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Lady Luck – A Somewhat True StoryCouldn’t believe my luck tonight….after a long day of masturbating, and flirting or sexting with random women on either Facebook, xHamster, or Yahoo, I went to my local liquor store to pick up some rum and Coke at 10 o’clock tonight….it’s in a strip mall, and as I was winding my way through the convoluted parking lot to get to the liquor store at the end of the complex, I passed a petite white girl, looked to be in her mid-20’s. It’s cold here this time of year, so I couldn’t see a whole lot of her figure, but I could tell she had some curves under her peacoat and faded jeans. I only caught a glimpse of her face, because she was walking the same way I was driving and had her head down, probably due to the cold. But I could see she had medium-length blonde hair, in a ponytail that was probably a little past shoulder length if it were down.Now, because I’m kind of a horn dog (and that’s putting it mildly), I’m not going to lie, I followed her with my eyes and then my head folllowed around as I sought to catch a better glimpse of her face. I was thinkin’ “What’s she doing out here at this time of night by herself in this cold?” But as I went by her, I quickly returned my attention to my destination, which was only a few stores away now.I stopped at the liquor store and sat in the car for a minute or two answering a text message from my soon-to-be ex-wife, when my focus is interrupted by a faint “Excuse me, sir, I’m so sorry to bother you” which I hear through my still-closed driver-side door. I look to my left, and there’s the chick I was just ogling. She’s standing a respectful distance from my door, presumably not to intimidate me or whatever, and asking if she can talk to me for a second.So I unlock my door, open it, and leaving my hand on the door handle, say “Yeah, what’s up?”She repeats “I’m so sorry to bother you, sir, but I’m homeless. Please don’t shut the door on me!”I chuckle and tell her “I’m not going to shut the door on you….what can I do for you?”She smiles gratefully, moving a few steps closer, and says “Well, I’m homeless, and I have nowhere to sleep tonight. It’s really cold, and the closest place I can get a room is $40 a night, and I only have $12…”I interrupt her and tell her “Listen, I’m sorry that you don’t have a place to stay, but I’m not going to give you any money, honey. I just don’t do that…period.”She answers back with “Well, I’m sorry, I thought maybe you might be nice and help me out.”I almost answered back “You know what? Fuck you, I’m nice, I just don’t give money to random chicks who walk up to me and afyon escort bayan beg me for money.”But, then I thought better of that answer, and said “Tell ya what, I don’t have any money to give you, but I am about to buy some rum and Coke….I’d be happy to share some with you. It might at least help you get warm and feel a little better, right?”She smiled real big then, and said “Wow, you’d do that for me?” and I said “Sure, you seem like a nice enough person.”She replies “Well, shit yeah then, let’s drink some rum together, man!”I answered back, somewhat more sternly than I intended, “I liked it better when you were calling me ‘Sir”, trying to tack a smile on to the end of it so I didn’t sound like a complete dick.She caught it, I guess, because she smiled and said “Oh, sorry…thank you for being willing to share your time and drink wtih me, SIR” and laid the emphasis on while grinning from ear to ear.We proceeded inside, where I grabbed a 750mL bottle of Bacardi Select, and a 6 pack of Coca-Cola. She asked if I’d buy her a pack of gum while we were at the register, and because she called me “Sir” when she asked, I fell for it and ponied up for not one pack, but two. I started thinkin’ “Shit, this chick knows what she’s doin’!”We got back out to my car, and she seemed right at home opening the passenger door as I opened it with the remote entry and sliding right in, before I could even switch the bag from one hand to the other and get my door open. So she’s sitting there in my car, with me about to get in, and just smiling at me. I took a moment then to really look at her….she was pretty, but not in a delicate way. More in a natural landscape, national monument, statuesque kind of way. Her face had some wear on it, to the point where I re-evaluated her age as being probably a hard late-20’s or easier mid-30’s. Tough to say, really, because this broad had one of those faces that would have still been pretty even if if every one year of her life had been like two.Anyway, I got in and looked over at her….she was already cracking the cap on the rum! I said “Whoa, hold up there, girl….we need to at least to get out of this parking lot before we get open containers of alcohol flowin’!” So she groans “Aww” but puts the cap back on, and settles back in her seat. I don’t live too far from this liquor store, so the only thing we managed to talk about before arriving outside my residence was what her name was “Katherine” and how long she and I had lived here. Of course, I told her I was a recent transplant from California, and it turned out she had broken up with escort afyon her boyfriend, moved here to live with her parents, but they caught her smoking weed in the house, and kicked her out. For weed? Go figure….anyway, we’re parked outside my place, and I say ‘Ok, Katherine, now you can crack that shit.”She proceeded to do exactly that, while I grabbed a Coke from the floorboards between her legs. Unintentionally, my hand and arm brushed her left leg, and she didn’t move a muscle. I think I might even have heard her breath hitch just a beat upon contact. Hard to say, but I was definitely noticing how close it suddenly seemed like we were. I listened to her take a fat gulp off the Bacardi as I cracked the Coke, and handed it to her as she pulled the bottle from her lips.She took a swig from the Coke, and then handled me both bottles so I could follow suit, which I did. As I was taking a fat gulp of my own from both bottles, she said “So, SIR, do you pick up ladies at the liquor store alot?”I was glad I had a moment to answer while I finished my tug on the Coke, because I wasn’t sure at first how to answer that. Then I said “Well, little girl, do you often go for rides and guzzle liquor with guys you don’t know?”She laughed, and said “No, not really….actually, you’re one of the nicest people I’ve met since my parents gave me the boot.”I laughed also and said “Must be my California upbringing…out here it’s more dog eat dog.”She chuckled, “Yeah, don’t I know it…..listen, I’m sorry I asked you for money earlier.”I waved it off and said “You know what, don’t even worry about it….we’re good now, and that’s what counts right?”She smiled at me and said “Yeah, totally.” We traded off hittin’ the Bacardi n Coke for few more minutes, each pull getting us more and more warm inside as the windows started to fog up a little from the idle but easy words being exchanged. Then, as I sat there with the Bacardi bottle between my legs, Katherine reached over like she was gonna grab the bottle, but missed. Instead, she started rubbing my crotch, and said “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really hot.” Maybe it was the alcohol, but I laughed, because the words and the way she said it sounded like something straight out of a cheesy porno flick. She drew her hand back, and said “Ok, fine, sorry.”I felt bad, because I didn’t mean to make her feel dumb, and because I LIKED what she was doin’ with her hand on my junk. So I said “Listen, I’m sorry…I wasn’t laughing at you, it’s just…I dunno, I guess I’m nervous too.” She offered a small smile and said “Don’t be, SIR”….and afyon escort with that, proceeded to put her hand back on my crotch, only this time really going for broke: stroking and feeling the outline of my rapidly engorging member, saying “Oh Sir, your cock
is getting so big, Sir.”I could tell at this point that Katherine was no stranger to being submissive, and she was really turning me on with the “Sir” bit, so I slipped into dom mode and said “Ok, you know what, you little slut…put your mouth on my dick right now and shut up.” So, of course, just like the good little girl she was, she unzipped my pants as I leaned back in my seat, and she began to suck me with an enthusiasm I haven’t often encountered.As I began to moan with pleasure, Katherine began to go DEEP. I mean, she was all the way down to my balls and then some. I couldn’t believe it….this chick must have been a sword swallower in a former life, because she had NO gag reflex. It felt SO unbelievably fuckin’ good. Feeling her nose press against the base of my cock, while her tongue licked my balls at the same time was something I’d never experienced, and it had me ready to blow my fuckin’ load in just a few short minutes.I said to her sternly, “Ok, ok, bitch, you’ve convinced me you want my cum….I’m going to give it to you, Katherine….I’m gonna splatter it against the back of your fuckin’ throat and watch you gulp it all down before thanking me for letting you swallow my hot jizz….got it?” She nodded, never stopping her movements, and I just relaxed and let it happen. God, that felt so fuckin’ good…one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. And, true to her word, after she swallowed ever last drop, she pulled of my cock and said “Thank you for letting me suck your cock and swallow your cum, Sir.”I gave her a faint smile, because I was fuckin’ spent…and, I was already losing interest in her company anyway. So, I put my wet dick away, started the car while she prattled on about how she never really does this etc., and I pretended to believe her. We drove back to the strip mall and I wished her luck in finding a place to stay….she made some lame attempt at getting my phone number, I can’t even remember what she tried to pull about that….but I deflected it, knowing there was no happy ending to be had there….I smiled to myself as I drove back to my place, watching her walk the other direction, in the exact same place and manner as I had first seen her. I thought “Wow, I really got lucky tonight”….but when I got back to my place and parked, I went to go inside and realized she’d left with the rest of my Bacardi. Must’ve hidden it under her peacoat or some shit. Touché, Katherine, touché.—-This story was written by xHamster user femalesonly, no permission to use or otherwise duplicate is granted without express written permission.—-

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