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Last In Line (Part 1)Last in LineAlison did not really know what ‘Last in Line’ meant. Ever since receiving notice of her punishment, and drawing the dreaded lot, younger girls passing her in the corridor sniggered, and the older girls gave her long, knowing looks. But what was it all about?Alison received a rather brusque, indeed rough, examination yesterday from Matron. Following the examination, all the girls scheduled for that week’s punishment session gathered in the gymnasium, to draw lots handed out by Matron. Alison drew the dreaded Black Spot. Her lip trembled as all eyes swivelled to look at this vision of loveliness, with her blonde tresses and flawless skin. (How was she to know that lotteries can be… shall we say… rigged).Ever since Saint Catherines discovered that (a) single sex schooling was beneficial to girls and (b) corporal punishment even more so, the punishment sessions were arranged on a Wednesday evening. After the change in the law, the school was able to hire a new Headmaster, who had afyon escort a reputation as a disciplinarian. The Governors and parents were well satisfied that his methods were having results, both in terms of exam results and behaviour. One imagines the girls though differently…As the alloted time for the weekly punishments approached, Alisons tunny began to tumble and her legs wobble. Goodness knows how she made it to the corridor outside the Head’s office, where the girls were lined up, in order of age, oldest first. And the dreaded Last in Line at the end. Alison of course. All girls were prim and proper in their regulation school uniforms. Soon enought the door opened and the oldest girl was summoned inside. What torture for the girls left waiting. To know that their bums were up for punisment next, but to have to listen to the cries and indeed the pleadings of other girls as they underwent their martyrdom.The first girl emerged after some time, fully clothed but clutching her knickers in one hand. afyon escort bayan She shuffled painfully along the corridor, all eyes on her. Till the door opened and number two was summoned, a rather plump girl. She turned otu to be somwwhat of a screamer. seems that a well padded rump is no defence against the cane. Again and again gilrs were summoned in, walking in proudly, and leaving painfully with their knickers off. Their heartrending screams melted the hearts of those awaiting punishment.Some girls, in private with the head, [pleaded for mercy. To be spared the cane they offered the Head their young charms. But the Head was having noen of it. All week he obeyed the Biblical injunction to not spill his seed upon the ground. By the time Wednesday rolled round the Head was well ready to deal with recalcitrant females. Indeed he was in such a state that he relished seeing their upturned bums, white, brown and yellow, before punishment. And their charms opened up to him before the caning. His member escort afyon was straining against his trousers, harder and harder as the session wore on.In recognition of the Headmaster’s efforts, he was allowed release by the Governors. No-one would mention a word of it, however such a powerful man doublessly needed release after dealing with so many nubile females. Hence the lottery for the Last in Line. But Alison did not know what was in store for her.At long, long last only Alison was left in the corridor, and was duly summoned.She entered the Head’s room, redolent of tobacco smoke and polished wood. In the centre of the room there was a well worn leather covered bench. The bench had four thick wooden legs, the two at the end facing Alison were higher, so the bench sloped down. Being an intelligent girl, Alison immediately figured out whyt this was and her hand came up to her face. Surely she was to be displayed, head down and bum up. At the ‘head end’ of the bench stood a full length mirror on a stand. The Head pointed to the bench and Alison d****d herself over it, snivellign slightly. She looked up and saw her pretty face in the mirror. The Head folded up her skirt and gently pulled her knickers all the way off, placing them on his desk.

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