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Lads Holiday Chapter 5The next morning, I was woken while it was still dark to see the girl thathad spent the night in my bed disappearing away out the door. I slid backinto my bed and managed to get a few of hours of more comfortable sleepbefore the guys all woke up.We all lay in a while, but it was Charlie who was awake first. He got upand walked across to the window, wearing only a pair of tight boxer briefs.He stood there stretching and looking out for a while, then walked back andchecked his bag. I watched his every step and every stretch of thatincredible torso, out of one sleepy eye. He glanced across and caught mewatching him.”Morning fag”I smiled.”Hey, listen, sorry if we went a bit far with you last night. We were alljust a bit pissed and having a laugh”.I nodded contentedly.”But I mean, the girl had to sleep somewhere. I couldn’t have let hersleep on the floor, right? And that stuff in the kink bar, it was just abit of fun yeah? We’ll go easy on you today though, promise”.I felt relieved. I knew from experience now that when he wanted to make medo something, then I was going to do it. BUt it scared me that thingscould get out of control. I really didn’t want Dan and Rich to find outabout this stuff. They were my oldest friends, and I knew it could screwup our whole friendship.And Charlie kept to his word. All day round town it was just cool. We allwandered as a group, and saw the crazy bits of the city, checked the coolgraffiti murals, went to some weird ass bars, hung out in the sunshine inthe park and just messed about and joked. Most of the guys called me fagnow, but that was just my nickname now, like jumbo was called jumbo, andfowls was called fowls. In a way I kind of liked having the nickname. Itkind of made me feel like a proper part of the group. And after alwaysbeing the quiet one at school and everything, it felt like I was kind of amore recognised part of the group now. Even if it was because I was thegang leaders cocksucker.Later on we were in a random, pretty rough looking bar on the outskirts oftown. It was early evening, and we’d had a few beers already, but itwasn’t yet the busy time of the evening. I was talking to Rich and havinga catch up about old times and old teachers and all the stuff you talkabout with your old school mates. After a bit he went off to the bar atthe other end of the room to get another drink, and Jumbo came over to talkto me. I’d hardly spent any time with Jumbo on the holiday, because he’dalways been in the other group and i’d only met him once before theholiday, so I didn’t know him too well. He seemed a good guy though andwith his height of maybe 6’4 or something, and his blondish brown hair, hehad a kind of surfer bahis şirketleri dude look.”Alright fag!” he said merrily, “How you doing?”. He’d definitely got intousing my nickname, but there really didn’t seem to be any nasty undertoneto it when he used it.”Hey Jumbo!” I said. “So tell me, how did your nickname come about?”He grinned, kind of goofily. He wasn’t one for being coy. “Why do youthink?”I laughed.He hesitated, and looked like he was trying to find the right words. “So,err, Charlie showed me a pic of what you guys had been up to in the otherroom” he said, suggetsively.My heart skipped a beat. Charlie had promised me he wouldn’t tell theothers. “Huh?” I said, dumbly, not being able to think of anything else.”Don’t sweat it man” Jumbo said, genuinely. “He won’t show Rich or Dan.That’d be weird right? Nah, its just I… oh man, Charlie said you giveawesome head and i’ve just been thinking all day how good it would feel.Dude, i’m so fuckin ready to cream.” he said shaking his head.I didn’t know what to say. He was a hot guy, but this was taking mefurther into dangerous territory. I kind of thought I was getting a dayoff worrying about all this stuff.”So what do you say fag? You want to test out my nickname?””You’re serious right?” I askedHe smiled, sensing I was on the verge of agreeing to it.”Fuck yeah man. Listen, i’m gonna go to the bathrooms and go in the farend cubicle. Finish that drink then follow me there”. He disappeared off,without waiting for me to answer.Rich returned with a fresh drink. “Oh, sorry man, I didn’t know you werealmost done” he said, seeing my now almost finished drink. “I’d have gotyou another”.”It’s cool” I said. “I need to go to the loo anyway. That curry fromearlier has caught me up. I’ll head to the bar after. See you in a bitman”. Rich went back over to the others and started talking to the group,so I knew I wouldn’t be missed for a bit.I went into the toilets and was relieved to see there was nobody else inthere, except for the last stall. It was slightly open, but with a footresting against it from the inside. I tried to push once, and felt thefoot holding it shut, then tried to push again, and this time he releasedit, and let me in, realising it must be me. A big sex smile spread acrosshis face, as I squeezed into the cubicle and he shut and locked the doorbehind me. Just being in this intimately tight space with a man who wantedme to service him had already been made me totally hard.Jumbo pointed to the loo, indicating for me to sit down on the closedtoilet lid, and I followed his instruction. He pulled off his top and hungit on a hook on the cubicle door. His revealed torso was big and nicelydefined, with quite a bit mobilbahis of thick, lightly coloured hair. I could see hewas tenting already in his jeans. He grabbed the back of my head, andpulled me straight in to his crotch, rubbing his dick across my facethrough the jeans. My hands tentatively touched on his big legs, thenmoved up to the top of his jeans.He pushed me back, undid the buttons, and pulled the jeans and his pantsdown just enough to get his big dick out. And it really was a fuckingjumbo dick. Probably 8 inches and a nice thickness. He guided me straightonto it, and let me get to work. He kept at least one hand on the back ofmy head all the way through, then sometimes had one hand on the end wall,and just let his head fall back enjoying the service. He was relaxed andhis quiet moans told me he was liking it. After a few minutes of me doingall the work to pleasure him, I could feel he was starting to get close,and he started to get more assertive. I got both his hands firmly on theback of my head, keeping me in place and he started taking control of howfast and how deep his dick was going into me. I just let him own my mouthand focused on keeping my throat open to avoid gagging, and keeping mythick lips rubbing over his big dick, and my tongue lapping at it, as itdrove down my throat.I could feel when he was close to cumming, by how much his cockhead hadgrown in my mouth, and how rock solid his dick had become. On onebackstroke, right after a really deep thrust, he pulled it fully out,grabbed it with his right hand, and then with his left hand grabbed me bythe hair on the back of my head, holding me in place right in front of andslightly below the level of his massive dick. Three jerks with his righthand, then a bolt of cum fired out landing right across my face. I shut myeye to avoid getting jizz in it, but felt three or four more shots splatteracross my face and hair, before his orgasming body wound down to rest.I wiped the cum from my eyes, and opened them to see him leaning againstthe wall, eyes closed and enjoying the moment. Heopened his eyes, lookedup at me and grinned even wider than earlier.I was looking uncomprehendingly at him. I thought he just wanted to comedown my throat. I couldn’t believe he’d covered me in jizz when all theguys were just outside. “What the fuck?” I whispered, gesturing to themess all over me.He just shrugged, but didn’t stop smiling. “Sorry fag, force of habit”.He didn’t say it maliciously. I don’t think there was any malice in him atall. But like Charlie and Pete and Fowls, I guess he just felt the powerdynamic. He was an alpha guy, and right now I was his bitch.”Look, you can clean your face, but then mobilbahis giriş you sit here for
ten minutes andlet the jizz dry in your hair, yeah? I love leaving my mark on my bitches.Hate to see that hot man juice going to waste right fag?”.He grabbed a piece of toilet paper and wiped clean the end of his dick,then slapped the paper on the side of my face where it stuck to a thicklayer of his cum on my cheek. He tucked away his dick and slipped on hist-shirt, then turned to me. “Awesome head fag. See you in ten yeah?. Hegave me a couple of light slap on the dry side of my face, then unlockedthe door and disappeared.I hurried to close it after him. Thankfully no-one had come in midblowjob, but I definitely didn’t want to risk anyone seeing me sitting in acubicle with a face full of cum. Especially not Dan or Rich. I wonderedwhether I should do what he said and wait ten minutes to let his jizz dryin my hair, or if I should clean it up. It felt kind of stupid justsitting around so that I could let myself become marked territory. But Ialso thought about what Charlie would tell me I should do in thissituation.I started trying to clean off all the cum over my face with toilet paper,and that seemed to take a few minutes. Then I heard the toilet door openand a couple of familiar voices came in, Dan and Pete. They went to theurinals and I heard them talking about some girl in the bar. I could hearthem only a couple of metres away. It felt weird knowing Dan was so close,but that he had no idea his close friend, respected friend I guess, wassitting right here, covered in jizz and marked as a cumslut.By the time they’d gone, ten minutes was virtually up. I left the cubicleand went over to the mirrors. I splashed some water on my face, but i’dmanaged to do a good job getting rid of the cum on my face, so that wasfine. I felt my hair and there was one area where the cum had congealedand stuck the hairs together. I messed around with it until it just lookedlike part of my hair gel, then went back out to the group and tried to actcompletely normal. Another drink in and I felt fine again.I don’t think anyone in the group noticed the cum, but I guess that Jumbotold Charlie about it, as later in the evening Charlie made some comment infront of the group about how my hair always looks cool, and asking me whatproduct I use.By about 10 o clock we were probably on about our 10th bar and everyone wasway drunk. Dan, who was always one of the last standing on a night out wasgetting the orders in. He went round the table asking if everyone wantedone, which everyone was inevitably going to say yes to. “Rich? yeah?Charlie? yeah? Fowls? yeah? Jumbo? yeah? Fag? yeah?”It was the first time he’d called me it. For everyone else the nightcarried on completely as it was. But for me, time slowed down massivelyfor a moment. It felt strange, and suddenly more real to hear him call meit. But after another drink I shook it off. It was only a nickname.

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