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I WAS TURNED BY MY NUDIST WIFEThis is all fantasy,, no one is real, just a story of sex between men and woman by a friend of mine.I WAS TURNED BY MY NUDIST WIFE My name is Rob, and today I am a widowed bi nudist male in my mid 60’s. I was introduced to a huge varied sexual lifestyle by my deceased wife Maria. Maria was raised as a nudist and in a very open sexual promiscuous family, and from the first meeting with her family I too was nude and was turned into the bi guy I am today! But, let me start at the beginning. As a young boy I went nude whenever I could, in our basement usually masturbating, when no one in the family was home and out back in a huge wooded area behind our house. My nude feelings were suppressed while in college and while in the military but I picked it back up once I was out on my own and settled in my career as a single man. I was 27 when I met Maria and that was at a nudist resort. For me it was love at first sight, and I think she felt the same and our first day together both naked was a special one. We set up a date the very next day and never looked back. I married her about a year later. We lived nude as we dated and after we married. Maria was raised in a nudist home and not only her parents were nudist but so were her Uncle and Aunt. She was also introduced by her parents to sex at an early age. Her first time was with her Uncle Mike and both her Mom and Aunt were there with her as he introduced her to oral sex and then took her cherry soon after! That became the standard at her home from the age of fifteen on and also included her Aunt Pat a sexy full figured lady and her Mom and Dad too. So, she was not only a nudist but very experienced sexually. Maria was very popular in High School with the boys and in college as well. I did not know her then but she was very open about her past and I too was with her on my sexual past. She told me of some of her boyfriends and of others and from what she said, Maria had sex with quite a few boys and men. I was Ok with her past as this all was before I met her. She also told me one night most of her past sexual history as we were naked and in bed and as she did she fondled my cock and balls! Maria was a beautiful brunette olive skin with a stunning body tight sexy ass large full breasts and inch longer nipples! She also shaved her twat as well, and naked she looked better than any of the sexy ladies on the internet that pose! Maria was stunning, open minded and very sexual. Her family gave her proper training very young that as she matured she was an expert at making men crazy!! She made me that way!! From the moment I saw her until her unexpected death due to skin cancer!!! She was the woman that every man dreams of and I was lucky and honored to live with her for almost 22 years. The first time I met her Mother and Father Dan and Denise I saw them at their home and they were naked from the moment I walked in until both Maria and I left. Denise was very into her nudity and was very sexual, with both men and women and so was Dan. Dan was a handsome man, nice muscular shape and had a great body with a long cut cock and a bit longer than mine I thought, and Denise also looked a lot like Maria, slim and had big full hanging tits and her nipples were even longer than Maria’s! They lived 24/7 nude in their home and often had nudist friends over for pool and dinner parties. They lived well had a great backyard pool and it was completely private often having large nude pool parties and BBQ parties in the pool area. We were always invited and not sure we ever missed any of the family functions as Maria loved going so we went and we were always naked in her parents home as we were at our home before and after we married. It was rare too that Mike and Pat were missing as well. Mike was a bit more aggressive sexually vs. Dan but being brothers they both were handsome men and Mike had a real 9 inch cut cock and big low hangers. Pat was taller than Denise and had a fuller figure but was still very attractive nude. Her tits were big and full and she had a full dark bush whereas Denise shaved her cunt. So, my first meeting with the parents as her new BF was with all of us naked! After my initial hard on in front of them all I relaxed and always felt very comfortable at their home. I still got erections at times but so did the older men. Maria and I spent a lot of time visiting her parents home and after we were married, I think we often spent 2 weekends a month there and as always nude the entire time. The only time I saw Denise dressed was when you got ready to got out publicly. Sex with Maria was HOT always, from the first time until the last and she was open and loved to experiment. So, our sexual dating and marriage was OUTSTANDING!!! We fucked or had oral sex every day and often more. It was my second meeting with the parents that I was introduced to bi sex! Maria and I went over for a day at the pool sunning but when we got there both Pat and Denise wanted to go shopping and of course dragged Maria along, leaving me with Dan and Mike nude at the pool sunning. Soon, Dan brought out some hard liquor and we three men drank and talked about sex, nudity and of course our sexual conquests! Numerous times I got erect as they talked, and so did they. I held back describing my sexual past, as both the men told of hot stories of fucking others and even some stories of Denise and Pat as well! Both men were bi and so were both ladies, as was Maria. It was after an hour or so of nude sunning that Mike suggested we take it in the Den and watch some football. It was when I went into the kitchen at the sink making new drinks for all of us that Mike came up next to me and was very complimentary on my body cock balls and my ass! He loved my low hanging nuts and my ass! He said it was a fuck able ass! Matter of fact he had his hands on my bare butt cheeks rubbing each one and fingering my crack as he told me I was sexy and HOT naked and knew why Maria was so into me. Dan had also walked up and he too made positive comments on my body and mentioned how Maria had commented many times of how good the sex was for her! Dan had his arm on my shoulder and his hand felt my nipple as he talked and Mike had his hand all over my butt cheeks and as Dan felt my nipple and pinched it, rubbed it Mike had his fingers into and rubbing my crack, and eventually into my bare hole bursa escort as we three stood at the sink! I was relaxed from the booze but the touching and closeness was also turning me on. Up to this point I had never been with a man before, so I was excited by the two mature men fondling me but still a bit hesitant! I knew where this was going and I did not want it to stop. Mike suggested we take this to the spare bedroom and I was immediately led out of the kitchen! It was not long until I was on the bed and both men were laying next to me and Dan kissed me as Mike took my now semi hard 7+ cut cock into his mouth. I let him and Dan kissed me some and then he sucked my nipples and eventually swapped with Mike on my cock. The mouths on my cock were hot and felt wonderful, and different than Maria. I had never felt so turned on and let both men have their way with me. After a few minutes I was offered Dan’s cock and I took it in my mouth and sucked Dan then Mike as we three switched off and on swapping mouths to cocks for a long time. Both men were large thick and very hard and their skin hot, and I could feel their cocks pulsing, as I sucked them for their pleasure. I was turned on by the scene and my introduction to cock. Then it was Mike that licked my ass and got my hole relaxed and ready after licking and fingering me and after he lubed me and his hard cock and he entered me! His cock head slowly pressed against me. Slow at first but he placed every inch of his nine inch cut cock in my ass. He had relaxed me so much and went so slow that I felt initial pressure but no real pain and once he was past my sphincter it felt really good. As he did Dan put his cock in my mouth so I had both men in me and I was sandwiched between both! This went on for a while as I lost track of time. I was h
ard as they sandwiched me, my cock and balls bouncing as Mike rammed my asshole. I was horny and enjoying my new found sex with Maria’s male family members! Mike continued to fuck my ass and on each stroke I could feel it and heard myself moaning, and I found myself yelling “fuck me, fuck me,, give it to me hard” We three continued until I heard Denise say “well hello boys! I hope you left some fun for us ladies” I tried to pull away embarrassed but both Mike and Dan held me and said “Relax, the cat’s out of the bag now, so go with it, you’re going to enjoy this” So, I went back to Dan’s cock as Mike kept stroking my ass! His cock was big and so was Dan’s but the new sensation was hot exciting and fun! Also, Maria watched as we men continued and told me how HOT this was and she was so happy that the men finally took me over the edge. I had no idea she wanted me to suck their cocks. Maria loved seeing men play together, naked, hard cocks and asses used cocks being sucked and all the cum and the whole sexual aspect. I knew she did and we had talked about it briefly but I was surprised that on the second time I met the family I was being fucked by the men! It did not take long before Pat Denise and Maria were all naked with us in the bed and we all transitioned from men on men to men on women to women with women to a total and complete orgy! Both Dan and Mike fucked me that day more than once and the women loved it. I too got to fuck both Denise and Pat as well. Both ladies were very sensual wet and knew how to work a cock while in their cunts! I now knew why fucking Maria was so wonderful as she had learned that from her mother! I also ate each of the ladies before and after each had been fucked by the men, so licking and eating cum was becoming a wonderful part of the sex. I also had both men’s cocks in my mouth before and after they fucked the ladies. I loved the taste of my wife’s pussy and I found that I loved the taste of each of the ladies too and both Dan and Mikes cum taste as well. I also watched as my sexy girlfriend Maria took her dads cock into her wet open cunt and her uncle’s too! Pat also fucked Maria with a dildo! It was hot, it was exhausting and the room smelled of sex. Over two hours later the men drained of cum the ladies tired of constant orgasms we all stopped. We all showered in the master bedroom’s shower and then just relaxed as Denise put on some hot lesbian porn. I was so tired form the prior sex I did not get an erection. That night we all stayed over and in the morning after a big breakfast Pat started it again on Maria and then Mike grabbed me and rammed his big cock in my ass as I ate Denise out on the pool lounge chairs! That morning both Mike and Dan fucked me but instead of breeding me they each shot their loads in and on my face,, and after I was covered in cum both Pat and Maria kissed me and licked the men’s cum off my face! Needless to say,, every time we visited the family home we went nude and it was rare that someone did not have sex with someone! Usually a cock and a pussy but at times pussy on pussy and cock on cock, so I never knew what to expect and always went with the flow. I became very close to both parents and Aunt and Uncle. I learned that I loved all kinds of sex with men and women and Maria also loved that I had taken to her family too. She was very happy I was so open to the family sex and sex with men. We were introduced to many of their nudist friends and also many of them were into sex. I had many female and male partners during this time frame and so did Maria sometimes together and sometimes separately, and both of us were very comfortable with our open sexual exploits and with the family. It was rare that when we visited the parents home we did not have some kind of sex with someone in the family. There were many times I was sent over on an errand to Dan and Denise’s home and once there with only one of them present did I not have some kind of sex. Sometimes Denise would just suck me off, and so did Dan, or I did the same to them. One day I was sent by Maria to pick up an item for her and Denise was the only one home and so as soon as I got there and stripped naked she grabbed my cock and dragged me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed and got between my legs and got me hard then she mounted me cowgirl style and fucked me,, I eventually threw her on her back and fucked her missionary style and as I did Dan walked in and he rammed his hard cock in my ass. I was fucking Denise and he was fucking me and once we got out rhythm going we all had huge escort bursa orgasms the same time. That same day Denise told me “I want you to clean off my husbands cock of his cum and once done you need to get down here and suck your cum from my pussy” I did. I was very hard as I did both and loved the joint taste of all of our sex juices! Her comment after was “If I knew you were so amendable to orders and submissive I would have had you submitting sooner!” Dan laughed and said “Now your life is going to change” There were some set up meetings that Denise and Dan set up with a few men at their house where Denise controlled the group and I was the main entertainment!! The first time she did that there were three new men I had never met before plus Dan and Denise. She had me sucking cocks, swallowing cum and getting fucked in my ass many times, with Dan present always too. These men were all non family members and not nudist friends but men that Denise knew over the years and most were married but all very bi sexual. Denise always had them cum in my bare ass as she loved to see the cum run out of my ass after getting fucked. Denise used me like that a number of times and Maria always knew before or after these sessions and she always got HOT and fucked my brains out once we talked about it. Denise always had me covered in cum and never let anyone to wipe it off, so I always had dried and wet cum on me or running out of my asshole! I have no idea how many men shot their hot salty loads into my bare ass. Even after Maria’s death Denise used me often with other men. The largest group of men numbered eight plus Dan and Mike. She was the dominant concerning the sex between the family but Dan also enjoyed the scenes and the men and women she controlled. We all were very close before but after her death we became even closer because of the sex, nudity and our interaction over the years. Many nights I slept with both Dan and Denise and they told me I was as close to them as if I was their son. My relationship with both never changed and I still see them both together and separately. I also still see Pat and Mike as well, often at the family home but sometimes at their home too. So, it was a nude and sexual relationship and one that I enjoyed and was very comfortable in. Denise was the main thrust bringing me into the open sexual world and bi sex and to be honest I enjoyed every minute of it. After we married, we bought a very nice home on a canal where I could dock my 36 foot sailboat and it was also on the sixth hole of the country club we belonged too. Both Maria ad I were golfers in between our sex! I also tried to sail the boat a couple times each month and we always were nude as we sailed. The main cabin saw many naked men and women and a lot of hot naked sex on that boat. The house also had a nice pool area and was very private except for the east wall. That wall was just six feet in height and in most cases would be high enough for privacy except for the doctor that lived next door! Doc was about 6.6″ and was also slim. He could easily see over the wall and often would see both Maria and I naked in back. He became a close friend and he too was a nudist but his wife Penny was not. Doc was one of those men that look a bit funny naked, tall slim but he had a long 11 inch uncut cock and as he walked that thing bounced all over. It was hard to not look at it. We added a gate and door between our backyards so he could walk over when he saw us by the pool. Penny was Ok with us all naked but never would go nude with the group. We did see her naked at time
s as Doc would have her suck his cock with the bedroom curtains open and we could see her naked and bounce up and down on that big shaft often and as she frequently, almost every morning gave Doc oral sex. She usually blew him each morning about 10 am just after her morning workout! So we could time watching her work that big cock every day and when it was hard it was impressive! Doc often would hang on our side of the wall and after a while Maria asked him if he would fuck her with that big cock if I was ok with it and of course I was, so he agreed. She also wanted to watch me suck him and take his load and after some coaxing he agreed and so did I. The Doc was in his 60’s then but he had the biggest cum loads of any man that I could remember at his age. He always flooded my mouth and I could never swallow fast enough to prevent his cum from spilling out of my mouth and down my chin. Often his sperm would hang and drip off my chin and Maria would lick it off. Maria had the same problem only worst and then it was my turn to do the same for her. She always had me lick his cum from her lips and face, and chin as she thought that was HOT! Doc loved that. It did not take long before Maria was begging him to fuck me with his big Monster cock, and once he started he did that often! My ass was always sore after Doc fucked me and my ass leaked his seed for hours after. Maria loved that as she often would finger my ass and feed us both Doc`s sperm. After she passed Doc still came over and used my ass and mouth frequently. Penny had to know but she never let on about the sex between us three. Doc was offered a very great job making very some very good money so they sold the house and moved on and I was a bit depressed as he was not only a great neighbor and friend but a wonderful sex partner. We still stay in touch and when he is in town he stays at my house and he seeds my holes! That brings me to my current neighbor. One day as I was living alone, no Maria and no Doc I was out cleaning the pool naked of course and I heard some voices in Doc’s backyard pool area. It was an older couple and a realtor. I assumed looking at the house as it was up for sale. I doubted they could see me naked but I didn’t really care but I went in anyway to make sure I did not interfere with the showing. After an hour or so I heard the main doorbell ring, so I put on my terry cloth wrap and answered the door. It was an older man, the same one that I saw in the pool area earlier. He introduced himself to me as Mac the realtor listing the house next door. I invited him in and we chatted briefly and he kept looking my body over. He mentioned that he saw me nude as he showed the house and the lady commented on having a nude man next door. She liked the idea but her husband was not bursa escort bayan pleased. Mac asked me if he informed me about future showings if I could refrain from going naked where a potential buyer might see me. I agreed to be a bit more considerate before the sale but that he had to let new buyers know a nudist did live next door and was outdoors nude frequently. He agree. Then he said “I myself am a nudist and gay and I have always loved this house and am thinking of buying it myself, so how would you feel if I did buy it and I too went nude with other gay men?’ I told him I was completely cool with that and if he did buy it I would welcome him into the neighborhood. With that he said “by the way you have an impressive body and package and I hope I can see it often” I then removed my wrap and he said “Now I think I need to buy next door and I have many many friends that would love to see you naked up close and personal” We laughed. I offered him a cool drink, he accepted and when I came back from the kitchen with the drinks he was totally naked himself. We chatted for a while until he got up and came over to me and got between my open legs and took my cock in his mouth and blew me for over 20 minutes until I came in his mouth. Nothing was said except “well if you do buy then I hope that is the start of many more fun times” Mac said” I love to invite my gay buddies over for nude pool parties so if I do buy you will always be invited. I said I was looking forward to that. Mac left and I hoped he did in fact buy Doc’s home. It was about a month later when Mac rang my doorbell again and told me he did in fact purchase the house. I congratulated him, and offered a drink to celebrate. One drink led to two and it wasn’t long before we both were completely naked and Mac was once again sucking my cock and after I blew my load in his mouth I returned the favor. We talked about Doc, Marie my love of nudity and sex and that I was bi but not gay. He was gay but loved gay married men and there were many he said. After finding out that I was the son in law of Dan, he said he had met Dan and Mike at a few of the gay nudist parties and both always had fun times. With that we ended up in my bed and Mac fucked me for the first time that day. There would be many more over the next few years, in his home and in mine and on my boat too. One day I tool Mike, Dan, Mac and his latest lover out on the boat and the only requirement was no clothing allowed and fun had to be had! That day I can not remember not seeing a hard cock, dripping cum, or someone having sex on top or in the main cabin. It was a long day of sailing, fucking and sucking. Mac did have numerous pool parties too and always the men had to be naked. Sex any place was ok as long as all parties were willing and since most if not all were gay men sex was always a constant. It did not take Mac long before he realized I could become very submissive naked around a dominant and he frequently invited mature TOPS over to meet me. Like Denise, Mac always set up and controlled the scene. I was usually the main entertainment and it was rare I did not walk home with a full load of cum in my ass or running down my thighs. One night as I walked home every step cum squirted out of my pussy and I could not smile or move my cheeks as I had so much dried cum on my face, hair, chest and ass cheeks! Mac at times invited Denise and Pat over too to hang naked with the men, and Dan and Mike were usually there as well. A few times both of the ladies got fucked and sucked some cock but usually they mingled and then went to my home to have sex with each other. Dan and Mike usually stayed at the male party!, but so did I. I always had sex at Mac’s parties and often some men would transition over to my house as well. I developed many new friends for nudity and sex and Mac even continued to set up meetings with me and tops and I felt I was starting to become completely gay as my sex with women was becoming less and less as I was too busy with Mac, Dan and Mike and their buddies sexually. So, I asked both Pat and Denise to come over for a long weekend and stay with me and have sex, without the hubby’s. Both agree and we had a great fun time. I knew Maria would not want me to stop having sex with females and frankly I loved women and loved their bodies and all aspects of sex with them. I always got full hard erections whenever I ate pussy as I loved giving oral sex to women. I knew Maria would be happy if I continued to see ladies. Pat had continued to set me up at times with her male buddies but I asked her to continue that but see if she could find a nudist lady or two that wanted to see me for sex on a regular basis. Pat knew so many men and women that were in the nudist lifestyle and into sex so she promised she could find me someone or two that would appreciate my situation. A week later two mature but beautiful ladies knocked on my door and asked if I was Rob. I let them in and offered them drink sand we chatted briefly about Pat, Denise and Dan and Mike and the lades love of nudity and sex! Soon, we three were naked and kissing, sucking, and fucking all three of us. The next day I took both out on a sail nude of course and we fucked and sucked until all were drained. Once back at the dock both women went into my bedroom naked and went to bed. I joined them and in the morning we had another 3-way. The
y were HOT sexy and knew how to please a man with sex. Today Sandy has moved in with me and her best friend Connie visits almost daily to enjoy nudity with us and sex too. Mac also joins us naked at times and the ladies are a big hit nude with the men at the pool parties but once the men start having sex my two gals take me back to my home and fuck my brains out! Mac is happy for me but disappointed that I am rarely available for his buddies. Sandy enjoys watching men have sex and always joins in but prefers to eat and play with Connie’s pussy over a strange mans cock. So, today as I write this my life has been exciting and good. I have many great friends male and female and have had more sex than most men dream about! Sandy just walked in naked and let me know its time to go and take the boat out as Connie is bringing a new male friend over and we all are taking the boat out for a naked sail and some naked fun too! So this is my story about how my nudist wife turned me into a bi sexual naked guy that has had a wonderful life and many friends. If Sandy moves on and someday she might then I will write again, but until then I have some nude sailing to do! Take care. As always this is a fantasy story and always play safe.

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