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I finally did it, Gloryholed!!It was 3 months ago when my wife of 18 years was going on her usual business meeting for a 4 day weekend. The second day she was gone was a Friday and I had spent all day at work surfing porn and got home horny as ever. My stepson came home from school and wanted to spend the night with a friend so I told him to go ahead because I would have the house to myself. After he was gone I ate a little snack and then took my laptop to my bedroom and was watching some porn. I was so horny so I got the sex toy bag out of my wife’s nightstand and started to play with her vibrators. She had a new toy we hadn’t used much it was a new ass plug. I lubed it up and eased it around my ass for a little bit then pushed it in. Oh it felt amazing stretching my virgin ass I stroked my little cock and within just a few seconds I shot my cum onto my wife’s toys and without any hesitation I grabbed up the dildo with my cum on it and licked it clean. It wasn’t the first time I have tasted cum I had prematurely shot my load in my wife’s pussy and didn’t want her to know so I stopped fucking her and quickly ate her cum filled pussy. I finished cleaning the dildo I didn’t take out the ass plug and was watching some more porn when I came across a video called canlı bahis şirketleri young liv at the gloryhole and was really turned on and couldn’t stop thinking about go to the book store about 30 minutes away. I got up and opened my wife’s panty drawer and picked out a pair of black silky panties and put them on. I used to be a real big guy so I have nice b-c tits now since I lost my weight so I found a matching bra and put it on. I put some sweat pants and shirt on over top and grabbed a bottle of lube and started driving.I arrived at the bookstore and it was crowded I had never been here on a Friday night mostly during the day for lunch to jerk my cock off. I went into the booth area and sat down in a booth that had a gloryhole in it. I sat just watching for a minute then heard someone enter the booth next to me. I leaned down to look thru the hole and could see him pulling out his cock and stroking it. I put my fingers thru the hole and rubbed the edge. I pulled my fingers back and just a moment later his cock stuck thru the hole. I reached down and rubbed for a second still nervous and not sure If I could do it. I finally just opened my mouth and put it in my mouth I slowly sucked on his cock for a few minutes then he pulled his cock back perabet giriş thru the hole and was gone. I was surprised I thought I was going to get a cumshot but I guess not. I few more minutes went by and I had taking off the sweat pants now and was pulling the ass plug in and out of my ass. I was moaning and when I heard someone enter the booth next to me I put my mouth to the hole and said feed me I am a dirty cum whore. Almost instantly a nice slim curved cock entered my mouth and I began gobbling on it within 30 seconds he started to pull his cock back thru the hole. I thought wow I must not be good a sucking cock when I noticed the little bit of cum leaking out of his cock. He had shot his load in my mouth and I was sucking him so violent I didn’t notice. as he was pulling up his pants I said come back and fuck my ass. He turned and walked out. A few minutes later the same guy I was sucking first came back in and I was again on my knees at the hole telling him to feed my mouth. He reached thru the hole and rubbed my tits I raised up and he rubbed my panties and ass. He could feel the plug in my ass and pulled it out and in a little. He then pushed his cock back thru the hole and I went crazy on his cock with precum and saliva running perabet güvenilir mi down my chin. He then pulled his cock out again I reached thru the hole and tried to grab his cock and said I want it don’t leave. A few seconds later I heard a knock on my door I stayed I the floor and reached up and opened it up. It was the same guy He still had his cock out and sat on the stool in the booth I started sucking him again like a fucking cum addicted whore. He grabbed my head face fucking me then he exploded in my mouth with a heavy load and was still sucking him like crazy with cum everywhere on my face, chest, and mouth. He pulled my head up and said I want that ass and I quickly turned around for him. He pulled out the ass plug and plunged his cum covered cock in my ass and began fucking me with my panties pulled over to the side like the little whore I was. It didn’t take long before he pulled his cock out shooting cum all over my back. He turned and walked out of the room. I locked my booth door again and put my ass plug in. I sat for a few minutes then I heard the someone come into the booth next to me again. It was a Hispanic guy that looked familiar I rubbed my fingers on the hole and he put a nice looking dark cock thru the hole. I again went wild on this cock and after about 1 minute he shot his load and I gobbled his cum down. As he walked out I realized he was my stepsons baseball coach. I kept sucking cock until 1 a.m. that morning but what happened after the gloryhole session is the best part. to be continued.

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