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Le FeyMaggie was struggling with the mountain road, the snow was getting heavier and the surface was slippery. If they had any choice she would have stopped but there was nowhere. The satnav told her they had about four miles before they got to the next village. Checking on the map before they had started it was nearly a town so if they managed to get there then hopefully they could find a hotel. Blast the weather forecast t she thought, the blizzard wasn’t due for another four hours. They came over the brow of a hill and started down hill. Maggie hoped that this meant they were descending towards the village also thought she could see what might be lights somewhere ahead but they seemed quite a bit higher up. Then the car started to slide. Maggie was a reasonable driver and tried to keep control by barely touching the brakes to prevent a sk**. Now she wished she had hired a car with ABS but she hadn’t. Descending on what was basically a controlled sk** things seemed to be fine until the road swung round a bend and unfortunately the car didn’t follow .With growing fear Maggie slid towards the edge, her cousin, who had been asleep in the passenger seat gasped. They slid inexorably towards the edge and started to go over but were caught by a sapling and stopped suddenly. The relief was short lived the sapling was small and was bending. It wouldn’t last long.“Penny lean over and open your door very gently and try to get out but be smooth in your movements but quickly. Her young cousin did as she was told and stated to get out but the car shuddered.“For Gods sake keep going.” Penny managed to get clear and Maggie thankful it was an automatic with no gear stick was leaning across the passenger seat. Maggie didn’t think she would make it but kept moving as the car started to move. Some very ominous noises came from both car and tree. Penny grabbed her arm and pulled as the car slid and started down the steep slope fortunately throwing both girls free. They fell to the ground in the snow and ice.“God that was far too narrow an escape but we are not out of the woods” Penny giggled nervously and Maggie realised her choice of words. “OK quite literally not out of the woods and it is only just under four miles to the next place on the map. In this weather that is rather too far for comfort. Lets get going and hope that I didn’t imagine a light up ahead.”They slogged on making slow progress the road started to slope up again and frozen stiff in biting wind and snow they kept going. Around another bend and they came to a fork in the road one way leading quite steeply down and another heading up towards the summit but also there was definitely a light. “I just hope somebody is in and hasn’t just left light on whilst they are out.”“Yuh we did that quite a lot. That would be bad for us I don;t think they will be back tonight.”They trudged up the slope and the weather seemed to clear at least a bit and they saw they were approaching a castle. The huge outer gates were open and across the courtyard were steps leading up to a large double door with a lantern above it. More encouraging light was coming from a couple of windows though much of the building was in darkness. A bell pull straight out of a horror movie clanged. They waited anxiously for a couple of minutes before the door creaked open. “Viens quand il fait si froid.”“Nous sommes en accident.” replied MaggieThey had gone through the door and were in a large hall. Contrary to narrative requirements the person who let them in wasn’t a Lurch like butler or some old crone but a reasonably young women with really long hair and dressed in a huge jumper and skirt.“You are English and have been in an accident. You poor things come in and we will warm you up.”“Nicole were there any other people in the accident.” Another women in fact more a girl had come through from a door at the other end of the hall. “No mademoiselle. though it was close that we didn’t go down the hillside.” Maggie noticed the younger woman if anything had longer hair than the first“Merde, you poor things come into the salon we have a huge fire and we need to make sure you have not got hypothermie.”Maggie’s French wasn’t good but the words were so similar. Maggie thought hypothermia was a possibility Penny and Maggie followed the two women into a room that was large but not enormous and far more homely than the hall. They were encouraged to go to a sofa near but not too close to the fire. The two French women then preceded to check their extremeties Nicole tutted at the state of Penny’s nose that hadn’t been protected by a scarf unlike Maggie’s but after rubbing vigorously for some time seemed satisfied. That it was OK it certainly smarted as did most of their bodies.“I think you got in out of the snow before you came to any serious harm. I am sure you realise that you will have to be our guest for tonight perhaps for a few days. Please do not concern yourselves, no English stiff upper lip because your not just very welcome but a welcome distraction for Nicole and myself. I am Beatrice Le Fey and this has been my family home for a very long time. Sentiment is the only reason I do not sell this great cold pile sitting on the top of a mountain.”“Now I have a suggestion that if you are too shy please refuse but I suggest the two of you have a bath in my very large bath. If the water is not too hot we will be able to chase away the last of the chill. Though I realise that being English you might not be comfortable with this. Penny and Maggie were cousins though Penny was sixteen years older and had acted as parent to Maggie after both sets of parents had been killed in a terrorist attack when Penny was just in her teens so not a little girl. The relationship was hard to describe other than close. Neither was shy about seeing each other naked and at home they were frequently wandering around in underwear or less.“Thank you I think that is a good idea.” They went up some smaller back stairs that seemed far more modern than most of the ancient castle led by Nicole“We have modernised some of the castle where we actually live but the state rooms we leave unheated in winter otherwise we would be going round putting logs on fires all day. They were led into a large bedroom with a huge half tester bed and from their into a bathroom in which was a large jacuzzi that would fit al four of them if required. There was another door that they later found out led to Nicole’s bedroom.“Look mes ami. Nicole and I are very casual about clothes living here on our own without any men. If our casualness embarrass you tell us and we will be more careful. ““I know we are stiff upper lip Englishwomen but actually neither us is that shy about nudity. said Maggie and started to remove her clothes Penny followed suit and they climbed into the warm but not hot water. This relaxed attitude worked to there advantage because Nicole bought a tray with a rich soup and four mugs of chocolat chaude. The two French women satisfied that they weren’t embarrassed stay in the bathroom fascinated by the horror story of their journey.“My God is doesn’t bare thinking about what so easily might of happened in the car or if you hadn’t seen the lights. Do you think we should get bigger lights to put on the top of the domjon tour.”“Yes a pharos for distressed travellers on Chateau Le Fey. I like the idea.” Nicole leant over and put her hand in the water before adding some more hot.“I thought you were climbing in with us for a moment.”“We could if you wanted.” said Nicole with a mischievous glint in her eye. The two English girls looked each other. “We don’t mind.” said Maggie with equal mischief. Clearly their was a certain challenge going on and she wasn’t going to lose. Penny certainly wouldn’t mind as she was by far the more adventurous of the two despite being younger. The two French women stripped quickly and were in the water with them. Yes it was definitely big enough for four.What it did do was break down any barriers between them Penny noticed that no
w minus the thick jumpers both of their hosts had really big busts.“I didn’t intend this said Beatrice.” taking a sip of the hot chocolate but it does make explainng a slight problem we have easier to bring bahis siteleri canlı up. We have about twelve bedrooms here but only two of them are heated and it takes about a day of fires to get them warm enough because of the thick and very cold stone walls That means that we can either try to manhandle mattresses from another room to one of ours or we can share beds. Both of us have very large beds. Any kind of work didn’t appeal so they agreed to share beds. Now Penny would have expected that her and Maggie would be offered one bed whilst Beatrice and Nicole had the other. But that wasn’t what their hostess had in mind. Having dried themselves off with huge fluffy towels they all went to bed in oversized tee-shirtsPenny sharing with Beatrice discovered her hostess had an ulterior motive when the French girl cuddled up to her. Penny had never done anything with another girl but had occasionally wondered what it would be like. Not sure how to react she didn’t respond either positively or negatively. Beatrice played with her hair something that Penny had always enjoyed. In doing so Beatrice very large bust was pressed against her and she felt herself getting a little wet in her fanny. Beatrice other hand brushed the bottom of her tee-shirt and again Penny didn’t pull away and then she was being kissed and this is when she did respond the kiss felt nice and she joined in . Diffident at first Beatrice enthusiasm kindled her own. The kiss became a passionate embrace Beatrice pulled her own tee-short off and then took the hem of Penny’s enquiringly . Penny put her arms in the air to make it easier by way of agreement,Penny now thoroughly randy gave up any hint of caution and decided to enjoy her first lesbian experience. A hand touched the lips of labia and started to caress them Then the fingers moved up to the clitoris. Penny moved her hand to reciprocate fingering her new lover. All the time they were kissing each other both on the lips and around the body. Then Penny took the initiative those massive breasts fascinated her and she sucked a nipple into her mouth gently at but with Beatrice encoouragement increasingly firmly.“Oh yes cheri, don’t stop that feels wonderful, I love having them sucked.. Penny didn’t need any further encouragement. Beatrice pulled her closer so that Penny could continue to suck and chew the breast whilst being fingered herself. The resulting climax was exquisite beyond any previous experience. It lasted a long time and she was vaguely aware that Beatrice had also cum. The two girls drifted off to sleep in post coital bliss. Penny felt very close mentally to her lover now it was almost as if she could feel her thoughts. This concept was not new to her because she shared a similar closeness minus the sex to Maggie.Maggie sharing with Nicole did not have the same experience they just went to sleep. However when Maggie woke up to go to the loo she found an arm d****d across her. It was easy enough to disentangle herself but when she she got back into bed the sleeping Nicole snuggled up to her. Still Nicole was asleep all the time and it was warmer being close to another girlIn the morning they had breakfast upstairs Beatrice explained that they virtually live in the small suite of rooms when it was cold as keeping a few fires burning in an the same area warmed the massive old stones of the château and a small service room acted as auxiliary kitchenThe English girls had a problem in that the only clothes to survive the crash were what they had been wearing and even after a night drying were still a bit damp. So they ended up being dressed in their hostesses clothes. They all wore hugely oversized pullover that acted as dresses and fleece lined boots that went right up to their knees. In Maggie’s case they were slightly to big but Penny’s fitted fine. None of the four wore any underwear. Maggie was unaware of what her cousin had been up to the previous evening but still was aware of a certain sexual tension she guessed arising from the way they were dressed. Somehow it was fun for even though this place and its inhabitants were slightly weird it was definitely quite fun.“Do you two like swimming?”“Yes we both like it Maggie’s is quite a good swimmer as it happens. I am not as strong as her but do enjoy swimming.““Its just that in the caves beneath the château we have a thermal pool fed by hot springs.”“Oh wow that is something else again. I sort of knew there was geo-thermal activity in this area but not a private pool.”“Oh yes now I suggest we put in these cloaks as it is rather cold until we get down there. Do you want us to find you swimming costumes it could be interesting getting ones that fit you on top since as you may have noticed we both have big breasts. Normally Nicole and I are pretty casual.”Penny answered before Maggie had a chance to comment. “We were all naked in the jacuzzi last night so why not. You OK with that Mags?”Well Maggie couldn’t disagree without being rude and actually found she quite liked the idea. They all went down to the cellars and then a series of steps and short passages. In true Gothic horror style there should have been guttering candles but actually clear modern lighting lit the way. Once they had got down quite a distance they came out in a large cave. The ceiling wasn’t very high but neither was it low. There was a wide stone shelf which had loungers and a large day bed. The thermal pool itself had a shallow beach leading into the water. The temperature was very pleasantly warm and the four of them removed the cloaks.“Now the thermal spring is at the far side and the water there gets hot also the pool is close to two metres deep near the vent. The beach end its just warm and obviously shallow. Now I am going to turn on the lights I had installed under water. If your not impressed I will be seriously disappointed.”The lighting was stupendous a variety of colours shining up through the water as well as spot lights picking up shimmering rock crystal.“Oh wow that is spectacular, oh my goodness that is absolutely fantastic.” said Penny.“It is incredibly beautiful as you well know.” added Maggie. Beatrice looked very smug.“When Bea has finished showing off lets get in the water.” said Nicole who pulled of her oversize pullover and removed the fluffy boots, The remaining three followed suit with Maggie only a little behind the others. They ran into the water it really was lovely and warm far more so than any swimming pool. The water was mostly very clear but milky near the vent. As Beatrice had warned close to the vent the water was uncomfortably hot.They swam around for a while enjoying the luxurious heat all the more for the frigid weather they knew was outside. Maggie noticed at one point that Beatrice and Nicole kissed on the lips not passionately but it certainly wasn’t a platonic kiss. What shocked her was that a couple of minutes later Beatrice also kissed Penny. Maggie wondered if she was next but escaped such attentions. What was funny is that she was a little disappointed even though she had no attraction towards girls.Next Beatrice dived down and swam beneath Nicole’s legs Penny stood and opened her legs and it was Nicole’s turn to swim beneath the Penny’s Then Penny dived and headed for Maggie. Maggie thought of keeping her legs together but found herself doing what was expected off her. Once Penny was through Beatrice and Nicole took turns. Their luxurious hair ticking and with Beatrice a breast bounced off her Maggie’s leg. Maggie was embarrassed that she found it a bit erotic. Goodness those two were so well endowed Beatrice was a bit jealous as her breast were tiny. Even Penny who had two small globular breast had more up top.After they had finished their swim they went back to the furniture on the rock shelf. The day bed was large enough for all four but only if they were fairly close together. Nicole and Beatrice started to dry each othe
r and Penny joined in. Maggie was a bit left out but then Nicole rubbed a towel around her shoulders. At first it was fairly innocent but then rather more intimate areas started to be dried and not by their owners. Maggie was now forced to accept that her cousin was a willing participant in casino oyna something sexual with the French girls. Whilst not a prude it was a surprise and she wasn’t sure how to react. Then Beatrice started to dry Maggie legs and she didn’t stop when she got to the top doing a thorough job of drying her crutch all the time with en enigmatic smile on her face.“Are you trying to seduce me.” Maggie asked trying not to sound panicky“Yes, I hope you as much fun as your cousin.”“I am afraid I’m straight which apparently Penny isn’t.”“Straight or just nervous. I ask because even though I have just dried you, you seem wet again..” Beatrice was right on both counts though Maggie would have difficulty admitting it to herself.“If you like I can make you inhibitions go away.”“How would you do that.”“Oh magic, you don’t have to believe me just say yes and we will put it to the test. But you should realise I am not joking so you will be taking the risk that I can.” Maggie thought about it logically it was rubbish but how would she feel if it was true..“Does it have to be all my inhibitions?? I would be willing to risk being less uptight and more like Penny.”“OK remembering that Penny is quite open to trying fun games.”“I know and I admit I envy that in her. I maybe the older and supposedly wiser but she is the leader.”“As you wish lets see if it works.” Beatrice came over and kissed Maggie. Maggie stood still but realised that her normal panic at something this unorthodox wasn’t there and smiled. Nicole came up behind her and slipped her arms around her to cup her breasts.“I think I am still straight but I will admit that is it different that I am not jumping out of my skin and running.”“I was hoping we would all have some fun. I don’t suppose you would let me turn you bi.”“Now I know you have some strange ability why would I do that?”“Because you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable about your much loved cousin being a naughty girl.”Maggie was not going to admit that she was tempted with her inhibitions reduced a naughty streak was coming to life, just a candle flame but it was there.“Is that what you did to Penny, turn her lezzie by magic.”“No she didn’t I was always like that and took the opportunity given. Let her change you a bit. Its all very weird but Beatrice has some strange abilities I can almost touch her mind. I think that it is a lot more between her and Nicole. Have you noticed that they often seem to communicate without talking.“Now you come to mention it. OK Beatrice I think I will let you change me to like girls. Nicole fondled her breasts again and this time it didn’t feel strange but really rather nice. Maggie moved her head forward and kissed Beatrice on the lips, a smile played around their lips. Penny moved over to her cousin and also kissed her. Beatrice and Nicole each took one of the English girls by the hand to the day bed and pushed them down on it. They then started to kiss each other seriously. Maggie had her first saphic snog. As it happened the few boyfriends she had viewed kissing as a means to getting inside her panties and had not put much effort in. Not so Beatrice the kisses were long and sensual with mouths locked on each other and their tongues playing a wonderful dance. They only stopped to get some breath.Maggie felt her legs being pulled apart as she lay their and then she felt a body edging up between her legs . The aim of the exercise as she found out was for Nicole to give her a first experience of tribbing. All the time this was happening Beatrice was still kissing Maggie which left Penny a little left out.“Can I try that with you Bea.” The response was for Beatrice to open her legs wide and Penny inserted her between them and was quickly emulating her cousin. Just to make this symmetrical Nicole started kissing her as thoroughly as Beatrice was Maggie.The orgasms were titanic for all four girls and it was a good thing that underground nobody else could hear their very loud screams of ecstasy This activity had them all exhausted and they fell asleep for a while but they came round Beatrice and Maggie first.“Well are you glad I changed you a bit, so you like girls.”“Yes that was fantastic, does the change mean I will no longer be interested in men, though admittedly I never was that excited.”“Oh no you will be interested in men and girls both. Though if you want I can change you back the way you were.” “Don’t you dare this is a lot more fun. It won’t go away when we leave here.”“Oh no any changes I make stay until consciously changed back.”“Did you also increase my sex drive I got really randy and that has never happened before.. I am well was not that bothered.”“No I will never make a change to someone without their agreement. My family in the past were not so careful and much of what they did was wrong.” Whilst they were doing this they were gently fondling each others pussies. It now seemed quite natural to Maggie to do so.“In that case I think you must have awakened something deep inside me that I never knew existed. I will be sorry to leave here.”“Then don’t, stay with us and let us change you a step at a time so you are comfortable. You have seen some of what we can do but not all. Amongst other things Nicole and I are immortal and don’t get ill.”“What, you can’t be killed.” Penny had awoken by now and heard the last bit.“No we can be killed and that is why my mother is not around she was killed in some silly little colonial war that nobody has heard of. What we don’t do is grow old, catch diseases or die of old age. I am a hundred and forty years old, Nicole is older she was originally my governess. Look come upstairs and we will show you more. They went up the winding staircase but not as far as the main château Beatrice opened a door to a side passage just before they got to the steps up to the wine cellar.“This is part of the château nobody other than the two of us normally sees. It contains things we don’t want other to know about. As you will find out I am a seriously kinky girl and Nicole has allowed me to make her as bad. No longer the prim and proper Victorian governess, are you my love.”“No somehow over the years we have become the same in our tastes including the naughty ones. You were right about us being linked mentally we are very much telepaths and I think that explains why we have grown so similar. “They were shown some old Victorian photo albums of two very prim young Victorian ladies. They were clearly Beatrice and Nicole looking very respectable and noted Maggie quite flat chested. The two girls certainly weren’t flat chested now they had very large busts indeed something the newly lesbian Maggie rather appreciated. “Taken in 1892 when I was fifteen. Didn’t I look demure. It was a lie even then. Niici was a good girl back then though. It took me about five years to corrupt her.”“Yes you were a very bad girl and very sneaky you got me to agree to small changes a bit at a time. I agreed to having my inhibitions removed first and the rest just followed. Sorry Maggie if I am anything to go by your already lost.”“You haven’t removed my inhibitions though.” said Penny.“I don’t think you had any but I will if you want me to.” “Yes please, I like the idea of being a wanton tart but only if Maggie agrees as well.”“If I agree of course I won;t regret it because I will be a happy tart. Are you serious about this. Why are you showing us what you admit are very private and personnel things. The new randy bit wants this but my brain keeps on saying why, whats in it for you.”“OK lets go next door and we will sit and talk.” They went into a surprisingly modern room that had a large divan in the middle Beatirce took off the sweater again and the others followed so they were sitting naked ex
cept for the fleece lined boots..“Why you two and nobody else in all this time. Well I mentioned the link between Nicole and I. That isn’t because we are so close though that makes it stronger but something inherent in both of us but very strong in me. The women of our family have always had it and the ability to effect people around us. I am the most powerful yet and the only one still alive. The ability, call it magic if you like, its as good a word as any, means that our lives are as long as canlı casino siteleri we want provided we don;t do anything stupid like my idiot mother. I am afraid she was neither very nice nor very clever. I feel no real affection as she had little to do with me giving me to nurses at first and when I was a bit older Nicole as my governess.”The two cousins got a glimpse ii Beatrice’s annoyance of the powerful sorceress for a second. This was someone not to be trifled with.“Anyway back to the present. You two turned up from the depths of the storm bedraggled, freezing and very lost. All your wordly goods had gone over a cliff. I may have the sexual morals of an alley cat but I am I hope not an evil person. At first all I wanted to do was help but I also sensed in Penny the same ability as Nici and I, When I seduced her I started to awaken it.”“So Penny has this ability as well.”“You do as well, its almost certainly genetic and I suspect if you were able you would find we have a common ancestress. It only really appears in the female line and has limited effect on men, with them its purely the mind we can change not the body. As you can see from our huge breasts in girls we can change the physical.”“Could you make my hair grow like yours.” The other notable feature about both girls was a mass of hair going down to their knees.”“Done, your hair will grow two or three centimetres an hour until it is like ours. Do you want long hair as well Maggie.”“I think that anything you do to Penny you had better do to me as well. Whatever happens to us I want us to be the same. Can you make our breasts bigger. Maybe not like yours but larger than they are. I have as you will have noticed I have two fried eggs. Penny’s are bigger but I know she would like them larger.”“Again done they will continue to grow until you ask me to stop. Can I persuade you to let me introduce you to my kinks.”“Where is all of this going. Also what will happen if we want to leave.”“If you want to leave you will just forget most of what happened here though you may still be naughty girls if I get my way. What is happening here is that I want our family of two to become a family of four. I freely admit that if you let me I will corrupt you even more than I have. You will also become like us immortal. From what I know of my ancestors that didn’t get themselves killed is that they became so lonely that they willed themselves out of existence. My grandmother was over six hundred years old but got so lonely that she did exactly that. I don’t want that to happen to me so I want to share ability with people I can feel close too.”“So within hours of meeting us you felt that about me and Penny.”“OK that sound improbable but it is because of you both having the ability and the link. I know that neither are fully developed. Also lets face it you are changing to become more what I want that is why I am being careful about getting your permission if I didn’t then it would be like a horror story.”“Its pretty Gothic already but I like it and so does Penny. I think that between us the link already exists on a subconcious level as we always know what the other is comfortable with. Are my boobs getting bigger.” Beatrice came over and gave them a feel.“I think so, shall I speed it up.”“Ooh yes.” Maggie fondled her own breasts and it made her go damp. Penny watching decided to grope her. At this point any serious conversation ceased as Nicole joined in. Beatrice gave a Gallic shrug and thrust her breasts in Penny’s face which invited them being licked and sucked. They played with each other for a while Maggie had difficulty believing that they she hadn’t always been attracted to girls.After lunch they all put on snow suits and went to explore the castle They needed the winter clothing even inside. They climbed to the top of the main keep and went outside on the roof. The storm had passed but the snow was deep around anywhere flat and the landscape was frozen.“This weather in exceptional as though we are in the Pyrenees we are still not that high and this is the extreme south of France. But isn’t in beautiful. I do hope you stay with us and we can show you what its like in Summer.” Nicole looked almost beseeching. Beatrice was tempted but wanted to talk with her cousin before agreeing to anything else.“I want to say yes and I know Penny has already decided but can the two of us sleep together tonight and have a chat if we can keep our hands off each other.”“That is fair enough.”They spent the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other better. If Maggie had any doubts about the age of their friends it was dispelled by talking about the times they had lived through such as both world wars. This remote part of France has been relatively unaffected and Beatrice abilities had kept the German troops and collaborators away. Maggie felt a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realised the two girls had actively assisted the Resistance quietly using Bea’s capabilities to aid the escape root via Spain for escaped allied prisoners.After a long and relaxed dinner they went off to bed with the English girls taking Nicole’s bedroom. Just before she left them to it Nicole showed them her box of toys and invited them to make used of them.They talked through how they felt and it quickly became clear that neither one wanted to leave but take up the outrageous proposition that had been offered to them. The fact that all the time they talked they were playing with each other gave an indication as to the way they were really thinking. “A part of me says that we are putting our hands in the hands of a sorceress and that its all an illusion and we will wake up with having gone horribly wrong.”“That is because in fairy stories that is what always happens. This is reality and we know fairy stories are just that. Whilst there is no happy ever after there is also no inevitable disaster. Lets face it we didn’t discover this by sneaking into Beatrice secret room she took us there. Also this feels pretty real to me.” Penny started stroking Maggie’s long luxuriant hair that by now was near the bottom of her back before moving on to cup the breasts that were no longer fried eggs but whilst not yet big not small either.“Your right I will ask Bea to stop me being a pessimist. I don’t want to stop you but shall we have a delve in Nicole’s toy box.”“They did and found strapons, vibrators a plug that they didn’t recognise as a butt plug however what really caught there eye was a large double dildo mostly pink but each end was an angry red and realistically shaped like a cock head. The girls smiled lasciviously and grabbed it. They stuck either end in their respective mouths and slurped on it.Suitably lubricated they inserted it into their vaginas feeling the bigger than life size artificial cock fill them up completely. They writhed on the ends bringing themselves and each other to multiple orgasms. Eventually they pulled it out and fell asleep cuddled together.The next morning they slept late as their nocturnal gyrations had lasted to the wee small hours. What woke them was the smell of coffee and freshly cooked croissant carried in on trays by Nicole and Beatrice.The four of them had a picnic breakfast on the bed.“One of the advantages of being born in the nineteenth century is that I am not dependant on shops to make things like croissant from scratch. Also the château has its original bread oven which I make good use of.” said Nicole looking rather smug.“Another plus point for staying here. Look lets not tease you any-more we have decided we want to be
immortal, sex mad, tarts.” Beatrice very precisely moved a tray off the bed and Nicole did the same before returning to the bed and sitting down not saying anything. Then suddenly both of them leapt on the other two pushing them back into the pillows and snogging them passionately. The erotic nature of this assault was somewhat marred by the fact that they were laughing and crying at the same time. Of course the reaction had the same effect on the English girls and they joined in the giggling whilst their eyes were also streamingOnce they had recovered from this outpouring of emotion they lay back panting. Maggie realised that not only was she now a “C” cup but there had been another change and this one she suspected was not Beatrice doing. The way she had always known what her cousin felt was massively stronger, Penny ‘s thoughts and particularly feelings were clear. Even

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