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Lessons from DuddyOur family grew up in the rockies in BC. we lived in a tiny village way up north. It was remote. We had to take a plane to go into the main town so we had to be careful and make sure we always had enough supplies to get by.So our life was quite different from most.My mother home-schooled all 7 of us k**s. Sex education was given to us by my father. It had always been this way.When a girl turned thirteen she would get to go into Duddy’s big office for the very secretive “birds and bees’ talk. Everyone of us daughters waited patiently for that ‘special’ day to arrive. No one ever talked about what went on inside that room, but us girls looked forward to it every day until our thirteenth birthday.I was the second eldest daughter. And my birthday was in 2 days. I was so excited. Every hour seemed like an eternity. But finally,… it was 3:00 on my special duddy and daughter day. I could hardly contain my excitment at reaching this milestone. After classes, Mommy had all the k**s clean off the table as usual. Then she made us all snacks and we went out on the porch to eat our cookies. Then Duddy came out smiling. I ran over to him and grabbed his hand. I practically skipped while we made our way to Duddys special office. Inside his room there was a really large desk with a big chair. On the left, there was a couch and table. I went to sit on a chair infront of his desk. “Oh no kitten,… not today. Today is a special day so we’re going to sit over here on the couch.” I squealed sinop escort with delight as this was something I had never been allowed to do before. I sat on the couch. It was black leather. I sank into it. Duddy sat down beside me.”so my birthday girl,… It’s time to start your ‘lady training’ I’m going to turn you into a woman”. This sounded so exciting to me. Mommy was a lady. I wanted to be just like her. “To start off with. What do you think makes you look like a lady? What is it Mommy has that you girls dont?” I giggled. ‘Boobies’ I squealed touching my own chest. “Yes, my kitten. But we don’t call them boobies. Ladies call them breasts” He cleared his throat and moved closer to me on the couch. “So I think we need to get you undressed so we can see how well your growing” I was a bit confused cuz I didn’t think I needed to get naked. But I did as he asked. I stood infront of him. Hands down by my side while Duddy sat back to take a good look at me. My breasts had just started to change They looked a bit puffy. Nipples still small on tiny little mounds. Duddy reached his hand up and fondled them. It made him smile. he touched them. Rubbed them amd the put his mouth on them and sucked them gently. He made some soft moaning noises. When he looked up he was smiling. “Oh Kitten,… your little breasts are so beautiful” Then he looked down at my vagina. “Oh look, you’ve started to get your pubic hair in now” I looked down too. Yes, there was some hair. Not very much. But what I did have escort sinop seemed to make Duddy happy. He took my hands and brought me closer. How about you sit on the couch here like this with your legs open. I have to check your vagina to see if its growing properly. He then got on his knees infront of me and put his face right infront of my vagina. He took his fingers and gently fondled me. He even put his tongue on it. Kind of licked the slit a lot. It didn’t hurt or anything but it did feel weird.He did this for awhile. Finally he stopped and sat back down on the couch beside me. “Now your going to learn what a boy has” He stood up, and unbuckled his pants which fell to the floor. Soon his underpants were on the floor as well. When I looked at Duddy he had this big strange thing on him. “It’s called a penis’ Girls have vaginas and boys have penis’s” He took my hand and placed it on his thing. It felt hard. He showed me how to hold my hand properly and then started to move it up and down. “This is stroking it” he said. “Duddy loves to have his penis stroked”. I could hear that Duddy was starting to breath hard. He seemed to be quite excited. He had this look on his face. Like he was in paradise. And he looked strait into my eyes. “Oh Kitten, please stroke my penis for me.” he was moving around a lot and making lots of moaning noises. Then he said “I’m cumming” I didn’t know what that meant. But as he said it all this stuff just shot out of his penis. it went so far. It flew across sinop escort bayan the coffee table and most of it landed on the carpet. Duddy made more sounds when this stuff came out. When it stopped, he took a deep breath and smiled. I wasn’t sure what had just happened but I sensed it was a special lesson. Duddy was so happy with me. He asked me to put my mouth on his penis and lick it all clean. I didn’t want to but he was pulling my head into him and forcing me to take it. I licked it clean like it was an ice cream cone. Then he told me to get dressed and he did the same. He put me on his lap and told me how much he loved me. And how he was going to give me lots of ‘lessons’ on how to be a good lady. And that I would make the best lady ever. I wanted to please him so much. So I smiled and giggled and told him I loved him. He got up and walked over to the bar to pour himself a drink. He seemed to really savour that first sip. He let out a big sigh when he swallowed it. “Good whisky” then he put his hand on my breasts to fondle my nipples through my clothes. ‘You are beautiful my little kitten,….I will have lots of fun teaching you how to be the best lady” And with that big smile he kissed me on the top of my head. Then spanked my bottom playfully telling me to go away. We both laughed as I jumped from his lap and ran to the door. But before I opened the door, I heard Duddy say “Kitten?” So I turned around to look at him. “Now you know that all lessons are a big secret. You cant tell anyone.” I knew he was serious. I shook my head from side to side. “It will be our precious little secret. Mine and yours. Oh Kitten you are my favorite daughter. So beautiful.” I smiled up at him and told him I would never tell a soul.

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