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its monday night footballHELLO EVERYONEI hope everyone enjoy my last story happen on black Friday please leave comments so I know how much u love the story thank youWell we getting close to football playoff and every other Sunday some one throw football party at their place sometime I get invited sometime I don’t depend what kind of party and what kind people their as you know im a pretty shemale and im proud of it.My story always a real experience happen to me or my friends I love to share after all us shemale also have feeling tooOn Monday night football Texans vs patriot one of black gay friend throw the party his a big fans of patriot so he invite me and few friends of mine and u guys know when u have one those football party everyone bring their friends foods and drinks always serve us transsexual were enjoying this party until some neighbor call cops for making to much noise some people had to leave some who were nice and close friends stay here I was sitting next to my best friend Carla she is blk lady boy skinny and tall I was wearing tight jeans shorts and tight tank top with pink and black lace bra and lace boy shorts panties under with high heels one of Derek (gay guy whose throwing party) friend (jason) came to me grab my hand took me outside for chitchat his not gay ut his so cute and tall muscular start asking all those question every guy wonder about transsexual but he was nice so I didn’t get mad and told him and told me about him self how his heart broken after catching his gf cheating on him and I felt bad for him and after game was over patriot won we were still talking sitting outside by door and he ask aliağa escort me to give him ride to his place and agree to I went inside to get my purse my friend Carla ask for ride too they both got in my suv I drop Carla first her apartment come before Jason and when Carla was stepping out of my suv she try to signal me I didn’t catch what she was trying to sayI start driving to Jason place when we got their he ask me to come in for few drinks way he ask me very nice gentleman way so I quickly park my suv in parking went to his apartment sit on couch he got 2 bud bottle already open for me such a nice guy and he start talking about sex asking me how much I like and I have bf and I ever had bbc putting his hand on my thighs slowly gentle rubbing them all the sudden I don’t know I start feeling hot and very horny I look at him and I really want to get fuck by him so he got close to me smiling and just quickly kiss his lips and next word come out of him wow girl u sure don’t waist time and his already on my chest squeezing my boob on my right side he whisper lets go to bedroom I agree walk with him to his bedroom he grab me toss me to his bad face up start undo my shorts pull them turn me pull my panties to my knees spank me hard several time I was so turn on I couldn’t refuse him next thing ii feel both his hands on my each butts spread them apart spit right on my asshole start licking me omg Jason sure know how to use that tongue because I start moan squeezing my balls fingering my ass and more tounge driving me so crazy I lost control next thing I remember I was pull down from bed to my knees his standing on my face pull escort aliağa his jeans and boxer down its was surprise to see big long and thick Jason was I look him up with smile he look down say suck it get it more bigger I start sucking his big black cock more harder he was getting I was having hard time sucking him my mouth lips was stretching then he grab my head and and jaw start fucking my mouth none stop I had to slap his thighs or I had to push him away for his cock to come out of my mouth and I can breath more and grab again put it in my mouth start fuking happen several time I felt dizzy few time my world start spinning my eyes all tears my chin was all wett from my salvia I pick my off the floor push me in bed face down his on my thighs sitting spreading my butts I turn my head to see his big thick cock head fighting to go in my ass I moan very loud soon he got in and continue to push all the way in I felt him so deep for second I lost my voice when he got very deep never had that deepHe pulls out spank my butt with his cock holding left butt spread and stick it back went deep again pull out again omg he was driving me crazy and all the sudden he start fucking me harder none stop I was screaming loud he stop deep and lay on top of me whisper dame girl u never been fuck like this don’t worry I give u fuck of ur life I feel his arms around my neck holding on my shoulder and start pounding me harder and harder and harder I almost cry when he pull out of my ass he scream best one yet im laying in bed face down catching my breath he turn me make me suck more on his cock then he pulls me to edge of bed laying on aliağa escort bayan my back legs been push to my shoulder here I feel him going back in my ass start pounding more harder and harder and harder im screaming he stop pulls me off the bed make me stand on floor bend to bed and start pounding me more harder and harder honestly I start crying I couldn’t take it no more my knees got weak I almost got on my knees and he grab my hips pull me up fuck me more I start screaming stop stop I cant he did grab my chin baby im not done with u yet make me suck his cock I just want it him to cum quick so I can go home I put me back in bed sideway start pounding me none stop with spanking more all the sudden he stop turn me start cumming on my facei was glade he cum I lay their he grab my shorts and tanktop throw at me get dress and get out as I get off the bed very shaky put on my shorts and fix my bra and put on my tanktop bend down to grab my pantes he slap my ass very hard yell get out bitch I felt so bad here I was thinking his nice and rush out with high heels and panties in my hand got to my suv one old black lady starring at me I guss she heard me screaming I got in my suv grab my purse to get tissue I look in mirror my face was mess and his cum on my hairs I look for more tissue I found my iphone lighting I look I see Carla several text as I open I read don’t trust him girls his a player and please don’t drink any beer so I call her as I was pull out of parkinglot I told her what he did to me and how it start she told me he puts some sex pills she felt for him she got fuck worse then I did so im glade its wasn’t that worst one I got home took shower went to bed I hope you guys enjoy it base on true story sorry of mistakes English not that good please leave comments if u do or don’t like it Happy holiday to all be safe I will write more when more happen

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