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Jenny 1Jenny 1: It was way back in 1972, I was 18 and my parents had decided to move to Australia. They said the USA was no good any more. Nixon was president and they did not like what was happening. Much like today with our new president. We decided to drive across country to California from our home in Indiana. We packed up and headed west in an old 1965 Dodge pick up and a 1965 Ford van. My three sisters, mom and dad and me. Somewhere in the southwest; I think Arizona; we stopped to camp a few days before continuing west. I was deep into crossdressing at that point and welcomed the chance to sneak out and walk around in my panties and bra. I had a ragged “T” shirt and a pair of too short shorts on over my girl underwear. It was getting dark when I stumbled on a stack of hay bales. I climbed up on them to find a sort of hollowed out place in the center. It seemed heaven sent, a place to lie back and play with my little cock while dreaming all sorts of sexy things. Well, somehow I managed to fall asleep in that hay stack. I was dreaming about the k*ds I had babysat and the things we did. It seemed to be a really realistic dream for some reason. I felt Christy (the youngest of the three) rubbing my little cock and spreading my pre-cum over it and my small balls. I was really enjoying the feeling when she started getting her little hand closer to my boi-pussy. This really served to stiffen my cockette and make the juices flow. I dreamed she removed her hand from my cock and move it into the crack of my pussy and begin spreading my pre-cum urfa escort around the entrance. I felt her slowly slip a finger into my fuck hole…..and woke up! The finger was still there and I was spooned up against someone who had their finger inside me. It was dark and impossible to see clearly, so I had no idea what was happening. I began to get scared when a soft male voice told me to be still. He called me honey and asked if I wanted to feel really good. He had a finger inside me and his other hand was cupping my small cockette and nuts. He was wiggling his finger inside me making me feel like I was in heaven. I mumbled a small moan and uh-huh I liked to feel good. I was a small boy at about 100 lbs. or less, but tall. He withdrew his finger and held me so that he could turn me head to toe on top of him. I found myself with a very long and hard cock right in my face. It was not thick but was extra long. I didn’t hesitate when I felt his mouth suck in my small member; I simply did my best to swallow his cock. When his cock hit the back of my throat he moaned and pushed two big man fingers into my hole. I groaned and began humping his face with my cockette and his fingers with my pussy. I felt so good and out of control at that moment. I must have cum in his mouth because I heard him smack his lips and swallow. He then pushed another finger into me which made me quiver and hunch like I had not done in a long time. He finger fucked my wet pussy for awhile and then asked me “Honey, I want to put something a little bigger into urfa escort bayan your pussy hole and leave a deposit.” He flipped me over onto my tummy and began rubbing his long cock up and down my crack. It was very slippery and felt really good. I rubbed back against him trying to impale myself on his root. Suddenly it happened. In one short instant I was filled to the rim with hot, hard, man cock. He held it deep in me for a few minutes and I could feel it pulsing inside me. He then slowly withdrew it until it was almost out then plunged it back in, which made me squeal just like the gurl I was. As he humped me I was letting out these little squeaks with each plunge into me and it seemed that he liked it. The more vocal I became the faster and deeper he fucked me. Finally he began picking up his pace until he seemed to be going a thousand miles an hour. As he plunged his cock into me I would let out a squeal of joy. After just a few minutes he stiffened and plunged his man root into me deeper that he had been. He stopped and when I felt his cock begin pulsing and his cum pumping into me I found myself milking him with my muscles. He kept pulsing and jetting sperm into my body until I thought I would drown in it. He eventually slowed and stopped, but kept his cock inside me as his breathing slowed. He whispered sweet things in my ear that made me contract my pussy and suck him deeper which he obviously liked. When we were rested he told me he really liked fucking a little girly boy like me and would I like some new panties escort urfa because his cum was leaking out all over the ones I had worn. I nodded yes and he told me to come around his campsite before I left and he would have a package for me. The next morning I made my way to his camp and scratched on his tent flap. He told me to come in and when I stepped in he handed me a small package and asked if I would model my new panties for him. I said yes if he would step outside while I put them on. When he stepped out I opened the package and found a beautiful set of panties, bra, and camisole in a very pretty bright pink color. I put the set on and whispered for him to come back in. When he got inside he looked at me and smiled. I saw his cock begin to grow in his pants and so reached out and began to rub it. As a small wet spot appeared on his pants he reached out and drew me close and asked if I had time for him to fill my pussy one more time. I made the time for him and before I left he handed me a dildo just about the same size as his cock. He asked where I was going and I told him. He grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote some stuff on it then handed it to me. He told me that these were the names and phone numbers of guys he knew who loved little girl boys as much as he did and who would make me feel really good if I got in contact with them and told them he had sent me. Yes I did and yes they did….several of them. I am calling this the Jenny 1 story as I am just beginning to find my preferred sexuality at this point. In Jenny 2, I will tell you of a day during my trip back to Indiana (one of many) and the two girls who picked me up hitch hiking out of San Francisco going to Indiana. They were fun; they and their boyfriends and dog.Until next time… pussy aches for your cock!

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