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Indoctrination Part 1I placed a simple ad, any ladies out there that need to cum over and over, contact me and I can make that happen for you. I had several replies and I selected one she was 35 divorced and and in great need of an orgasm. I bought her into my playroom and there was a straight back wooden chair in the center of the room. She looked very nervous and apprehensive. I slowly circled her until I was behind I moved in and cupped her ample breasts, she let out a quiet little gasp, but I could feel her nipples become erect to my touch. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra exposing her doughy tits. I began to knead them in my hands her nipples became taught at my touch. I ran my hand down çanakkale escort her belly and unbutton her jeans. I pulled them down and I gasped her mound in my hand kneading it as I had her tits. I pull her back to me her lovely round full ass pushes against my stiffing cock. I lead her over to the chair and tie each ankle to leg of the chair. I bend her over the back of the chair and secure each wrist to the front leg of the chair. I circle back around and my hand cups her mound and I begin to roll her clit between my fingers. I slip my thumb inside her and feel her wetness. I move back around and whisper in her ear have you ever been restrained before? She shakes her head no and her give escort çanakkale her plump ass a swat, answer no Sir or no Master. I return to her juicy mound and roll her clit back and forth between my fingers I see her legs begin to tremble, my thumb darts in and out of her wet pussy. I continue to tease her clit as her breath becomes quicker and feel her tense and I pull my hand away. She begins to beg, “I was so close Master, please let me cum. I lean down by her ear and tell her that she has to ask permission to cum as I smack her ass once again. “Please Master, she squeaks. I run my hand over her dangling tits lingering over her hard nipples, I give a nice tug. I select a medium size anal çanakkale escort bayan plug and and lean down by her ear and whisper have you ever had an anal plug before my pet. She shakes her head and give her a swat and she replies”no Master. I show her the plug and explain that this is medium size. I tell her to open her mouth and push the plug in. Better make it nice and wet my pet. Her eyes widen as I stuff the plug farther into mer mouth. I pull it out and move behind her, I use my fingers to pull her ass cheeks open and push the tip against her tight asshole. She begins to whimper and I tell her to relax as I push the plug in deeper. She let’s out a low moan as the tip disappears and sucks the plug tight into her asshole. I give it a tap to make sure that it has seated properly. My hand moves back to her waiting mound and I cup it. Her clit is engorged as my fingers dance back and forth. She moans out”please Master my I cum???” “Please…please…please

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