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Indian Wife & Internet FriendRima was worried. What had started off an a harmless ploy to pass time was now acquiring concrete shape. Due to the busy schedule of her husband, she had found plenty of time on her hands. Literotica had provided a welcome release. Its daily quota of stories dealing with various topics and wonderfully erotic situations in which the main characters found themselves fascinated her tremendously. The stories of one particular author interested her tremendously. He was an Indian based in Chandigarh. Though his stories dealt with sex in non consensual situations, she found his style of writing to be very attractive.One day she had written to him suggesting certain changes in the stories. To her surprise she received a reply and his reply was so very gentle. He wrote that he respected her decision and even permitted her to carry out the changes and to post the story again on the site with herself as the author. She was hesitant. Did this not amount to plagiarizing? Was it ethical to take someone else’s creation and to publicize it as one’s own? The Chandigarh based person whose name turned out to be Varun was in no mood to listen to all this. He virtually forced her to post the story as her own. He also gave her his mobile number. There was no pressure from his side. If ever, ever she felt like ringing him up she was most welcome to do so.Rima was well read. She knew that friendships that were struck on the Internet were invariably doomed. People presented themselves to be what they were not. All the men were handsome hunks, bristling with muscles and oozing charm. All the women were oh-so-sexy. Still she could not resist calling him up when her husband was away for a two month training programme.He was so gentle, so courteous. He sent her his photograph over E mail and told her that the discretion to send her photo was entirely hers. She felt that it would be perhaps impolite not to reciprocate in the same vein, and so she had sent her photograph as well. Varun was effusive in his praise. His E mails grew longer and longer. And more and more ribald. He told her in the gentlest possible language how he would like to be in bed with her, to kiss her breasts and to make love to her. Yes, he did know that she was married but he found her to be so interesting. What could he do? Would she permit him? Of course not, she had replied. After all, this was unthinkable with one whom she knew so little about.And then one day he had told her that he would be visiting the town she was staying in due to some official work of his.She did not know whether it was actually any official work or whether this was just a ploy that he had devised to meet her.“Rima, I will be staying in The Oberoi. That is quite respectable. No eyebrows will be raised if you come to meet me.I promise you that I will not even touch you if you even shake your head. But, please do not disappoint me.”This was preposterous, Rima thought. This man Varun was behaving like a jilted lover. Like someone whom she had known for years. She had flatly told him that a visit to the hotel was out of question. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. The responsibility for arranging a meeting lay with her only, he said. Rima had very mixed feelings. She felt like a teenager on her maiden affair. What to do? Ultimately she again spoke to Varun. She would tell her husband Rehan that Varun was the husband of her friend and that she had once stayed with them in Chandigarh and that she wanted to invite him over for dinner. Varun did not sound very enthusiastic. “Rima, if you invite me for dinner, even your husband will be there. Suppose, just suppose he suspects something.?” Varun said.“First of all, you leave all that to me. And this is going to be our first meeting. Inviting you over to my house is any day preferable to my going over to your hotel. That would seem extremely surreptitious.” Rima replied in an exasperated tone.“Okay. Ultimately you are the best judge.I just hope that you are not thinking me to be a bore or someone whom you actually don’t want to meet. In that case, just say so and you won’t hear from me ever again.” Varun said.But she did not say that she did not want to meet him. So finally this was agreed upon. Varun would be coming to their town and staying in The Oberoi as per programme. However he would be their guest for dinner and would be spending about two hours with her and her husband. He was frank enough to say that he would be on the lookout for opportunities to make love to her but she laughed away these intentions of his.How could that be possible with Rehan around?“Love.” She decided to speak to Rehan as they were lying in bed. Even after so many years of marriage she always slept nude.And this excited Rehan no end.Even if they did not make love. Rehan would make a long face if she as much as even mentioned that she would be sleeping in a nightie.“Yes?” Rehan said.“There was a friend of mine in the university. One girl called Kavita. She has been married and is now staying in Chandigarh. Her husband is coming here day after tomorrow.I have once stayed with Kavita and was therefore thinking of inviting him over for dinner.” She said.Rehan kept down the magazine that he was engrossed in. “ Why do you ask? This house is as much yours as it is mine. If you wish to invite him over, do so.” He said planting a playful kiss on her nipple.Rima thanked God and heaved a sigh of relief. Secretly she somehow felt relieved that Rehan too would be there when Varun came visiting. However next morning Rehan telephoned from the office to tell her that there were some chances that he might not be available for dinner when Varun came. Rima felt her heart sinking. She desperately wanted Rehan to be present.“Rehan, please. Why don’t you make some other arrangements? Someone else should do the job that you are supposed to do?” she pleaded.“Rima,what is the matter? Relax! If need be I won’t go but why are you so tense? This will not be the first time somebody is coming to our house for dinner. Moreover, even if I am not there you can talk a lot. About your friend naturally.” Rehan replied.Rima laughed a sheepish laugh. “ No, love. I am not tense. It is just that I thought that it would be so nice if you were there. I mean I would keep coming and going into the kitchen and somebody would be there to give him company.”“Okay.I’ll try my best. Bye for now.” Rehan disconnected the line.Thankfully Rehan did not go. He managed to convince his boss that there were certain personal commitments that he had to honour and his boss was very understanding.It was about 8 in the evening when the doorbell rang. Rima had dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a red saree with a sleeveless blouse that had a halter neck that showed off her shapely arms. Red lipstick, red nailpolish and red bangles on her wrists. She did not know why but on an impulse she opened lara escort a brand new pack of perfume and after dabbing it on the neck,under arms and seeing that she was alone also dabbed it on her manicured pussy. That was another benefit of the Internet. She could see what shape all the sexy models gave to their pubic hair. Neatly trimmed with just a line of vertical hair. But why did she dab on the perfume? On the pussy! She had no answer. It had a new fragrance, very feminine and captivating.She was in fact looking so good that Rehan pulled her leg saying that perhaps they should be inviting more of her friends’ husbands if she would always dress up this way to welcome them.“You are looking just like the ‘Lady in Red’ as goes the song but there is really no need to dress up so much.When I had gone to Amsterdam and stayed there with a friend, his wife would come to wake me wearing nothing but her birthday suit.”“So, you want me too to wear my birthday suit? Don’t worry. When one of your friends stays over, I too will wake him up in the morning in my birthday suit.Okay? But the person who is coming for dinner is not your friend but my friend’s husband and if he sees me in my birthday suit, you will have comp
etition tonight.You decide” Rima said keeping her foot on the bed and tying the anklets.“Its okay with you?” Rehan continued to tease.“Of course it is.Company and variety is always welcome!” Rima said tongue-in-cheek.As Rehan was getting ready, the doorbell rang and Rima’s heart skipped a beat. It was okay,she convinced herself. After all, Rehan too was there. She again looked at herself in the mirror and with butterflies in her stomach she opened the door.Varun was a man on the wrong side of thirties, almost six feet tall and despite a receding hairline was fairly handsome. It took her no time in recognizing him.“Hello!” his voice was gentle and sonorous.“Hi!” she said weekly.“Bothered about something?” he said as if reading her mind.“No, not at all. Do come in.” she said.He entered and looked around. Seeing that she was barefooted he started taking off his shoes.“There is no need. You can come in just like that.” Rima said.“No, it would be bad manners to wear shoes when the hostess herself is barefooted.” he said.“You are just being formal. I’m quite used to remaining like this.”Rima smiled.Soon Rehan too joined them. She introduced them hoping fervently that nothing went wrong. Apparently nothing did. Rehan was cool and relaxed. Varun too seemed at home. They started discussing typical male topics like politics, sports and books. After a while Rehan offered a drink to Varun which he gratefully accepted. While they were drinking, Rima laid the food on the table. From the corner of her eyes, she couldn’t resist the temptation of looking at Varun.Though he was not good looking in the conventional sense of the term, yet there was something about him that appealed to her tremendously and though there was no need to, she felt herself getting wet.“God! What is the matter? Why am I behaving like a silly 16 year old?” she said to herself and started concentrating on laying the food.It was almost nine thirty now.As soon as the food was laid she invited them to the table.“Just a second,love. Let us finish this and we’ll be with you.You want another one?”Rehan said to Varun.“No, this is more than sufficient.In any case I am keen to see what Rima is going to offer.” He said with a quick wink at her.Rima quickly looked at her husband to ensure that he was not looking and blushed.The table was full of sumptuous fare but Rima’s hunger had virtually vanished. Somehow Varun’s stated intention that he would find an opportunity to make love to her kept ringing in her ears.He did not appear to be a man who would make empty boasts.She felt vulnerable and excited at the same time.As they were making their way through the ginger chicken, Rima felt a foot brush against her foot. All the while Rehan and Varun were exchanging small talk. Initially she thought that it could have been a mistake but the second time the foot brushed against her toes and gradually moved to her anklets. Rima looked at Varun but he kept on talking to Rehan casually while his foot kept stroking Rima’s foot. She tried to withdraw it but too much movement under the table would have aroused the suspicions of Rehan She now understood the reason why he was so insistent on taking off his shoes along with socks as soon as he had seen that she was barefooted. After a while she reconciled herself to the touch of Varun against her foot. It was scintillating.Each touch sent electricity shooting through her body and she felt wetter than ever. It was not just the touch of another man’s foot but that he had the gall to do it right in front of her husband and also that he wanted to convey the message that he intended to keep his word.How,how was all that she was thinking, when seeing her helplessness in the given situation, Varun took advantage of his long legs. He removed his foot from the ankle and started stroking the portion below the knee. Each time he stroked her leg, her whole body quivered.“Smooth, very smooth!”Varun uttered as he stroked her inner thigh.Rima almost choked over the food at his audacity.“Sorry?” asked Rehan who had been busily working his way through the biryani. “Your whisky.Very smooth and intoxicating!”Varun replied saucily.Rima heaved a sigh of relief.She could never imagine that a person outwardly so sober looking could be as audacious as Varun was.She was just not able to concentrate on the food. Unknowingly her legs had also come apart hoping that the guest’s leg would perhaps proceed further. It did. She almost gasped when it brushed against her pubic hair. She had become fully wet and if Varun’s toe actually touched her pussy he too would come to know her level of arousal.“Are you all right?” Rehan asked.“Yes, just a red chilly.” She lied.“Have some water in that case.” Rima excused herself and was away from the table for a while. Her heart was pounding loudly. Somehow the meal ended. Rima herself did not know whether she was happy that it was finally over or unhappy that it had come to an end so soon.“Well, Varun it was really nice of you to have come over.We hope to see more of you. Keep coming whenever you come this way.” Rehan said.“Sure, why not? The pleasure during this dinner was all mine.” he said looking at Rima. “And you two must come over to Chandigarh.”“I am sorry but you must excuse me. I have had a hard day and tomorrow also there’s lots on the agenda. Thanks and good night.” Rehan said extending his hand towards Varun and shaking it.Rima too wished him goodbye and both maintained a studied silence till Varun wore his shoes. Just as he was leaving, he took her by surprise and planted a kiss on her lips. More than the pleasure, Rima immediately turned back to see whether Rehan was watching. Thankfully he was not.After undressing escort lara Rima wore her lemon coloured nightie and they were about to retire when the doorbell rang. It was Rima who opened the door and was astounded to see Varun.“I am so sorry, but it is late and no local transport is available.” he said.“I, well……….” Rima stammered.Rima was aghast. Things had taken such a turn she could not even protest. But she did feel a frisson of excitement which started at the top of her spine and went right down to her heels. She soon gained composure. “Won’t you ask me to spend the night?” Varun asked naughtily.“I…..I’ll have to ask Rehan if he can drop you” She said.“Sure.By all means.”Varun replied as if knowing what answerRehan would give.Leaving Varun there she went back to the bedroom and told Rehan what had happened.“I am too tired and exhausted. Let him sleep in the guest room and you too come fast.”Rehan muttered sleepily.Rima did not really know whether this was the answer she actually wanted from her husband.Now Varun would be staying over.If only she knew how to drive, she could have dropped him back, but did she really want to? She herself did not know the answer.“Well, come. Let me show you into the other room.” Rima said and led him into the guest room. “I’ll just get you a pair of shorts.”“I don’t need one.” Varun said briefly. “ And I don’t think you too need the nightie.Remember what I had said.I try to make good my promises.”“Speak softly.” She chided Varun. “Rehan is still awake.He does not just fall asleep like that.”“Tonight he will.” Varun said confidently unbuttoning his shirt.“What do you mean?” she asked incredulously.“When you had gone to drink water, I deliberately started having a medicine. He asked me what it was and I told him that it was just to ward off tiredness. I gave him one as well. What I gave him will make him sleep like a new born babe. After all, it is not everyday that I will be visiting you. To be frank you are far sexier than what you appeared to be in the photographs that you had sent and to be with you alone I am willing to do anything.” Varun laughed.Rima left him there and hurried back. As it is she was feeling horny moving all around the house clad in a transparent nightie which did nothing to hide her well endowed breasts and the excitement had made her nipples e
rect. She hurried into the bedroom and lay down quietly. She thought of locking the door but on second thoughts decided against it. If he came knocking at the door, it would wake up Rehan and it would be known that she had in fact lied to him about the real identity of Varun.All was quiet for about one hour. She seriously hoped that Varun had fallen asleep. There was complete silence except for the regular ticking of the clock in the drawing room. Somewhere in the distance could be heard the sound of stray dogs barking when they were disturbed from their sleep by a passing automobile. Rima also dozed off.She awoke with a start when she felt a hand tucking at her anklets. In the dark she saw the silhouette of a man standing at the foot of her bed and beckoning her outside. It took her just a fraction of second to realize that this was Varun. Immediately she followed him outside on tiptoe.“What’s it?”she asked.“ It is past midnight.” Varun replied. He was wearing his boxer shorts.“So?”“I’ve been counting minutes.”he said.“What for?”“To make love to you.” He replied in a matter-of-fact manner.“Varun. Please, be reasonable. We have just met. How can you even think of such a thing?” she implored.“Rima. You don’t understand me. I don’t want to have sex with you. I want to make love to you.” Varun said patiently.Rima felt her head spinning. “Please don’t confuse. Go to bed. It seems that I made a mistake in calling you over.”“No, you did not. Soon you will know that. Now will you please let me slide the nightie off your pretty shoulders? I know that there is nothing under them.” Varun said.“No, Varun.” She said and tried to protest feebly but soon Varun had his hands on shoulders and slowly, like a hydraulic motion, he slid the nightie off her shoulders. The cloth started its fall towards her feet, its motion temporarily arrested by her erect nipples. It hung on to them tenuously for a brief second and fell to the floor, leaving Rima standing nude. With her hands she closed her eyes. It seemed like an eternity when Varun removed her hands. She saw that Varun too was naked. His uncircumcised cock with the foreskin over the head was defiantly erect and perilously close to her pussy. Rima shuddered.This seemed so different from that of Rehan’s to which she was used to.“Touch it.It doesn’t bite.”Varun said.She just stood there frozen, staring at the dark brown foreskin covering the head and shaft of his now fully erect cock.“Touch it!” he repeated.Rima gingerly took her shivering hands towards the erect penis of the guest and held it in her hand.Due to sheer nervousness her hands felt warm and clammy.“Good.Now roll the foreskin back and you will see a cock similar to the one you are accustomed to.Good,very good.”Varun said as he saw Rima carrying out his instructions.“Now that he has emerged from his shell, be a good girl and kiss him.”Varun said.Feeling a trifle giddy Rima bent down and planted a light kiss on the head of the cock.“Not like this.In your mouth.Don’t tell me I have to teach you that.”Varun was obviously enjoying himself thoroughly.Samera opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the large head of the cock all the while looking at Varun.It felt stick and salty in her mouth but not unpleasant.Although he did not tell her, but she flicked the tongue all over it coating it with her saliva.“Come. When I said that I wanted to make love to you, my intention was to take you to the heights of ecstasy that an intelligent being is capable of.” Varun said, pulling her towards the bed with his hands on her bare buttocks.“Don’t be afraid. Relax. But, please since this is a night I want you to remember, let me do things my way. Let me put a blindfold over your eyes. I want you to feel things, because sheer and unadulterated pleasure need not be seen. It has to be felt.It seems that Varun had come prepared. Somehow he had known that she would come to his room because before she could protest, he took out a silk scarf. Soft and lovely to touch and tied it very gently around her eyes.“Don’t be scared, love. What is about to happen is something you would perhaps have never even dreamt of in your wildest dreams.There is just one more thing.” Varun said. Just as Rima was expecting him to complete the sentence she felt her hands being tied.“Varun, please. Why are you doing this?” she was suddenly anxious.However instead of any reply,only silence greeted her. It seemed that Varun had walked out of the room or had left her there: alone, nude,tied and blindfolded. She felt panic buiding up inside her. Should she shout? But lara escort bayan Varun himself had said that he had given Rehan a sleeping tablet. However soon she felt a pair of lips on her lips.“Varun,untie me. This isn’t fair.” She said.“All for your sake,love.Trust me. We have corresponded with one another for months now.” Varun voice was a whisper while her lips were pried open and a tongue started exploring its way in her mouth. The tongue was almost everywhere, teasing and tantalizing. Over her cheeks inside her ears till all the fine hair stood on edges.Very very slow. Over her arms and then under her armpits.She suddenly remembered that she had applied perfume there and was thankful for that. Then the tongue was at the base of her breasts; moving in an upwards direction till it was about one millimetre away from the aerola. It found its way down to her belly button.The arousal was tremendous and Rima was just wishing that the nipple should be sucked and hard. Varun’s tongue again was on the move, going down right till her pussy, blowing into the lips so that the sheer force of the blow tingled her.“Beautiful.You are very beautiful.A lyrical poetry.” Varun said.Oh God, she said biting her lips.Then suddenly there was silence.He had left her squirming. Obviously he was in the same room.“Varun, you there?” she asked in a whisper.“Sure, love.I am.”“Then why tease me?” she pleaded.“You want me to make love to you?” he asked seriously.Rima nodded.“You’ll have to wait,love.”he said. “Please lie down flat on your back.” She followed his instructions. This time he started from her feet,right from the toes,sucking and licking them.It was as if his tongue was a little wet snake slithering over her body.Over her ankles,punctuating his run by a light bite on the soft fesh of her inner thighs and stopping just short of her pussy.Again.“Please stand up and then we’ll make love.”Varun said.Rima stood up immediately and Varun laughed.“Don’t pull my leg.”Rima said crossly.“I am lying flat on the bed and not pulling your leg at all and there is no one else in the room. Put one leg across and sit on me so that it is not pulled.I just hope the cock will slide in on its own.”Varun said.Rima felt his body with her elbows and attempted to sit across him as if to ride him. As she lifted one leg to do his bidding, she felt a pair of strong hands under her buttock cheeks that lifted her and quite literally planted her on a shaft. The lips of her pussy wet as they were came in contact with an erect cock.The sheer weight of her own body ensured that the foreskin rolled back held by the tight lips of her pussy and the shaft found its way deep inside her pussy.She could actually feel the place where the thick foreskin was and where his shaft was. She recalled the words of a friend that while the tight foreskin rubbed the lips of a tight pussy and provided the pleasure there the actual shaft suffused the walls of the pussy with ecstasy. Rima bit her lip as she felt this alien organ invade her most intimate and secret place, and she felt that whatever hesitation that she had was rapidly vanishing.She moaned deeply as she felt the breath of his manhood fill her to capacity; and felt her heart begin to race as their pubic bones finally met. He remained motionless inside of her for a moment, and gradually as her will was all but gone, he nudged her and she began to slowly move in and out. “Oh God!Varun!!” was all Rima could say.“Remain that way.Relish the sensat
ion.You know that in common parlance these are known as cock and pussy.Obviously a pussy(cat) gets the better of a cock(chicken).Well, shouldn’t the pussy strangle the cock?” Varun said.Rima felt Varun’s hands on her bare breasts, finding their way to her very erect nipples.“Ride me,love.Ride me.”Varun said.Rima strained her legs ably assisted by Varun’s hands to go up till his cock was virtually out with the head poised at the entry of the pussy lips when she would again plonk down and the perinium of her buttocks would clap against his balls.The tables were now turned.Varun was not making love to her;she was making love to him and with each passing moment relishing it.“Be honest.I know you love Rehan but is the variety not worth all the tension you went through?” Varun asked.She felt as if his voice was echoing in the room.As Rima felt the climax building up, she remained silent and like a person possessed kept riding Varun. Perhaps, what Varun said was true.She knew that Varun too was also on the verge of a climax and soon she felt him shudder and discharge his semen inside her as little jets of fluid squirted inside her.She felt him go limp inside her but he did not disappoint. Since his hands were free, he immediately made her get up and arranged their position in a 69 pose. She felt his tongue greedily kissing her pussy and inside the lips.On her part, she found his cum covered cock and after gradually rolling the foreskin over, she started sucking the exposed head of the cock. To her own amazement, his cock was almost erect just as she approached her climax.All her body quivered and shuddered, she kept on sucking at his cock with as much passion as possible.If his cock had managed the deepest possible penetration in her pussy, it was again managing the deepest possible penetration in Rima’s mouth.After a couple of minutes, Varun discharged.Again.And even this time a substantial amount of cum came out.Rima ensured that her mouth remained on his cock and whatever came out went straight in her mouth.Due to the blindfold she couldn’t see;only feel but Varun was so enamoured that he kissed her on the lips and thrust his tongue inside her,tasting his own cum in her mouth.Together they lay there for what seemed like an eternity till she decided to go back to her own room.“At least now untie me and remove the blindfold.” She said.He complied. After having had her eyes shut for so long, it took her a while to adjust.The room was dark. Her nightie was on the chair nearby.She picked up the nightie and walked to her room her bare feet as silent on the floor as the paws of a cat.There was no need to wear it but it wouldn’t do to leave it there;in the room of a guest. He watched her nude body totally mesmerized when she stopped at the door and smiled at him.“There is just one little favor that I wanted from you. “she said.“You name it.”Varun said enthusiastically.“Rehan will be visiting Chandigarh after exactly ten days.I am sure that your wife will ensure the comfort of the guest just as I have ensured yours.” Even in the dark,Varun could see her eyes twinkling.Rehan was asleep. She felt guilty that he could not participate in such lovely love making. Perhaps next time.This was just a preliminary interlude into the world of experimental erotica.She knew how much Rehan relished when she took his flacid cock in her mouth. She pulled down his boxer shorts and planted a kiss on the tip and then proceeded to give his cock the same treatment that she had just given to Varun’s cock.She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his shaft just as Rehan felt the ripples of pleasure coursing through his body.

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