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Lisa n Marks A/C repairHot Night with Lisa and Mark, Sue too.Nick was the best Boss, I never thought what my new Venture in finding a better paying Job. I did like my job, but worked my butt into the ground, Heating and Air cond. great certain times of the year. Summer was the best me being Bi was great I did service you be surprised when people get hot they do not wear much clothing, well Damn. remember one call it was over 100deg. 4:30 in afternoon after 7 calls fixed most of them. Long day the office called well kind of begged me to go by on my way home get her close friend A/C working. She told me I will like her G/F she’s G/L but married. Told me He was real cool. So, give me the address. 10 min. later I was at their front door, kind of dirty and sweaty long day, When that door open in a French cut swim suit was the most pretty blonde all over me thanking me just for coming by, OK Hun show me the A/C tell me what happened when it went out, she turned that bubble butt at me said follow me, it’s out back by the pool, she told me what happen the day it went out and did not hear a thing but think how lucky of a man her hubby was, I made her tell me again Hun had my mind on something else, must have been the heat, She giggled some. Heat buster she said, or this turned around sexy wiggle that ass gave me a good show, even flashed her little boobies, just as she was showing me her body off. Damn I came back with a quick one, Heat of the Meat. Her Hubby came out of the house caught her showing off. Glad you got the A/C guy here such short notice, enjoy the view want a beer pal. I was speechless, I looked at the A/C and almost knew the problem, I even had the part just a fuse. cleaned the A/C replaced fuse 20 min. running. it was Friday night they asked how much do we owe you. They were standing there Necked His Big and Fat I was like a deer in a cars headlight. Mark said see something you like boy? Yes Sir, I replied Mark and Lisa liked to share he was Bi to nice fat 9″ Butt Busting Cock total into anal, the Dom. Top both ways. Lisa said, get necked jump in the pool? Cool us down, wait for house to cool down. God, it was fun I ask Mark can I eat Lisa pussy, He had me face down, she was spread, bald pussy very cute ass hole, Mark had my BB little out of the water, jacking my cock, Lisa told mark Eat that ass/pussy before you fuck it Daddy, I did like being a Sissy bio/boy slut. Her pussy, so yummy but I enjoy playing that part, my cock was hard asking him can I fuck her? NO, she is not on the pill we been trying to have a c***d, no pussy for you Boy, ass later. Slapping my ass good now let’s go fuck around do some male bonding boy. Now for the rest of this hot afternoon a/c repair oh what a night.What do you say to a very hot necked young couple, when Mark grabbed me lets go shower, grabbing slapping my butt cheeks kind of hard to, grabbing my butt squeezes told Lisa, Greg and I going to shower get ready to do some bonding right boy, he asked me. Yes, Slap my ass, Yes who boy? He demanded. Yes Sir, mmmaaaarrrkkkk, he slapped my other check hard, oww ouch that hurts Sir. now get that fagot slut bio ass down the hall, it was still hot in the malatya escort house, but I heard the doorbell ring, Lisa said I got it. Mark stopped me in the hall standing there my Cock standing straight 8” and my red butt I heard a female voice, nowhere to hide. Mark told her check my bio/boy toy Greg. I’m Sue nice to meet you fag, grabbed my butt made me jump, damn he fixed you’re A/C to nice butt Mark, she said. We are trying to get the shower going, I heard Lisa tell mark don’t be to mean on your new fuck toy. I looked at my white butt 2 big hand prints, as mark walked in saw me looking at my butt, nice BB boy. It’s going to get a lot Redder, Lisa has company for you and her as you see, her dike G/F with a nice strap on, about this size showing me his, jump in that shower boy wash it suck it while I wash you up some? He had an Enema bag hanging and grabbed it, filling with Luke warm water full, don’t be shy faggot lubing the big nozzle, straddle the toilet, bent me over, slipped it deep, thank god, I had a light lunch, filled my belly. God, I told him this is easy with help. Good slut fag not you first, work on my dick some then I will pull out and you know what to do? Yes sir. Pop what felt like a wood paddle, then pop on the other. I had a full belly ok boy I’m pulling and I sit down a boom oh what a feeling, good boy nice clean already jump in I will clean your pussy real good, mark was a big guy like 6’6” 235 lbs. long arms had me bent over cock in my mouth, slipped the nozzle easy in my ass/pussy, water coming down on my back n butt this was almost as good as sex, told me let it loose boy I did , good boy nice n clean, one more he empty the bag, I heard giggles from 2 ladies now, nice butt huh mark slapped my wet but soaped it and lets dry off this slut girls. Meet Sue my g/f Lisa said she had her strap on cock on it was huge and black, Lisa said that’s mine, then you’re going to get it to ok? When marks done with you, I want to see a double anal ok I think. pop pop from paddle marks I mean, yes mam. Now Lisa, Sue told her, big paddle in her hand get on all fours slut pointing at the bed. As Sue paddled that cute white bubble butt red, Lisa begging please I won’t tease strangers anymore mommy, sue said to her and us that what you always say, her big black cock was so mean and poor Lisa butt red and hot she rubbed it around Lisa’s anal hole, she look at me said this hole is yours. Looking at my hard on 8” + no pussy for you boy ok yes sir, I said.Mark had me bent over, sucking his cock best I could he paddled my ass good, Sue had Lisa ass up head down fucking her good, Lisa slow down, and pop ouch Lisa yelped, fuck back bitch, pop pop pop Lisa’s creaming I’m Cumming sue sure knew how to work her good was Cumming to? I felt mark move behind me, showed me a fat butt plug, you know where this goes after I cream your ass/pussy yes sir. Marks head of his cock fat 9” was lubed trying to slip it in my rectum, aaaaahhhh ffffuuuccckkk the fat head popped in and slowly after 5 minutes he bottomed out he put the butt plug in my mouth kept me from waking everyone up a mile away. Nice azz fag fucking cum slut, god this hole so tight malatya escort bayan good pussy fag. The girls were watching us fingering each other. We fucked on off next half hour made me cum all over the sheets him deep in my belly, ok fag spit out the butt plug, and it pulled out my mouth and slipped it right in my fresh fucked azz nice no mess boy, He said, Sue never fucked a fresh fucked azz, not too many boy azzes at all. Take a quick break and show her how much azz/pussy is tighter they are? I looked up seen Sue get up from behind poor Lisa red round Butt, pulling that huge out of Lisa sweet pussy. Said to Mark come eat your sexy slut wife ass, looking at my big black butt plug my ass up high wiggling, my belly was full of cum, trying poop it out oh god almost. I then realized mark was laughing and giggled, I said Mark that plug. Yes he said I put the bigger one in, Sue will help you when she’s ready, POP from that big paddle on my Cheeks Pop POP POP, another ten swats, Sue was into being dom. My poor BB red heated and bounced every swat, oww oh. I was begging her please, OK fag, She was between my spread out legs running her big cock head slapping my cheeks with it, Told me Faggot hope your ready sloppy seconds here I cum, pull out that plug and reentered her fat cock head Nice no lube plenty of marks cum, but that fake black cock was huge, she was Cumming fucking, I could feel a vibration, the other side of her strap on had a nice type cock that wiggled her clit when she was fucking it worked faster, harder She fucked better and harder than most of my male stud. Sue was really good almost thought I had a Power Top, she called me every name, faggot bio nice fuck hole making me cum, I’m going to cum in you slut a lot more than any man, I would slow fucking back and POP n POP a few times on my bare bottom, ouch that paddle stung real bad I said, i
t hurts mommy, good she said, it supposed to hurt sissy faggot, giving my poor bottom real quick n hard swats, she had me spread on the bed legs spread ass up on a pillow, hard to get to my cock. I see Lisa and mark were watching the show, cheering her on, fuck that fags ass, mark told her let up some and bring that ass up, the bio got a cock to play with get him all hard for Lisa’s ass, and yours if you like, she had to grab my hips lift up hard I was flatten stiff, oooohhh I moaned, you heard the man fag, looks like Lisa going double, I was hard in seconds, looking over as Lisa was riding marks big cock. She grabbed the butt plug pulled out of my ass put it in place, whap that paddle on my butt checks, pop owl oh ahh 10 more real hard swats. Looking at that fine bouncing BB of Lisa’s. damn Sue told me get up fag I get to watch, she told me I had a real nice cock for a sissy, get over there and fuck that hot ass of hers, ok, finally that beautiful bootie no g string but a very large fat cock she sat on, mark was wiggle them soft red butt cheeks, oh man he I am moving in back here you two, cum on in stud. Mark was a few inches longer but mine was fat, Lisa was squealing cumin calling us bad names telling mark greg he’s in my ass it’s fat huge awfuck a lot of OMG’s I told her escort malatya hurts so good huh slut? My turn to slap ass holding her still she was doing most the work, sue told me set up n smile a kodak moment on VCR. Mark and I balled Lisa then took that lovely Hershey HI way we both came about the same time. Well we all fell asleep all necked n wet 2 am. I woke up my face was looking at Lisa’s BB in the middle of her curvy back. Mark and sue were up had coffee, he was sipping sue was on her knees trying not to gag on marks huge cock. I said am I in heaven Damn you’re a lucky fucker Mark Sir, she wiggles them bun’s and got up and grabbed my cock still dirty from her butt, wiped it something wet whispered to me I want you in my pussy so bad, but mark would spank us both. Well ok let me suck it Greg, looking at her hubby saying I think we have the right person that could help us if he would? I was all ears, Lisa with a sad look on her face should I tell Greg or you Mark? Sue said a guy won’t tell another guy things like that, I was like what going on here let’s fix it? Ok Lisa said looking at mark I could see love in both, what a hot fun young couple what’s wrong? I asked. She said my Stud muffin has a very low sperm count, I thought how can that be it still had my hole wet plugged hole. Mark was all down in the dumps, Sue just could not keep it quiet, Greg they are going in for a sperm donor, ah I get it where do I sign up, I’m here to help begged mark please let me get rid of the middle man, I will be him free let’s set this up, best times etc. I’m to pooped to pop now, looking at mark all smiles I’m not ok bio assume the position pointing at the bed yes sir. looking at Lisa asking low sperm count, a lot of cum low octane he he your lucky gal, mark was all over me deep telling me next time I fuck your sissy ass you will be in my wife’s sweet pussy and me in your ass/pussy, oh oh fuck getting load he grabbed the dirty plug a told me open shut up, enjoy ass to mouth boy, mummuumm half hour later we were asleep in the bed, cum everywhere A/C was working good, we got up jumped into the shower sue and I then them two, we were drying off Sue got on all fours wiggled her pussy fuck my pussy greg. Damn I was pounding away when them 2 came in Fuck her good Lisa said she needs a real man once and a while, mark laughed a sissy bio can handle his women good let’s watch, Sue was a boss type fuck she came telling me how to fuck kind of wanting to stop, I told her my turn to show you how to get fucked can I cum in your pussy? Yes, I take my pill. Good hang on mark had to stick his cock in her mouth the next-door could hear her a lot of oh gods nasty very bad words too, hold her I’m paddling this ass good grabbing it pop pop mumuummm trying to get away from the swats gaging on cock mark came again and I unloaded in her tight pussy, we fell asleep till noon she swallowed mark not too big of mess. Lisa woke us up told me next sat night early for a middle man party, Greg you can cum by as much as you ass can last give me a break, I see I’m saddle sore, mark sir low sperm count, love you to and you to Sue we went out a few times but she liked her women thing. Can’t wait for next weekend. But these two ended up being real close friends I’m uncle Greg and still am. They had twin’s boy and girl moved away see them sometimes but happy family, if needed they could tell who uncle greg was but only if necessary.

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