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Lesbian Paradise on earthThe story is about two long time friends who met each other afterlong time. 1st character is Sameena Khan 37 year old woman5 feet 4 inch tall breast size 36 waist 28 and handsome body whobasically work in an insurance company as a marketing managerthe 2nd character is Irtiza Murtaza who is 36 year old woman 5 feet 2 inch tall breast size 34 with handsome and sexy body.Sameena was in an exhibition withher other co-workers other personalities of business the party was very enjoyable chatting with other colleagues and talking about the different stuff about industry etc. Sameenawant to go to get drink for her self where she counters her X co-worker Irtiza Murtaza. They both don’t have good relation because few time ago they had serious issues with each other which ended up quarrel both of them don’t talk to each other after that. Sameena wearing white dress and Irtiza was in black selwar Qamis.Her Kamiss was fully fitted to her body which exposes her figures prominently specially her breast,back and her assinfect she is quite giving a good sexual attraction to Sameena which knock the door bell of Sameena’s feeling for Irtiza. Sameena “ Hi Irtiza Kaisee ho tum, tumharey samny hoon reply Irtiza tum batoo tum kaisee ho I am fine andenjoying the party reply Sameena. Irtiza wanted to leave the sight but Sameena grab her hand and said “itnee narazgi aichee nahi hoti kul ke baitee bholjao because kul guzer gaya ha aij ke sochoo. Just leave me alone said Irtiza,Sameena reply I will leave you alone first you have to listen to me. “Mujhey bara afsos ha tum jaisee friend to lose ker ka main tum se suchy dil se sorry kerti hoon please mujhy maaf ker do aur phir se maiee dosth bun jaoo Irtiza said ok apology accepted I will become your friend again but this time don’t quarrel with me again ok. Irtiza shakes Sameena’s hand but Sameena said shaking hand will not strengthen their friendship it requires a big hug after saying that Sameena hug Irtiza and they both become friends and enjoying the party.Sameena took Irtiza to separate table where they talk a lot both had meal in restaurant and after that Sameena order wine and said Aik Aik jam ho jae. They drinkwine and talk eachother. At they end they both take off whole bottle of wine.Wine is affecting Irtiza she is dizzy at the moment and wanted to go home Sameena said come with her she will drop her home so two sexy ladies takeoff. On driving way home Sameenasaid to Irtiza her home is near and she requested Irtiza to stay with her night “Irtiza please aij rate maiey sath spent karoo mainne tum se bohot saree baitdein kerne hain”Irtiza refuses but Sameena insisted so Irtiza agree with Sameena that she will spent nightwith her. On arriving home Sameena’s flat Irtiza notice that no one at home Sameena live their alone. Sameena take Irtiza to her bedroom and they both sited on couch and talk to each other. As Sameena talking to Irtiza she becoming more close to her Irtiza notices that. She grab Irtiza’s hand and told her she is very sorry what happened in past and now she is looking forward and make sure that it would never happened again. ‘’Oh Irtiza tum believe nahi karogi ke mujhy tum jaisee suchee dosthka bicherny ka kina afsos ho tha aur main hamisa se tum se sulha karma chatee the’’ ab mujhy batoo ke tumhry dil main koi aiseebaat ho tu isy nikal dainy becausemain tumhy dobarh khona nahi chatee said gently by Sameena toIrtiza. Irtiza appreciated that a person like Sameena is doing this. Now we are friends they hug each other during this Irtiza notice Sameena is moving her hand to Irtiza’s body especially onher hips and thys Sameena hand moving her body is felt good to Irtiza she didn’t tell her to stop. After few minutes Irtiza said I am very tired and my body is in pain.Sameena said to Irtiza “main tumhy massage ker daitee hoon iss se tumhree saree thaken dor ho jai ge” Irtiza reply “Nahi iss ke koi zaroret nahi” but Sameena said you need a massage and I willgive you a special massage. Sameena went to her wardruff and give a night gown to Irtiza towear it. Irtiza take the gown to the bath room and starting to change the cloths when Irtiza took out of her cloths and she is fully naked suddenly Sameena came in bathroom which shocked Irtiza in front of her naked Irtiza is standing with very beautiful body she is 5 feet 2 inch tall only two inch shorter thanSameena’s height with breast of probably 34 and her legs were very sexy it seems that Irtiza is truly made for sex like a sex machine only her breast and cuntwere covered with white braze &panty . Sameena said oh I am sorry I forgot something here Irtiza says it’s ok after that Sameena went outside. For coupleof minutes Irtiza wanted to take a shower but the water is very cold she told Sameena to active the geezer so that the hot watercome in Sameena said let me check first sometime after few minutes warm water comes she comes in and saw Irtiza ****d herbody in towel whereSameena check the water and said to Irtiza now it warm and shecan take a bath right now Sameena wanted to joined Irtiza in bath but she waited for the right moment. After taking warm shower Irtiza comes outside where she find that Sameena is waiting for her arrival in white nightee. Sameena told to Irtiza laydown on carpet she did so she put oil on her hands and massaging Irtiza at first when Sameena’s warm hand touches Irtiza’s body she suddenly flet an electric shock passes in her body this massage is giving pleasure to Irtiza.Sameena order Irtiza remove night gown so that she can massage her properly she removeher gown. Now Irtiza is in her panty and braze lying front. Sameena massaging Irtiza’s body. “ Kaisa feel ho raha thaken dor ho rahi ha na asked Sameena” Irtiza is felling so good that she never thought that Sameena would give her a good Massage which is to good for Irtiza. Sameena rub Irtiza’s shoulder neck arms ribs and her legs afterthat Sameena told Irtiza to turn over face front to the carpet so that she can massage her back.It feel very strange for Irtiza that she lay half naked front of Sameena but she thought that they are good friends. When Irtizaturn over front exposing her back to Sameena this sight of Irtiza give quite sexy attraction to Sameena. As Sameena massaging Irtiza’s back, curve of Irtiza budd gives Sameena sex signals as Sameena thinks that Irtiza is truly made for sex no matter what happened tonight she will fuck her. Irtiza panty and braze were hurdle which make it difficult for Sameena to massage properly so she told Irtiza to takeoff her panty and braze so that she give her proper massage to whole of her body.First ` Irtiza become speechless what to do become fully naked in front of Sameena or just tell her to that she don’t want to do it, Irtiza thinking if she refuse then Sameena would mind it for all thatshe is so nice to her. What’s matter Irtiza asked Sameena kia souch rahi ho. Irtiza thinking that Sameena shows her feeling to herand now she is friend to her and giving her massage. She said to Sameena “tum khudi inhee utar doo.Sameena take the panty and braze of Irtiza now Irtiza is fully naked lying front of her. This sight is quit amazing for Sameena’s lustfull eyes. With two 34’’ naked breasts with brown firm nipples and cunt with pink lipsshowing Sameena quit an amazingsight she told Irtiza that she had incredible body. It is very strange for Irtiza that she is lying naked front of Sameena but she is also enjoying the massage.Sameena took some oil on her hand and warm it by rubbing her hands and started to work on Irtiza’s sex weapons. When Sameena put her warm oily handsto Irtiza’s both breast it felt verypleasure full to Irtiza which awaken the lesbian feeling sleeping inside her for Sameena and when Sameena rub her hand on Irtiza’s breast it felt even more better that she could not control her emotions. At that timeSameena is looking deep inside Irtiza’s eyes and noticing that sheis now on right track and Irtiza is appreciating Sameena’s efforts.She is rubbing her breast from upside to downside and Irtiza put her hand in her mout
h to control her emotions. She was strating Irtiza, with one leg on each side, but not putting any weight on her. Soon the Sameena’s warm hand was easing the Irtiza’s beautiful body. After that Sameena worked lower and loweron Irtiza’s thy and legs. After that Sameena turn over Irtiza and put some oil on her beautiful budds and starting to massage them. Sameena said to Irtiza that she has a budd of a teenage girl Irtiza said thanks.After that She turn over Irtiza and poured more oil directly on toIrtiza’s cunt and started to massage it when Sameena’s hand touches Irtiza’s cunt she moaned ahhhhhhhh Sameena it feels so good. She is now rubbing her cuntwhich is very enjoyable for both Sameena and Irtiza. Sameena insert a finger is Irtiza’s cunt and Irtiza grab her hand “ye kia ker rahi ho Sameena, kuch nahi iss terha kerne se tumhy aram milga after saying that Sameena put whole finger into Irtiza’s cunt. Irtiza mound in pleasure ahhhhhh güvenilir bahis ohhhhhhhh Sameena do it. Sameena put three of her fingerson Irtiza’s cunt and started to rub it frequently “ ohhhhh ahhhhhhhohhhhhSameena bohot aicha lug raha hain please aur tiaz karoo’’ it feelso good. After that Sameena stoped and look deep in Irtiza’s eyes and leaned forward, and asked do you love me Irtiza. Irtizawas surprised and answerless andthinking how she could love another woman of her age. Sameena did not wait for Irtiza’s answer and put her lips over Irtiza’s lips, as she kissed Irtiza’s lips, Sameena felt Irtiza tighten & resist but then relax, Sameena spread her lips with tongue. As Sameena hot tongue entered Irtiza’s sweet lushes mouth,Sameena pulled her close to her body and could tell that the wine and massage had her turned on she could feel that Irtiza’s body was on fire with passion. She continued to kiss Irtiza deeply, her tongue thrusting in and out of Irtiza’s mouth. This moments are quit strange for Irtiza because she was never been withanother woman she only heard and watch it in movies but it is real for Irtiza. Irtiza is thinking that it is her dream and it will over soon but Irtiza started to enjoy the kissing and she also started to kiss Sameena’s lips andput tongue in sight Sameena’s mouth and sucking Sameena’s tongue also. It is not in dream it isreality that she is kissing anotherwoman. She was also enjoying it she never thought that Sameena is a lesbian and turn her lesbian too and she had feeling for Irtiza inside her heart.While kissing Sameena slipped her one of her hand to Irtiza’s tight breast and other on her cunt. Sameena grasped her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, She rubbedit until it was so hard,She thought it would burst. Sameena gave irtiza’s breast the treatment, until both of her nipples were hard and straight Irtiza was fully enjoying kissing and rubbing that she is getting from Sameena. Sameena was the first one to break the lips lock. She continued to touch Irtiza’s breast, as she kissed her on the cheek and ear. Sameena softly whispered in her ear, have you ever made love with a woman before? Irtiza said no, but she would love to be with her “ye mairy leye bohot ajaib hain per mujhy tumhary sath bohot aich lug rah hain said Irtiza”.Now Irtiza is fully prepared for sex as Sameena stood up, taking Irtiza hand in her, and lead her tothe bed. The night light that Sameena left on, gave out just enough light for what she had planned. She turned to face Irtiza,Sameena pulled Irtiza to her, and again she covered Irtiza’s lips withher lustful lips as their lips lock and both of their tongues are inside each other mouth Irtiza was quite enjoying it infect she had never good kiss like this before from any one. They both kissed for 4 or 5 minutes and thenSameena stepped back to get a good look at Irtiza naked & sexy body. Her sexy and magnetic bodywas more beautiful ever than shehad imagined and she was quit sex attraction for any male of female. Sameena turn Irtiza around hand hugged Irtiza from back which feel so good both of them. Sameena’s breast pressing Irtiza’s back and Irtiza’ ass pressing against Sameena’s cunt and both of Sameena’s hands were on Irtiza’s breast and both of them looking deep inside each other eyes searching the love which is lies deep inside.As she took in the full length of itin the dim light. She looked at Sameena and said, well what do you think? Sameena looked at Irtiza and said, Oh, Irtiza you are so beautiful. With that Sameena took Irtiza by the hand and both slipped into bed. Sameena rolled Irtiza over onto her stomach, press her boobs to Irtiza’s back and Irtiza budd pressing hard against Sameena’s cunt as she kissed her neck way down her back, one of Sameena hand was on Irtiza’s boobs and other was on her cunt rubbig it hard.Both of their bodies are close to each other and press hard with each other and both of them feeling each other heat. Then Sameena turn Irtiza front of her and both of their boobs pressing hard to each other. Sameena’s both hands were on Irtiza’s sexy budd(Gand) rubbing, pressing and spanking it. Sameena covered herlips with Irtiza’s lips and both of their lips lock and both of their tongues were inside of each other mouths, at that time both of them kissing each other very hardly.Irtiza moved Sameena’s one hand on her budd to her cunt, and oneon her ass and stroked her firm ass. With both hands Sameena sildIrtiza’s cunt and ass. Irtiza sweet little ass and cunt where now in full view. Sameena put her both hand on Irtiza’s sexy breast and started to rubbing them she rubbed it harder and harder which give pleasant feeling to Irtiza. Abh inhee choosoo apny moo me daloo” said Irtiza to Sameena. Sameena started to lickIrtiza’s juicy nipples one by one which gives warm feeling to Irtiza and her body is moving like a fish out of water “ ahhhh uhhhhhhh ooohhhh Sameena Choosoo inko aur zor se please zor zor se choosoo inhee pora pora suck karoo ahhhhhh bohot maza aa raha ha’’ After Sameena don withIrtiza’s breast Sameena spread Irtiza’s legs and she slipped her hand down to her pussy, she slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy cunt lips and began to rub her cunt.She could feel her pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over her fingers, Sameena inserted one more finger into Irtiza’s vagina. At that point Irtiza moaned in pleasure oohhhhhhhhh Sameena you are so special to me“auger mujh ko maloom hota ke tumhry dill me mainry leye aisey jazbat hain tu main tum se kabhi bhi juda na hotee” said Irtiza. “bus abh tum ko pata chal gai ha ke main tum se katni mohabat kerti hoon” reply Sameena. Sameena knew that Irtiza was about to best moment at any second, and could not take much more finger fucking. She removed her fingers from Irtiza pussy.Sameena rolled Irtiza over onto her back, and spread her legs. Sameena lowered her head to Irtiza cunt, and covered her beautiful pussy with her mouth. When Sameena put her lips on Irtiza’s cunt she scream in joy ahhhhhhohhh uuhhhhhhhh Sameena keep it up mujhy bohot aicha lug raha hain”. Mairy sath phelay kissee ne aisa nahi keya. She parted her swelled cunt lips with her tongue, and began to lick her straight.Sameena gently sucked her cunt into her mouth, as she nibbled on her cunt, Irtiza began to buck herhips against Sameena’s hungry mouth. Irtiza cried out, Ohhhhh Sameena that feels so good bohot aicha lug raha ha main ne aisa kabhi feel nahi kia”. Suck my cunt, choosoo issey ye sirf tumhry leye hain choosoo apni pori zuban ander karoo” Please dont stop. Well Sameena wasnt about to stop, she continued to lap at her sopping pussy. Irtiza hands were on the back of my head now, pulling Sameena face closer to her cunt, Irtiza cried out, Ohhh I am going to discharge.As her flood gates burst,Sameena filled mouth with a river of hot woman cum then Irtiza take a deep breath this is the first time that Irtiza is discharge from the hand of a woman. Therewas nothing for Sameena to do now but to suck her pussy dry, which she did, swallowing every mouthful of cum that she gave toSameena. Sameena felt Irtiza bodygo limp. She finished lapping u
p every precious drop of her love juices.Sameena moved up to lie beside her; Sameena face and mouth is covered with Irtiza’s cum then Sameena told Irtiza to clean it butSameena ordered Irtiza that she is going to clean it with her tongue. Irtiza never tasted of hercum before she 1st hesitate thenstarted to do so cleaned Sameena’s face with her tongue after that Sameena told her now my mouth. Irtiza took Sameena face in her hands, and covered her mouth with her. Both of themlips locked with each other, and their tongues met,Sameena knew that Irtiza was getting a good taste of her own cum, which was mixed with Sameena saliva. Irtiza sucked Sameena cum coated tongue into her mouth, again and again, until it was clean. As their lips parted, both lay back, and Sameena held Irtiza in her arms like a man holedher wife. For many years I did notfull satisfy from sex now I think you are the one who would fully satisfy me said Irtiza to Sameena. Many moments passed, Irtiza turned her head, looking at Sameena and said, May I make love to you now, Sameena ? Sameena looked at Irtiza and said,Yes Irtiza you can. Irtiza Irtiza said, I want to make love to you all the way, just like you did to me. Sameena said, My body is yours, you can do what ever you want to with it. Where shall I start Sameena?Wherever you want to Irtiza, Sameena replied, May I start withyou breasts first, I want to suck them real bad. Sameena said, Yes you can, if thats what you want to do. Irtiza climbed on top of Sameena and lowering her head to Sameena 36 inch breast, she began to kiss, and lick, each one of Sameena tits in turn. Sameena told her to suck her nipples; “choosoo mairy nipples ko Irtiza” she took her right nipple in her mouth, and began to suck it like ac***d sucking on its mother’s breast. Irtiza moved her mouth from one nipple to the other, sucking mobilbahis güvenilir mi each one in turn with a hungry passion.Bite softly my nipples Irtiza, Sameena said, I want you to chewon them with your teeth, Bite them Irtiza. Irtiza didn’t need to be told twice, she began to nip atSameena’s hard nipples, gently atfirst and then harder and harder.Sameena was in heaven as Irtiza sucked and chewed on her nipplesin turn “ahhhhhh ohhhhh Irtiza tum sach mouch aik aichy sex partner ho” wo aurat or murd bohot lucky ho ga jis ki tum rani banoo gi”. Irtiza Irtiza moved her mouth from Sameena breasts, and started to kiss her way downto my stomach, when she found Sameena navel she stuck her tongue in it and began to lick it like a miniature pussy.Sameena knew that she was well on her way to making love to a woman for the first time. Irtiza left Sameena’s navel, Sameena spread her legs as far as she could, so that she could get a good look at her swollen cunt. Irtiza stopped her tongue loving for a moment, Sameena said, Whats the matter Irtiza? She said, I have never seen or been this close to womans cunt before.Sameena said, Well what do you think of my pussy, Irtiza? Oh I think your cunt is beautiful, Sameena. May I suck it now and make you cum like you did to me?At that, Sameena put hands behind her head and guided Irtiza sweet mouth to her cunt. Irtiza covered Sameena twat with her mouth, her tongue parted Sameena’s cunt lips and moved deep into my love canal. Irtiza tongue moved in circles over Sameena swollen clitoris. “Sameena moaned in pleasure oooooooohhhhhh Irtiza tum phodi chattee hovee bohot aichee lugtee ho” I never think that you would become an excellent sex partner for me. Sameena could feel her cunt juices running down into the crack of her ass, as Irtiza lapped away at my pussy. Sameena said, Thats it baby, eat my pussy.Well that was all I needed, Sameena body burst. Waves of cum flowed out of Sameena’s vagina and into the waiting mouthof Irtiza. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful of Sameena hot juices, trying not tomiss a drop. Irtiza continued lapping Sameena’s pussy until her body went limp. Sensing that Sameena orgasm was over, Irtiza removed her mouth from my pussy. She moved up to lie next to Sameena. Irtiza took her cum covered face in Sameena hands and began to clean it with her tongue.Sameena licked her face, scoopingup all of her juices, and holding them in her mouth. After Sameena finished cleaning Irtiza face, Irtiza covered her mouth with Sameena. As both of their lips parted, and our tongues met,Sameena released her mouthful ofjuices into Irtiza mouth. Irtiza hungerly drank down the cum andsaliva mixture. Both of them continued to kiss for many moments, Irtiza used her tongue to clean Sameena mouth of her own cum. Both of them lips parted, Irtiza looked up at Sameena with her beautiful eyes and said, Sameena I am not your friend but I am more then a friend to you, I love you Sameenaand I will do anything for you, anything for me, yes anything foryou. Sameena moved her mouth to Irtiza’s ear and began kissing it, asSameena did this she moved her hand over Irtiza cunt. Slipping twofingers into her vagina, Sameena found her clitoris and began to rub it and finger fuck her at the same time. Irtiza said, Are you going to suck my pussy again Sameena, and want to give me pleasure one more time? I am going to do more than that, Sameena whispered in her ear. I am going to fuck your pussy and ass, and you will to love it. Beforeshe could say anything, Sameena moved her mouth from Irtiza’s ear to her firm full breasts.She took one of her nipples into her mouth, and began to suck on it. Sameena pulled at her nipple with her lips, and nipped at it with her teeth. Irtiza cried.Oh Sameena thats it, suck my tits, bite my nipples. Sameena continued sucking Irtiza’s breasts,and finger fucking her sopping pussy until Sameena felt that shewas getting close to an orgasm. At that point, Sameena removed her hungry mouth from Irtiza breasts and said, You said you loved me didnt you Irtiza? Irtiza said, Oh yes, I do love you Sameena, Sameena said, thats good, because now I am going to fuck you Irtiza. Not knowing what she was in for Irtiza said,Oh yes fuck me, Do whatever youwant to, just please fuck. Sameena removed her fingers from Irtiza pussy and slide out of bed. Irtiza said, Where are you going? Sameena said, Dont worry baby, Ill be right back. Sameena opened the bottom drawer and withdrew the device she was looking for, it was 20 inch long rubber cock which is divided from center with a strap and Sameenatake 8 inch side in her cunt and remaining 12 inch for Irtiza she put it on. And looked in the mirror. Sameena reflection was wearing a light brown leather cock which is 12inch long and fourinch thick and it is fit around her waist just like her own.Sameena d****d her robe aroundher, walked back across the room, and stepped up to the bed.Irtiza’s eyes went wide at the sight of the cock/dick/dildo/lund. Sameena ordered Irtiza “ isse apny moo main daloo aur zor zor se choosoo” darling Irtiza do so She started to suck the cock in her mouth. After few moments passed the cock became fully wetthen Sameena looked down at Irtiza and said, put one of thoughs pillows under your ass Irtiza, so that I want to be able to fuck you real good. “Irtiza said Sameena what are you planning to do I wont allow you todo that “ye bara lamba aur mota main ye nahi lesekti please iss paichy keroo’’ Irtiza took many cocks of of persons but she never saw a cock big like this before. It is sure that, if this cockenter the Irtiza cunt or ass it will injured her. “Please Sameena hamaree friendship apni jagaa permain itna bahra nahi lesuckti”. “Main pora lainee ka tu nahi kah rehi bus tum jitna lesuckti ho untna lena bus tum mujh ko bataa daina ke iss se zayada nahilesuckti ok understand that said Sameena.I love you Irtiza and I really care of you tumhy jahaa zayada dard ho ge mujh ko bata daina main bus ker doo gi. These words of Sameena encourages Irtiza and she agree to take Sameena’s Cock. Sameena take lubricant bottle and starting to put some oil on the cock and then oil on Irtiza’s cunt so that it can easily inserted into Irtiza’s cunt withoutdamaging it. When her cock is fullylubricanted she ordered Irtiza to spread her legs. She p
ut Irtiza’s legs on her shoulders and placed her cock on Irtiza’s cunt. Sameenapushed slightly; then Sameena guided the head of her dildo to the lips of her vagina and told her are you ready Irtiza answered yes do it. As Sameena pushed its slick head intoIrtiza cunt she cried Ohhhhhhhhh Sameena please stop, “ ye both bahra hain” Its to big, I cant takeit. Sameena looked down at Irtiza and said, “tum ker suckti ho mairee jaan, and pushed the dildohalf way into Irtiza’s pussy ahhhhhhh Sameena main ne kaha ha iss se zayada nahi jaee Sameena said ok she will not enter more of it. Sameena leaned forward, two more inches went up her cunt. Please Sameena, stop, I cant take any more. With one last thrust, She buried the remainder of the 12 inch latex cock up Irtiza cunt at that time Irtiza’s eyes become reddish with pain and she started to screaming and crying “ohhhhhh aahhhhSameena bus karoo please isse baher nikal loo main mer jao gee please tum ne wadha kia tha ke tum pora under nahi daloo ge please. More harder Sameena hit the deck it creat more force towords Sameena’s end and she enjoy it. Here Sameena was fucking this sweet friend and enjoying the hell out of it. Irtiza was screaming & crying in pain. After four or five minutes later Irtiza use to the pain and startedto enjoying, she put her arms around Sameena’s neck and pulled Sameena to her, in the same motion she rapped her slim legs around Sameena’s back. Irtizabegin to buck her hips wildly at the dildo, taking every inch of it into her sopping vagina. Sameena said to Irtiza How dose that feel jani?Ill bet none of your malefriend had ever fucked your cunt like this before had they? Oh no, Sameena. “mujhy phlay kabhi kisee ne isterha nahi choda jaisy ke aij tum chood rahi ho” Please dont stop, “Mujhy bohot aicha lugraha ha bohot maza aa raha hain” It feels wonderful, Well Irtizamain na kehti thi ke tum isse lay suckti ho per tum maan he nahi rahi thi ab daikha pora 12inch ka tumhree phodi ke under chala gaya” Irtiza is starting to move her body like she is moving in rhythm “ ohhhhhhhhh please zor zor se aur taiz taiz stroke lagoo ahhhhh ohhhh oieeeeeee ahhhhh mujhee aichi tahra fuck karoo ohhhhhhh pleaseSameena” ohhhhhhhh Sameena I love you please mujhy kabhi na chor ker jana ohhhh. Sameena increase the tempo of her strokes and fucking more hardly. And Irtiza is enjoying the hard fucking of Sameena she never feltpleasure like this before. Sameenacould feel her own orgasm building, as she continued to slam her artificial cock up Irtiza’s sopping pussy, deep into her belly.Sameena knew that she was getting close to, but there was one more thing that Sameena needed. She said to mobilbahis giriş Irtiza, If you want me to make you cum, you are going to have to beg for it honey, do you understand?Yes Sameena, I understand, anything you want, just makes me cum mujhy discharged karoo. Then beg me jani said Sameena, Tell me how much you love the way I fuck you, and how much you want me to make you cum, Beg me Irtiza, Sameena said. Oh yes Sameena, I love the way you fuck me, “Mujhy bohot aicha lug raha ha” Please dont stop, Pleasemake me cum. I am begging you, Please dont stop fucking me, Fuckme harder deeper, make it hurt, make me cum.Well that was all Sameena neededto pushing her over the edge saidSameena to Irtiza, and take Irtizawith her. Irtiza reached her orgasms discharged flood of cum coming out of her pussy. Irtiza discharged but Sameena did not discharge so she order Irtiza to do more but Irtiza said she can not do it right now. Few momentspassed Sameena order Irtiza to bend down face against bed like doggie Irtiza asked why Sameena told her that she want to fuck her from ass. Irtiza said that her ass hole is smaller than her cunt mouth and it will be very painful for her infect there is danger forher injury.Sameena softly gently told her when she was going to fuck her cunt at that time she said that she can not take huge cock like this but after that she take whole 12 inch inside her as well asenjoyed it also. Irtiza said that is true. Sameena told Irtiza it seemsthat she don’t love her anymore that she is lying when she is fucking her that she love her andshe do anything of her. You are abig liar and I don’t want to carry friendship with you anymore said Sameena to Irtiza. Irtiza thought for some time and then agree with Sameena that she allow Sameena to fuck her from ass only if she put half of the dick in her ass.First put some lubricant on my ass hole and your cock said Irtiza to Sameena. Sameena do so and put some oil on her cock and ordered Irtiza to bend down like doggie and lift her ass up Irtiza lift her beautiful ass up her black hole looks very sexy this sight madden Sameena. Irtiza put her both hand to her ass and stretchthe flush of her budds so that the hole could widely open and the lubricant will run down in it. Sameena put lubricant on Irtiza’s ass hole and rub her cock with onIrtiza’s budd Sameena pushed heroily finger in the hole few time, she was just laying there and experiencing what everSameena was doing. It was for sure for the first time that some woman will be fucking her ass; shestarted to spank Irtiza’s budds with her cock. Which gives good feeling to Irtiza. Sameena asked Irtiza is she ready? Irtiza answered first stretch ass hole wide open with your hand then insert cock in her ass Sameena said she will do it so. Sameena stretch Irtiza’s budds as much shecan and her hole become more wider and bigger than Sameena put the head of her cock on Irtizaass hole and pushed at first stroke Irtiza cried ohhhhhhhhhhh oieeeeeeeee Sameena main mer gai please aram se karoo please Sameena I am begging you. Second stroke she pushed five inch inside Irtiza’sAss at that time Irtiza is telling Sameena to stop please stop is it very pain full but Sameena didn’t listen to Irtiza and push all 12 inchinside of Irtiza’s ass. Where Irtiza is crying in pain screaming ohhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhh oiiiiiiieeeeeeeee main mer gai please stop I can not take it any more but this type of words did not discourage Sameena. Irtiza try to slip away but Sameena grab her tightly. She started to stroke more harder and harder and faster Irtiza is crying & screaming in pain Sameena said you slut I want to fuck you many years ago at that time when she met her first time. But I never had that chance now you are my bitch I can fuck you all that I wanted to.Sameena please bohot dard ho raha ha please bus bhi karoo mainiss se zayada nahi lesuckti please stop Sameena reply shut up and do what I told you to do it is the only thing which strength our relationship. Sameena started to move pulling out and pushing in, and the motion get faster and faster. Sameena grab Irtiza from her hair and started to spank on her ass with every stroke and saying you bitch do you love me tell me do you love me, yes I do reply Irtiza, how much, a lot, thenmujh se saadi karoo ge bitch common mairee dulhen banoo giIrtiza told Sameena how can it possible Sameena said you are rejecting my proposal you bitch. I will punish you until you accept my proposal Sameena stroking Irtiza hardly and more aggressively which is very pain fullfor Irtiza to continue she accepted Sameena’s proposal “ok ok Main tum se saadi karoo gi main tumhree dulhan banoo ge main saree zindgee tumhray sath raho gi tum jo kaho gi wo karoo gee please ab issee bahar nikkal loo butSameena did not take her cock out she is fucking Irtiza like a ragged dog fucking a bitch. It becomes very pain full to as she could not take any more and collapsed on bed u*********s Sameena suddenly notice that butshe think Irtiza is just acting so that she put her cock out of Irtiza anus. Then Sameena becomecurious and call Irtiza are you alright please answer me but Irtiza did not reply. Sameena thinkthat is too much for Irtiza was right that she can not take it any more. When she pulled her cock out then suddenly Irtiza grab the cock and said to Sameena to put the cock back in her ass,Sameena was surprised to hear these word what Sameena. “apney loray ko mairee gand maindobarhaa see daloo tumne suna nahi main ne
kia kah ha Sameena shocked and though that Irtiza is very brave woman few moment ago Irtiza was telling her to stop that and now she is tell her to put it back. So Sameena did what she told. She put whole 12inch cock inside of Irtiza ass in one powerful stroke and started to fuck her with great authority now Irtiza is enjoying the ass fucking as well as Sameena. She isin deep pleasure and moving opposite to Sameena stroke which gives extra power toSameena’s cock to hit more harder and more deeper at everystroke Irtiza encourages Sameenato push with great power more harder more deeper “aur zor se aur zor se, zor zor se apni poree taqet lagadoo Sameena bata do ke tum mairee husband ke jaga ho please fuck me fuck me harderharder deeper deeper I love you Sameena fuck me fuck me ohhhhhh yehhhh ohhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh Sameena please don’t stop mujhy bohot maza aa raha ha Sameena grab Irtiza fromhips and stroking in full power and motion and Irtiza is in full pleasure telling Sameena to don’t stop.Irtiza is moving is pleasure like shenever moved in pleasure like this before. As on top Sameena is fuckIrtiza with great authority it looks like they both made for each other. Irtiza told Sameena “ Mujhy ab murdo ke koi zarorat nahi ha aur na he main kissee murd se shadi karoon gi bus tum maira sath daina please Sameena you don’t know how much I love you. Aij se main tumharee bitch hoon fuck me fuck me harder harder deeper & deeper. Irtiza was on top of her moment. Few moments passed tight fucking of Irtiza Sameena discharged and cum coming out of her cunt she collapsed on bed. Sameena never thought that she would enjoy much as this sexy like this before,this is two good for her.Sameena removed her dildo inch, by inch from Irtiza’s ass, just as she had put it in. She moved up next to Irtiza. She removed the dildo from her waist, unsnapping the shaft from the harness. Sameena pulled Irtiza on top of her. Irtiza breasts pressed against Sameena. Sameena put her hand behind Irtiza’s budd and pulled her mouth to her mouth. Asboth lips parted, and both tongues met, Irtiza let her tongueinto Sameena’s mouth and Sameena insert her tongue in to Irtiza’s mouth. After few minutes passed Sameena removed her mouth from Irtiza.Both of them lay there motionlessfor many moments, their bodies spent, and their breathing heavily. Sameena just laid there holding Irtiza in her arms in total disbelief at what she had just heard. This was far good to be true. Not only had Sameena been able to get this beautiful woman into her bed and make love to her and spent her all life under her, now Irtiza is telling Sameena that she loves her and do anything for her. Sameena told Irtiza that “aik auret he auret kosumjh suckti ha.Kissing her cheeks and forehead, Sameena hold Irtiza in her arms like a c***d. Sameena pulled the blanket over and both gone into a deep sleep. The next morning both Sameena and Irtiza take shower together and again have sex in shower. Setting in the kitchen drinking coffee both of them talked about the night before, and how wonderful it wasfor each of them to develop a new relation. Irtiza looked at Sameena to said last night when Irtiza told Sameena that she was in love with her, Well Irtiza really meant it.Sameena said, that she was happy that she felt that way about her, and told to Irtiza don’ttell it to anyone understand, because there was still a lot morefor her. Both of them finished their breakfast. Sameena walked Irtiza to the front door. Irtiza turned to Sameena and asked, when will she see her again? Sameena replied, real soon honey,real soon. Sameena opened the door, as Irtiza turned to leave, Sameena kissed her forehead andgave her ass a pat, and she smiled up at Sameena. Sameena said next time please come in bridal dress as she close the doorbehind her.

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