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kate Saturday afternoonI left everythingas it was and ran down to Kate’s work, she asked me to go to Sally’s work, she worked in M and s and collect some clothing she wanted to go out that nightI met sally who gave me a carrier bag we had a little chat, i wished her happy birthday for tomorrow, then went back to Kate, when I arrived she was washing someones hair, when she finished, she looked in the bag and said great really excited,i want you to take these back and put them in the fridge passing me another two carrier bags with four bottles of wine in each, she told me she wouldbe going out with sally but would be home afterSally had to go out Sunday morning to visit relations but would be coming to meet Kate after, and they had both got Monday off from work, so sally may stop Sunday night.I got home put the wine in the fridge, bought the washing in and cleaned the house as Kate had asked , I put all the photos back and put the videos back on the wardrobe, I seperated the washing then sat down and started the essay Kate told me to right, I wrote that dressing in her clothes felt so good , I wrote when she tied me up and spanked me , it was scary but really turned me on becausei felt helplessI told her how I love licking her and making her cum ,and licking her bumI told her that going out dressed up was so exciting for me, and I will do it again, when she wanted me to.I took everything up to her room and made her bed I hung her clothes back in the wardrobe , I could see the skirt and top I wore out that night, I couldn’t resist, I went to her knickers draw , I found a white lace pair with pink flowers sown into the lace II stripped off and put them on, my cock was already leaking, I then pulled the pink fluffy top on and the skirt, I stood admiring my self in the mirrorI finished cleaning her room dressed, I really wanted to wank, I stood in front of the mirror , lifted the skirt , looking at the lace knickers, bulging with my cock, I pulled them down a little, and held my cock , I run my finger over the slippery pre cum covered head getting as much pre cum as I could to stickto it then sucked every drop off my finger then repeated anothertwo times , I was so turned on , I started wanking in the mirror, I could feel my self cumming, when the phone rang , I ran and answered,It was Kate, She asked if I had done everything,Yes I said,She said she was on her way home, and could I run a bath for her, because she had to rush out,I said OK , I looked at the time it was five o’clock , I turned on the bath , ran into her room and took off her clothesand hung them up,, her knickers maraş escort was covered in my pre cum , I licked it off and buried them under all the others, checked everything was in place, then got dressed then went down stairsafter fifteen minutes,she came in kicked her shoes off, bring me a cup of tea please as she ran up to the bathroom,I took the tea up to her , the door was open her jeans and knickers was on the floor with her top and bra,, Here your tea I said Ohh your a angel she said , give my hair another wash , I squirted shampoo on her head, she asked if I had done everything,i said yes And the letter Yes I said I have left it on your bedOK she laughed , show me your cock, she reached out and undid my trousers , my cock was hard, she pulled them down with my pants , she held my cock and then put her other hand on my bum and pulled me towards her, my cock slipped between her lips, hmm she sighed her tongue licking my headKate I’m going to cum She pulled back laughing, no your not, when I get home tonight,im going to fuck your brains out she giggled, I finishedher hair she steppedout of the bath and started drying her self , make me something to eat please,OK what do you wantFish fingers she said and some chips there in the freezerI moved towards her and kissed her. She kissed me back, what was that for she asked,I wanted to I saidI cooked the food , she just finished when the door bell rang, I opened the door sally said is she ready Nearly come in , she looked really good, she had tight blue jeans with a black top and a jacket, Thank she said Kate come on mums waitingI haven’t done my make up Kate saidDo it on the way said SallyChris sorry can you tidy up as she slipped on her shoes Yes OK See you later as they ran out of the door and into the waiting carI washed up then went up to the bathroom, I cleaned the bath , picked up Kate’s clothes and took them to her roomI put her bra in the corner where she threw her washing, I took the knickers out of her jeans , and held them to my face , the aroma was amazing, I licked the gusset , I felt my cock pulse , I licked and licked the knickers , imagination running about how they had been touching her fanny all day, I reached down took out my cock and wanked into her knickers I cum in seconds aiming my cum into the gusset,my knees trembled and groaned as I spunked over her knickers, I sat and lay back on Kate’s bed, really enjoyingthe feelings from my orgasam.I took the knickers away from my cock and looked at my cum soaking into the material,i laid there for a few minutes, in ecstasyI then licked the gusset escort maraş again, knowing my cum and her juices from the day was mixed together,After a while I got out and ran my self a bath and washed her knickers under the tap, then laid on the sofa and drifted off t sleepI woke up around ten thirty match of the day was on I laid watching that feeling so contented,Around eleven fifteeni heard the front door open , Kate and sally was laughing giggling,they went straight to the kitchen they was both really drunkChris bring a bottle of wine and glasses into the front room, OK I said I followed them in and put the bottle and glasses on the table and sat in the chair watching the footballThey was taking abouta couple of guys that had bought them drinks, the ran down a couple of girls who had been in the bar,There was a crash as Kate knocked over her glass, wine poured over the table, she picked the glass up , inspected it no it didn’t break she laughed and filled it again,Chris can you clean this up pleaseI got a cloth and dried every thing up, thank you said Kate,Could you make sally and me a sandwichWhat do you want I askedToasted ham and cheese please, Kate said Do you want one I asked sally, before sally could answer Kate said she will have the same! Sally nodded in agreement.I made the sandwiches and took them in, they was still laughing about silly thingsCould you get another bottle for us Kate slurred,haven’t you had enough I asked Ohh go on, I bought in another bottle and put it on the table, thank you said sally, your ever so good!Kate slurred he is, he is wonderful,he does everything I tell him to do, don’t you Chris?I laughed and nodded,Can we have another sandwicha asked KateOK do you want another sally , she shook her headI went into the kitchen and put the toast on, I heard Sally’s voice trying to whisper, don’t Kate your brothers here laughingthen it went quietI crept up to the door and peeked through the crack by the hinges, Kate and sally was kissingthe toaster popped up , I heard sally say no Kate, then they got up and walked through the kitchen into the garden, bring it out here Chris we are havinga smokeShe turned on the outside light I heard the chairs sc**** across the groundI took the sandwich out thank you, bring the bottle of wine out pleaseSally said aww leave him alone!Kate said he loves doing thing for meI went and got the wine , when I came back Kate and sally was still talking and laughing, watch said KateChris take my shoes offI tried being funny and said I wasn’t wearing them, No you normally have my knickers on don’t you ? They both burst maraş escort bayan out laughingKate said come on Chrissy take my shoes off, I could feel my self blushing , I bent down and took her shoes offOmg sally said do you really do what ever she tells you Chrisbefore I could answer Kate said yes anything watch,Rub my feet for me, I hesitated , Chrissy remember what happens when you say noSally asked what happens?I sat on the ground and put her feet in my lap and rubbed thenKate laughed oh
that feels good , do you want your feet rubbed sally he is very goodSally laughed yea OK, she unzipped her ankle boots and pushed them towards me Go on then Chris rub them, I started rubbing Sally’s feet,This is a joke up what are you two up toIts not a joke sally said Kate he is just good and does what he’s toldSally laughedwhat you don’t believe me Kate laughedNo said sally,OK Chris stand up,I stood up strip off Kate saidWhat I said Do it or you know what happenKate your drunk I said, followed by sally saying the same, leave him beChris do it now she slurredI took my shirt off and undid my jeans and stopped, I was so embarrassedCome on Kate said as she lit another smokeSally laughed leave him aloneChris do it I let go of my trousers they fell to my ankles, I don’t why but my cock was erect bulging in my pantsSally was laughing putting her hand over her eyes and opening her fingers peepingKate pulled at the waist band , get em off she laughed I eased them down letting them fall to my ankles Kate reached down and pulled off my feetOmg sally said laughing why have you got a hard on she giggled,Kate said do you want to see him wankSally nodded Let’s go in doors Kate saidI followed sally through Kate patted my bum as we walked through the kitchenPlease Kate don’t make me do thisWe are having fun she slurredthey sat on the sofa , Sally’s eyes was fixed on my cockNice isn’t it said Kate sally nodded, are you two fucking each otherYes said KateOmg sally saidHe knows about us toWhat sally responded when did you tell him and whyIt turns him on he want to be a girl to Kate slurredI don’t I saidKate said he wears my clothesSally started laughing no, Kate then told her about our walkI tried to shut Kate up I was so embarrassed, but she carried on talking The phone rang Kate picked it up She said oh hi yes OK see you soonYour mum will be here in ten minutesSally said shit I walked out to my bedroom,I heard the bell ring Then Kate come upstairs and came into my roomGo away I said She laid on my bed beside me and grabbed my cockGet off I said she moved down the bed and stated sucking my cockI put up a half hearted protestI’m sorry she said moving back up kissing my bodyShe looked into my eyes , you enjoyed it really didn’t youno I was embarrassedHer eyes was closingand then springing openNext thing she was snoringtbc

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