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i****t is HotMy name is Eric and this is one hell of a story. To start off, I’ll describe myself. I have brown hair and brown eyes, I’m around 5’10, and am very muscular for my age. I swear this isn’t an exaggeration, but girls literally get wet when I flex my biceps. I’m 18 years old, in all honors classes, and most importantly, I have a MASSIVE cock. How big you ask? Well, its 10 inches long flaccid, 13 hard, and it’s about as thick around as a can of hairspray. Girls at school and even some of the hot teachers are constantly staring at my pants, because I can’t really hide it, so it looks like I have a python running down my leg. But I’m not complaining.Now for the interesting part. My sister, Veronica, is so fucking hot. She’s 19, way shorter than me, and has just these big, perfect, gorgeous tits. Her bra size is 34DD, but she’s slim so they look even bigger. She’s also got a big ass, and looks unbelievable in a bikini. I’ve wanted to fuck her since I hit puberty, and I finally set my mind to it. It all started when we were talking in our basement on a Thursday night. My sister and I are close, so we’ll do that from time to time. Naturally, because she’s a girl, the topic of other girls came up. “So Eric…how are the ladies lately?” she asked innocently.”Uh okay I guess. Well, actually…””Actually?””Yeah, actually, there was one exciting thing that happened the other day.””OMG What!? You have to tell me. Is my little brother finally getting some action?””I am actually. From a teacher.””WHAT! Holy shit! You made out with a teacher?””Yep. Then I fingered her. Then I fucked her.” Veronica’s jaw dropped when she heard the word fuck. “OMG…you, like, full on fucked her?””Hell yeah.””Wait, which teacher?””Miss Bobby””Wow, she’s the hottest teacher in the school. Damn, how’d you get her to fuck you?””I have a big cock, she likes big cock. The rest just happened naturally.” When I mentioned my big cock her eyes immediately darted to my crotch, where I knew she could see the massive python almost reaching my knee. Clearly this was the first time she’d ever taken a good look at my crotch, because darıca escort her eyes nearly popped out of her head, and she didn’t look away for about 10 seconds. “I guess so…” Veronica said, struggling to finally pull her eyes away from my pants. “So I guess you’re not a virgin anymore, huh?””Oh I haven’t been for a while.” I said.”Really? How many times have you fucked, and with how many girls?””Six girls, and I think about 15 times total. But that’s not counting Miss Bobby.” I said, getting a little arrogant.”I’m just in shock right now. I mean, my little brother is apparently fucking girls left and right with his alleged big dick, and I’ve just been sitting at home every night, doing nothing.””Alleged? What, you think I’m lying about how big it is?””Just be honest with me, how big is it actually?””13 inches”She laughed, “In that case, yeah I think you’re lying.””Bitch,” I said in a playful manner, “I will prove it right now.””No you won’t. And besides, you have to be hard for me to see its full size, don’t you?””So do something to make me hard.” I said, challenging her. I was testing to see if she was serious or not. She sat thinking for a while, clearly conflicted. “I’m your sister. What could I do that would make you hard without also grossing you out? It seems a little messed up.””I at least deserve a chance to prove myself right.””Ugh, okay fine.” And with that she stood up and slowly peeled off the thin, pink tank-top she was wearing to reveal a red and black, lacy bra from Victoria’s Secret. From the looks of it, either the bra was too small or her tits got even bigger, because there was enough cleavage to make you think the bra might snap off at any moment. I was hard almost immediately. “This is all you get. Now show me what you got in there.” Veronica said sternly, pointing to the iron rod looking outline of my massive cock. I pulled down my pants, then finally my underwear. My cock sprang up, its head slapping against my stomach about two inches above my belly-button. Her face was priceless. Her jaw dropped, eyes widened, and she let out a little yelp, obviously startled escort darıca by the monster before her. She backed up until she hit the wall, then finally said, “OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. That is the BIGGEST cock I’ve ever seen. Are you even human? How did Miss Bobby even fit it inside her? A cock like that will LITERALLY rip a girl in half. And you’ve fucked how many girls? Jesus, how did any of them manage to get the head in? It’s the size of a fucking fist.””Well it takes a lot of lube, but it usually goes in eventually. It’s funny, once I really start fucking you can see the outline of my cock pumping up into their womb. Ha, I remember this one chick I fucked was so small that I seriously almost ripped through her womb, into her stomach. I didn’t of course because that would have killed her, but she was cumming so hard that she wanted me to. The fucked up thing is that I could have done it easily. Since she was a screamer, she didn’t stop yelling at me to rip her in half the whole time, so I had to fuck her until she passed out just to shut her up. When she woke up, she told me that he didn’t stop cumming from the moment I stuck it in until she passed out. I found that hard to believe though, considering I fucked her for three hours straight without stopping.”I looked at Veronica to see her breathing heavily, with a hand down her yoga pants and a big wet spot right where her pussy was. She looked at me, then my cock, then me again. Then she got up, and walked over to me.”Just look at you. Here, take your shirt off. I want to see that Greek god physique.”With that I took off my shirt, and showed off my six pack and huge pecks. She ogled me, worshipping my body.”Wow.” She said, “How could any girl resist.” Then she whispered in my ear, “Even a sister…”Jillian backed up a few feet, and undid the back of her bra. It snapped off and flew into my face. I took it off and saw my sister’s perfect, large, 34DD tits for the first time. It took a lot not to cum right there. “Go get the baby oil.” She said. I obeyed. Then she stripped down completely nude, and drenched herself in the oil. “I need darıca escort bayan help rubbing it in.” she said, so I walked over and started rubbing the oil into her tits, all over her stomach, and eventually her ass and thighs. I began to kiss her neck, until she whipped around and kissed me hard on the lips. Then I picked her up by her ass cheeks, and sat her down right on my shaft, so that the only thing keeping her off the ground was my cock. Meanwhile, she was trying to shove her tongue as far down my throat as possible. She finally noticed that I was carrying her with just my cock, and yelled out, “JESUS CHRIST ERIC, YOURE SUCK A FUCKING STUD. OH GOD PLEASE JUST FUCK ME NOW.” So I carried her into the guest bedroom, laid her down, lined up my cock with her pussy, and slid the head in.”OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOOOOODD!! ITS SO HUGE, IM CUMMING IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!”She had already cum and the head was barely in for a second. This was going to be fun. I slid a few more inches in, and she screamed louder than I’ve ever heard anyone scream before. Thank god our parents weren’t home. I hit about the halfway point when she yelled, “YOURE IN MY FUCKING WOMB!! OH GOD NEVER STOP FUCKING MEEEEEEEEE YOURE TEARING ME IN HALF OH GOD YESSSSSSSS IM CUMMING AGAIN IM CUMMIIIIIIINNNNGGG AAAAHHHHHHHHH”That’s when I really started to slam her. My cock head broke through her cervix and then stretched the end of her womb pretty far, and it still wasn’t all the way in. I could see the outline of my cock stretching past her belly-button, the watched it retract and SLAM up into her diaphragm again. This went on for hours. I tried to keep track of how many times my sister came, but I honestly believe she never stopped from the sta
rt. She also never stopped screaming. So, just like the last bitch who wouldn’t stop, I had to fuck her brains out until she passed out. I was impressed though. Veronica managed to stay conscious for four hours of brutal, non-stop orgasms. When she finally blacked out, I fucked her for another minute or two, felt myself reach the edge, and came everywhere inside her womb. I came so much that it started to spill out of her pussy before I pulled out. Then I got up and left my sister there, her perfect body covered in oil and sweat, jizz spilling out of her fertile pussy, knowing no one would ever fuck her as good as I did.

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