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I FUCKED MILENA’S FOOT IN HER ROOMMilena is girl of my wife’s sister Janna.She is 21 years old.Her mother was separate from her husband.Milena and her mother Janna was living in Russia.They were not rich.Janna’s been working as dance teacher for a long time.Milena is a gymnast and sometimes she joins to gymnastic competition.Some of these competitions were international.Last summer, we went to Russia.Of course, we stayed in their house.My wife and her sister Janna visit very often their friends in the city.If they visit their friends I usually stay at home.Milena is my wife’s sister’s girl. But, in fact, I was feeling more different for her.I’m a fanatic foot fetishist.And, especially gymnast girls feet excites me.Since, Milena is a gymnast girl , her feet always excited me.She was always keeping her feet stretched as other gymnast girls do.Sometimes, she was placing her bare foot on the coffee table while watching TV.And, she was keeping her feet stretched.She was not aware of this.But, this position of Milena’s feet was exciting me.Sometimes, while she is watching TV I used to go to bathroom and masturbate for her feet.My wife,,Janna and Milena were not aware of this.This lasted for many years.She’s been wearing a thin golden anklet on her foot lately.Probably, I masturbated thirty or forty times for Milena’s foot till now.And, Milena’s foot was much more attractive and sexy than other gymnast girls for me.This is a fact. When I compare the feet of other gymnast girls with Milena, her feet are much more sexy then others.And ,I decided to fuck her foot, no matter what the cost.That has been an obsession for me.And, I began applying my plan when we went their home in Russia last summer.I was looking at Milena’s feet clearly while my wife and Janna in the kitchen or other rooms.Meanwhile, Milena can not speak English and our language.. So, I was speaking to her with sign.I was looking at her feet very often and clearly.Especially, while she was watching TV or sitting on sofa.Probably, she did not understand why I was staring at her feet.I think she wanted to ask but she was in hesitation.Sometimes, she was looking at her feet while I stare at her feet insistently.Someday, she was lying on the sofa and watching TV.And, I was sitting on the armchair opposite of her.She was wearing a green shorts and gray t shirt.Her bahis siteleri canlı legs and feet were bare.I was wearing a shorts and t shirts.It was summer night.My wife and her sister was in the kitchen.Her golden anklet at left ankle had excited me.My dick was being up slowly. I was absolutely sure that I want to fuck Milena’s foot now.I slowly began to masturbate.I was looking at her bare foot and anklet.And, I was playing with my dick over my shorts. She suddenly noticed that I was masturbating.And, she looked at her left foot.I showed her foot and tried to say her foot was sexy.She had understood.She tried to say something like ‘no’ with her hand.She was thinking her foot was not attractive. Showing her bare foot, I tried to say that her foot was sexy.She smiled a little and said no.I wanted her to know that I wanted fuck her foot.I was masturbating now over my shorts.I was looking at her foot and she was watching that.She shrugged her shoulders and said something like no.But, she was hesitant.She was still there and not leaving the room.I was still masturbating.And, she seemed like she doesn’t care.I typed on my phone in English ‘ I want to fuck your foot and translated to Russian.I stood up and showed her.She read this.She shrugged her shoulder and said no.She did not seem surprised.I again typed on phone ‘ please I want to fuck your foot,please’ and translated to Russian.And, I showed her again.She again said no.But, she still was there and not leaving.Suddenly, she wanted my phone and typed Russian and translated to English.She had typed on phone ‘how ?’.I again typed on phone and asked her to be sure. ‘do you want me fuck your foot?’And, she got my phone and typed..’ may be’.I again typed on my phone ‘go to room and wait for me’.(Since their house not big, me and my wife was staying at Milena’s room.And, Milena also was staying with us in the same room.)I was planning to go to room for sleeping after Milena.So, my wife and her sister Janna wouldn’t have suspected.But, she was still watching TV.With my hand,I pointed her to go to her room.I was afraid she didn’t understand what I wanted to do.She got my phone and typed; ‘What do you want ?’.I looked at her foot and I typed that I wanted to fuck her foot.And, I showed her foot with my hand asked with a low voice, okay?And, Milena typed; casino oyna in the room , now?I said yes.She showed My wife and Janna in the kitchen.And, with a low voice she said to me something in her language.Probably, she had understood.But, she was afraid to try that.And, I typed that will not take long.I promised I will be silence.She stood up and went to kitchen.She said somethings to Janna and they discussed for a while.Probably, they were discussing at a different matter.She went to her room with ambition and closed the door.I pretended like I was sleeping on the sofa for a while.My wife came and told me go to bed.It was a good opportunity for me.My wife again went to kitchen.And, I went to bed room and closed the door.There was a dim light in the room.Milena was sitting on her knees in bed.She was playing with her phone.She was very quiet.And, she was not looking even at my face.She was pretending as if there was nobody in the room.I sat on my bed and began watching her sexy legs and feet.I was watching her fuck able sexy feet.I was playing with my dick over my shorts.My wife or her sister Janna might come suddenly into the room.I didn’t care about anything.My penis was maximum stiff.I had a very big desire to fuck her foot.There was a small space between her bed and curtain.(almost 60 cm). She was on her knees.And, her soles and heels were out of the bed towards curtain.She was not moving.She was continuously playing with her phone.I think, she was waiting for me.Slowly, I went between her bed and curtain.She was still quiet and not moving.I began caressing my dick on my shorts.I was watching her soles ,anklet and heels.Actually, I had a very big desire to kiss and lick her soles.But, there was not time.It was dangerous.I was afraid Janna or my wife come.I had to finish as soon as possible.My dreams were about to come true.I was about to fuck Milena’s foot.I bent a little for touch her foot.She showed me her phone without looking at me.And, she said somethings about her phone.I think, she needed a new phone.I said that I would buy best brand for her ,in English.She understood nothing.She said a very famous brand.Meanwhile, I pulled down my shorts slowly when I was talking to her.I took my dick out of my shorts.My voice and my body were shaking.My dick was about to touch to her bare foot.I was ready canlı casino siteleri to accept everything she wanted.I said , okay..I will buy that brand.Milena was not aware that my dick was bare.She was trying to make me promise.I said again , okay…My voice was shaking.When, she heard my promise, she slowly raised her left foot up a little.And, My stiff penis touched the Milena’s bare sole by chance.She again asked ; okay?I said; okay. My voice was shaking.She began caressing slightly and random with her left foot sole.In a bent position ,I was fucking her left foot sole from the back.Meanwhile, I was listening to my wife and Janna’s voice.I was afraid they’d catch me while I was fucking Milena’s foot. She bent a little and put her hands on the bed.Now, she was on her knees and hands on the bed.And, I was fucking her left foot sole.Her left foot was a little out of the bed.I was standing and I was fucking that foot sole from behind.I was dreaming to fuck Milena’s foot during many years.Now, that was happening.I was hearing my wife and her sister’s voices.It was impossible not to ejaculate to Milena’s foot now.I spit lightly onto her left foot sole before Milena noticed.She hadn’t noticed that.And, I started rubbing my dick
on the left foot sole of Milena.Now, my dick was sliding easier on her left foot sole.Milena’s left foot sole was soaked.There was a soaked sound in the room while I was fucking her left foot sole.I was coming. I was ejaculating to her left foot sole with a crazy pleasure I’ve never experienced before.My groin was sore because of this deep pleasure.I don’t remember ever ejaculated like this before.Milena’s left foot sole was filled with my sperms.There’s never been an ejaculation like this before.There was a small pond in the pit section of the Milena’s left foot sole with my sperms.Really, I had never fucked a sexy foot before like Milena’s foot. My sperms were dripping on the wood floor from her foot sole.I slowly took my dick back.I pulled my shorts up. Finally, she had noticed the wetness on her foot sole.She was shocked.She wasn’t expecting this.She looked back at the left foot sole.Her left foot sole was full with my sperms.She said somethings Russian.Probably, she was swearing.She looked for something in the drawer next to her bed to clean her foot.But, she couldn’t find.She started cleaning the sperms on her foot in my shorts with nerve.I took my shorts off and began cleaning the floor with it.Milena went to bed and slept. I went to bathroom to clean my dick and change my shorts.I hope I can do this again as soon as possible.

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