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Lawn Boy ToyIt was ninety degrees out. The sun beat down on me as I was about to finish mowing Mrs. Harkin’s yard. Sweat dripped off of me. As I turned the mower off Mrs. Harkin appeared on the porch with a tall glass of ice water for me. “Oh thanks Mrs. Harkin.” I began to gulp down the fresh water. “Oh look at you. You’re all sweaty and hot. Why don’t you come inside to the air conditioning to cool down.”I followed her inside her house. Her husband was still at work and would not be home for hours yet. She led me to the dining room where we sat. Mrs. Harkin was a very beautiful lady. But she was older in her fifties. She had the body of a twenty five year old. Her jet black hair was short and neat. She wore the latest fashions and today she wore daisy duke shorts that showed off her killer curves. Her T-shirt was fairly loose and I happened to notice her nipples poking out. Was she braless?! “So Jack, how old are you?””Sixteen.””Oh I wish I could go back to that age. You must have a pretty girl friend huh?””Not really.””Would you like to use our shower to cool down. I can was your clothes while you bath.”Many thoughts raced through my mind. I quickly said yes to her just to see what would happen. She got up and took me to her bedroom. “The shower is in there. Here is a towel. You can leave your clothes on the floor here and I’ll be right back to get them and put them in the wash.” She left closing the bedroom door. I stripped zonguldak escort naked. I left my clothes and walked into the adjoining bathroom. I shut the door and turned on the shower. As I showered it occurred to me that it would take an hour or so for her to do the laundry. That I would only have a towel to cover up with. I finished up and stopped the water. I dried some with the towel and wrapped it around my waist. When I opened the door to the bed room Mrs. Harkin was sitting on her bed wearing a negligee’. I could see right through it and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Her tits were incredible with dark areolas and perky nipples. She had a big smile.”How was your shower Jack?””Great. Thanks Mrs. Harkin.””Call me Suzie.” She sat back and put her foot up on the bed and propped herself on her side. I could see her black hairy bush through the fabric. “Jack darling, Would you please drop your towel?”I immediately got hard. I let the towel fall and my cock popped right up.”Jack, Do you like my body?””Oh yes Mrs. Harkin. You’re beautiful.””Suzie. Now Jack I want you to fuck me right now. Can you do that for me honey?”She got up and came to me. She kissed me and whispered into my ear. “Have your way with me. I’m all yours right now.” Her hand was gently stroking my rock hard cock. She knelt down and began to suck on it. A few minutes later she stood back up. We made out a few minutes and I slid my hand escort zonguldak inside her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet. As I recalled what my Mother had taught me I began to work her clit to make her moan. “Oh Jack. I want to feel your tongue in me.”She laid on the bed and I peeled down her panties. When she spread open I dove in tongue first. She tasted different. But she was so hot and wet. I sucked her clit and she lost it. Then she pulled me up and I slammed my cock into her.”Oh God! Fuck me!” We started going at it hard and furious and she kept squirting as I pummeled her pussy. Then she got on top of me and let her tits dangle in my face. Her top came off and I sucked on her nipples as she moved her hips back and forth riding hard. Before long I couldn’t hold back and began to holler. “Yes Jack! Cum for me. Shoot it in me baby!” I began to cum and she smiled as she rode me knowing she conquered my cock. When we stopped she just sat there gently gyrating on top of me. “Oh that was real nice Jack. But your clothes won’t be ready for another hour. Maybe you would like to keep fucking me.””Yes Suzie. I would.”Suzie had me fuck her in every possible way. I ended up cuming again as she really turned me on with her hot body. “Did you like it Jack?””Oh yes ma’am. It was incredible.”She smiled and kissed my cheek. “Now do not tell a soul what we did. If you can keep it between us it will happen again when you mow zonguldak escort bayan the yard. We’ll think of some other chores for you too.””That would be really great Suzie.””Good. Now you can only call me Suzie when we fuck. All other times you call me Mrs. Harkin.””Okay. Got it.””You’re such a nice young man Jack. I think we’ll get along just fine.””Yes Mrs. Harkin. I think it will be very interesting.”She got dressed and went to get my clothes. I got dressed and she led me to the front door. “Bye Jack. See you again when we need the yard mowed.””Bye Mrs. Harkin.”On the way home I thought to myself what if Mom found out? Mom and Mrs. Harkin were very good friends and often went out to the bar together. Could it be that Mom told her something? I never found out but it made me wonder. I kept it to myself and the following week Mrs. Harkin fucked me for three hours! Every time I saw her husband I wanted to laugh out loud. But I played it cool. Then the time she came to my house to see Mom I almost lost it. They sat drinking a cocktail. When I came into the room she winked at me. I had to go to my bedroom and masturbate. I was torn between Mrs. Harkin and Mom. As I jerked I heard the front door and then Mom came into my room and caught me. “What are you doing? Stop and let me help you.” Mom stripped down and came over to me. “Now why are you jacking off without me? It’s her isn’t it?”By now Mom was sliding up and down on my cock.”Well she is a beautiful woman. I can’t blame you for looking and thinking about her. You want to fuck her don’t you?””Yes.””Well she is married and you can come to me instead.” I didn’t say a word. Although it gave me ideas of having both women at once.

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