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It is what it is…1Bruce was playing basket ball as I passed through the park, I stopped long enough to watch a couple of points and went my merry way. As I crossed the baseball field, Bruce caught up to me and asked ‘…you just gonna walk on by with out saying anything. You haven’t learned nothing …have you…’I glared at Bruce, but quickly changed my expression when I noticed his fist balled up. I stammered ‘…I was just passing by and thought the game was fun…’ Suddenly, Bruce slapped me viciously across the face. I fell to the ground as he towered over me. I glanced around the to see if any one else saw what happened and jumped to my feet.Bruce glared at mne saying ‘…bitch you lucky, I’m horny as hell. Shooting hoops always makes me horny and you gonna relieve my stress. You know where my cousin lives, get to stepping…’ Looking around frantically to see if some one saw what was happening, I was down fallen. Not a soul in sight.I walked sullenly in front of Bruce as we wind our way through the maze of projects till we reached his cousins apartment. It was on the third landing, with a concrete floor through out and a area rug in the living room. The kitchen was off to one side and down a short hall way was the bath and two bedrooms.I knew that Bruce’s cousin was a violent drunk that had no compunction of busting a boy in the ass with his member, but I did not want Bruce to slap me again either. I glanced down the hall and could see that both doors to the bedrooms were open, it gave me assurance that no one was home.The last time I was there both doors were closed and Bruce’s drunken cousin woke up out of a drunken stupor and found Bruce and I engaged in sexual intimacy. At first he thought I was a girl, but as soon as he saw I was a boy he wasted no time in sticking his old male member up my well lubed bung hole.Bruce closed the door and locked it, and immediately embraced me in a bear hug and tried to nestle my neck. I struggled away from him as he gripped my wrist and drew back to strike me again. Quickly I stammered ‘…you smell like a skunk, take a shower kaçak iddaa or something…’Bruce laughed and let go of my wrist saying ‘…yeah, you’re right. I do need to bathe…’ He started to walk towards the bath when he stopped and turned saying ‘…better ideal, we’ll both shower together, it’ll be more fun…’I let out a sigh of disappointment as Bruce continued ‘…no one’s here but you and I so get out those clothes and let’s get busy…’ Downfallen I undressed and followed Bruce to the bath. Bruce started the water and we stepped into the tub, the water was a little hot for me but Bruce seemed to enjoy it.Bruce took the face clothe and soaped it up and started to wash his self. As he turned he looked at me and handed me the clothe saying ‘…you’re my bitch, wash me…’ Reluctantly I took hold of the clothe and started to wash his shoulders and chest. Bruce closed his eyes briefly then snapped ‘…wash all of me and make sure you get my dick good and clean, I don’t want you sucking a dirty dick…’Hesitantly I washed his chest and stomach till I finally reached his penis, as soon as I touch it, it spring to life and begin to harden and throbbed., Bruce turned around allowing the water to run down over his body washing away the soap as I continued to wash his back and sides.Once Bruce had turned all the way around and was again facing me he said ‘…change places with me so I can wash you down…’ I moved to where he was as he moved to where I was. Bruce soaped up the clothe again and begin to wash me very gently.His touch was sensuous as he could be, as he washed my back and slid his hand and clothe through my buttocks and probed my anus lightly. Bruce came closer to me as my back was to him, and embraced me as he reached around and washed my chest and stomach.I could feel his hardness as it throbbed against my buttocks, Bruce dropped the clothe and slid his hands up to my nipples and very gently twist both of them till I started to squirm. Bruce turned me around to face him and said ‘…alright, I want you to suck my dick now, suck it good so I know how bets10 much you luv being here…’Slowly I started to go down to my knees when Bruce said ‘…naw, that’s not how I want you to do it. Lick down my body till you get to my dick and then suck it…’resentfully I made myself do his bidding. As I reached his manhood, it was bouncing up and down like a little dog.I reached out to take hold of it when Bruce said ‘..don’t use your hands. Catch it with your mouth and suck me good…’ I could feel the tears of rage and humiliation form in my eyes as I opened my mouth and sucked his throbbing member into my oral orifice.Bruce moaned softly as I gagged and sucked his member, tasting the pre-cum that oozed from his tip. Bruce cradled my head in his hands and slowly rotated my head around in small circles as I sucked his member. Bruce pulled my mouth away from his penis causing me to make an obscene smacking sound as his penis and my lips parted.Bruce lift me by my arms and turned me to the wall and tried to enter my bung, without any lube he was painfully unsuccessful. Bruce stopped and said ‘…come on and dry off we gonna get in bed…’ We dried each other off and I followed Bruce to one of the bedrooms.Bruce closed the door and pointed to the bed and said ‘…on your back holding your legs open…’ I climbed on the bed and did as he said. Bruce retrieved his tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to my bung hole and his rock hard penis.In a way I was glad that it was Bruce and not Daniel or Charlie, both of them had extremely large penis. Bruce was average size and he could be gentle, he also was the better looking of the three.Bruce positioned himself between my legs and I flinched when his penile glans touched my anal opening. Bruce lowered his face to mine and whispered ‘…don’t run the moment, I’ll take care of you if you let me, if not, you know I’ll bust your ass open and fuck you anyway…’Bruce pressed his member against my resisting bung hole, my outer anal sphincter muscle ring painfully gave way and his head popped into my rectum. I bets10 güvenilir mi arched my neck as I gasp in agony, Bruce lowered his lips to mine and probed my mouth with his tongue as he pressed more of his eight inches into my anal canal.Whimpering, I could do little to stop him and found myself closing my feet around his waist and gripping his shoulders in my hands as he passionately kissed me. Lust took over as Bruce begin to move back and forth sinking more and more of his member into my anus.Once Bruce had entered me entirely he raised his head from my face and said ‘…take hold of your ankles and pull them open, let me get this pussy right…’ lost in a fog of lust I did just as he wanted.Bruce lowered his lips to my nipples and begin to gently suck and bite them one at a time. My ind went crazy and I lost all sense of manly manner and opened myself to Bruce. For twenty minutes, Bruce hunched, grind and rammed his man hood deep into my rectum till lowered his lips to mine again and begin to kiss me passionately.I felt his penis begin to twitch and throb deep in y bowels and the squirt of his seed as it exploded from his penis. With his lips pressed to mine< Bruce whispered '...hold me bitch, I'm breeding this pussy now...'Bruce came hard, each squirt of his penis flooded my innards with his sperm till he collapsed on me. My legs around his waist and my arms holding him tight as he nibbled on my neck and ear. I surrendered myself to his lust and tried to make sure he was satisfied.Bruce laid on me for a another few minutes before rolling off to one side. It was then that I saw his cousin standing in the doorway naked stroking his old penis and drinking a beer. He said to Bruce '...boy, you show no how to treat your cousin good. I was just thinking about this sissy and the last time he was here. Don't you dare move, keep that cum up in your ass pussy so I want hurt you...'I looked anxiously over at Bruce, hoping he would sa y something in my defense. Bruce smiled at me and said ' is his house, you just as well to let him it that stuff too...' Bruce rolled off the bed and stood there looking down at me as his forty something cousin crawled up on the bed giving him his beer and said '...I don't need no audience, go put my beer in the fridge and wait till I finish...'Too be continued...

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