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Job centre (true story)Went into the job centre the other day to see my advisor but she wasnt in so i had been booked in with another person who i had never met before. My name was called so i walked over to the table and found a black lady (who we’ll call C to keep her anonymous) at the table. I have always found black girls attractive, their big asses and juicy tits a massive turn on. C had a cheeky charm about her so i sat down and started talking to her about how looking for work was going. buca escort Her eyes were beautiful and i found myself lost in them as she started talking to me, and then i suddenly found my eyes moving down to her chest. Boy oh boy did i love what i say, the juiciest pair of tits, what must have been at least D cups across the table from me. i suddenly felt a tingling in my trousers as i began undressing her in my mind trying hard not get a hard-on. All i could image was sucking on her tits and shoving buca escort bayan my cock between them while she pushed them together.Then s she had to go upstairs to get some paperwork, and as she walked across the room my eyes followed her as i caught a glimpse of her ass, my eyes focussed on it and my mind was picturing it bouncing up and down my hard cock as she was riding me. She must have known wht was on my mind as i had begun to fidget a lot before she left.When she returned she escort buca stood across the table from me as i was satdown and i looked her up and down, and got an eyeful of her camel-toe. Her pussy looked so tasty, almost calling out to me to get my cock out and fuck right there and then on the table. She gave me a cheeky look to almost say that she knew what i had seen and that she wanted me to have her all to myself. I flirted and joked with her as we resumed, all the more wanting to fuck her. I didnt want to take her number as it could cost her her job, but she took it down “for offical purposes” and im hoping that she will call me and be my black fuck slut! Will let you guys know what happens on the next meeting.

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