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Jack’s BIG Life – Chapter 2Jack’s BIG LifeChapter 2 – “Fun with Laura Larson”Way, way back in the day…Jack’s endless quest for huge, oversized tits started with Laura Larson … a neighbor that lived 2 houses down. When the Larson’s moved in, three years prior, her tits were already extremely large. After having a little one, they went from being large … to absolutely MASSIVE! The 38 year-old woman was the complete object of his desires. He found it more than difficult to concentrate when around her! He couldn’t describe what it was about her absolutely gigantic melons – they were just preposterously huge! For an impressionable 18 year-old, who was hellbent on titfucking women with enormous boobs … Laura Larson “set the bar”. Jack was so effected by her that he routinely took out his frustration on his angry erections … jacking his extra-long dong to big sticky explosions, fantasizing about those watermelon-shaped tits! All he wanted to accomplish, was to bury his erection between Laura’s giant tits and fuck them like there was no tomorrow!During his Senior year in High School, Jack began seeing her more often. He used a “practicing for the track team”, excuse to jog past her house as often as possible. She sat on her porch a lot and he’d noticed her staring at him a couple of times. He knew why he was staring HER down – but her interest in return was intriguing. He surmised that it was because he’d changed a lot in 3 years. A gawky, 15 year-old string bean had turned into a handsome, adonis-like 18 year-old … who was the object of admiring looks from nearly every girl in high school. THOSE looks had gotten Jack plenty of blowjobs … and he had fucked a couple of girls … but he actually preferred jacking his huge 12″ organ …to fantasies of the Blonde that lived 2 doors down. He found her to be the sexiest woman he’d ever laid eyes on! At some point … frustration began to set in. What possible scenerio would ever arise … to allow him private time with Laura?Things all changed on March 7th. He was jogging past the Larson house around 7pm, when he saw Laura sitting on her porch. He was wearing his favorite shorts and a t-shirt — which seemed to catch her attention! He stopped in front of her house to “catch his breath”. “Hi, Jack,” she called out. “How are you doin, handsome?”, as she sat her newspaper down. As if his scheme had somehow magically come together … Jack boldly headed directly for the porch to return the greeting. He was far from shy about copping a peek at the just ginormous bulges routinely trapped in the blouses of his busty neighbor. “Fuck yeah, mama – look at you – and those giant fuckin’ tits!”, was among the random thoughts that fired through his mind. He responded “Great, Mrs. Larson.”. As he got up to the porch, Jack was thrown into shock mode! Reality quickly set in…For the first time, Jack was one-on-one with Laura … and he could plainly see her enormous, oversized tits. He found himself practically gasping for air. “Jesus H. Christ – I’ve never seen tits so goddamn massive!”, he thought … “I’d give anything to put my huge dick between those things!” She seemed particularly happy to see Jack that day and had a dazzling smile on her face. She said, “It’s so hot today. Would you like a cold drink?” The young teenager managed a “Umm, yeah. Sure.” She said, “How about if we have it inside where it’s a lot cooler? It’s just too hot out here.” Jack was a mess. Laura was a pretty lady … but she could have been butt ugly and he still would have been totally enraptured with her preposterously giant tits! Suddenly … she stood up from her chair … and there they were. The twins. Those massive melons … threatening to burst through the thin material of her blouse … mere inches from his grasp!She wasn’t a tall lady – rather short, actually – maybe about 5’5″. Her body was rather petite too. She had short legs … and her waist was rather small. It was those tits – those goddamn huge tits! It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra and her titanic breasts were exploding outward. It looked like the lady had crammed 2 over-inflated basketballs into her top. Jack’s enormous pecker was beginning to tent his shorts. Lewd thoughts of his dick sliding through what seemed like a foot deep cleavage had him short of breath. She opened the storm door and said “Come on in, dear.” Her gargantuan tata’s had turned Jake’s prick to stone! After going inside, Laura said “Have a seat on the couch, Jack. I’ll casino şirketleri be right back with some lemonade!” Jack took a seat. His mind was going a 100 miles an hour. He reached into his shorts … and rapidly beat his massive dick … unable to control his tit-screwing fantasies! He finally let go of his swollen member … hoping it would subside a bit. It didn’t. Not even close.She soon rejoined Jack … sitting at one end of her couch, with him on the other. She began a conversation, saying “I’ve been relaxing today. Mr. Larson is out of town for 2 days and little Freddie (her 18 month-old) is spending a couple of nights with his Grandma. I needed a break.” She caught him staring at her humongous breasts several times, but said nothing – as if she was okay with it. She added “Here I am trying to stay cool … and you’re out there jogging … keeping that chiseled body in shape!” This caused Jack to smile and say “I know … my track coach won’t have it any other way” Laura allowed her eyes to drift from Jack’s face toward his crotch … where she began to wonder if her eyes were lying to her. “Oh my fucking God!” she exclaimed inwardly … “What a monstrous erection! After a brief moment … she added “You are becoming quite the man, Jack. I have to use the restroom. I’ll be right back, dear.”As she excused herself to the restroom … Jack watched her massive twin chest bombs rhythmically sway and shake, as the massive breasted neighbor disappeared into the hallway. He shamelessly went to work on his 12” dick some more. He actually came quite close to filling his shorts with a massive explosion. At that point … he went for broke. He didn’t even try to hide the huge hard-on that was tenting his shorts. He WANTED Laura to see just how big his organ was! When she returned from the restroom … Laura sat back down on the couch … much closer than before. She was quiet for a few seconds … choosing to watch the teenager’s eyes widen … and stare at her massively giant tits again. She had purposely left the top 3 buttons undone on her blouse. The result was breathtaking! Almost 1/2 of the canyon-like cleavage those watermelon-shaped giants were creating … was now on full display. She wickedly laughed inwardly.What a naive Jack couldn’t know, was that the 38 year-old was doing this by design. The stares that she’d been directing his way recently, were purposeful. The truth was, she found the young man sexy as hell. She KNEW her titanic twins had his total attention! Just as Jack longed for “alone time” with her … she wanted the very same thing. She wasn’t sure how to restart the conversation … but her method worked – although it certainly lacked subtlety. She said, “You know, Jack – that Freddie is giving me a lot of trouble. He’s almost 2 years old and he still tries to breast-feed when I hold him. Can you imagine? I guess it’s because I’m still hauling these bowling balls around!” As Jack helplessly stared at her stupendously massive tata’s, she grinned. She glared at his crotch, watching that huge dick stretch outward! The young man truly had no idea that she’d been sizing him up. Nothing new … for a seasoned, groin watching aficionado like Laura Larson. As bad as Jack wanted to see those giant tits – she wanted to see that huge teenage cock! The giant-breasted lady always knew how to use those mountains of tit to get what she wanted!- segway -In High School, Laura was already wearing a 44DDD. Every boy and male teacher at her school spent every possi
ble moment longingly staring at her giant twins, fantasizing the same way Jack was at this very moment. Long before little Freddie came along, Laura’s cup-size had already been a substantial 48GGG. During pregnancy, they just exploded, becoming a pair of insanely giant, milk-filled twin peaks! After the pregnancy, she was left with a titanic pair of 54HH monsters! They were massively oversized. Having always been blessed with large breasts, Laura was proud of the massive twins that remained after her pregnancy. She had convinced herself that after her nursing was finished, they would’ve shrunk. They didn’t shrink one iota. They fell victim to some sagging, given the enormity of their size – but Laura was proud of their gigantic heftiness! As a result, she still wore a pregnancy bra, just to contain them! When the woman went braless and sat in a chair or on her couch, they damn-near laid in her lap, they were so fat and heavy.- back from segway -Jack’s casino firmalari heart was about to explode. He was only being honest with his giant breasted neighbor, but he began to worry that he’d said too much. The young man was in uncharted waters. Laura might take offense to his comments – and what about Mr. Larson? Jake had no idea of Laura’s incredibly filthy intentions! She was ready to move things along and added “I can’t believe it. The k** runs around this house reaching for them.” Jack was ready to reach for them himself! Remaining cautious about how he responded … Jack said “I think I kind of understand Mrs. Larson. They are so incredibly huge … but they are beautiful too. “That’s so sweet, dear!”, she cooed … while giving Jack’s knee a pat and a squeeze. “Please call me Laura – it’s okay – we’ve all been friends for so long now. And seriously – they are WAAAY too big!” Once again, Jack chose his words wisely. He said, “If you say so, Laura – personally, I think they are amazing!” It was at that point, Laura decided the two of them were “on the same page”.With a lusty look on her face, she said “I guess my preconceived notions about you were spot on. You HAVE been staring at my tits for 3 years now, haven’t you?” Jack said, “Yes I have, Laura – you’re boobs are incredible! I’ve never seen another lady with boobs like yours! I think Mr. Larson is a very lucky man. I’m quite jealous of him!” Laura was melting while she sat there with her teenage next door neighbor. She quickly spoke up “Soooo … would you like to see them … in all their naked glory?” “Oh God would I”, he stammered. She reached up with both hands and pressed the gargantuan milkers together, teasing the tit-obsessed young man. She grinned and said “Why didn’t you speak up sooner – of course you can see my tits?” As she subconsciously undid the remaining buttons on her top, Laura questioned her neighbor “So, you horny devil – my gigantic tits get you goin, huh?” Jack said, “Hell yes. I fantasize about them all the time!”With that, the top came off and she flung it aside! Her humongous knockers were practically exploding out of a white, lacy bra! The bra was so tight, the cups were just overflowing! The giant twins were smashed together, causing a cleavage that defied logic. Never in his life, had Jack seen a woman with such a ridiculously massive upper torso. There was nothing to compare them to. It looked like Laura suffered from Macromastia or something. As Jack’s eyes remained riveted on those titanic knockers, she said “Okay – but what is it about them that gets that massive lump in your shorts big and hard, dear?” He said, “I’ve always wondered what it’d feel like … to squeeze a pair of really giant boobs around my huge dick! It’s a fantasy of mine. I’d like to bury my dick between your giant pair!” Laura began to blush! She thought to herself, “Is this 18 year-old actually telling me he wants to fuck my tits? How does a young man of his age have the “stones” to be so bold? That thing in his shorts must be a real MONSTER! What a cocky, sexy young man!!” It made her even hornier!She stammered, as she moved closer to Jack “You wanna….put your dick between my tits – did I hear you right?” Without batting an eye, Jack said “Hell yes! I’ve wanted to for a long time now.” Laura shook her head, in stunned bewilderment – “What the hell did Jack know about titfucking?” It certainly wasn’t something she was unfamiliar with. Mr. Larson spent many a time plowing his long 10″ dong up down the channel between her monsters as she smashed them together. There were times in the past … where he fucked her massive twins 3 times a week! She said, “You mean to tell me, you’ve been fantasizing about fucking my tits – and for quite some time?” Jack said, “Well … you wanted to know. No sense in lying to you. HELL YES, I wanna fuck those tits!” Laura was just about knocked off the couch. The quiet, cool lewdness – of this “k**”. A filthy minded, foul mouthed, monster titted woman from the past had suddenly been re-awoken!Still unsure she could believe him … given his age … she added “Okay. Wow! Well – have you done it before? I mean, who would – and where would you see – or what gave you those type of thoughts, dear?” Jack grinned and said “Well – my Dad has this DVD – and the women all have big, huge boobs – and – that’s all they do – titty fuck really lucky guys!” Shaking her head, Laura said “Your pervert Dad – I might have known. güvenilir casino Now THAT doesn’t surprise me. Every time he’s around, I worry that his eyes are gonna explode out of their sockets. And … you’ve been watching a titfucking DVD. Now I get it. Let me ask you one more thing, dear. Is your dick, like – really big? Jack grinned and said “Oh … it’s really, REALLY big, Laura!” As she sat there, her pussy began to moisten.She had fantasized about Jack quite a bit recently … and assumed that her gargantuan tits were the reason for his staring. She loved having those huge tits … and the way men stared at them. What gal in her late 30s, wouldn’t be proud of a beautiful pair of 54HH tata’s … that launched from her upper torso like twin watermelons on her otherwise small frame? She was turned on by Jack’s blunt honesty and frankness – plus she wanted to see that huge teenage cock. She said, “I’d absolutely enjoy letting you put that big dick of yours between my giant titties. You’re a brave young man, to make such a request – that turns me on, dear?” She couldn’t help herself – she wanted that pecker! Yes he was 18. Yes she was 38. Oh well! The gates of hell had swung open. She was going to unleash her sexual fury on him!Jack was beginning to sweat and shake. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was about to get his massive joystick jacked and polished with those 54HH-cup monsters! He couldn’t wait to see those giant, heavy tits rolling up and down his erection! He quietly asked “Are you….serious? I thought you’d be like, really mad, Laura!” She scooted next to him, and said “No, dear I’m not angry – I’m actually quite flattered. You know, Mr. Larson does it all the time. He puts his big cock between ’em and just fucks ’em like a wildman! A good-looking young man with a fetish for huge titties outta be able to enjoy ’em from time to time!” What an understatement. The man had spent countless nights, just ramming and thrusting his prick through the seemingly bottomless cleavage between those giant tits!Jack’s cock was jutting outward, in torment. Laura said “First things first, dear – you’re gonna have to loose those shorts – or you’re gonna split ’em in half!” Jack stood up, right in front of Laura and proudly let her stare at the full length outline of his rigid, ridiculously oversized pecker. After swallowing hard, she said, “Oh my, Jack – it looks like you stuck a cucumber in your shorts! Lord, have mercy!” As Jack stood in front of Laura, she began to pull his shorts down. When the shorts came down, Jack ki
cked them aside … and his foot-long rod was arching upward toward the ceiling … right in Laura’s face! It bobbed up and down, clearly tormented and ready for action. Laura seemed quite staggered … at the size of the “equipment” on this young man. It didn’t seem possible, that a teenager could have a cock so big. It looked like Jack had a policemen’s nightstick for a cock! This made her pussy begin to ache – imagining the relentless bludgeoning Jack could give her. She had only been around one other guy who was comparable to the monster throbbing before her eyes. That guy was in his 40’s – not 18 years old!Jack’s painfully erect dick was causing the giant titted woman to practically turn to mush, forever altered by the sight of it’s incredible thickness and length! She said, “Okay sweetheart. If we’re gonna do this right, you need to have a seat on the couch.” Jack did what he was told and sat down. Laura stood up at the same time, and marveled at the way Jack’s 12″ fuck muscle lolled around in his lap, quipping “You’re hung like a goddamn horse, Jack!” The woman became completely disheveled, standing there. Her mouth began to water, as she stared at Jack’s heaving, thick-veined member! It took her a second to gather her thoughts – she wanted to ride that stallion-sized prick so bad, her cunt hurt. She knelt between Jack’s legs, thinking “Here comes mama and her giant twins, you fuckin’ stud!” Jack was about to have his prick treated to a real fantasy-come-true.Jack removed his shirt, revealing his rippling “six-pack” abs. Laura said “You are one amazingly put-together young man, Jack – I’m gonna enjoy this!” She said, “I wanna feel this throbbing pole in my mouth first.” Jack said, “Yes, Laura – suck it good!” “My my, what a dirty-minded young man”, Laura thought “I’m gonna show him how it’s done!” Laura was a pro at sucking cock – she couldn’t begin to imagine how many times she’d went down on Mr. Larson – gagging and slobbering his 10″s of angry manhood! Prior to giving him a ball-draining titfuck, it was routine for her to suck his big billy-club until he was ready to fuck the canyon between her gigantic tits! Jack had no IDEA what he was in for…

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