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Like Mother, Like sister. Part IIWe finally get to the night club. After me and mom finished blowing James and Taye, we had to walk straight into the ladies room to wipe off all of the cum in our hair and faces. I took this time to give my mother some advice. “Mom let me say””Gina, what did I tell you?” When we are on dates you call me Carmen.””Ah, yeah, sorry Carmen. Look you should really take some pills before you have sex with Taye. You aren’t used to dealing with black guys. They are actual men.””Don’t be so silly Gina, I will do just fine. It’s just a cock.””Mom, I mean, Carmen! Taye is 22 and most likely hung like a horse. Trust me, take my advice.”No, no, and no. I will do just fine.””Ugh, fine, whatever! You are being so immature. “We should take them to your apartment, Gina. I call first shot at your bed.””What? I am not going to let you fuck on my bed. Eww, gross!””Too late! I called it first. That’s the rule.””It’s my bed, Carmen!””Not tonight. :)*Gina rolls her eyes*We finally get to the dance floor with our bulls. Mom is grinding her ass all over Taye’s cock like a teenage girl. James and I are going crazy as always. Drinking and dancing is always fun. bartın escort When we sat at our table the action seemed to get hotter. Taye is fingering Carmen as they also make out. I notice that she isn’t wearing any panties. “Oh my God, what a whore!” I think to myself. Yet I smile because I see how happy she is. She isn’t the boring Conservative housewife from before. She is now the Latina snow bunny who lusts for BBC. James and I are kissing as I jerk his gigantic cock with my left hand. After two hours in the club we head back to my place. As soon as we get to my place, mom enters my room with Taye and instantly gets on my bed. “What a bitch!” I think to myself. “It’s okay” James says to me. “You can hold on to the bed as I fuck you.” Taye’s cock is, well…. HUGE! It has to be bigger than his dads. I am jealous of my mom having that, and yet, I am also fearful. She is really going to have a tough time walking tomorrow. Oh well! I start blowing James’s BBC, horse cock . My right hand his jerking him off as I slurp away. I could feel his erection grow as I hold his cock. My mouth is totally full, as can imagine. My mother is also blowing her lover with bartın escort bayan passion. She is jerking his fat, big hard cock with such speed as her mouth goes in and out of his BBC. I start to compete against her seeing which one of us can make our BBC God moan more.”That’s right whore, show you’re mother that you are the biggest slut” James says to me.My mother gives me a smug look as she is sucking in a 22 year old BBC. She grins as she is getting throat fucked. I can only imagine what she is thinking. “I’m the BBC Queen, and I am on your bed. I can please my black bull better than you can please yours.”This made me more aggressive. I take my cloths off and bend over for James. I slip my panties off, and before I can get them away from my long legs I feel James’s BBC inside of me. My panties are between my knees as I am getting humped really hard. “Fuck me, black daddy, MAKE ME YOU’RE CUM SLUT!” I scream loud as I feel dark Heaven in my body. Mom starts to ride Taye. As she is riding him he slaps her ass so loud that I think the whole building heard the echo. He is fucking me so hard! He Completely owns my pussy at the moment. I am shocked by escort bartın how mom is taking it.The harder Taye goes the faster she rides him. James then puts me against the wall and continues to pound me. The wall, James muscle bound arms, and his black cock “grabbing” my pussy are the only things that are making sure I don’t fall. Mom is going nuts in all the of positions with Taye. As he humps her from the back he is fingering her. “OH MY GOD! Mom is doing anal!” She is being way to slutty & Brave. “Carmen, why are you doing anal?””Leave them alone” James says to me.”No, she shouldn’t be doing” before I could finish my sentence, James sticks his BBC in my mouth.”Shut the fuck up, puta. Now suck this good.”They fucked us until the sun came up. They came in our faces and bodies 4 times. The last time we were both on our knees getting splashed all over our faces & hair (again). James grabs my phone and deletes his number as he walks out. “You dumb whores don’t call us, we call you” as Carmen & I just stay in the ground with miles of cum dripping all over our naked bodies. “Gina, that was awesome!””What? Mom, they just called us whores and basically used us like cheap hookers.”But we are whores, darling. For black dick. Rule number 1: always serve your BBC master. Especially is he has a big cock!”I get the feeling that Carmen from here on will be the “big sister” that I never had. I actually look forward to it!

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