by request for a reader)This story is for one of my readers who made the request via my website www.6ixty9ine.orgIt was only a matter of time before my wife discovered what I am, and I discovered her need to dominate and control me.We worked different hours and I was often in the house alone which only encouraged my kinky tendencies. When she was away or had meetings she would get up and go to work early and I would stay home until it was time to go out. It began innocently enough I suppose with looking at things on the internet and whilst my wife is an incredibly sexy and curvaceous woman I knew I needed more.I began to look through her drawers and her wardrobe to find the sexy and sluttish outfits to wear after she had left the house. I would get so excited as I tried on her stockings, heels, suspender belts, panties and bras, and even her nighties. I would dress up like a girl and often go online in chat rooms and sometimes even on camera. Then I would wank my rock hard throbbing cock before undressing, taking a hot shower and going to work.I suppose I have been cross-dressing off and on since I was about 19. But I always have the desire to crossdress and I have always wanted to share that with my partner. And I have always wanted to be submissive about sex, and let my wife dominate me.But of course it’s a secret I carry around and often I am forced to act like a dominant man during sex.As time went on my lingerie longings increased and I began to dress everyday, so it was only a matter of time before I was caught by my wife and I wasn’t prepared for her reaction. I started getting sloppy about putting her clothes away and more than once she would ask me if I had seen a particular pair or panties, or a bra, or night gown.One rainy morning, I fixed my wife’s breakfast, kissed her off to her job, and then went back to sleep for an hour. I woke up hard and began my usual routine of dressing up in the silk and lace of my pretty wife’s clothes like the secret sissy that I am. I picked out pink holdup stockings belt and white lace panties. The panties were always my favorite and I wore them almost everyday. I slipped on a pair of very slutty red high heels that my feet barely fitted in. Then I fastened a red lace bustier. To finish my ensemble, I placed a lace white silk teddy over my head that went down just past my bum. I went into the bathroom and put my hair in pig tails, applied eye shadow and white makeup to my face. And topped it all off with my wife’s deep red lipstick.I looked at myself in the mirror and twirled around checking my arse out, making female sexy faces and sprayed some perfume on my neck. Then I walked back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed and began to log into a sex chat room. As the room logged in I saw that two of my favourite pervy guys were also in and said ‘Hi’!Seconds later and suddenly I heard a noise just outside the bedroom and the door swung open. I just looked up in horror as my wife emerged through the doorway with a look of shock and upset on her face. I was panic stricken and as I was caught in the moment I couldn’t decide whether to crash the laptop in order that she wouldn’t see me putting on a sissy show for guys or running to the bathroom.“I can explain!” I blurted out through my painted lips. “You see, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I am working on a play at the acting group I am in and this is method acting. I am trying to get into the head of my co-star.” I begged my wife.“You are caught you little sissy!” She almost spat the words out. “I caught you cross dressing in my clothes. You have been caught red handed wearing my clothes and by the look of your cock you really enjoy it!”.“No, you don’t understand, I was just rehearsing for the play. Please believe me?” I pleaded.“It’s bad enough that you have been stealing my lingerie and expensive sexy outfits to dress yourself in. You have been stretching them all out, forgetting to put them back in the proper place, and using all my fucking make up!” Her anger was rising as was her voice. “Don’t lie to me on top of all that and say you are not secretly wearing my clothes, when it is obvious that you love to cross dress because you are a girly boy!”This was the first time I had heard her use that phrase and my cock jerked involuntarily.“Well? Isn’t that true you’re a little sissy slut?” She said as she glanced over at the laptop screen to see two men looking in through the camera.I quickly closed the lid of the laptop.I was speechless. I buried my head in the pillow and began to weep. It was true. I was a little sissy and had been caught cross dressing. I was so ashamed.“You know Peter, when I met you; one of the reasons why I liked you was because you were such a sensitive man. A good listener, and had a very feminine side. I still love that about you very much. I have known about your desire to dress in woman’s clothes almost since the beginning. I was waiting for you to ask me to help you. But you never did. So, I had to resort to hiding and spying on you. This is not the first time I have done it. I have watched you prance around like a little girly boy several times. I must confess that at first I was concerned about it, but after telling all my girlfriends about you, I began to see the good side of it. And I began to realize that it turned me on.” I looked up and suddenly realised that she had a smile on her face now.“It’s ok, sissy boy!” She crooned. “Mummy’s going to make it all better. I accept you and love you the way you are. Even if you are a panty slut. It’s the dishonestly that bothers me and I am going to have to punish you for it. Do you understand?”.“Yes!” I sobbed. “I am so very sorry. Please forgive me. I love you very much and don’t want to lose you.”“I want you to lay over my lap and stick that little sissy butt up in the air. Do it now.” She said.I crawled like a slug across my girlfriends lap, she lifted up my lace teddy and exposed my bum in her white lace panties. She massaged my arse for a moment, then forcefully pulled down my panties and began to spank me many times. And as she slapped me hard she spoke.“From now on you will always tell me when you want to wear my sissy clothes. Do you understand panty boy?” She said.“Yes!”, I cried. “Yes, yes.”“And you want cock too?” She suddenly asked. “I’m not gay, if that is what you are thinking. I just like to dress up in women’s clothes. It’s a very liberating feeling. I still want to make love to you. I still want you, I still love you.” I said.My wife kissed me and perabet güvenilir mi we lay down together as she stroked my cock in her panties until it was poking out of the top of the lace. I reached under her business suit and began to finger her swollen clit until she was moaning heavily in my ear.“Are you my sweet sissy boy?” She asked.“Yes, I will always be your sissy boy” I said.“Make love to me now like the girly boy that you are.” She said.My girlfriend took my hard cock out of my panties and slowly placed it in her wet pussy. She controlled my movement and I allowed her to do so.“You are such a sweet and soft lover. From now on, when I leave for work, I am going to place your sissy clothes on the bed. You want that don’t you?” She asked.“Yes, very much.” I replied.“And when you get home at night, I am going to place different clothes for my sissy boyfriend to wear around the house. You want that too don’t you my panty slut? “ She said.“Yes, I want that too.” I said.“And from now on, you are going to be both my man, and lesbian lover aren’t you? You are going to fuck me like a man when I want, and fuck me like a girl too.” She said.“Yes, oh yes” I cried.My girlfriend began to climax and cum all over my pantied cock. The sound of my lace teddy against her business suit was too much and I exploded inside of her pussy and she came. We collapsed together and held each other tightly and kissed and hugged. It was wonderful.The next day she did as she said she would and was home at
lunchtime. I was dressed in a short skirt and no panties and a bra and holdups. As she entered the room she looked down at me lying on the bed.“Strip me slut!” She said and I immediately began to remove her jacket and skirt followed by her blouse. Underneath she had a black latex bustier that was overflowing but it wasn’t until I released her skirt that I realised she had latex panties on too and I noticed some odd attachments at the front.“What are these for?” I quizzed her and immediately.She simply looked at me with a grin on her lips. “You love being able to be completely submissive to my wise and gentle hands don’t you?”I nodded.“And you are now my little play toy. My little sexy sissy that I get to do anything I want to don’t you? She continued and I nodded again.“And I bet you know what I want to do most to my new sissy boy don’t you?” She asked.“No! What?” I said innocently.“Oh now stop lying to me sissy boy. We both know what sissy’s like most. You want to have your little sissy bum all full with Mummy’s large strap-on!” She said.I gulped in fear but my cock was saying something completely differently as it started to harden again. “Yes!” I said submissively. “You are right. I want to feel your large strap-on buried deep in my sissy arse.”Reaching down she fished her hand into her bag and pulled out a large strap-on dildo before attaching it to the front of her panties.“This is to fuck you with slut boy!” She grinned.Sitting alongside me on the bed she was an incredible sight with her overflowing breast flesh and this large rubber cock now fixed firmly on place over her pussy.“Suck it!” She said and I felt her hand on the back of my neck forcing my face into her lap as I started to gag on her cock. “You need more lessons in that I think!” She laughed before tipobet instructing me to assume the position on my hands and knees. She began putting lube on the strap on and then in my arse as she worked it in with a finger.“Are you ready bitch boy?” She said softly.“Yes!” I agreed and trembled slightly.Then she began slowly inching her cock into my arse and I began to moan in pain. Then the head popped in and she slowly slid the rubber monster deeper into me. She began to slowly work the large dildo back and forth as my bum muscles stretched for her more and more and the pain started to turn to pleasure as my cock was like a rock again.“Now don’t cum just yet sissy. I want to fuck you in many positions first. I want to see you ride my cock like a good sissy every way you can before having an orgasm!” She said.It was very difficult not to cum as I lay bent on my hands and knees taking her strap-on deep into my arse. Then I heard her moan and cum and and she turned me on my back.“Now I want to see your face while I fill your sissy hole with my big man cock!”. She said.She leant down and kissed me deeply as she thrust her dildo in and out. Her tongue gouged by entire mouth as I felt her rubber cock deep inside and her tits squashed against my chest. But then she pulled out and lay on her back with the rigid monster sticking up in the air.“Climb on my cock and show me how well you can fuck it by yourself!” She said.As I mounted her large strap-on, I began to bounce up and down on the cock while she looked deep into my eyes. Her hands rested on my shoulders and guided me up and down to a rhythm she enjoyed. She pulled my hands down and onto her breasts as she released them from the latex casing.This just increased my excitement and I couldn’t take it anymore.“I’m going to cum!” I gasped almost apologetically. And seconds later my rock hard cock was shooting out all over her huge breasts more than I had ever cum in my life as a huge orgasm racked through my body.Still with her rubber cock in me I collapsed onto her and she held me still.“We’re not finished yet baby!” She whispered and I looked up at her face as she pulled the strap-on out of me.She stroked my hair and whispered nice and soft things into my ear as we held each other for awhile. Soon she led my mouth to her nipple and to suck on it slowly.“Now little sissy, you have earned the right to fuck me. I want you to fuck me just like I just fucked you!” She grinned.“I can’t get hard again!” I admitted with guilt. “Sorry!”But she just grinned looking at me and I watched as she removed her latex panties with the strap-on cock attached. “I know sissy boy!” She smiled. “That’s why you’re going to put these on!”She watched as I pushed my spent cock deep within the rubber panties and looked down at the rubber cock swaying in front of me wishing my real one was the same size as this monster.Immediately she rolled me on top of her and I slipped the rubber dildo deep into her wet pussy. I kissed her deeply as I slowly began to fuck her to several orgasms with the strap-on and I could feel my cock now rock hard again but trapped within the panties. My wife reached around and put several of her fingers in my arse and felt my cock cum deep inside the panties as I continued to pump her with the dildo.“Oh, and that’s the last time you fuck me with your cock Peter!” My wife said as she lay alongside me. “In future I’ll have the strap-on……………or other cocks and if you’re a good girl you can help me out with them!” ……………………………Follow me on Twitter for live updates of stories and adult pics daily

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