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Literotica – The School Ch. 01The School Ch. 01byNeighbourhoodSuccubus©Author’s Note: All characters are 18 and over.*****Technology is marvelous. It allows the weak human body to transcend its limits and go far beyond. Star travel was possible, new alien races have been discovered and made friends of which only served to boost the already massive leaps of knowledge and technology humanity has made beforehand. State of the art medicine, genetic manipulation and many other means of choosing one’s lifestyle became available to the middle class of the planet. Robot servants, automated kitchens and prime entertainment were at their fingertips.It was needless to say that with this humanity has changed tremendously in both culture and ideals. Only those of the lower class and below have remained more or less the same as they all poured into the serving jobs. Machines did their jobs far better but many still liked an organic touch.Zamuel was not from a lower class household. His skimpy and flamboyant clothes may be 3D printed but their material is prime synth and his lean body showed the natural adaptation of his parent’s genetic modifications. He was one of many ‘sissy boys’, effeminate boys with plump lips, long eyelashes and wide hips, and was about to start attending an all-sissy-boy school in pursuit of his dreams.With a bared midriff showing his barbell navel piercing and wild shoulder-length hair, he sat comfortably in the driver’s seat as the car slowly made its way through the traffic. Makeup was important and he constantly checked himself in the small hand mirror he had to make sure his lips were the perfect rosy shade and if his mascara was perfect. First impressions were everything, father said.Beside him sat his mother, a curvaceous woman in her late twenties with a radiant flow around her. In reality she was in her forties and two c***dren behind her. She watched her son fret over his looks with her green and almond shaped eyes that he has also inherited and smiled softly.”Sweetie, your makeup is fine,” She reassured him and put a hand on his thigh. He twitched at the touch and she slowly pulled it back, fighting the frown. She was really worried for him. “We triple checked back home.”Zam sighed and settled his hands in his lap, still looking in his reflection in the mirror as he spoke. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m just really worried, you know? There were so little femboys in my school and now I’m going to a femboy-only one.”Zamuel’s parents had set him up for a tough time in regular school. There were so few there that he had trouble in adapting to the more physical classes. Leiana remembered that one day when Zam was f******n and he came back with a big smile before declaring he’d made a right and true friend. She didn’t tell Zam this but she and his father hoped that the enhanced stud would start dating him and take his virginity by this time.One touch Zamuel didn’t flinch away from was when she took his lithe hand in hers, squeezing reassuringly. “Remember what your father told you.””‘We’re bitches and crazy’?” He asked, stifling a laugh. Zamuel’s father attended the same school years ago but didn’t want to say what he learned there, seeming to want to keep it all as a surprise. Unfortunately for Zam he was neurotic about surprises and wished he knew everything he could about this place. Just applying to the school told him nothing what was done in there as their site was barred to him outside of the visitor’s corner that had vague descriptions of being a fine school for femboys of all races.Leiana chortled but shook her head. “The more you fret, the worse it gets. Just relax.”Slowly Zamuel stopped fiddling with the mirror, closing it with a quiet clap and stuffed it in his bag. He looked at the clock on his wrist-mounted commlink and saw they still got plenty of time to get to the entrance ceremony. His mother still hasn’t let go of his hand and they sat there, holding hands while they went down the road with the sun beaming down on them.It was a blessing to know that the school has classes at ten in the morning instead of at eight and earlier like his old one. At least he had time to eat breakfast properly before going. ‘It’s very hands-on over there’ his father said, leaving him more befuddled than enlightened.”Has he told you anything about his time there?” He asked, breaking the silence.”At the school? No, not really. I know as much as you do, love.” Leiana said, an apologetic smile on her face. It was worth a shot. “Where’s Farro gone? He told canlı bahis you what school?”At the end of Basic school where one goes to from kindergarten up to their maturity. Then from there they, depending on their aptitude tests, genetics and predispositions, are recommended to pick from a number of schools that are tailored to them. A student had many options, if the school is any good.”Uhh…” Zamuel tried to remember but quickly looked up his message history with his Farro. “Oh, it’s Human Resources. Wait, 57th Streiler Street…it’s right next to mine!””Oooh!” Leiana cooed. “That’s great! You two can hang out after school, then.”Her son nodded his head vigorously, a big grin on his face.Their car finally arrived at their destination. It was a veritable complex, this school. Just the front was grandiose with a huge park. Zamuel had seen many colleges are of this size with dozens of buildings and this one hit the mark right on the head. Uniformed students were milling about from what he could see as they passed by the heavy gates. It was walled off, the school, and they had to park in the visitor’s parking lot which was packed to the brim.They barely found an empty spot that, curiously enough, pinged their car with Zamuel’s name. “I get my own personal parking space?” He asked incredulously as the electric-powered car slid in perfectly into the spot and turned off.”Mmm, this is the visitor’s parking lot. I don’t think you’d be parking here in the future.” Leiana said as she got out. She was dressed in a rather tight and dark blue halter gown, her cleavage exposed with a heart-shaped hole on her chest.Her outfit is almost bland when compared to her son’s flamboyance as his synthweave had a rainbow of colours on both his thin cropped jacket and tight pants. His tall heels clacked on the hard and well-maintained pavement as he got out and slung his bag over his shoulder. It was impossible to stop his nervous tick of running a hand through his hair and slid lots of it to one side.”True. Still, kinda weird.” The pair made their way to the side door where a small port was with a security guard in it. It was a show of status to have flesh and blood guards instead of robot sentries but that didn’t mean they weren’t equipped to the teeth and bred for this kind of job.Zamuel couldn’t stop staring at the result of schooling and specific breeding’s muscle-bound chest as the man sat in the small cubby with his upper body slung over the desk. His black uniform was padded and had a tag on it that just said ‘security’. The femboy’s eyes glazed over, only seeing the strong piece of meat behind the glass pane when a large hand reached out to snap his fingers.”Zamuel, wake up.” He said gruffly, his voice fitting the bored expression on his chiseled features. Zamuel blinked twice before realising what had happened, a blush creeping on his face. “Oh, sorry! Uh, yeah, I’m Zamuel.””Good. Just put your palm on this so we can register you to our student database.” He said simply as he typed up something on a tablet before sliding it out to show an outline of a human hand on it. Zamuel pressed his hand in, saw it scan and then ping. The guard then took it back, poked it some more and set it aside before pulling out a small hand-held device with a wide nozzle. “Extend your hand. Got an idea what mark you want?””Mark?””Your mark is gonna be a tattoo that’ll last you your whole first year. You use it as clearance for first year rooms, supplies and the like. So, what’ll it be?” He explaine
d, his voice sound as bored as his face looked. It must be mind-numbing doing this for all seventy new students that arrive each year.Zamuel thought about it but some weird smacking noise he hasn’t heard until now kept distracting him. Meanwhile his mother was quiet and smiling. Finally he decided for a pair of lips. With a tingling sensation, the tattoo was ‘scanned’ onto the inside of his wrist. “Swipe it over the scanner near the door to get in. Have a nice day.”The femboy nodded, still hearing the noises that have now turned to slurping but was unsure from where they were coming from. The tall man just grunted. Confused, Zam went over to the door and swiped his wrist over the scanner. The door sighed as the locking mechanism let go of it and he was about to let his mother in when the guard grunted out, “Only you can go in. Your mother has to wait for you until the ceremony is over or go home.””Oh.” Leiana said and looked to see Zam was looking on the verge of a panic attack. What a mama’s bets10 boy. She went over to hold his head and touch foreheads. “Listen to me, Zamuel, you’ll do fine without me, alright? I’ll wait for you in the car.”He was silent for several moments, biting his plump lip and ruining his lipstick. “Now go on.” She then said, turned him around and pushed him through the open door. Zamuel nearly tripped and looked back to see her wave as the door closed on its own.All of a sudden he was alone and he looked around to see he was just to the side of the main entrance. A cloud of cigarette smoke came from the side and a feminine voice spoke.”Yo.” It was another femboy, this one in the school’s uniform. From a distance he didn’t really see them clearly and was really happy to see how skimpily he was dressed. High heels, knee-high socks with a short skirt and a tight white shirt and dark blue vest. On the breast was the crest of the school, an elaborate ‘E’ with a rose beside it. He had his black-and-white dyed hair in a ponytail high on his head.”Uhh, hi?” He said sheepishly, coming over to him as the older male took another drag. His cheekbones were a bit higher with a slant to his eyes as he looked at him, the iris a pale blue. Zamuel realised that he was shorter than him, and most likely younger, so he quickly extended his hand for a shake. “Sorry, uh, my name is Zamuel.”In response he had cigarette smoke blow into his offered hand. “We don’t shake hands here. But I’m letting you off the hook since you’re new.”Zamuel refrained from frowning. First impressions…”Oh, sorry. How is it done, then?””You’re pretty.” The older femboy said, ignoring his question. It caught Zam off-guard, leaving him confused. After a moment he did answer. “Just wave, blow a kiss. That kind of stuff.””Ah.” Zam still didn’t know his name, though. Pushing for it felt like a bad idea. “Well, uh, I gotta go. Ceremony and all.”When he was about to turn around, the femboy grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in. The cigarette fell to the floor and Zam suddenly found himself with an arm around his neck and another reaching around to cup his crotch. It was the sense of confusion that made Zamuel not resist as his eyes flew around to figure what’s going on when hot breath tickled his ear.”You’re really pretty.” His senior said as his hand worked his fly and reached inside of Zam’s pants. Like the femboy he is, he wore a tight g-string and all his assailant had to do was pull aside the pink cloth to reach his cock. Zam gasped when he felt those supple fingers wrap around his flaccid length but they began to gently stroke him once they fished it out into the open.”W-what’s going on? H-hey, we’re out in the open.” Zam then stammered, seeing people looking in this direction while his dick was out and being fondled. Why was he more worried about being seen than the fact he’s being touched? He had no idea.”And?” The older femboy responded curtly while Zam’s cock slowly hardened under his ministrations. In a matter of moments Zam’s cock was fully erect. He was average in size and a deep blush covered his powdered cheeks upon seeing himself get this hard from this. The unashamed and curt response did hit him like a brick to the back of the head and he tried to turn his head around to look at him but the arm around his throat wound tighter.”Ngh…I-I won’t do anything, alright? Just…a-ah…let go?” He asked, half hoping he’d say no and half hoping he’d say yes. The hand around his throbbing cock was getting more than just distracting as his brain was slowly shutting down. He knew this would happen, that is his legacy and his father explained to him this. It’s one of the main reasons why he avoided sex outside of masturbation. To think he’s being touched by a total random stranger…He gulped as the thought entered his mind. It was actually pleasant. The fingers working his cock were doing so expertly and they danced across his swollen and leaking head before slipping back down to stroke his throbbing shaft.”No.” Came the word and Zam let out a low groan. Deep down, while his faculties were still with him, he accepted this and the best he could do was enjoy this. “Getting harder and harder to think, isn’t it? Everything shutting down to leave just the slut inside you.” He whispered as more femboys in uniforms were arriving, grins on their faces and skirts tented. What kind of school is this?!His skin was getting sensitive, tingles pulsing out of his spine as all of the extra nerve endings bets10 giriş were starting to come to life. It was expected but he’s never been touched this way before and it felt as if he’s in seventh heaven. His cock twitched and he muffled a cry when he suddenly had his cock get pinched with fingers at the base to stop his orgasm until it ebbed away.”Ah ah aah, no cumming, slut.” The femboy whispered in Zam’s ear while the first of the seniors arrived to watch.”Savour this one, Tulis, he’s your last one!” One shouted. “Tulis got his hands on another one, huh?” Asked another.The sense of shame Zam should be feeling at this point didn’t come. Has his center for shame shut down? He couldn’t say anymore as his cock was once again being stroked while he could feel Tulis’ hard dick poking into the small of his back. Tulis roughly pushed his knees and he fell onto them, much to the laughter of the circle that has formed. A circle of aroused and beautiful femboys, Zam thought as he looked around.A cock bobbed into view, short but thick, and guided by sluttish instinct Zam opened his mouth. It was Tulis with his skirt lifted up by his erect member and Zam realised that he had no panties. How lewd and perverted!It felt like an eternity for the cock to reach his mouth, his oversensitive tongue that craved the taste of cockflesh he’d never experienced. A droplet of precum hit his tongue and it tasted…it was impossible to put it to words and everyone laughed as they watch confusion, intense pleasure and need for more mix into an expression they’ve seen many times on the newbies.”You’re so impatient, Tulis.” Said one femboy as he giggled while stroking his extra lengthy cock, thick dollops of precum dribbling onto the pavement. Zam ignored the roughness and the pain in his knees because all he needed was to have Tulis’ fat cock in his hungry mouth.And finally it happened. His fat head touched his tongue and he hissed as if his tongue is boiling hot while the kneeling slut stifled a loud cry of pleasure. The taste of flesh,saltiness of his precum and a hint of sweat was ambrosia and Zam began to explore the smooth texture of an erect cock with a quivering tongue.This seemed to please Tulis as he ran a hand through his long hair and pushed more, to which Zamuel had no problems. “You’re even prettier with my cock in your mouth.” He said and everyone laughed.”Gonna teach him how to deepthroat, Tulis? Oh wait, your cock’s too small!” Someone said and Zam felt Tulis’ grip on his head tighten. Suddenly his cock was rammed into his mouth and they were right,
he barely reached the entrance to his throat proper Luckily for Tulis Zam was a virgin and didn’t know better, if he had the faculties to know at this moment.Zamuel nearly choked nonetheless, gagging and trying to spit it out but Tulis kept himself hilted until the gagging abated. “Shut the fuck up, Julius, Madame Hera didn’t even let you touch her with that crooked knob of yours!”That’s the last thing Zam heard before his entire world was boiled down to the thrusting cock in his mouth and how to please it best. Maybe if he wriggled his tongue while exploring each curve, each vein and groove? He gauged his performance on Tulis’ cute face, gazing up at him with half-lidded and nearly glassy eyes as lust consumed his mind. He’d only seen the look of focus Tulis had in those porn holovids and the way he bit his lip came across as cute in his lust-addled mind. Looks like he’s doing good! Dollops of precum dribbled out of Tulis’ cock whenever it twitched and each one was savoured by the lusty virgin. In his head he wondered what another man’s cum tasted like, having only tasted his own, while waiting for the impending orgasm that was building up in Tulis’ pouch. He didn’t dare touch his balls, though, lest this wonderful thing end too soon.Soon enough the twitching was getting more frequent as Tulis panted, groaning while he held Zam’s head still and finally he hissed and slid his cock all the way in when it began to pulsate and spurt out his thick cum. Zamuel’s mouth filled up with salty and bitter sperm that nearly made him gag from the taste. It felt as if he’d taken cigarettes in liquid form. His hardon died and slowly his brain turned back on to spit it out onto the grass.”Oooh, Tulis! Shouldn’t smoke so much.” Someone said as the boy with the long cock approached and began to piss all over the spat out cum, as if to mark it like some b**st. Tulis looked angry and dried his cock in Zam’s hair before pushing his skirt down and leaving through the crowd.Zam was then left alone as the students dispersed, talking amongst each other like what they’re gonna eat, drink. And fuck. By the time Zamuel got off his knees, the ceremony was starting…

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