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‘little sis’ chapter 4I was a wreck about four days before prom. I couldn’t sleep. I knew I was attracted to Jason but my feelings for scott were based on severe infatuation. I was actually painting my toenails when I heard a soft knock on my sliding glass door. I didn’t know which brother it would be. I can’t lie I wanted it to be scott. I hobbled over to the door and let him in. I had to rag on him. I said ‘I thought you were going to make me wait. He didn’t even answer. I was so not wearing cute pajamas. I was totally wearing one of the t-shirts they give you when you donate blood. It didn’t matter. He picked me up like a feather and tossed me on the bed. I told him ‘you asshole you’re going to get red toenail polish all over the bed. He shocked me. He picked up the bottle and started painting them while he rubbed my feet. It reminded me of my favorite scene in kubrick’s l****a when the older man expertly painted her toes. bahis şirketleri Holy shit did I want to suck his dick. He told me to be very still until the polish dried. He began kissing and licking up my legs. Like an expert he worked me out of that t-shirt. Unlike the quarterback who squeezed my tits like melons he focused on my nipples while I desperately tried to keep my feet on the bed. He could feel me squirming and he deliciously stuck his tongue in my mouth while using his hands to stroke, pinch and tickle my nipples. I asked him if Jason would barge in. His answer hurt me. He lied to his parents claiming to be at a hotel for a band event. He told me the name of the girl he was really spending the night with. It was my c***dhood best friend. I felt so betrayed. Scott saw my body tense. He said ‘I shouldn’t have told you that. I couldn’t help but cry. She was off-limits and he did it anyway. Scott paused to declare illegal bahis my toenails dry. He laid down on top of me and the weight felt so good. I do love the body of a man who is built. He was so tender with me. He kissed the tears running down my face and then he passionately kissed me hard enough to make me quit losing tears and focus on the hard dick pressed against my pussy. I sat up and unzipped his pants and told him I wanted him butt ass naked. He looked so sexy trying to maneuver his huge cock out of his tight fitting underwear. I pushed him down on the bed. I wrapped my mouth around that huge cock. He said ‘baby you don’t have to do that.’ I gave him and evil grin and told him I wanted to feel his load shoot deep in my throat.’ I’ve watched my share of porn. I made eye contact with him and spit all over his cock. He mumbled ‘damn girl you have skills. I kept stroking with one hand why pushing his cock illegal bahis siteleri so deep in my throat so he could hear me gag. I had tears streaming down my face. I could tell he was turned on by my ability to gag deep and hard on his dick. With the hand not jerking him off I started almost slightly pumping his balls. This time he was squirming and pumping his dick further in my mouth. I knew was getting close because he pushed my head down and begged me not to stop. All he could say was ‘I’m coming.’ I could feel that hot load shoot down my throat forcing me to swallow twice. I curled up beside him an asked ‘how I did being such an amateur?’ He laughed. He said ‘if Jason lost his chance to fuck you or experience what you just did to me then I am the happiest man on earth.’ I asked him what he had in the bag. He told me he brought lube and two vibrators one for my pussy and one for my asshole. He proclaimed I was going to prepare you for double penetration. But after you sucked my dick that good I’m only going to reward you with a vibrator in your pussy while I lick your clit making you cum and squirt five times. I guess we will save that part of the story for chapter 5.

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