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‘little sis’ chapter twoI really recommend you read little s*s chapter one which can be found on my page before reading this.The next day Jason saw me he knew something happened. He bombarded me with questions. I stuck with my flu story. He sort of busted me in a lie when I couldn’t produce a doctor’s note to retake the test without ten points taken off. All day long he kept saying ‘why would you lie to me.’ I knew he wouldn’t drop it. This boy would hound me until death to know why I skipped school on my eighteenth birthday.I lied my ass off and I’ll probably go to hell. I picked out one of our mutual friends who we both knew had a bad news boyfriend. I told him it was a personal female problem. He wanted the dirt and the gossip. I thought on my toes and said we waited for my birthday so I could legally drive her home from the abortion clinic. I know I’m no angel. It was a split section decision. I made him swear on our beloved shared teddy bear that he would keep that secret to his grave.We don’t fuck around when we swear on the teddy bear. I was so serious about not ruining this girl’s reputation I made him unseal the case and whip out the old ragged blue thing. He hugged it like it was the best thing he could ever hold in his arms. It was that moment I fell in love with him even more than I loved his brothr. We both felt it.He grabbed me and smooshed the bear between us and I thought this boy has been my world for eighteen years. The evening sun was shining in his hair which had gotten a little fuzzy. Pressed against him I realized he was taller than his brothr. He wasn’t built up like he just flunked out of boot camp. But I could see how carrying those heavy drums all damn years toned his shoulders, his biceps, his whole arms and damn his legs where thick. But it was his hands holding that bear that really caused trouble.His brother had big hands but he had bigger ones and from playing video games I know he has supreme fine motor control. Then I thought about the rhythm of the drums. He must have seen those thoughts flash through my face. He put one of those huge hands on each of my face and tilted my head for a kiss. I wanted it so bad. Most of all I was scared adding sex to my best friendship could ruin it. All I could do was cry. I snot when I cry so I was just this gushing fountain of tears and slime. I put my head on his shoulder and mumbled all my thoughts incoherently in his ear. He had ten minutes of your all I’ve got, I’m scared I’m not good enough, you deserve better, I fucked up really bad was a secret confession he didn’t quiz me on. He kept apologizing and petting me and saying he would never do that to me again. Before I thought of the repercussions I busted out with ‘I want you to. When I’m ready.’ He looked so happy. I thought he looked in euphoric levels when we went to concerts. I thought he had a huge hard canlı kaçak iddaa on when we saw Tom Petty. But he looked happier than I’d ever seen him. He whispered ‘I want to take it slow.’ We both agreed if we just tried to hop in bed it would be no more than incst. He looked at me with this shit eating grin. ‘Do you think we can make it till prom?’ I don’t do school functions but the idea of showing up with the boy who people considered my brother and rubbing all over him all night was so enticing. I wanted the limo, the tux, the hotel room. And most of all I wanted to fuck him. It may be wrong to want to compare brothers. But I never claimed to be an angel. Halina is my name in case you ever wondered. I either get called ‘hal’ or ‘lina’ I have adjusted. Scott almost gave our secret away when he called me ‘lina’ instead of ‘hal.’ So that’s how I agreed to prom night. That’s how the younger brother got under my skin even tighter than his brother. It was a damn mangled blue teddybear. It was his height and how easily he held my whole head in his muscular fingers. I couldn’t kiss him yet but I could curl up beside him in bed and let him hold me. We did it as toddlers and stopped around eight when we started war over wrestling. It was time to do some serious talking. I was scared he always had feelings for me. He assured me that he didn’t even think of me as a girl until I started dressing like one. He told me to personally thank my friend jen for teaching me how to use hot rollers to tame my frizz ball and give me bouncy curls. He told me it was hard for him when I got contacts. He said the sweetest thing. ‘As soon as those huge wire glasses were off your face I knew you were the only girl who would ever fulfill my fantasy.’ He confessed to maliciously chasing away boys trying to use him to learn about me. I punched him hard in the back of the head for that one. When I asked what he said about me he laughed his ass off and said he told men I was a ‘frigid bitch who wouldn’t put out because of daddy issues’ I almost peed my pants. Then he busted my balls for preventing all his teenage exploits. I loved it. He was cocky just like his brother. He leaned on one shoulder and ran his hand through my hair. ‘You probably think I’m some band geek virgin.’ ‘I told him he was a band geek and he should get laid if he is lowly enough to march in a fucking parade. I wanted names, details, a full sexual history. I thought I could keep a secret but damn he was a whole slew of deviance that made me so horny. He knew I didn’t like him to date on Friday night so he waited till I passed out had girls come to his yard and they fucked him in his car. I knew he was hot and girls chased him. I just didn’t realize the magnitude. He told all his flings that sex meant nothing, I was like his twin, I didn’t want him fucking, if you brag about this, canlı kaçak bahis I’ll take you down. No girl had the balls to brag to be about fucking my man. I figured they wanted round two. Looking at his cocky smirk made me want him so bad. But I grilled him for more information. I was pissed he let two cheerleaders blow him on a bus ride. I called that disrespect. He knows how I hate cheerleaders. Finally, he unleashed the secrets of band camp when he lost his virginity at twelve. I told him if we ever have c***dren they are not allowed in band. The way he smiled at me melted my heart. He simply said ‘I wanted to make babies with you the day your glasses came off.’ Then it was my turn to unlock my minor sexual indiscretions. I was honest. I told him I really like to kiss boys. I told him drama was perfect for me because I could find some boy to kiss. He asked me if I ever went further. I couldn’t tell him about his brothr. I did describe the time a senior went down my panties and fingered me till I came so hard I thought I would die. Telling that story I turned him on too much. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly. I stood up like a snake bit me and screamed ‘we are waiting for prom.’ Just like his cocky older brother he whispered ‘you’ll never make it to prom’ Then it became a dare like our old remote battles. ‘I can make it to prom motherfucker but I am going to tease you so bad you cum in your pants over and over.’ He had to get the last word in with ‘you’ll see.’ You would be shocked how well scott and I pulled off our fuckfest. He knew to barely notice me. He stopped drinking. He did play hotel California a few times for me and I think I left the sofa damp. Jason was in the bathroom and I walked over to scott. I whispered ‘I need to see you tonight.’ He giggled and said ‘you want me to sneak through your sliding glass window and fuck you so hard the walls shake. I shot him my own wicked smirk and said both my parents are asl33p by midnight thanks to ambian. They won’t hear a rock concert if you bring guests. I will repeat I am no angel. I did fall in love with two brothers. One can’t fuck me till prom and this one is available. As Jason came out of the bathroom I moved away from his brother and asked scott to buy me a bottle of whiskey. Maybe that was the only clue Jason needed.I went home around eleven. I showered, shaved, put on sexy lingerie. I w
as already turned on. Thanks to scott’s tutorial on how to play with my pussy I can’t keep my hands off my clit. I was starting to pant deeply when I heard scott lightly tapping on my door. He had the bottle of whiskey in his hand and I needed a drink. I left him in my bedroom to remove two glasses from the kitchen. He had stripped down to his red boxer shorts and the bulge of his cock was pressed against his belly button. Needless to say I poured us two bahis siteleri canlı double shots. He said let’s take another, and im not the girl to argue. As I crawled into bed with the rich aroma of whiskey on his mouth I gently bit his lipHe pulled away and said show me how you learned how to play with yourself. First do it with the panties on and then wrap them around your ankles. He expertly removed my bra and I felt exposed in a tiny pair of purple shimmery thongs. Then as he started licking and teasing my nipples I had to rub my clit. He reached between my legs and said ‘I want to see how good you soak your panties.’ Now slide them around your ankles and spread your legs apart. He started sucking harder on my nipples and I could feel my wet pussy soaking the bed as I violently rubbed my clit arching my back as he sucked my tit. He could feel me shuddering all over and he knew I came.He surprised me with his next move. ‘Now little sls you will learn to suck dick like an expert.’ I was nervous. I never had a dick in my mouth. I looked at him so innocently and said ‘tell me how to do it.’ He taught me the head was the sensitive part and the flap of skin under a cut dick is super sensitive. He told me to work my mouth down while pushing my hand up. He told me to keep it sloppy wet. Men love seeing a sexy bitch spit all over there cock. Then he told me to make- eye contact.I love lollipops and licking. I was really enjoying sucking his cock. He kept telling me what felt good. He told me that I was amazing. He taught me to play with his balls. I could feel him coming so close to coming. I think he meant to pull out to go easy on me. Instead he shot a huge steaming load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed and licked my lips. Then I licked the last little drip of cum off the tip of his dick.That was when Jason slammed open my door to see me licking cum off his brother’s dick. I didn’t know what the fuck to expect. Scott stood up and said ‘sorry man.’ Jason has never been violent. When he took that swing at his brother I nearly died. He knocked him out cold with blood gushing from his nose, his eyes swollen, and his lip cut from his own tooth. We both held each other and cried. He asked me how long I’d been fucking his brother. I came clean about what really happened on my birthday.He told me he knew he would lose me to scott the day we had his going away party and suddenly I was this gorgeous hot piece of nearly legal ass. I was honest. I told him I pretty much seduced him. That hurt him the most. I told him everything changed when he tried to kiss me. I told him I was serious about prom. He gave me this weird look. He said ‘you can say no’ but my whole life I wanted to tag team a bitch with my brother. I kissed him on the mouth and said ‘baby you will get that and so much more. Stay tuned for chapter 3 when prom night happens. I know this is more lovey than my normal stories. More sex in chapter 3I post every story twice as a blog before it goes through moderation. If you want more details about the characters and what happens next read the comments the first time this was posted.

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