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i fucked my teacherthis is the story that i fucked my computer teacher.. when i was in college ..iam 21 year old studying degree final year .. her name is lapricia .. she i a mother of 2 c***dren.. first time i dont have any feelings towards her .. then i noticed her ass and boobs are great size … i used to masturbate thinking about her .. she is little dark complexion .. her face is very sexy .. when i see her inside the class .,my dick will become errect as i look her ass and boobs.. she didnt noticed that .. then i thought about fucking her .. i slowly made her my friend .. she gave me her number and we started chating and we shared everything .. and we were just like best friends .. one day she noticed me looking at her boobs inside the class .. she just gave a naughty smile to me at that time… i think she really love it ..that day night when we were chating she told me why you looked at your boobs in the classroom? i was so shocked to hear that .. i told her sorry canlı bahis .. i will never repeat it .. she told me it is ok to look at that .. but dont stare at it everytime .. i said ok with a smile .. next day she wore a new churidar to the college .. and she was looking so sexy . her cleavage is seeing.. and her hot body structure is exposed with that dress … i was sitting in front bech . and my dick became so hard.. she noticed it .. and just stared at me .. that day night she told me that i have seen that thing errect in your pants … i asked her “do you like it”?she told me that “yes i do like it “i was totally surprised … after that we started talking about sex .. her husband is working abroad.. so she dont get sex.. she told me very sadly … i told everything will be ok… next day she told me to drop her to home… i dropped her in her house in my bike… those boobs were rubbing against my back .. she was smiling when i apply brakes knowingly… we reached bahis siteleri her home… she told me come in .. let me get yu something to drink… i sat in her center hall.. nobody is there… she went inside and changed her dress and made me a juice … and gave it to me .. and sat near me … she was wearing a nighty … without bra.. her boobs are clearly visible… i asked were is her c***dren… she told me they went to grandmothers house and will only return tommorow… i was looking at her boobs when i talk to her… she told me with a naughty smile… “do you really like my boobs?” i was stunned about her question and told her “yes i like it very much”she:”i like your dick too…”i hold her hand and moved my lips towards her lips… and i started kissing her… she was sexy like hell… i kissed her for 5 minutes and she was touching my dick… i took my dick out of my pant and give it to her… she was shocked by seeing its size.. then she quickly took bahis şirketleri it in her mouth and started sucking it..sucked for 15 minutes and i was about to cum… she told me let me drink all your cum… she drank all my cum.. and was smiling…then i fingered her pussy and started licking it… she was moaning in pleasure… then i took her boobs in my hand and started sucking it… then i bite her nipple…she was crying when i do that…. after that i took my dick and placed in her feels so good… i started stroking her pussy… she was moaning loudly.. i fucked her hardcore .. i slapped her face while i fucked her… and suck her boobs… finally i cum….she was satisfied and wiped my cum from her pussy and cleaned my dick… i said its not over… i wanna fuck yur asshole too.. she said nooo… it will hurt… i took some oil and applied to her asahole… she was saying… dont fuck my asshole… i dont care… i sucked it and i started pushing my dick inside her ass… it was so tight… i fucked her ass in doggystyle and i cum in her ass… we both went to bath together… in bathroom we fucked… and i left her home… after that… i go to her house whenever i get a chance to fuck her

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