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Latest story of the mother in lawThis happened last week I was home working from my office and wondering about her since I have not mess around with her in long time.All I could think about was her big boobs and the last time we did it which was like month half ago.The last time was good one she stop by to drop off some homemade pies for us as I came out of my office she was in the kitchen and I just stop and look at her god she was hot with her sun glasses on and yoga pants and she had zip up long sleeve shirt that look like a spandex bra because they looked huge I could see little peak of her nipple through the long sleeve shirt.She talked to the k**s and my wife for awhile and just stood and look at her I was looking at her yoga pants very tight pink in color and when she walked over to the k**s I could see the outline of her panties double string sides very low cut front and when she turn around her ass I could see two strings attach to a thong.I was behind the counter trying not pop a boner but could feel stiffen up all I wanted to do is pull her pants down and fuck her silly.My wife said we are going to mall and ask her to go with she said no I am going to work out and go home so we all talked and I was thinking up stuff to get her stay here and the wife to leave.I finally ask her would you have time if I read you my reports before I sent them out then my wife said we are leaving and she said yes I can so they left and it was just us.I told her you can come into my office as I walk in there I turn around iskenderun escort my dick was hard sticking straight out my shorts she stop and looked at it and un zip her long sleeve shirt took it off good lord it was light blue spandex bra sheer one could see her massive tits pushed together .She walk over and said good one to get me stay and hug me I felt her hands down by my shorts slipping them off to my ankles and her playing with my cock it was rock hard.She told me I was naughty as I was massaging those tits her nipples where rock hard as lean down to suck on them through her bra she moan and started to pull on my cock hard and fast I grab her hand and told her stop it has been a long time since I came.She stop and just playing with my balls I reach for her yoga pants and pulled them down took them off and looked at her panties pink the front part had little lace on it not covering much her bush was sticking out the sides and top.I cleared a spot of my desk and she laid down I was in front of her took her panties off she spread her legs,I drop to my knees’ and took my finger and slowly rub her pussy it was getting wet then I stuck my tongue in there slowly licking her lips sucking form time to time by now she was moaning rubbing my hair telling me stick it in.I did had in her and grab her hips and was fucking her hard she was moaning loudly I would pull out and stick it in again fuck her fast till I was going to pop I stop and pulled out and told her to turn around and to put her hands escort iskenderun on my desk.As I was behind her she reach down to play with my balls and few strokes on my cock I reach for her spandex bra pulled it off her tits fell out and hung down to my desk.I took her hands to the desk told her lift her arms up and now could see her tits dangling free.With her arms fully stretch out her tits hung to my desk still I pulled her ass down and grab her shoulders to upright postion finally they hanging in the air.I grab my cock eased it back in and started a few thrust where she moaned loud and her tits would sway back and forth and side to side.Now I started hard and fast her tits where swaying everwhere they where slapping together so dam hard loud all I could was look at them from behind as I pump her she said leave it in oh I did I finally came so hard I shook and felt numb and wrap my arms around her tits.We both paused and i reached for her panties she grab them and put it to her pussy as i pulled out she walk to the bathroom.I was getting dressed and watch her walk in smiling and her tits flopping back and forth we talk for a bit as she got dressed i notice her panties where on and still wet and stained form me that was so hot she kept on talking as she got dressed and she said that was great but we should stop doing this.I was little taken back and said what ever you want and she said i meant some one and this is not right but i did enjoy it said yes i agree she left and that was last iskenderun escort bayan time.So like i said i was in my office thinking about her and that was last week i notice the last time she left her sun glasses here so i grab them and drove over when i pulled in there was truck park there.I rang the doorbell she came to the door and let me in her hair was a mess and in a night gown short one barley covered anything she said she was laying down and was tired.I ask her for a glass of water she said come in i handed her sunglasses and followed her to the kitchen god nothing on under her night gown i ask her who’s truck is that she said had a friend looking at my hot water heater i have no hot water and want to shower.I ask her if i could go to the bathroom and left i walk by her bedroom it was un maid and the one bra laying on the floor the one that was like a d cup now i getting hard again i go to the bathroom went over to trash can open it up holy shit four rubbers that where used and fresh i thought she has been fucking all morning long.Went back she was sitting at the table i drank my water and could hear him in the basement i drank the glass of water and said i should leave she stood up and walk me to the door i turn around and said did you answer the door dressed like that she smiled and said no had a robe on i told her well if you ever need anything call me she said i will.I was like fuck she is fucking another guy and went home.All i could think about was her and times we had i went to secret spot took out a bra i took from her big white 40DDD and went to put in a tape that i tape hidden cam of me and her i sat back and jack off and came all over her bra thinking about the times i did it to her for real and the way she would look at me when i shot huge load on her.

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